Stewart Lee…Comic?


Top Gear seems to hit a raw nerve in the Guardianista Bunker…apparently it is a toxic orifice… a vast, gaping inter-dimensional sphincter, the size of a gothic cathedral rose window, has throbbed and dilated silently at the heart of the BBC buildings on Upper Regent Street, belching fossil fumes and foul thoughts from a dark realm of negative space. 

Personally I think Stewart Lee    is the biggest arse of the two.

Here’s what he thinks of the viewers…

The toxic sphincter is like Hitler’s bunker. Left open but unattended it will become a focus point for the untrammelled rage of the very worst people on earth, numbering billions globally, who believe an imaginary liberal conspiracy prevents them sending their children into school on public feast days dressed up as golliwogs, Enoch Powell, or the knights of the Ku Klux Klan.

To placate them, the BBC’s vibrating cesspit of vile stupidity needs to be allowed to appear to continue to function, but within safer limits. Someone needs to wade into the stinkhole’s slimy opening, stand knee deep in the filth that pours from it, and regulate the flow. And that person, it appears, is Chris Evans.


Trying a bit too hard.

Maybe take a few tips from his cousin    on how to have ’em rolling in the aisles.














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30 Responses to Stewart Lee…Comic?

  1. chrisH says:

    Oh dear!
    I`m a great fan of much of his stuff-at his best, he`s brilliant.
    Unfortunately he`s tiresome over UKIP and has a nasty little vendetta going on against Richard Hammond for some reason.
    Still-he`s harmless and knows he`s a total spineless hypocrite when it comes to mocking Islam…and honest about it behind closed doors, of course.
    Typical lefty hypocrite-but doesn`t need us to point it out…I myself find him funny, so that`ll be enough-would hate to have a humour by-pass as much of the Liberal left require to repeat Fatch/Daily Mail tripe for radio 4.


    • desperatedan says:

      look at the picture and laugh

      lee is a DICK with a small d


    • hadda says:

      More of a Richard Herring fan meself, but Lee certainly knows his craft, even if he is a craven miserablist twunt.


    • Fuleco says:

      Think you’ve got the wrong post mate, this is about Stewart Lee.


  2. TPO says:

    Lee’s mindset:

    Lee caused controversy on his If You Prefer a Milder Comedian tour with a routine about Top Gear presenter Richard Hammond. Referring to Hammond’s accident while filming in 2006, in which he was almost killed, Lee joked, “I wish he had been decapitated”. The Daily Mail termed this an “extraordinary attack” and, having been doorstepped by a Mail journalist, Lee quoted the routine by replying “It’s a joke, just like on Top Gear when they do their jokes”. Lee subsequently explained the joke:

    The idea of what’s acceptable and what’s shocking, that’s where I investigate. I mean, you can’t be on Top Gear, where your only argument is that it’s all just a joke and anyone who takes offence is an example of political correctness gone mad, and then not accept the counterbalance to that. Put simply, if Clarkson can say the prime minister is a one-eyed Scottish idiot, then I can say that I hope his children go blind.
    —Stewart Lee

    Charming individual.


    • Demon says:

      How many eyes does Gordon Brown have, the other two descritions “Scottish idiot” are unarguable. I also believe he has one eye – maybe Lee is unaware of that fact.

      Wishing other people’s children to go blind is typical lefty hate mode. Whereas wishing Hammond had his head cut off shows his affinity to ISIS. It shows he is a typical BBC man all the way through.


    • Rufus McDufus says:

      So the only abuse in that sentence is ‘idiot’ because we know the other words to be true. Can he not see that’s less offensive than wanting someone decapitated?


      • hadda says:

        It’s a bit like what John Terry is alleged to have said to Anton Ferdinand: he got hammered for the bits that are true.


        • Demon says:

          I remember on a football site I used to inhabit that someone rightly described Thierry Henry as an “arrogant French c*** “. People soon objected, seriously, to the fact he was called French as it is a racist term apparently. I would have thought if Henry had read it himself, it would have been the only word he was happy with.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        Not necessarily, because Clarkson has the intelligence to then explain why Gordon Brown is an idiot. The one eyed idiot joke is only funny because the context of the joke has a reasoned fact behind it. This is why right-wing jokes are more intelligent than left-wing jokes, which are more emotional than factual.


  3. Disgusted of Essex says:

    I pray for his (Lee’s) children’s sake that they discover he’s not their father.


  4. CCE says:

    Fairly typical of the left. Seeking absolute and complete dominance – no possibility of any ‘diversity’ of views are permitted. Using the car metaphor “you can have any colour car as long as it is black” said Henry Ford. Well you can have any variety of world -view on the BBC as long as it conforms rigidly to the BBC Orthodoxy.

