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  1. AsISeeIt says:

    We may never know what BBC bosses had to say to Tim Wilcox after his inappropriate piece of ‘whataboutery’ on the streets of Paris.

    His full on would-be Paxo-style rotweiller attack on an civilian and elderly Jewish woman was a personal low point – but these off-the-cuff gaffs are also instructive of BBC office culture.

    As I say, we may never know if he got a dressing down. The BBC top brass fall out (or lack of it) from the Savile affair shows us that where the BBC mafia is concerned omerta rules the top floor corridors and the awards bash top tables.


    So, who knows… Tim Wilcox’s recent appearance with Mark Kermode on the movie review slot could either be the penalty fine or the awareness course option? Or even reward for taking one for the team?

    Perhaps it’s just that nice guy Gavin Esler is on a skii break with Jez Bowen?

    Occasionally BBC stars do have to cover one another’s slots.


    Bowen, incidentally, if he can be located and isn’t busy might be fun to see doing a report from Raqqa – but I digress.

    Being an over-15-years-a-licence-payer it came as deja vu during the film review to hear – prior to Kermode’s hagiographic run round Selma – his new mate Wilcox fawningly pronounce “I loved it!”

    Click back a few months and that was precisely Gavin Esler’s remark of introduction to welcome Kermode to the BBC pulpit for a sermon on 15 Years.

    These people are liberal robots. Interchangeable. The BBC are churning them out on a production line.


    • AsISeeIt says:

      Oh and by the way, Kermode loved it too. “It takes liberties with history – but that’s ok”.

      Yep Mark we know – with the Left it’s not the fact but the message that matters.


  2. Geoff says:

    Bar the weather and local sport just two stories on the 7 minute long Points West edition last night. Leading with and taking up more than half the time was a story re some sort of FGM conference taking place in Bristol. We’re told hundreds of teachers and health workers were in attendance.

    Never were the ‘M’ or ‘I’ words mentioned or the cost of sending these people or the cost to the NHS questioned, instead we get a sob story of a 45 year old Somalian who wasn’t even living here when she had it done. Real journalism would be asking why this is happening in the UK and why we are accomodating it.

    Used to wonder why posters here referred to the bBC as the INBBC, I get it now!


  3. George R says:

    Not for INBBC’s ‘Education & Family’ online pages-

    “Birmingham school said to have sent £1million of public money to Pakistan is revealed to have £3million in debts.
    “Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham in debt by almost £3million, council reveals.
    “It’s alleged to have sent £1million to build sister establishment in Pakistan.
    “School has been in special measures since damning Ofsted report in 2013.
    “Previous leadership failed to introduce a new national curriculum last year.
    “Pupils ate on floor so new staff had to spend £12,000 on tables and chairs.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2943993/Birmingham-school-said-sent-1million-public-money-Pakistan-revealed-3million-debts.html#ixzz3R9i39LVZ


  4. George R says:


    Whatever the Labour Party and its Beeboid supporters may want-

    “Child abuse lawyer says more evidence to emerge in Rotherham sex abuse scandal”



  5. Mustapha Sheikup al-Beebi says:

    Today’s Sunday Times, at the foot of page two on the left:


    “The BBC spent £2,400 of licence-fee money paying for friends of Alan Yentob, a senior executive, to attend a private function at which he was being given an award.

    Details released under the FoI Act show the BBC paid for 16 of Yentob’s associates to attend the party, where he received the 2014 Media Society Award.

    The event … … featured film tributes to Yentob, who earns £330,000 a year, from Mick Jagger, Mel Brooks and Harry Enfield … …

    Last night the Tory MP Andrew Bridgen said: “This shows the contempt that Alan Yentob has for licence fee payers who have no control over how their money is spent.””


    • Guest Who says:

      Hey… Priorities. He’s a speaking to the nation treasure.
      And there will always be tough calks on what the public needs to pay for or get excluded from.

