The 6.30am – 7.00am is always a rich time slot on BBC Radio 4 Today to pick up some jaw dropping bias. This morning, the BBC ran a 5 minute attack on the “right wing” Modi Government in India. The big concern, according to the BBC this morning, has been how it treats Muslims. Yup – that.

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One Response to INDIAN SUMMER….

  1. BBC delenda est says:

    Some tribes and peoples were actually exterminated by Muslims.
    Of those not exterminated, Hindus have suffered more, and for longer, from Muslim atrocities than any other group.

    Estimates up to 590 million deaths exist. Allah alone knows what the true figure, but it is the highest murder rate in history.

    So if the Hindus are being nasty to Muslims it’s because they deserve it. in Spades.