Ok, here’s a curious one in which I defend the BBC against the Prime Minister.

David Cameron has expressed frustration at the BBC over its use of the term Islamic State, saying it gives undue credibility to the “poisonous death cult” that is “seducing” young Britons to go and fight for the terrorist organisation in Syria and Iraq. He urged the broadcaster to refer to the terrorist group as “Isil” – the abbreviation of the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant.

The Prime Minister was speaking after the number of Britons feared dead from the murderous attack by an Islamist gunman on a beach resort in Tunisia on Friday reached 30. “I wish the BBC would stop calling it ‘Islamic State’ because it is not an Islamic state,” he told the Today programme “What it is is an appalling barbarous regime that is a perversion of the religion of Islam and many Muslims listening to this programme will recoil every time they hear the words. “‘So-called’ or Isil is better,” he added.

I think Cameron in unfairly blaming the BBC which tends to refer to “so-called Islamic State” in at least some of its report.  Cameron is barking up the wrong tree here. The BBC has many sins to answer for with regard to Islamic savagery but this sure ain’t one. Thoughts?

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  1. dave s says:

    Agreed. Cameron is out of his depth . Like all the current liberal generation he has a touching belief in words. Redefine them and you can change reality.


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      Agreed, but Cameron isn’t the only one out of his depth though. None of the current generation of leadership (in UK, Europe or US) have any clue how to deal with it.

      To be fair, it is very complex but possibly importing like-minded people (via the so called “migrant” process) and letting them spread out across Europe sure isn’t the correct way either.

      IMHO, the problem needs to be confronted in Syria and Iraq but there seems to be absolutely no political will to do that.


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        Iraq had been won at great cost, and then Obama decided to pull all US troops out so he could declare George W Bush’s war over. Luckily for the empty suit in the White House, he is a Democrat, so gets a pass from the MSM.


        • John Anderson says:

          Exactly right Rob. US forces had helped the moderate Sunni tribal leaders in Anbar province defeat “Al Qaueda in Iraq! there – but pull;ing out virtually all forces meant that the US could not pressure the Shia-dominated Iraq Government to treat the Sunnis and the Kurds fairly, so it all went pear-shaped again. Plus the proper rebuilding and training of the fledgling Iraqi army was reduced, and the US had no in-country assets to help stop the IS push into Iraq.

          “What we have, we hold” is a concept foreign to Obama. His line is “What we have we give away”


  2. Beltane says:

    The greatest injustice currently inflicted on Western civilisation is to repeat and give credit to the mantra that ‘Islam is the religion of peace’, practically the whole of Sunday morning on the BBC being enthusiastically devoted to maintaining that deception.
    Jenghiz Khan recognised Islam’s potential and made stringent efforts to contain its spread – drowning in pig’s blood had a short-term and positive effect – but his early death caused a retraction at, historically, the wrong point in time. It was not until Churchill with his breadth of vision and awesome grasp of history that the significance of his warning that ‘…..there will be no peace in the world while the Koran exists….’ should have been heeded. Quite how long it will be before we recognise that, accept it, and actually do something about it, remains to be seen, but meanwhile innocent people continue to die.


    • G.W.F. says:

      I find it very hard to believe that Cameron is out if his depth or deluded with regard to the Islamist objectives. Like Obama he has access to expert advice on the Middle East, and intelligence sources regarding both internal and external security threats. Yet he repeats the Islam is a religion of peace mantra, and issues a grovelling Ramadan message, identifying Islam with British values. No one can be that stupid. What is his objective? The same point applies to the BBC. Admittedly the stooges lower down, like VD, Bowen and Michele Hussein are intoxicated with Islamic bias, but surely higher up in the state media are those with more understanding. Is it treachery or is some complex plan underway?


      • dave s says:

        Seems incredible but think back to the 1930s. The power here really believed that Nazism was no threat. Never underestimate the capacity for self delusion in human beings.


      • Roland Deschain says:

        No one can be that stupid.

        Certain individuals will be on to prove you wrong shortly.


      • CranbrookPhil says:

        I just wonder, & I know I will get chucked into boiling oil by you all for saying this, but are we lumping all Muslims together? I found Col Tim Collins’ article in yesterday’s Telegraph really informative (if he is right though) when he says that ISIL & all the other terrorist Muslims are a Wahhadi/Salafi branch of Sunni Islam. They are out to kill everyone, including other Muslims, who are not in their sect.
        Problem is Collins says that the majority of Muslims in Britain are Sunni, Salafi or Wahhibi so it seems that we can’t really sleep peacefully any more.


