The Leftwing Fascist Thugs That The BBC Chooses To Ignore


Sandi Toksvig makes Hitler jibe about Nigel Farage

Sandi Toksvig disclosed last month that she has given up her role on Radio 4′s The News Quiz in order to focus on launching the Women’s Equality Party.

Toksvig saved her most cutting remarks for Nigel Farage. ‘I watched the count for South Thanet and I found myself cheering for the Tory candidate,’ she told the audience. ‘I hate Farage for that, I really do. He made me cheer a Tory, the b—-rd.’

She then went on to refer to the testicle the Ukip leader lost to cancer, joking about what Farage and Hitler have in common: ‘Farage kept having pictures of him defaced with Hitler moustaches. I mean he’s not really like Hitler. Okay, he has a German wife, he hates foreigners, he only has one testicle and he was defeated.’



What happened to UKIP’s Douglas Carswell today can be laid at the door of organisations like the BBC that deliberately seek to portray UKIP as a racist, Islamophobic Nazis who would like nothing better than to gun down immigrants.  The BBC gives a spurious sanction to people to attack members of UKIP.

Always curious how the BBC made it its job to discredit and vilify the EDL when it was the leftwing UAF that began much of the violence at any marches…that’ll be the UAF run by the Unite union with connections to extremist Muslims and of course the puppet masters of the Labour Party.

Always curious how the BBC downplays Muslim violence and looks to deny any connection between Islam and the actions of those who do it ‘in the name of Islam’ and yet it is the same BBC that tries to paint others as violent and extreme when they are not.

The BBC does more harm to this society than good.  The BBC is dangerous.



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100 Responses to The Leftwing Fascist Thugs That The BBC Chooses To Ignore

  1. desperatedan says:

    Even they know it


    • Jagman84 says:

      I looked at the comments (3) to the article and the first post was from someone most indignant that Mr A. Hitler was the most right-wing monster ever. The poster appears to be a media rights protector who, apparently, can now tweet with relative impunity. An ex-BBC employee possibly?


  2. Glen says:

    It just beggars belief, a bunch of bigoted scum who one minute are supporting the virtues of free speech when it comes to the likes of anjem choudary yet the next minute bully, attack and abuse an elected representative of the UK parliament for his views? Who are the fascists?

    Funny how they always do it mob handed and during the day when most normal people are at work, they thrive on the shithouse way just like their muslim brothers in arms. They will push and push until the breaking point is met, it’s always the way with bullies.


  3. hadda says:

    “he has a German wife, he hates foreigners”

    Cognitive dissonance, anyone?

    The late, and very much missed, Alan Coren, who was the last decent thing on the News Quiz, wasn’t all that fond of the Germans, either. (Being Jewish and of the War generation he had a point.) But some of the things he used to say on that once fine programme would have the Thought Police knocking on his door nowadays. And as for his marvellous Bulletins from Idi Amin, well, the Poundshop panellists they get these days would have a collective coronary!


    • Vengeance is mine says:

      Unfortunately Cohen’s daughter, obtained, doubtless through nepotism, a gravy chain job on the BBC.

      Where she may be seen, on Only Connect, performing like Sharon on the ferry. To be fair she never misses an opportunity to promote the Jews, not current BBC policy.

      “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.”


    • tamimisledus says:

      Liked the “poundshop celebrities” jibe. Still I suppose they must think themselves superior to the “99pshop celebrities” who must be about as low as “celebrities” can get.


  4. dez says:


    What happened to UKIP’s Douglas Carswell today can be laid at the door of organisations like the BBC that deliberately seek to portray UKIP as a racist, Islamophobic Nazis who would like nothing better than to gun down immigrants.

    Yes, of course Alan, there’s no such thing as waysim in Bongo Bongo Ukip Land:

    Six top Ukip candidates have links to racist groups

    ‘No dogs. No blacks. No Irish’ is now Ukip policy

    Is UKIP a racist party? These 15 comments would suggest so

    [Oh, I forgot, apparently refusing to go to a dinner party if it meant sitting next to a Negro isn’t racist at all!]

    What’s next?

    Oh a quick (nothing at all to do with Ukip of course) sashay to the EDL.

    More poor little victims of a bad press. Previously lead by someone convicted of drugs, fraud & violence. Who finally stood down because it was full of racists and Neo-Nazis.
    Poor little misunderstood EDL.

    EDL Criminals

    Do you ever stop feeling sorry for yourself Alan?


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      What’s your point? As the BBC might frame it: ‘Some’ might suggest that the SNP have 56 racist MP’s in the HoC!

