‘We got into the papers, didn’t we?’



The Spectator reports that one of Miliband’s closest aides justified the shameless use of dead migrants to attack Cameron in this way…

‘We got into the papers, didn’t we?’


Not just the papers of course….Miliband had the headline on the BBC frontpage for the whole day and dominated the news bulletins all day as well…why did the BBC allow itself to be used when it knew this was a cynical political stunt by Miliband in the most shameless and cowardly way possible…..briefing that Cameron was directly to blame for deaths of migrants and then the next day not actually daring to make that blatant claim, instead making an indirect link to the tragedies and then touring the newsrooms claiming this was the Tories ‘manufacturing a row’…or as Miliband put it ‘whipping up a storm’ when clearly this was a Labour plot to smear Cameron, to cast the Tories as ‘political plotters’ and to grab the headlines?

‘We got it [the dead migrants] in the papers’!  Remind me why immigrants vote Labour when they are just ‘cannon fodder’ for Miliband’s political ambition to be PM and Labour’s wider ideological intrigues?



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14 Responses to ‘We got into the papers, didn’t we?’

  1. boohanna says:

    Slightly off-topic but in similar vein….


    A complete feeding frenzy in the comments.


    • Oldbob says:

      Just read his opportunistic garbage. You have to wonder how these clowns come to the conclusion that anyone with an ounce of common sense will not react to it in the way that the commentators have. It tells him all he needs to know as to where the climate change garbage is eventually going and the utterly discredited laughing stock he and is ilk will finally become.


      • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

        Please explain what you mean by the term climate garbage and substantiate your view with evidence.


    • The Lord says:

      Hee hee he wasn’t expecting that, was he?
      I think when we hang the treacherous politicians we should save a lamp post or two for the eco-loons.


    • DownBoy says:

      That is fanatastic. The pig stupid green ecolunacy combined with gross insensitivity of the article itself and then…the comments which totally rip this guy to shreds. Bliss!


      • Manonclaphamomnibus says:

        Alan’s comments may have more credibility is he explains who pays for this site and which enterprise he works for. Anyone who read Millibands speech would not reasonably come to the loony conclusions evident on this site.
        What he said was that a symptom of the current trafficking was the failure of post conflict management.
        This view is backed up by a number of UK ambassadors and other luminaries. As far as I can see there is no argument against this view.


        • Guest Who says:

          “As far as I can see there is no argument against this view”

          All you need to pop on your CV as a belief set, and your future as a BBC ECU Director is assured.


        • Angrymanupnorth says:

          ‘Luminaries’. Good one MOCO.

          Desperate MOCO. Miliband has no moral compass. Assist in causing poverty and misery, then use it for political advantage. The inhumanity of ‘Lefty logic’. Again.


  2. Alexander says:

    I guess the BBC knows that we on the right can’t hate them any more so damn the pretence on balance and just pull out all the stops for their boy.

    Strangely enough the BBC are going easy on Cameron’s Achilles heel. The big selling factor with the Conservatives is their economic management. How the hell is that possible?

    Since 2008 the service sector is up 8%, sure. But manufacturing is still down 5% and overall production is down by 10%.

    The coalition had one choice in 2010. Debt fuelled consumption had bankrupted us and the economy had to be rebalanced toward production of wealth. They had just one choice but they didn’t take it. The coalition have borrowed half a trillion simply to kick the can down the road. Now there are no choices.

    I guess the answer as to why the BBC don’t emphasise this point is that their boy is even less sound on the economy if that’s possible.

    I say vote Miliband for a quick merciful death or Cameron for a lingering one. There’s a good post about our coming armageddon called Osborne’s Little Swelling at: http://john-moloney.blogspot.com/2015/04/osbornes-little-swelling.html


    • 60022Mallard says:

      “Since 2008 the service sector is up 8%, sure. But manufacturing is still down 5% and overall production is down by 10%.”

      Link please to source for your contentious statement.

      Hopefully it will also give the situation relative to post May 2010 as someone else oversaw the complete balls up of our economy in 2007/8.

      Strange how selective socialists are in selecting data sets comparing data from 2007/8 or 2010 according to how it looks.

      Why does Ed only mention how much worse off “hard working families” are since 2010? This family’s wage freeze started in 2008 – didn’t yours. If you are in the public sector your wage increases have continued as normal – so perhaps ED should divide his figures into public and private sector “families”.


      • Span Ows says:

        he doesn’t care: his posts are just hussling up blog traffic to his own blog (nothing too wrong with that of course). he’s been doing it for ages (Alexander, Alex Feltham, John Alexander etc).


  3. Doublethinker says:

    The BBC did not allow itself to be used, it was very likely involved in the Labour thinking on how to exploit the deaths of thousands in the Med. I’m sure that Labour knew they would get a free ride from the BBC and a guarantee of headlines throughout the day! The BBC is an active participant in the drive to get Miliband into number 10 and we all know what their reward will be.


  4. stuart says:

    i am just getting sick of this radio 5 live and bbc milliband media love in,the way john pienaar goes on about him you would think red ed is the new messiah in coming.this man is more dangerous than karl marx,believe me if we wake up to red ed and harriet harman back in power we might as well all pack up and head to the falklands islands,red ed,harriet harman and ken livingston scare the pants of me,on may the 8th if we are not carefull these lot could be ruling up for 5 years,end this coming misery and vote ukip may the 7th.