        • Roland Deschain says:

          You probably will, not by all but by some. It’s something I know I’m guilty of at times in my irritation at the BBC (and others) fawning over Muslims and refusal to recognise where almost all the trouble in world comes from.

          When I get over the irritation I recognise that most Muslims probably want a quiet life and don’t much care what the rest of us get up to in ours. They’d probably rather that the professional offence-takers just piss off and stop pretending to speak for them. Unfortunately for them we all get our over-riding impression of a group from the loudest who claim to talk for them.

          But in some ways it doesn’t matter. If only 1% of Muslims are sympathetic to ISIS and would assist their aims, then amongst the 40,000 let into the EU last week you’ve just let 400 terrorists in. Free to roam throughout the EU and try repeatedly to sneak over here in a lorry, because there seems to be no sanction for trying. Unless those who’d like a quiet life realise that the actions of the minority reflect badly on them and speak up, they’re going to get tarred with the same brush, fair or not, because that 1% can hide amongst them with no questions asked.


          • Rob in Cheshire says:

            If it was only 1% I’d be dancing in the street.


            • Roland Deschain says:

              Indeed. I used that to demonstrate the extent of the problem even when it’s a tiny minority.


        • flexdream says:

          The frustration I have is the repetition by the government and BBC that Islamist attacks have NOTHING to do with Islam.
          I’m well aware of the nuances, but we need the government and BBC to admit that it has SOMETHING to do with Islam and that there is a problem. Similarily I believe it also has something to do with British foreign policy and multi-culturalism.


        • TigerOC says:

          There were a number of articles yesterday and the general consensus is that Saudi and Qatari money is behind most of the problems because it is they that are drivers of the Wahhadi/Salafi sects.
          I suggest that Cameron, Sky and the BBC have taken the Saudi shilling.
          Drilling down, the Saudis have been investing heavily in setting up “Islamic Centres” in many UK universities. They have bought themselves right into the centre of educational institutions. The same institutions that generate our “elite” and the very people that infest the MSM and Parliament.
          One commentator said that there must be immediate prohibition of all foreign money and material being brought into support Mosques and “Muslim Centres of Study”. The first European State to impose this restriction was Austria.


          • M says:

            In the interests of full disclosure I am a Muslim.

            It is true that the (Zionist) Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar are financing ISIS. Israel is also helping ISIS along with NATO in certain other areas of expertise.
            Read ” An Attack on the Spiritual Heart of Islam” by Irshad Soofi Siddiqui and “The Calpihate, The Hijaz and The Saudi Wahabi Nation State” by Imran Hosein to understand the poisonous role they have played.

            The writing is on the wall for Saudi Arabia and ISIS are set to take over from them, just like Saudi Arabia took over from the Ottoman Caliphate.


            • ICBBC says:

              From your post I gather that all this Jihadi stuff we see, is primarily due to the Zionist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and nothing to do with Islam.

              Congratulations – I cannot make up my mind if your post is genuine or sarcastic, or both.


              • dontblamemeivotedukip says:

                Given his eschatological views place ‘mystery Babylon’ in Saudi Arabia I’m guessing he’s some kind of Shia twelver, though not the sort wishing to ‘hot wire the apocalypse’ (taqiya not withstanding)


              • M says:

                Saudi Arabia and other client states of the Modern West have been spreading poison into the rest of the Muslim World with their petrodollars. Islam, the religion as taught by the Last Prophet (PBUH) would denounce Saudi Arabia and other client states who make alliances with NATO as evil and oppressive. In fact Saudi Arabia is “occupying” the Hejaz! Read the two books I have mentioned to gain a better understanding of what I am writing. They are not very long to read.


      • Big all says:

        It’s the old reason follow the money

        If someone seemingly rational and intelligent enough to get through school and a good university walked down Oxford Street naked two conclusions can be drawn a they are mental or b they have won a huge bet I believe our so called leaders do it for the money this is their rationale they say and do stupid things about Islam for dosh


      • tarien says:

        Understanding? Well one could be forgiven in thinking that those at the top of the BBC would have a grasp of what is being presented and how-but no, quite the opposite-always intrigues me as to how Michal Hussein calmly addresses any degree of Islamic terrorism, she appears completely unperturbed. Of course there can be no such thing as a Moderate Muslim, Islamic teachings would not allow such surrender. Every Muslim has to be regarded as one who is out to destroy Europe/UK, that’s what my research over the past few years has conculded.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Britain is a country – no, hang on – England is a country that allowed a hostile imported element to rape thousands of its under-age daughters with impunity for 16 years. We should hold ourselves in abject contempt as a nation, but we don’t. We have no shame. Don’t hold your breath to see how long it will be till we wake up to the danger of Islam, we’re in a death spiral.