      Numbers smumbers. 4 million votes. And you condone hard left mob assault of elected representatives on the streets of England. I vote UKIP. I’m no racist. Carswell represents me. I’m Spartacus Carswell!

      Dez, your comments render your opinions worthless in their absence of simple civility.


      • dez says:


        And you condone hard left mob assault of elected representatives on the streets of England.

        You’ve just made that up; I’ve never condoned assault against Carswell or anybody else. Do stop lying, there’s a good chap.

        Compere that to, hmm let’s see, when George Galloway MP was assaulted:

        Here’s a selection of comments from BiasedBBC. Blatant hypocrisy much?

        Oh Dear, What a Shame

        Oh Dear, What a Shame

        he should be willing to accept the consequences

        some people might say what goes around comes around


        hopefully this chap will get off with a caution or a small fine

        should have broken Galloway’s worthless neck

        Shucks…..somebody beat me to it

        the most important thing is that Galloway is in a lot of pain

        Prosecute [the attacker] then give him a medal

        Good news to kick start the day

        it’s a struggle not to enjoy the karma he’s brought on himself

        Let us hope this is just the start

        This man is a piece of Muslim loving filth and got what was coming to him

        If anyone ever whips out a gun and shoots dead our Jihadi enemy on the spot, they will deserve a medal


        • Angrymanupnorth says:

          Still can’t make out your condemnation of the mob attack on Carswell by hard left fascists Dez. Still can’t make out the civility either.

          I note also that you haven’t quoted me Dez.

          But I think Carswell has it just about right. Left wing thinking displays the triumph of emotion over reason, and the clear moral and intellectual bankruptcy of the left is manifesting itself in emotive, anti-democratic, self righteous outpouring of anger and spite. Its called fascism, another symptom/byproduct of the evil that is Socialism.

          The way you write, one would think that you had a problem with dead jihadis. I genuinely don’t get that. I know of nobody who wishes to be in the company or proximity of a jihadi, and do not jihadis themselves welcome their own death anyway?

          You sure are a funny chap (chapette?) Dez, but keep paying attention and your moral compass may get re-tuned, if you find what’s left of it in the sorry abyss of equivalence in which it is currently lost.


          • dez says:


            Still can’t make out your condemnation of the mob attack on Carswell by hard left fascists Dez

            As you well know, that’s not what you originally said Angrymanupnorth; which was that I condoned the “hard left mob assault of elected representatives on the streets of England”.

            Something I have never done, and would never do.

            So stop being a weasel with your pitiful pretence that if I don’t support it I’m still somehow not against it.

            I’m completely against any violence or intimidation directed against Douglas Carswell. I’m also against Alan and other commenters on this site for their disgusting support of violence against George Galloway.

            Perhaps you’d like to take this opportunity to do the same?


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Dez, the problem we have is with the previous Labour Government which heavily over promoted inferior white middle class people into power. They have turned out to be all left-wing morons, who seem to needed mass immigration, presumably because they only feel superior to immigrants, but not fellow white people, who they then call racist. But we Ukipers want an Australian type points based immigration policy, so that we can use these immigrants to replace inferior left-wing white people who vote Labour with better people from abroad so that in a true meritocracy, left-wing white people can be forced to do all the menial jobs done in the past by cheap immigration. So Dez, although your parents where better than you, social mobility means that you should have moved down the scale, and done a menial job that went to an immigrant. An Australian type points based immigration policy would make sure that all immigrants are superior to you, Dez.
      I am part Irish, therefore a Mensa member, brought up in the leafy Tory outskirts of an English city in the North of England, a city with a poor intellectual reputation, as well as being as solidly Labour as the morons at the BBC. So to me Dez, you and all those white left-wing morons are a separate racial group, and I am a racist, and the only thing that can stop me from being a racist, is an Australian type points based immigration policy.


      • DP111 says:

        the problem we have is with the previous Labour Government which heavily over promoted inferior white middle class people into power.

        Many of them women, just because they were women, and quotas had to be filled. These women in the public services – NHS, Social services etc, have been a disaster, but no can say so, as that would be genderist or something.

        Same with the BBC. Far too many women, openly preening their hair in front of the camera, illustrating more concern with their looks then anything else.

        I long to see a genuine man ( and not some pink shirt wearing fop) on the tele, unconcerned about his looks, and acting like a man.


        • dez says:

          DP111, an articulate British commentator at such websites as Jihad Watch, Little Green Footballs and Fjordman blog, points out that as Muslim families are very large, a single wage earner will find it hard to support all. They will need to supplement this by getting considerable benefits from the state… …As poster DP111 says, this world war may very well be in the form of a global civil war, where you get a succession of civil wars instead of countries invading other countries. Multiculturalism and uncontrolled mass-immigration destroy the internal cohesion of the decadent West…” (Anders Breivik, 2011)

          Are you proud of yourself DP111?