      @mediaguardian -Let BBC viewers decide if they want more golf or grenades http://t.co/1zhspYFG6u

      Why ‘or’?

      At least the bunkers will be handy in case of an errant slice.


  6. Thoughtful says:


    Broadcasting House at 46:00

    Reviewing the papers Matt Forde some leftie ‘comedian’ is looking at a story in the Sunday Times regarding the man who shot Osama Bin Laden dead, and says ” the liberal in you balks at the honesty of it”.

    About as close as we’re ever going to get to an admission that the liberal left cannot deal with the real world and totally rejects what it cannot cope with.

    Matt Forde is a Nottingham-born comedian, impressionist, comedy writer, radio presenter and former political advisor for the Labour Party.


    • chrisH says:

      AND he was on Rory Bremners show last week.
      A coming man and well-timed before the election…his Ed Miliband impression isn`t bad-but his politics will be there for all to see.
      And the jokes won`t matter-as long as his scripts and instincts are anti-UKIP/Tory…pro Green/Labour/SNP and IRA.
      And-to be fair to the lefties-no jokes re Islam, lest it turns all Charlei Hebdo on them-now let`s see if they`ll ever be brave enough to say so….like Grayson Perry once did.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      Rory Bremners show was rather bland, but I did like the “Boris the Clown” bit. That unknown poor quality guest on the show was described as a Comedian. I did not know that he was just another BBC/Labour Party COMmunist EDucational Yarn officer. But then I suppose all of them now have to go through the Labour Party route to the BBC COM-ED-Y office.


    • D1004 says:

      Scotty ! Nice weekend bro ? Think you are not yet in climb down mode from all the white stuff up your nose judging by the lack of any sense in your missive. Glad you enjoyed yourself, have anyone new ?


  7. Dover Sentry says:

    ‘Did this film make people racists?’


    No! It was made 100 years ago and reflected the views of Americans at the time.

    BBC agenda driven perspective of history. Anything to carry their narrative will do.

    Did Churchill make people racists? We could go on and on….


    • Demon says:

      I have seen this film and it is unquestionably racist and is worse for being the state of the art, even revolutionary, at the time it was made. However, it should NOT be banned for many reasons: such as Freedom of Speech; the fact it should be used to study racial attitudes of 100 years ago and how this sort of extreme, disgusting racism was tolerated in parts of the USA.

      It could, and maybe should, be shown but be accompanied by a government warning such as for sex and violence.


  8. noggin says:

    Amid the reality of fears for further attacks, fears for more Jew murder … the BBC is waffling out reports about restricting action films, in Paris, tut tutting about the movie “American Sniper”
    and all the time there is more abject and wilful denial of fact, and truth

    Street Artist Combo Brutally Attacked for Pacifist Tag Post Charlie Hebdo,” hmm didn t erm “feel the love” obviously.

    “The attack is characteristic of the inter-religious tensions that plague France and have been exacerbated by the Charlie Hebdo tragedy”
    inter-religious tensions? … does that mean
    Muslims killing probably atheist cartoonists?
    or Muslims murdering Jews in a Jewish shop?
    or Muslim Jihadi s returning to France from Islamic State and recruiting more Muslim wannabe mass murderers
    or Muslims entering police stations, screams “Allahu akbar,” stabbing officers in the face
    or “Palestinian” Muslims rioting outside French synagogues
    or Muslims rioting, injuring locals, after Muslim tries to strangle police officer ticketing his wife for wearing face veil
    … that type of erm … “religious tension”?
    Looks like .. A … “religion” erm causing “tension” to me


    • I Can See Clearly Now says:

      They’re pretty stretched at the minute, covering the on-going NHS crisis.


    • dave s says:

      You are mistaken This did not happen. It was not on the BBC.
      The BBC is the truth.