  3. deegee says:

    I also try to avoid Islamic State in favour of self-declared Islamic State. There are several reasons.

    While there is no doubt the entity is Islamic it is hardly the only one. Afghanistan, Iran, Mauritania, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Yemen have adopted Islam as the ideological foundation of state and constitution. This is especially pertinent as ISIS claim to be the caliphate ie the divinely authorised Muslim world under a single Islamic state. There is no reason for either the BBC or Cameron to tacitly accept that claim by accepting the name.

    In addition, by what definition is it a state? That may be irrelevant as the same question should be asked about Palestine.

    Similarly for an abbreviation I use ISIS rather than IS. This is for mostly practical reasons. Doing a word search for two letters that serve as the 3rd person–present tense of the verb ‘to be’ and also one of the most common vowel–consonant combinations is a nightmare.

    In Israel they get around this by calling the entity Daesh which is an acronym of the Arabic al-Dawla al-Islamiya fil Iraq wa’al Sham. Apparently France is also considering this solution.

    Some say this irritates the self-declared Islamic State because it reduces the grandness and splendour of the posturing name they have given to the entity they seek to rule. Another plus.


    • tarien says:

      Agree-if you ever get the opportunity, read the book ‘Catastrophic Failure’ by Stephen Coughlin. He has studied the Qur’an for many years as well as having a great understanding of what makes this idiology tick. Small section which emphasizes the main thrust of Islam ‘The object of jihad is the destruction of faith; when directed at America or the West. It aims to destroy their faiths in their God’s., their government, their legal systems, their leadership, and their society. Jihad is primarily understood in terms of spiritual warfare. This happens to be a form of warfare that the West is not disposed to recognise and allocates no requirements to resist.’


  4. flexdream says:

    I’d like the BBC to refer to the so-called Prophet Muhammed and the self-styled Muslim Council of Great Britain.


  5. johnnythefish says:

    At home and abroad I’m sure we’ve all come across Muslims who are genuinely nice people.

    Unfortunately when you look across the world at how Muslim states are governed the nice people don’t seem to get a look-in. There’s no reason to think that the majority of Muslims in this country – assuming the majority are good people – will fare any better with the usual percentage of Islamo-facists in their midst and at the mosque (the number must be growing by the day).

    Cameron needs to be asked about gender segregation which has become common Muslim practice in this country (our universities wanted to make it official policy at one point) and other aspects of the religion which are complete anathema to a free and liberal society like ours but are nonetheless allowed to carry on unchallenged (where is the BBC on women’s rights?). Muslims should be free to practice their religion here on condition that they are not contrary to our laws and basic freedoms that have taken centuries to establish. Further, they should be demonstrating that they are part of one society rather than a separate, almost independently functioning ‘community’.

    Multiculturalism and mass immigration have got a lot to answer for – step forward (into the dock) Mr T Blair.


  6. johnnythefish says:

    If a group of Muslims decided to form an ‘Islamic Real Ale Society’ (unlikely, I know) the fallout would be an absolute delight to behold, starting with ‘The News Quiz’ having a ‘news blackout’ on the subject.


    • Essexman says:

      Been a member of Camra since 82 ,l love real ale, as I associate this as being English, & Hideously White, something. I am immensely proud of. Fuck the Evil BBC if they hate this.


      • DownBoy says:

        Sounds good, Essexman. As a matter of interest, do you prefer Muhammad’s Old Peculiar or Imam’s Finger?


  7. Arthur Penney says:

    Looks like Boris Johnson has also jumped in, putting his hands across his eyes and plugging his ears. Obviously this is a co-ordinated response from the Government to defuse tensions in the UK.

    The trouble is: with over 1000 deaths due to muslim terrorists in Ramadam this year, no one believes them. (other than the loony left).


    • Stuart B says:

      This is what modern media-based, wholesale, appeasement looks like. We are frantically hoping that they’re only doing it to lull our enemies into a false sense of security – some hope!

      Wrong about the Beeb’s use of the IS monniker, though – they ONLY use it in order to deliberately distance IS from Islam by a process of association – as in, every time they say, “‘So-called’ Islamic State”.