      • dez says:

        Richard Pinder,

        a Mensa member

        Really Richard? How come you never mentioned this before?

        So to me Dez, you and all those white left-wing morons are a separate racial group, and I am a racist

        Huh? And there was I thinking Ukip wanted nothing to to with out & proud Aryan Supremacists such as your good self?

        and the only thing that can stop me from being a racist, is an Australian type points based immigration policy

        You’ve already said you consider “Black People” to be genetically inferior to “White People” and that anyone who disagrees is also genetically inferior. Which more or less sums you up.

        Everything else is just padding.


      • Essex Man says:

        Cottingham , I declare . With a a bit of Beverley ,for good measure , Mr Pinder .


    • Max Roberts says:

      Nothing like being stupid enough to think that a few anecdotes prove anything Dez, I could pull them out too. Dianne Abbott, the most racist vile politician in parliament today. Enough quotes to out-flank 10 UKIPS. And all those lefties trying to sweep Rotherham under the carpet. Harriet Harman the paedophile supporter. But you don’t care, because you probably think that that mad little girl at Goldsmiths has a point. Oh yes, and the left are so anti-Semitic these days, you wonder when they are going to come out of the closet and start wearing swastikas.


    • Phil Ford says:

      Dez, do you have anything at all to say about the appalling behaviour of the UAF and other such leftist agitators, or was that just a chance to score a cheap anti-UKIP drive-by?


      • dez says:

        Phil Ford,

        Dez, do you have anything at all to say about the appalling behaviour of the UAF and other such leftist agitators

        I’m completely against violence, assault or “appalling behaviour” by the UAF, Class War, the EDL or anybody else; unlike many people on this particular blog. Is that clear enough for you?

        or was that just a chance to score a cheap anti-UKIP drive-by?

        My argument was about Alan’s cheap and tacky attack on the BBC.


        • Angrymanupnorth says:

          I’m completely against violence, assault or “appalling behaviour” by the UAF, Class War, the EDL or anybody else; unlike many people on this particular blog. Is that clear enough for you?

          At last well done Dez. Hope for you yet.

          My argument was about Alan’s cheap and tacky attack on the BBC.

          Err. No. It wasn’t cheap, nor tacky. Not an ‘attack’ either. Just the day to day bias of the BBC. Had Dianne Abbott been mobbed by Father’s for Justice, or Harriet Harmon by ‘Christians against Paedos’, or a random black dude with some Chelsea fans on the Paris underground, the BBC reaction would have been different in its volume and tone of coverage. Do you not doubt that?

          And to describe your comments as an ‘argument’ is a bit of a stretch.


          • dez says:


            …the BBC reaction would have been different in its volume and tone of coverage. Do you not doubt that?

            I see, so now you’re reduced to arguing what might have happened if something that didn’t happen had actually happened?

            Or, in other words; “I am right because my imagination agrees with me”!

            Here’s something that did actually happen:

            27th March, Ed Miliband was attacked by a group of protestors, one of them punching him in the chest.

            Carswell being shoved and “verbally abused” was reported by the BBC:

            Miliband being shoved and “punched in the chest” wasn’t reported by the BBC.

            Care to explain how that fits in with your imagining?


        • johnnythefish says:

          My argument was about Alan’s cheap and tacky attack on the BBC.

          Hello Dez

          I think you need to keep quiet about cheap and tacky attacks as you’ve got form. I’m still waiting for your apology for this:

          What I said:
          May 1st 9.18am

          Did anyone hear that unbelievable outburst by the BBC business correspondent around 6.20 on R4 today?

          He was interviewing the director of the British Film Institute about the success of the film industry in Britain. It was pretty clear that much of thius success is down to the tax incentives introduced by George Osbourne, which wasn’t going down too well with our prickly Oirish Beeboid (incidentally – why are there so many?) nor was her stance on cuts in government funding, which she said everyone is having to live with so it means her having to manage things more efficently and effectively.

          Expanding on her theme she was explaining that for every pound spent by film makers in this country a further £12 is generated for the economy, such as hospitality and tourist attractions.

          At which point came the incredible Tourette’s-style interjection of our impartial BBC man: ‘Including the black economy, like more money in drug dealer’s pockets, but let’s not go there’ he spluttered (and obviously not joking – which would have been in poor taste anyway).

          ‘Oh, my goodness’ was the reaction of this very eloquent, pleasant and impressive lady, obviously very shocked indeed.

