Pienaar’s Politics?….Perhaps He Should Make Clear What They Are.


Caught a bit of Pienaar today and, well, nothing’s changed.  He always seemed to have a soft spot for young Miliband and it’s rare that he will utter a critical word against him.

Now today’s snippet (around 11:20) may not be at all representative of the programme as a whole, I’m sure that the rest of it was a Tory propaganda fest, however there was a distinct narrative to this part where Pienaar visited the gloriously multicultural palace of diversity that is Brixton to sniff the air and imbibe the political vibes.

He took that most popular of BBC devices to give voice to public opinion…the vox populi….which allows the BBC to not only pick who they ask but also to edit out those who don’t give the right answers and then it is for the BBC to interpret the results.

First up was Rasta ‘Brother Culture’ who didn’t do politics and didn’t vote …however he then gave a masterclass in political messaging.   He says he only recently began to take an interest in politics in order to get rid of UKIP which is ‘dividing the nation’ with its racist message…the stakes are high, we must get out there and use the vote…oh and Miliband’s non-dom message was spot on, Blair’s message that leaving the EU would be terrible is important,   and by the way he will be voting Labour….any chance he was from ‘Operation Black Vote’?

Could this possibly be the very same ‘Brother Culture’?

UKIP Nazi party

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Can Jon Pienaar really  just ‘happened’ to have met a well known reggae MC who hates UKIP and supports all the BBC favourite causes?  Maybe there’s a reason we had all the reggae music in the background.  Pienaar knew exactly who the guy was.

Next we had someone who thought that politics had just turned very nasty and personal…all very misguided….meaning of course Fallon saying Miliband had stabbed his brother in the back…a message that was apparently ‘orchestrated and unnecessary’….she seemed very instantly ‘on message’ there…was she really just a member of the public?  Curiously well versed and articulate on the subject.

Then we had, for balance, a Tory who said he would be voting Conservative as the Tories had done a reasonable job…Pienaar dismissed him as someone who heard the message but it went in one ear and out the other….no wonder he votes Tory…he’s so stupid!

Then we had two disabled people whom Pienaar asked ‘If I say to you Labour will tax non-doms what would you say?’   No leading question there at all.

The reply was that ‘Oh yes that’s good…tax the rich…the Tories have just stung us left, right and centre…making it very hard to live.’  She told us that she didn’t like Cameron….though she didn’t even know his name.

Pienaar then went on to say ‘Look the programme is all about balance…’   Of course it is Jon.

So we had one who hated UKIP, would vote Labour, wanted to tax non-doms and stay in the EU, another who thought Fallon was nasty, another who would vote Tory but was ignorant, and a disabled person who wanted to tax the rich and hated Cameron (whoever he is).

Balance…it’s out there somewhere.





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10 Responses to Pienaar’s Politics?….Perhaps He Should Make Clear What They Are.

  1. Brad Goulson says:

    Please sign this petition to abolish the TV licence. Over 102,000 have already signed in a week.



  2. George R says:

    Pienaar was very politically empathetic with Green Party on Radio 5 this morning too. He was almost behaving as that Party’s PR man, virtually advising it on how to best project its case.


  3. Guest Who says:

    “..that most popular of BBC devices to give voice to public opinion…the vox populi….which allows the BBC to not only pick who they ask but also to edit out those who don’t give the right answers and then it is for the BBC to interpret the results.”

    It is a legitimate journalistic device, commonly used across all media, and the BBC uses the full force of its editorial integrity in selecting who and what to include.

    / sarc off

    One degree of separation and po-faced saying it often enough: the bookends of the CECUTT Guidelines.


  4. AsISeeIt says:

    Pienaar’s Politics…. show through as leftist. He’s been biased for years. The best that can be said for him is that perhaps he tunes his politics to what his employer wants. Acting as a grown up correspondent for the otherwise adolescent BBC 5 Live he occasionally has to temper the full-on leftist dullards which gives him an air of authority of sorts.

    I boycott the channel now.

    I saw through Pienaar in 2012 when he told us the Boris election victory in London against Ken Livingstone was a narrow sqeak and yet within hours he was in a cafe in Paris with Francois Hollande’s supporters whooping up what he claimed to be a ‘landslide’ – I checked the relative election numbers and call Pienaar biased.


  5. stuart says:

    oh yea pienaar,you just happened to bump into some skunk smoking reggae boy who hates ukip,why did you not look for some working class labour party hating voter who you have ignored and destroyed there communitys with there open door mass immigration policie,here is the thing about pienaar,he is a die hard leftist with his own politacal agenda against ukip and here is a man who wrote a book about his admiration of nelson mandela,just thought i would mention that,anybody that listens to question time extra time of radio 5 live on thursday knows full well him and stephen nolan goes of there way to smear and malign ukip on that show every damm week,your just left wing biased pienaaar and you dont fool nobody with your pretend bbc impartiality.


  6. Some Skunk Smokin' Reggae Boy says:

    Lay off. I’m voting UKIP too. Chill! And legalise it.