  9. chrisH says:

    Two snapshots of the liberal elite and its conspiracy against daring to give us any truth or context to what we all see and experience all around us.
    1. Listening now to some Radio 4 bleat about the decline of the middle classes( 5pm Radio 4, 8/2/15).
    Can hardly bear to listen to the tiptoe claptrap about the decline of the architect or the doctor.
    As THIS article shows(c/o Gates of Vienna) the middle class are being deliberately targetted by a globalising western elite as well as by a Muslim, welfare-benefitting criminal class.
    Both ends of the snake are in operation-and the working class, the whites and the honourable are the enemy of the elite and its criminal client base-for cheap wages or to terrify us all into the gulags,


    2. Caught Krishnan Guru-Murthy “interviewing” Anne Applebaum last night on Ch4 News.
    The woman knows all we need to know about Putin, Ukraine and Russia per se-yet all KGM wanted was soundbites and harried her into giving them.
    She tried to give us some history_KGM was not wanting that.
    She gave us a soundbite-and KGM trumpeted that she had only said what HE`d just said to the Russian spokesman in an earlier doltish interview of his.
    Why ask an expert onto your show if you don`t want her considered opinions?
    Channel 4 are a shitstorm.
    Seems now to me that the media are telling Islam how shit and weak we are-there for their taking and raping…whilst telling US that the rise of Islam is inevitable and probably for the best seeing how shit and racist we all are.
    The liberal media have GOT to go before we become the picador for islamic State…the media crave this, all in return for a funky curry, or better blow in their boy lovers flared kameez-what else are turn ups for?
    As I say the BBC and its liberal cringing toads has GOT to go-and pronto!


    • dave s says:

      The essay you refer to is the latest part of Takuan Seiyo’s latest .A superb piece and necessary reading.


  10. noggin says:

    “Radio 2’s The Sunday Hour, Prince Charles spoke of his hopes to “build bridges” between different faiths”
    ooer! … why?
    Are Christians massacring somebody?, anybody? are Jians on the rampage, Presbyterians on the march demanding blood? maybe Hari Krishna s want to behead a cartoonist somewhere? bombing Buddhists invading Afghanistan demanding an end to Muslims in “Buddhist lands”?
    There is ONE! so called faith he needs to deal with, as the Al BBC highlights his, dribbling ‘Protector of faiths’ moniker … 😀
    he couldn t protect his own p-ss


    • johnnythefish says:

      Interesting when there was a mosque ‘open day’ recently, albeit only certain ones chose to take part (as a certain C4 reporter discovered to her embarrassment).

      Contrast with churches, where anyone is made welcome at any time.


    • ID says:

      The BBC informs us that the Princely One is puzzled and perplexed that some amongst us have not been “imbibing” British values and have been beheading and burning alive other chaps in Syria. “They have been brought up in Britain, gone to school in Britain” and yet have done frightfully unbritish dastardly deeds. Unfathomable, quite unfathomable!


      • Merched Becca says:

        Then those that do not imbibe British values and having had the benefit of “been brought up in Britain, gone to school in Britain” and “done frightfully un British dastardly deeds” should be deported and expelled from Britain.
        Vote UKIP – Simples.


        • ID says:

          Merched Becca

          Yes, but you would think that the legions of enrichers that complain about discrimination and racism would be deporting themselves. Why would anyone want to live in a country under such circumstances?
          If the Prince and other establishment loons cannot grasp the idea that becoming an indigenous Briton is down to the transmission of indigenous British attitudes, mores and customs within a community that share these attitudes, mores and customs, i.e follow indigenous British traditions handed down and modified through the generations, it is unlikely there will any expulsions. As these people believe immigrants become British by a mystical and mystrious process of osmosis the momemt they enter Britain, the rationale is that “British” citizens cannot be deported to a “foreign” country.


        • ID says:

          Merched Becca

          Yes, but you would think that the legions of enrichers that complain about discrimination and racism would be deporting themselves. Why would anyone want to live in a country under such circumstances?
          If the Prince and other establishment loons cannot grasp the idea that becoming an indigenous Briton is down to the transmission of indigenous British attitudes, mores and customs within a community that share these attitudes, mores and customs, i.e follow indigenous British traditions handed down and modified through the generations, it is unlikely there will any expulsions. As these people believe immigrants become British by a mystical and mystrious process of osmosis the momemt they enter Britain, the rationale is that “British” citizens cannot be deported to a “foreign” country.