          What you said:
          May 1st 10.37pm


          “At which point came the incredible Tourette’s-style interjection of our impartial BBC man: ‘Including the black economy, like more money in drug dealer’s pockets, but let’s not go there’ he spluttered…”

          What he actually said:

          “And some of the black sector of the economy as well I’m sure we’ve all discussed drug dealers etcetera etcetera.”

          So he didn’t say; “let’s not go there”. You made that bit up. Desperate to find something to complain about?

          But what could have caused the interviewer to make such an interjection? Perhaps it was this article from The Indy:

          “Some have expressed surprise that Hoffman, who seemed so calm and erudite in public was a drug addict, yet this shows an ignorance of how socially acceptable drug taking is in the film industry.”

          Or perhaps it was this from David Vance:

          “Hugh Grant, a man who works in the film industry, an industry that spends prodigious amounts of money on drugs ultimately obtained from murderous gangsters and drug barons who kill and terrorise without a qualm.”

          Lies & hypocrisy; just another normal day on BiasedBBC.

          What I said:
          May 2nd 6.42pm

          ‘Lies & hypocrisy;’

          Still the same old drama queen.

          ‘Desperate to find something to complain about?’

          Why do you pick on one isolated post?

          ‘I’m sure we’ve all discussed drug dealers etcetera etcetera.’

          It was totally out of context and his tone was very prickly. Whether or not he said ‘let’s not go there’ is irrelevant and doesn’t affect the point I was making.

          Anyroads, I’m sure Oirish is pleased you could dig up some defence for him, though I’ll wager 99.999% of listeners were left scratching their heads as to what the fuck he was going on about.

          May 2nd 7.26pm

          Yo Dez

          I was pretty sure the gist of what I’d written on this was correct, so I’ve just checked it out.

          What he actually said was not, as you say “…I’m sure we’ve all discussed drug dealers etcetera etcetera.”


          “……..we won’t discuss drug dealers etc etc”

          As good as ‘let’s not go there’.

          To which she replied, taken aback “Oh my goodness….”

          So where did you get your recording or transcript? I’ll be generous and, rather than accuse you of deliberately misleading, assume you were given a duff budgie by…..someone else.

          I will, however, be pleased to accept an apology for your ‘lies and hypocrisy’ outburst


        • Merched Becca says:

          Have you , your buddies or anyone else voted yet ? Your country needs freedom from bias – vote here ……


    • TPO says:

      Ultra far left stupidity on display. And the fact that there are seven upticks for this moron shows that there are a lot of brainwashed cretins out there.


  5. Nibor says:

    Tostvig is so ugly she looks like her face has been set on fire then put out with a shovel .
    I know that pig products are a big export from Denmark but surely customs could see Tossvig was toxic .
    Her shows are a cure for insomnia.
    I wish she would murder Jeremy Hardy and Mark Steele then be hanged for it .
    You can’t have a battle of wits with Tossvig as she’s unarmed in that department .
    They lower the depression rate in Denmark by reminding them that Tossvig doesn’t live there .
    The doctors that gave her artificial insemination should be tried for crimes against humanity . And so should the BBC .
    When she did a show for the deaf in sign language most of them prayed to God to make them go blind .
    She had to leave the LibDims because her weight meant she paid two subscriptions .
    I bet she never dares to ring up Rentakill .
    A Gallup poll reveals that heterosexual males would rather marry a Hells Angel than Sandy Tostvig.
    The BBC sent me tickets to see Sandy Tostvig live so I’ve surrendered and will pay the licence fee from now on .
    My cousin went to see a Sandy Tostvig show so I hid all the sharp implement s, pills and weed killer that was in his house ,needn’t have bothered he just held his breath five minutes into her show .
    I’ve got two tickets for a Sandy Tostvig show will swop for sitting on spiked railings for an hour .
    Did Piccasso meet Sandy Tostvig and get inspiration for painting ugly faces ?
    Why don’t we solve our immigration crises by telling the boat people that Tostvig lives here ?
    When Sandy Tostvig did a tour of East Anglia directory enquiries were inundated by callers wanting the Witchfinder Generals number .

    Above not pleasant but better than Tossvig fare


    • DP111 says:

      When she did a show for the deaf in sign language most of them prayed to God to make them go blind



  6. Nibor says:

    More as I make them up

    Apart from a Hamlet cigar what other Danish things do you want to set on fire ?
    Does Polly Toynbee and Sandy Tostvig prove that there are other unintelligent forms of life ?
    What’s the difference between Polly and Tossvig? ; one is serious and hectors about politics but is funny , the other is not funny but hectors about politics – –you decide .
    Imagine Polly and Sandy on a show together , what a laugh ?! ?
    Polly and Sandy said they must meet up for a drink together — now I’m glad 26 pubs are closing down every week .
    Have you seen Tossvigs party manifesto ? Monty Python are taking her to court for plagiarism.
    When I’m in a nice mood I think about putting Polly and Sandy down humanely .
    I’ve got a Guardian newspaper in which Polly makes sense and Sandy Tostvig says something funny . Will swap for a unicorn.