    The Beeb just cannot comprehend why Top Gear is one of the most popular TV shows ……….. in the World.

    It is aimed at men (a hideous crime, even though the entire BBC output for light entertainment is specifically designed and ‘messaged’ for women) It pours scorn on the pomposity and preciousness of the new puritans. This is perhaps its greatest crimes. It does not blatantly ‘engineer’ the attitudes of the viewers (gasp) it even talks about enjoying oneself – fu** me when was the last time the new puritans that run Britain permitted that?

    No Top gear is doomed, the left will crow and we will all be poorer.

    I heard the ‘penultimate’ news quiz with Danish laugh magician Sandi Toxic and the communist ***t Jeremy Hardy. It was rabidly left wing – the comedy and satire was aimed at labour – because it was moving fractionally rightward after being told to f**k off by the British electorate. Labour and the BBC live in an entirely separate realm untroubled by reality. They STILL claim that the NHS was the number one issue… mainly because the Labour party said so and the BBC ran a seven month campaign about ‘winter pressures’ in A&E. And in this realm, everybody is disgusted by Top Gear.


    • Guest Who says:

      We’ll just have to see.

      What makes any creative endeavour of this sort a success is a heady mix of ingredients, from teamwork to chemistry. Rarely the balance is perfect and the results flow and show.

      For sure, having blown a wad only unique funding can support on the back of executive pissing contest ambitions, when it appears the full might of the BBC PR operation will have money to burn. And media will respond.

      So a lot of people will watch, initially.

      After that, a bloke, a girl, a TBA and some high-priced tin might struggle to cut through versus… All the other ones.

      Wasn’t high on my list, but I could see its appeal. Cars seemed rather secondary to a lot else the BBC has bargepoles to avoid.


      • desperatedan says:

        ginger bloke, a girl, and a disabled homosexual effnik would be my guess


        • Geoff says:

          I can’t wait to see who’ll be the first ‘LGBT single parent in a reasonably priced environmentally friendly mobility vehicle’


          • hadda says:

            Maybe they’ll have one of those poor girls who have gone off to join ISIS: ‘victim of racist Islamophobia in a reasonably priced car-based martyrdom operation’.


      • Fuleco says:

        9 people liked this?! I’m amazed 9 people understood it!


  5. Mrs Kitty says:

    I have a confession to make I stopped watching Beeb “comedy” years ago. Funnily enough because I didn’t laugh at anything they classed as “comedy” so I am pleased to say I haven’t got the slightest idea who Stewart Lee is but he sounds a real nasty piece of work. True Beeboid then.


    • Fuleco says:

      Good to see you’re not afraid to express a strong opinion on a subject you admit knowing nothing about.

      You’ll fit in well here!


      • D1004 says:

        You are clap on a bus after the wheels fell off and you were given your P45, correct ?


  6. Leamas says:

    The left won Top Gear, but lost the election. I can live with that.


  7. by looney left says:

    Top Gear? You must be kidding.
    Childish nonsense for Peter Pan types.


  8. dave s says:

    Cultural regression are the words I would use to describe this piece by Lee. Maybe he is joking maybe not but he uses verbosity to cover up his lack of inventiveness and humour. For a commedian that is rather unfortunate.


  9. Fiddy says:

    It’s just a joke. You know? Like on Top Gear.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Lefty fascism now has a humorous side?

      How clever. Must remember to laugh next time I see footage of the anti-capitalist comedians smashing up our cities.


  10. deegee says:

    Is this the latest Top Gear joke or an effort to show Jeremy Clarkson how replaceable he really is? Who knows?

    Be the next Top Gear star
    Chris Evans has launched a worldwide search for co-presenters. Why not you? Here’s how to apply for the job.

    Apparently the major qualifications are to be enthusiastic, car-obsessed and over 17.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Apparently the major qualifications are to be enthusiastic, car-obsessed and over 17.’

      May be my browser, but another appears to be ‘not required to pay the licence fee by dint of being outside the country’?

      BBC Worldwide (International Site)

      We’re sorry but this site is not accessible from the UK as it is part of our international service and is not funded by the licence fee. It is run commercially by BBC Worldwide, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the BBC, the profits made from it go back to BBC programme-makers to help fund great new BBC programmes.

      Which is…. ‘nice’. And on that coquille de bombe….


  11. john in cheshire says:

    I think we’ll be seeing more use of the phrase ‘micro-aggression’ in the near future. It seems to be the commies latest invented word. If they’re not careful this term will be used right back at the bbc’s stable of humourless comedians