  8. stuart says:

    politacaly correct cameron as usual is just pretending that islamic state is not islamic state and is just pandering to the muslim street hoping to win a few more votes,for once i back the bbc using the word islamic state.but here os the thing,for cameron and co to pretend islamic state is not the islamic state is just as perverse as saying the third reich had nothing to do with hitler and nazism.


  9. jez says:

    up till now,david cameron has used the phrase islamic state,sounds like he has been bullied by the muslim community to drop that term.


  10. Mrs Kitty says:

    I’m just quite happy to go with Islamic Thugs myself.


  11. Beness says:

    Nothing to do with islam?
    Then why oh why do they have to call out numerous community leaders and clerics from the religion known as Islam.

    They are the last people who should be asked for their opinions if it’s got nothing to do with them.


  12. CBBC says:



  13. jez says:

    80 mosques of hate have just be shut down in tunisia,we open more by the day.


  14. chrisH says:

    The few bits I get from the BBC these days-after the election, I don`t need to aerate for a few more years-are all of a piece, a mindset.
    They can do no other.
    So Mr Camoron-the moron is a choice of his-if Harriet Harman, Angus Robertson are all agreeing with you as they did in Parliament yesterday…is there any chance of you smelling a decaying desert rat in the kebab?
    You`re an oaf-a liberal poncing oaf barking halfway up an olive tree,as Islam runs riot.
    Basically it`s a religious, a political and a cultural war-and Islam with the BBC seem pleased to change the franchise or badge as they see fit.
    Get a grip you chinless oaf-if you only read the Koran once, with a primer-you`ll KNOW why Islamic State are walking away with our lifestyle, or holidaymakers, our agendas.
    It`s because you care f***all about OURS.
    When you stand for nothing, you fall for anything-Islam being a religion of peace being Big Lie Number One.
    Which is why Harriet and Angus, Owen and Billy, Nicky and Nick all agree with you.
    A lie often said by “nice people”-who lie behind their hands, behind their gated condominions-it`s still a lie , you bland Home Counties preppie.
    We`re at war mate-and the likes of Theresa May, Rhona Cameron and Allan Carr only incite the enemy into thinking we`re all as fey,PC and pointless as THEY are.
    Fuck Daesh-call them what you will they`re still Islamic barbarians who are thinking up even MORE evil ways to kill people out there…and will do the same here if we don`t wipe them out in one go.
    Would have been easy to a Reagan or a Maggie…no wonder it`s all going to Putin at the moment.


  15. dave s says:

    Fantasy politics from our leaders in the West. Isis will claim that the borders of Syria, Iraq and the rest are illegitimate and stem from the imposition of them by Western powers after the collapse of the Ottoman Empire.
    From this follows their insistence that Isis is a legitimate state founded on true Islamic principles. The Caliphate is also thereby rendered legitimate in their eyes and it is incumbent on all Muslims to understand this.
    I see no sign that Cameron and the rest grasp this. The BBC I excuse as they are now dumbed down to such an extent that they are seriously ignorant of history.
    We face a determind foe that knows where it is coming from and where it wants to go.
    To suggest that Isis is not founded on strict Islamic teachings is absurd. Of course it is and the more our leaders pervert reality to deny this the more dangerous it is for the West. Isis leaders must hold us in contempt.
    I doubt whether any of our leaders have ever read the Quran or the Hadiths. Incompetent fools playing with our lives. They need to shape up or go.


  16. ICBBC says:

    ‘Religion of peace’ is not a harmless platitude

    The West’s movement towards the truth is remarkably slow. We drag ourselves towards it painfully, inch by inch, after each bloody Islamist assault.

    In France, Britain, Germany, America and nearly every other country in the world it remains government policy to say that any and all attacks carried out in the name of Mohammed have ‘nothing to do with Islam’. It was said by George W. Bush after 9/11, Tony Blair after 7/7 and Tony Abbott after the Sydney attack. It is what David Cameron said after two British extremists cut off the head of Drummer Lee Rigby in London, when ‘Jihadi John’ cut off the head of aid worker Alan Henning in the ‘Islamic State’ and when Islamic extremists attacked a Kenyan mall, separated the Muslims from the Christians and shot the latter in the head. It is what President François Hollande said after the massacre of journalists and Jews in Paris. And it is what David Cameron said yesterday after 38 people, mainly British, were murdered on a beach in Tunisia and a man was beheaded in France.



  17. The General says:

    If our leaders are frightened of the ‘Islamic Mob’ while they are in the minority, god help us when they, as is inevitable, become the majority.

    Muslim couple : 10/13 State aided offspring.