  7. The Old Bloke says:

    Dez, please remind me of what political party had women segregated from men and thereby black segregated from white, at their election meetings a few weeks ago? To help you come up with the answer, it wasn’t UKIP.


    • Mark says:

      And another party lost its only MP, and he was a shining beacon of respect and tolerance, especially to Jews and Israel in particular.


  8. Simon says:

    nasty left as always


  9. Guest Who says:

    ‘..when it was the leftwing UAF that began much of the violence at any marches’

    In pondering how they get away with so much, I look at who currently in power is a founding signatory.

    My MP struggled to explain this a while ago, and their activities since have not improved their association with his boss.


    • G.W.F. says:

      Cameron needs the UAF and the thugs they can bring out onto the streets to attack UKIP and those who want the UK out of the EU. He has legitimised street violence. Look at the videos of the anti Carswell demonstration. See the Cameron police drag the violent offenders out and quietly release them.


  10. CranbrookPhil says:

    Orwellian inversion in action, the UAF is the manifestation of true fascism in Britain today.


  11. Dave H says:

    Whilst mocking Farage’s testicular cancer, Toksvig is also a patron o the charity “Against Breast Cancer”!

    Also you can even watch the entire hour long “discussion” on BBC iPlayer, so they’re actually guilty of broadcasting this hate:


    • Simon says:

      testicular cancer only affect men so she doesn’t give a shit. Remember that next time a pink collection bucket goes round and you are reaching into your pocket for loose change


      • Expat John says:

        Writing as someone who had a potentially dangerous near-miss with this disease a few years ago, may I enquire as to what other contributors to this site think the reaction would have been if someone on the right had cracked a joke about breast cancer?


  12. Max Roberts says:

    Isn’t Toksvig one of those people that the BBC is attempting to beatify by declaring her to be a ‘national treasure’?

    I hate it when they do that, it’s almost always their own people that they attempt to put on a pedestal and declare to be royalty. John Craven got that treatment the other day, for presenting a third-rate quiz show. IIRC it has also been a question on Pointless.

    We need a ‘national treasure watch’. Mis-spending my money is one thing, gloating about it is something else.


    • Mark says:

      Seeing as they’re such national treasures, maybe we should loan out Fry and Toksvig to Qatar, Iran and Saudi Arabia for a year.


      • CranbrookPhil says:

        Ugh, national treasures! Who needs them? That useless person Alan Bennet is another of these overrated creatures, it’s time they were all allowed to quietly drift into extinction.


        • Anne says:

          Can’t we find some inhospitable Treasure Island to send them to?

          I won’t go so far as to consider ‘buried treasure’, but there are occasions ……


  13. Barlicker says:

    Didn’t Boris buy some water canons?


  14. Gunn says:

    The BBC and similar organisations have always made sure that they present fascism as a ‘right-wing’ phenomenon when in fact most fascists are extreme left-wing economically. The excuse used is that fascists have an extremely socially conservative outlook, bordering on totalitarianism.

    However, any critical analysis of modern left-wing/liberal(in the US sense of the word) philosophy shows that it too is totalitarian in nature, its just that whilst ‘social conservatives’ are against homosexuality becoming normalised, the left-wing/liberals are against the continued norms of traditional european (christian) religion.

    Meanwhile, which version of racism is worse: that which is claimed to be espoused by the likes of UKIP (who have actually, and contrary to BBC narratives, repeatedly pointed out that unfettered EU immigration means that the UK as a country must discriminate against immigrants from the commonwealth countries if we are to maintain even a tenuous grip on net migrants in to the country); or the anti-white sentiment expressed by self-hating left-wing/liberals who will use the most extreme contortions of logic to place the blame for all problems at the feet of white people, even when they are increasingly the victims of the totalitarian left-wing ideologies that have been foisted upon us.


    • mjr says:

      All this left-wing/right-wing stuff is obsolete anyway.

      Facism: state control of the individual
      Socialism: state control of business
      Communism: state control of both


      • Rob in Cheshire says:

        I would say that fascism is state control of business, socialism is state ownership of business, and both are for state control of the individual and his freedom of thought and expression.


