Oy Vey! Never Mind Eh.


A pretty unsympathetic interview from John Humphrys with a Rabbi talking about anti-Semitism in Europe this morning on the Today programme (08:10 ish)

Unsympathetic in comparison to how anyone making similar claims about Islamophobia might be treated by the BBC that is.

When the Rabbi suggested that governments had the responsibility to continually protect Jewish locations Humphrys thought it ‘all a bit much’.

Humphrys suggests that perhaps Jews should take up Netanyahu’s offer and flee to Israel…can’t imagine him suggesting to Muslims that they flee to Pakistan or some such country.

Humphrys then suggested that ‘there is a danger in overstating what’s happening’.  Ever hear that from a BBC presenter in the face of a Muslim complaining of Islamophobia?  No, the BBC laps it up and adds to the hype.

The BBC has a well deserved reputation for downplaying anti-Semitism whilst championing the Islamophobia industry …but it does seem that the Jews are the ‘new Jews’ in Europe and not the Islamists who claim that status for themselves in what is just another way of twisting the knife into the Jewish community by making such a comparison.  An odious comparison when much of the anti-Semitism is coming from the Muslim community itself…their ‘dirty little secret’.




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  1. Umbongo says:

    In one sense Humphrys was treading on eggs in this interview. IIRC not once did he refer to “Jews” when addressing the rabbi directly. Rather he used the expression “Jewish people”. I don’t quite know when the word “Jew” became so sensitised – or offensive? – to merit its partial exclusion from polite debate. OTOH I don’t think that the permanently offended community in this country and elsewhere is backward in addressing its insults directly to or in respect of “Jews”. Maybe this is another word which is subtly being edged towards being used only in the context of Moslem sensitivity. In other words its use is a sort of cypher to signal that “Jew” (as a word) is a legitimate insult and “Jew” (as a person) is a legitimate target for insult (and worse) because that is Moslem practice.


    • Truthdoctor says:

      Good point. I remember hearing something on the BBC a while ago saying Einstein was “born into a Jewish family”. A bit like saying he had some unfortunate, genetic disease which he couldn’t help.


    • deegee says:

      • Jew as a noun — no problem.
      • Jew as a verb — unacceptable.
      • Born to a Jewish family suggests the person has renounced Judaism and/or self identification as a Jew. Not true of Einstein.
      Jew Hatred — synonym for antisemitism. I prefer it because of the manipulation of the word antisemitism; disputes over different spelling as in anti-Semitism; and effective abolishing of the concept in many areas.
      • Jewish hatred — the Jews hate someone or something.


      • Donisthorpe boot boy. says:

        It’s time for Sacha Baron Cohen (aka Borat) to launch ” Throw the Jew down the well”, oh the irony on those Jew hating bastards.


  2. Deborah says:

    Why do trolls always think that posters are ‘lonely men’in a cold room? For a start my name gives a clue to him being half wrong. I fit in reading posts among the million things I have to do which I was going to list but I am not feeding the troll. Suffice to say that Tester did not give examples why he thought the interview reasonable.


    • Mat says:

      Well for me the main reasons are they
      A= suffer from ‘conformational bias’ they have to find us that way because they so desperately want to and then believe it so much they cannot escape the trap they fall into! or
      B = it’s ‘reflection bias’ that is how they see themselves and cannot bare to elevate anyone above their level ,especially objects of their irrational bigotry and hate !


  3. dave s says:

    Perhaps Humphreys realises the serious nature of the current situation and inevitably tries to moderate it
    The key thing for me is that Netanayu , with, I assume, much of Israeli opinion behind him has given up on Europe. The call to go to Israel is not one of desperation but one of hope in a situation which can only deteriorate.
    Europe prides itself on it’s civilisation . That the Israelis should call for those of Jewish descent to leave is tantamount to saying that Europe is becoming a place that has no future . Fist for the Jews and then for all civilised men and women.
    I cannot think of a greater charge to be levied against a culture.
    The Rabbi asked that Europe protect without qualification and whatever the cost. He is right to do so but I fear Europe has lost it’s moral sense and is slowly falling into a dark age.
    As for Tester’s comments. They add nothing to anybody’s undertanding and sound like the normal liberal left attempts to stop any debate that deals with reality.


  4. Deborah says:

    I have had to go back to iplayer to hear the interview. Yes, Humphries sounds as though he is walking on eggshells. But the idea that Jewish people are ‘overstating the case’ seems at kindest a man who does not realise what he is asking. Perhaps Humphries has forgotten the attack on a Jewish school in France a couple of years ago as well as the recent attack on a kosher supermarket and now a synagogue where a 12 year old girl was celebrating her confirmation. He should imagine that if where his son goes to school, his wife goes shopping and maybe the football ground of his local team (I am substituting that for his church as I am guessing he isn’t a regular attender) he just might have a few concerns.