        • Mark says:

          Guide to politics:

          Conservatism: you have two cows
          Capitalism: you sell one and buy a bull
          Socialism: govt takes both and gives you the milk
          Communism: govt takes both and sells you the milk
          National Socialism: govt takes both and shoots you
          Islamism: as above, but with spokesperson shouting Allah Akbar.


          • DP111 says:

            Islamism: as above, but with spokesperson shouting Allah Akbar.

            Then they rape the cow, and sell the meat to Infidels.***

            ***See Khomeini.


        • Max Roberts says:

          I don’t think that many people would agree that the defining feature of Hitler and Mussolini was their attempts to control business. They were much more concerned with rallying people to the cause, and attacking/killing people that they perceived as being the enemy. And if you seek to control versus own business, the end result is the same. If you control something, you effectively own it. Remember Railtrack? You need to read a book called “Liberal Fascism”. It’s good for straightening out thinking.


      • Geyza says:

        Corporatism: state and corporations work together to rip off tax-payers, reduce consumer choice and impose draconian controls aimed at increasing profit and power of those at the top. It is the corrupt bastard offspring of socialism and capitalism inheriting the worst factors of both parents.


  15. s.trubble says:

    They should set up adjacent field hospitals to these LW DEMO’S
    Nothing fancy , head bandages maybe a splint or two.

    Meanwhile at the bBC deliveries of the Guardian reach new levels.


  16. G.W.F. says:

    Anyone who thinks Andrew Neil is not a biased turd, watch him try a cheap shot at blaming UKIP for the violent demonstration and attack on Carswell. Shame on you Brillo.

    ‘Does it have something to do with UKIP though…’
    Yes Brillo. Your thugs were not to blame.


    • Rob in Cheshire says:

      Yes another poor show from Brillo.


      • Phil Ford says:

        Brillo is a trapped beast: he’s practically the last of them at the BBC who didn’t buy into the hive-mind mentality and as a result he’s finally seen the writing on the wall. Like Attenborough (who was effectively forced, finally, to kneel before the altar of The Holy Consensus on climate change after years of avoidance), Brillo will now tow the official BBC line if he intends to keep his job within the hateful Corporation.

        In the end, all will be assimilated!


    • Charlatans says:

      Without Brillo BBC would definitely have a larger bias deficit, however, that said he never fails to have an unfair UKIP dig when the opportunity presents itself.

      Reminds me of another BBC conundrum I just spotted posted on Guido, where extreme ‘lefty’ Derek Hatton gave the BBC interviewer a bad tempered left wing bias bashing, this time:

      From about 1 minute in:


      • Mark says:

        That hypocritical prat lived in a big house and owned a Beamer with a personalised number plate DEG 5Y.


          • Mark says:

            Apologies, my error !
            Might have to cut the Mad Hatton some slack then, seeing as he’d bought British.
            Ironically, the Jag was made in Coventry, which in the 1980s also elected a Militant MP.


            • desperatedan says:

              bought, what with like his own tax paid money? somehow i doubt it


            • Andy S. says:

              Careful, Mark! Our friend Scott will have logged the small error in your post and will come back in six months and call you a liar for saying Derek Hatton bought a BMW when in fact he owned a Jaguar. You can join the exclusive ranks of those whose small mistakes make one an evil liar in Scott’s cracked world.


      • Guest Who says:

        That was good value.

        Mind you, don’t recall that being plastered everywhere as oversensitivity or trying to interfere with editorial whatnot.

        I guess it was less ‘news’ than other ‘news’ ((c) A. Newsroom Tealady).

        Maybe Fraser Steel just had a quiet word and promised he’d sort things?


  17. Vengeance is mine says:

    Here are the rankings for the largest death count in History.
    #1 Twentieth century socialists.
    #2 Islam.
    #3 No bronze medal awarded.

    This is obviously a provisional ranking which may change. We have, hopefully, seen the last of the socialist regimes, despite the rump of would-be mass murderers at the BBC and elsewhere.

    Islam is desperately keen to regain the top spot as the nastiest organisation in history.

    Owen Jones, Sandi Toksvig and most of these extreme left wing zealots are queers. Maybe there is an congenital tendency to being both homosexual and regarding anyone who does not share your opinions as untermensch.


    • 60022Mallard says:

      “Owen Jones, Sandi Toksvig and most of these extreme left wing zealots are queers. Maybe there is an congenital tendency to being both homosexual and regarding anyone who does not share your opinions as untermensch.”

      Natural biology of course weeded out their genes from the pool.

      Unfortunately “advances” in science now provide the opportunity for their genes to be carried forward!


    • pah says:

      If you separate out the various forms of socialism you will find that Environmentalism tops the chart for death by policy. More people have died because of anti-malarial methodologies being banned ( for no good reason ) that Hitler or Mao could even dream of.


      • Span Ows says:

        Yes but Carson and Ruckelshaus don’t sound as scary as Hitler.


      • Vengeance is mine says:



        • Expat John says:

          And your proof is…… where?


        • pah says:

          There are a lot of conflicting figures for malaria deaths and, naturally, they depend on the motives of those using them for their veracity. WHO reckon that today 500k people worldwide die each year and in 2000 that figure was 1M from a height of 3M in 1968 when the UN abandoned eradication by DDT as a result of Rachel Carson’s book ‘Silent Spring.’ These figures are believed to be vastly undersold (by a factor of 2) and even the BBC has reported figures far in excess of 500k (around 1.2M) in 2013.

          So on the rough WHO figures and assuming average decline around 40M people have died of malaria since 1968. At the higher estimates thats 80M.

          These figures are well in line with the lower and higher estimates of socialist deaths per regime (35M – 90M for Mao).

          DDT eradicates malaria and, judging by the state of wildlife in the South of France, has no appreciable impact on wildlife at all.

          In the US the only malaria they have is what is brought into the country. They eradicated it with DDT in 1953. The US has abundant wildlife.

          So, no. Not nonsense at all. Environmentalism is a killer.


    • tamimisledus says:

      islam has never lost the top spot as nastiest organisation in history.
      And it never will.


  18. BAHAR MUSTAFA says:

    Nothing wrong with being Queer.


    • Mark says:

      Unless you happen to live under sharia law.


    • Stuart B says:

      No, nothing wrong with being queer. Everything wrong with exploiting it to try and engineer social chaos. Don’t let the 3% be abused by the activistas. The libertarian Right may now, ironically, be their best protection against those who are ruthless enough to turn their world upside down ‘for the greater good’.


    • Vengeance is mine says:

      Bahar Mustafa.
      What a well chosen pseudonym.
      Certain to ensure your credibility.

      Bahar, some contributors to BBBC are male. Yes, I know it’s very difficult to believe than a man could use advanced technology like a keyboard.

      More bad news, some of the male contributors are not only male, but. I hesitate before typing this, white. Yes Male and white.

      Perhaps you could visit BBBC HQ and ensure that all posts with even a suspicion of whiteness are consigned to the Orwellian memory hole.

      To be replaced some comedy tales about Allah and some half-witted, half-educated, Arabian crackpot, who heard voices. we like a good laugh on BBBC.


      • pah says:

        What a well chosen pseudonym

        Surely ‘Ben Dover’ would have been better …

        IGMC 😉


  19. Jerry Owen says:

    It’s only a matter of time before someone is seriously injured or indeed killed by the fascists of the left.
    They are the ( useful idiot ) storm troopers of the establishment.
    The establishment will use it as an excuse to ban ‘alternative’ views as they harm ‘community cohesion’ and ‘diversity’.
    The absurdity of the left still waving placards after a democratic ( parliamentary democracy) election to get the ‘tory scum’ out is simply breath taking.. in fact it leaves me almost speechless, just what the left scum would like from me… but they can dream on, the more they spittle and spew bile, the more I fight back.
    The BBC ( and press ) already has blood on it’s hands, every racist murder on our indigenous people is a result of anti- white establishment propaganda. I hope the day comes when charges of treason can be applied to all concerned.


  20. stuart says:

    lets get one thing straight about what happened yesterday,if these was white working class people from council estates ignored and abandoned by the media and politacal classes protesting yesterday against these austerity cuts i could understand that,but they was not was they,they was your typical middle class posh fresh faced young far left brainwashed mummys and daddys boys lot out for a day out from there leafy surburbs to rebel against there own privileged backgrounds,they make me puke and they dont represent me as a working class man who voted for ukip so by that they must hate me as well,the bbc and radio 5 are a discrace,not one news report about the violence at this demo and the vicious cowardly mob attack on the ukip mp for clacton douglas carswell by these labour party posh middle class stalinist thing you can bet your bottom dollar on is these lot are the same crowd who pack out the question time and any question time audiences every week with there howling and whooping every time a tory or ukip politician trys to make a point.


  21. phil says:

    ‘The BBC does more harm to this society than good. The BBC is dangerous.’

    I agree.

    The BBC bombards the poorly educated, least healthy, fattest and most impressionable parts of the population with trash TV, keeping them rooted to their couches and probably stuffing themselves with junk food too.

    The state claims it wants us to exercise more, and for children to read more too.

    These claims are hollow when it manufactures junk TV in such huge quantities. While sports facilities shut or become too expensive for many poorer people, the state ensures that the BBC receives billions every year to squander on rubbish like Eastenders and Tumble.