    • Donisthorpe boot boy. says:

      Just seen Anthony Gilbert outside “The Gourmet ” with a very stern face. Should scare anybody away.


  5. John Anderson says:

    In his post Alan refers to the “dirty little secret” of the Muslim community. The link he gave was to an article by – of all people – Mehdi Hasan, openly admitting strong Judaophobia across much of the Muslim community in Britain.


    Well worth a read.


  6. TheHighlandRebel says:

    I see al-Beeb are telling us that ‘at least ten’ Christians have been beheaded by their chums when it’s bloody obvious that the number is 21.
    Compare this to the numerical misinformation when it comes to ‘casualties’ in Gaza when they are so keen to parrot Pallywood terrorist propaganda with figures like ‘thousands killed’


    • John Anderson says:

      It is all part of the minimising or disguising of Islamic atrocities. Overnight the BBC World Service headline was about “a group of Christians”. Which might be just 4 or 5 beheaded ? Likewise the portrayal of the Copenhagen murders as somehow being lone-wolf, or just criminal ie nothing to do with Islam – when it is plain as a pikestaff that this was TERRORISM aimed at a seminar on free speech and then at a Jewish synagogue.

      There are people in that BBC newsroom forever looking for ways to “adjust” the news. That is – to distort the real facts. Even when the facts are plain to see – for instance the Chapel Hill murders by a leftie nutter neighbour That gets labelled as Islamophobia by the BBC (and Obama, of course).


    • Deborah says:

      It is interesting and I cannot understand why the Beeb thinks ‘at least 10’ is more acceptable than 21. Have they got film of 10 corpses without heads and cannot see the other 11? The arts students at the BEEB love playing with numbers, get a demo supporting Israel and the number there halves; get a fracking demo in the East Riding and the 25 people I could count in Look North’s piece became ‘at least 100’ and of course 100,000 Muslims (was it really that number or have I got a ‘0’ too many?) just disappears altogether.


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        Helle Thorning-Schmidt, has just done an English-speaking news conference on the BBC NHS News Channel. …. we only know he was a Danish citizen, born in Denmark,…. involved in criminal acts, … criminal gang, … no information that he was part of a ‘cell’…

        Such deceit. As if ordinary criminals would shoot up free-speech seminars and Jewish synagogues.


  7. Llareggub says:

    Whilst the media is highlighting reports of anti semitism across Europe, the message coming across is that ‘far right’ racists are responsible. Thus the UAF, which together with the SWP who actually control it, are seizing the moral high ground denouncing right wing anti semites, with the occasional rabbi speaking at their conferences. Here is the latest piece of news highlighted by the comrades.
    I don’t expect the BBC to draw attention to Islamic based hostility to Jews, but how about a word or two from the Jewish organizations?



    • Aerfen says:

      Exactly. The worst part of this interview was that Humphreys equated ‘Islamophobia’ with ‘anti Semitism’ implying both were coming from the indigenous so called ‘far right’

      The Rabbi seemed more than happy to allow this misrepresentation to stand. For shame.


  8. John Anderson says:

    Rather than the Islam-protecting flim-flam the BBC serves up whenever there is an Islamic terrorist attack, we have to turn to a Canadian across in the US for a clear analytical view of what actually happened in Copenhagen :


    And to contest John Humphrys’ ignorant assumtion that things aren’t too bad really for Jews in Europe – here’s a brief list of Islamist attacks in Denmark :


    It is offensive that at all levels the BBC – and most politicians – are lying to us all the time.


  9. dty457 says:



  10. Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

    Looks like stuff has been moderated away….good!


  11. stuart says:

    you ask anybody from the jewish community and they will tell you that the threat of anti semetic violence does not come from the non existant far right but comes from this islamist/ far left alliance swp/uaf and co who whip up anti semetic hatred and under the cover of anti zionism,it sickens me whenever the bbc have a debate about anti semetic hatred and violence then the debate is twisted to talk about this fake word called islamaphobia,lets get one thing straight here,muslims are not being dragged out of there mosques in europe on mass and beheaded in the streets,mosques are not being targeted by jewish and christian gunmen intending on mass murder,muslims are not being put in cages in europe and burnt alive with diesel oil to make there death more painfull,muslims have it easy in europe compared to the jewish community,and christians have it far worst in muslim countrys as we saw yesterday with the mass beheading of 50 christians by the islamic muslim state in libya,where is there islamaphobia you go on about bbc.deal with the real issue of christianaphobia and anti semetism in europe and the middle east.