    That’s the main way the BBC harms the nation.


  22. Edward says:

    There’s so much irony surrounding this issue. Anti-fascists and socialists fighting against the working class EDL. I’m not an apologist for the EDL and any of their thugs, but (as far as I am aware) the EDL marches are granted permission by local councils. The problems arise when the UAF and various socialist groups turn up without permission!

    Here’s a video of the last Nottingham march. I don’t know where the march started or ended, but I was in Market Square on that day where there was a large police presence. In this video, the EDL group are about a mile away. Half way through the film we see the gathering of socialists and a dodgy looking Asian gang.


    • Edward says:

      This is exactly why under 18 year olds should NOT get a vote in the EU referendum – because they have no concept of the wider world and how things, that might sound like fun, are actually things that will destroy you.

      In my opinion, I would RAISE the voting age!


      • CranbrookPhil says:

        I totally agree. I was in my teens when the Common Market referendum took place & naively voted yes because I thought the price of wine would go down. Such was the sophistication of my political knowledge at that age!

        No lowering of the voting age in general elections either, young people as well as being idiologically naive are also indoctrinated to the left by teaching unions at their state schools. Raise the voting age to twenty-one.


        • Expat John says:

          Complete and total agreement from over hee – when I was (considerably) younger, 80% of young people left school at 16, and had two years of real world, working experience before being entitled to vote. With 50% plus now going to “university” and no-one leaving school until after they reach voting age, the real-world experience figure is now negative.


    • Zytate says:

      I concur


      • Cockney says:

        One hypothetical situation on the EU referendum. It seems to be the case that the older the demographic the more likely they are to be anti-EU. If we vote to leave it’ll take at least a decade to sort the legals, renegotiate the trading arrangements and establish ourselves as a fully independent trading entity. By which time the demographics have shifted and a majority wants back in…. Sounds like a good way to waste 20 years.


  23. wronged says:

    If Whittingdale doesn’t hammer into the Al Beeb then there is no hope. Weakness and spinelessness among the Tories will be an embarrassment for all to see.
    You will never have a better opportunity than this Whits old chum, seize it with both hands. Sort it and now!
    Maybe the Tories secretly want to do a deal, secretly most of them want to continue to be a member of the EU (which I don’t) so maybe they are saying to Al Beeb support us on this and we will go easy on you!!
    Mind you, don’t the Beeb get 200 million from the EU each year. -So it won’t be biased in its presentation of the argument will it ???
    As for Toksvig why hasn’t she been arrested for hate speech or is that a selective law??


  24. John Anderson says:

    In a constituency near me the UKIP candidate was of Pakistani Muslim background. Yet I have seen her being called a racist in the local town centre !

    Far worse – about 3 weeks before polling day she was physically assaulted – because she was UKIP. The police are still examining the case – but damn all results so far.

    And in the area where I live UKIP people were harangued in nthe street while canvassing by UAF / Socialist Worker scum.

    I have seen suchlike happening last year as well, during the local Council elections. Police stood idly by while a properly-authorised UKIP street stand was shouted at by SWP idiots. Obvious breaches of the peace, I would have thought – but the police ignored it.


    • G.W.F. says:

      One of my favourite UKIP are racists moments



      • Jerry Owen says:

        I thought the left said black people can’t be racist, only white people can… does that make the lefty bint racist?
        Oh, the wonderful irony of this photo!
        The pecking order ( Islam now apparently trumping feminism ) of socialist / communist ‘equality’ in no way makes the left hypocritical at all…. whatsoever…..
        Their single minded linear levels of hatred in the pecking order of socialism I have to grant them is logical in their illogical mind warp.


  25. Jerry Owen says:

    The left of course know that the ‘right’ don’t do violence, the ‘right’ do debate, arguing, canvassing, leafleting, door hopping.
    All things the left are terrified of, hence their default position is violence.
    The endless list of Guardianistas and BBCs’ites that openly purr at violence and intimidation of their political opponents, may well consider that it may not be always the case that we ‘turn the other cheek’.
    One day we may just give’ like for like’ and we may just see how brave the ‘comrades’ really are when we turn the wick up.
    It’s not a scenario I relish but push and shove has been pushing pushing from the left for fifty years, we need to give a shove back. Being on the left in a previous life I know it will ‘put it up’em’. To see anyone intimidated because of their views is not acceptable, but enough is enough and if a little taster for the media luvvies of what they enjoy being done to others is done unto them helps civilize them it’s a lesson worthwhile giving.


    • Expat John says:

      Understand how you feel, and sometimes feel provoked in the same direction, but I remind myself in such moments that just because our opponents sink to such levels does not mean we should sink so low.