  12. chrisH says:

    Just heard Eddie Mair having a pop at the Israeli Ambassador here in London on his PM show.
    The gist of it was that Netenyahu really had no business in alarming the Jews of Europe about their imminent danger whilst living here.
    The protection has gone, the law favours their killers and persecutors.
    Not that BIbi said that-we just all know that to be true.
    Except for Eddie-apparently any aliyah back to Israel would only please IS, cartoonists would only suffer all the more-basically that if the Jews chose to go, Eddies sandbags and bayonet practice at the synagogues would disappear with them.
    Boo!-the Jews are useful to the Left only in that they provide a similar focus of hate, contempt and 1001 belittlements to their Muslim chums as well as themselves.
    Reckon the Ambassador was fully aware of the scapegoat concept that Jews personify these days( and they should know, it being a Torah nation)-but he was too polite, incredulous to put plant Mair in the Blue Peter sandpit with his neck at scythe level for Al Baghdadi,Al Britani or whoever was passing through.
    A disgraceful interview-but reveals the Lefts clueless shibboleths (biblical again, so strike me Allah!)-mealy mouthed platitudes and their feathering away from even a pretence of being Boko Haram girlies or Charlie Hebdos.
    Islam must be rubbing its hand…the other lies in the sandpit!
    If I were a Jew-I`d be preparing to fly.
    But being a white middle class bloke-I`ll stay and fight.


  13. Llareggub says:

    Muslims desecrate flowers placed in remembrance of those slain in Copenhagen. Probably finding something to do whilst awaiting the backlash



    • Llareggub says:

      See the flowers in the BBC report that the killers were not part of a cell. Hey BBC – where have all the flowers gone? Muslims kicked them away one by one.



    • Pounce says:

      LLareggub wrote:
      “Muslims desecrate flowers placed in remembrance of those slain in Copenhagen. Probably finding something to do whilst awaiting the backlash

      Actually, if you listen to what is being reported, that is where the Islamic gunman was shot dead. The Muslim brothers state that Muslims don’t lay flowers for their own which is why they removed them notice in the video the old couple taking pictures of the area.


      • Llareggub says:

        Thank you Pounce for the correction. It is important that information is correct on these topics. My friend, who drew my attention to this informed me that it was the scene of the murder. I mistakenly followed this, and apologise for the inaccuracy. I am naturally embarrassed. But thank you for setting the matter straight.


      • Scottie says:

        When there is a backlash no one wins everyone loses.

        The establishment will use it as a excuse to remove all civil liberties and turn this country into a dictatorship.

        They have lists and that includes people who post comments they don’t like on this site.

        Same goes for all those bbc employees who are just another fifth column.


      • deegee says:

        Jews also don’t lay flowers for their own. We prefer candles.

        I’m not sure a Muslim removing flowers from the gunman’s shooting site is a bad thing. It could be distancing themselves from a killer.


  14. Teddy Bear says:

    I wonder if we’ll be hearing anything from Danny Cohen about this. I’m willing to bet we won’t.

    (If you listen to the clip on the BBC website, available for the next 30 days, it begins around 2:13:00 into the programme)

    Otherwise I’ve downloaded the relevant part here:

    Embed Music – Audio Hosting – Humphreys Interviewing Rabbi


  15. chrisH says:

    Fuck me.
    Doesn`t take the BBC long now does it?
    Newsnight has been trawling around the Muslim fleshpots of Copenhagen to seek excuses for the murders there.
    Turns out that the Danes didn`t send anyone important to “celebrate” the opening of their new mosque last year.
    The Swedes do those kind of Muslim obeisances so much better, according to the Muslim Imam…and our Danish Muslims would have been hurting.
    Turns out too that the Danes don`t send them congratulatory cards or cakes foe Eid according to a “Muslim Filmmaker”.
    Shades of Yaya Toure there then.
    Cue usual “shocked, I tellsya” bleats from “Muslim spokesmen”…cue usual devout bows and prayers in socks, ululations over pix of minarets.
    You know the pictures that they stock-just replace The Eiffel Tower with the Mermaid.
    Oh-and was that a bit of “Imagine” I heard over the talks-the anthem of doomed liberals worldwide!
    Only the BBC don`t get the joke.


  16. George R says:

    Supplementary, from ‘Daily Mail’-

    “What it’s REALLY like for Jews in Paris:

    ” Shocking hidden camera footage shows journalist wearing a skullcap being spat at, called a ‘dog’ and threatened as he walks the streets.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2956040/Journalist-puts-Jewish-skullcap-walks-streets-Paris-filmed-hidden-camera-safe-streets-are.html#ixzz3RzEmwjlq


  17. Guest Who says:

    Seems the more overt thoughts of some are getting even the home team top management a wee bit concerned on adverse PR.


    Is that protest wall display still up around that church? Decrying folk trying to defend against folk bringing personnel & stuff across to murder and maim?

    Meanwhile on FaceBook, Today features the sorry tale of Somalis ‘investing’ $5000 to get to Libya, and then a further (presumed ‘investment’ – not sure handing traffickers such dosh with payback in the form of benefits from taxpayers in the EU really warrants such a term) £1700 to cross the Med.