  11. George R says:


    INBBC campaigns for the building of a particular ‘settlement’ on West Bank.

    “The new Palestinian city that lacks only one thing.”



    • deegee says:

      The Palestinian National Authority does not need Israeli approval for construction since the land for Rawabi falls entirely within Area ‘A’, which is under full Palestinian control. So to describe it as the Israeli-occupied West Bank is misleading from the outset.

      Bashar Masri (whose name ironically means the Egyptian) probably didn’t bribe the right Palestinian enough.


  12. noggin says:

    TBQ s – BBC 1
    … counter-terrorism in schools?
    Worst example of handwringing, and a waste of anyone with a modicum of intelligence s time.
    “All faiths and non”, “extremism of all types”, some nauseating diatribe over caution of the “far right”.
    The usual over representation of arrogant and weasel word
    Islamic adherents not being questioned, and being given too much airtime.


  13. Dominique du Slap says:

    I see those intolerant fascists from the religion of ‘peace’ were protesting against free speech in Londonistan today but not reports from the IBCB (Islamic Corporation of Britainistan).

    Islam is causing trouble everywhere it goes.


  14. Geoff says:

    1000s demonstrating at the cenotaph showing complete disrespect to our war heroes, but no mention on INBBC News Channel headlines at 8pm, but breaking news…….some actor the majority haven’t heard of has won a BAFTA. That’s all right then, everything in the world is rosy….


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      Sorry Geoff. Didn’t happen. I’ve been watching BBC News 24 Rolling Bollox for the last two hours. There is a BAFTA thing going on and Labour didn’t lose many votes this week ’cause the ‘Big Business’ thing really was a storm in a teacup. Man U drew with a late goal. No protest in London by Muslims aggrieved at the murder of cartoonists and Jewish shoppers in Paris though. Is that what they are supposedly protesting about? I guess they are ‘moderate Muslims?

      That’s the truth. BBC News 24 Hr Rolling Bollox is telling me so. And that Stephen Hawking movie was the best film, evidently, and Ed Miliband is unusual in an abstract way.

      Scrap the Telly Tax. Funding the Ministry of Truth.


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      Geoff. Are you sure? I’ve just checked the BBC Website.

      No protest in London. Nadda. Didn’t happen. Perhaps the BBC are using the medium of radio to inform the nation?

      It can’t be staff numbers, because they had plenty lined up the other Sunday in Paris. It can’t be location, because there’s loads of BBC guys and gals living the metrosexual dream in London. Was it a training day, or are the BAFTA’s just that much more newsworthy?


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        ..they had plenty lined up the other Sunday in Paris.

        The Religion Of Peace calls for sensitive handling. Lyse and Mishal were chosen for the Paris gig. But Lyse is in the Ukraine, saying nice things about supporters of the Beeb’s EU friends. And maybe Mishal has to get an early night for Today?


      • The Lord says:

        Nowt on the radio. Move along.


  15. Steve Jones says:

    I am surprised a BBC reporter wasn’t on hand to ask one of the demonstrators near Downing Street,
    “So, in the light of recent jihadist atrocities such as beheadings of Japanese journalists and the burning alive of a Jordanian pilot, could you please tell the viewers exactly what you are protesting against?”
    The answer,”some cartoons”, would sound ridiculous if the whole situation weren’t so ominous.
    Actually, I am not surprised. Nobody is holding these people to account.


    • dave s says:

      Reality smashing the BBC in the face yet again. What a useless bunch of reporters at the BBC. All -is it really 5000- of them.
      A rubbish organisation for a rubbish time. We deserve better.


  16. I Can See Clearly Now says:


    David Dimbleby has achieved ‘National Treasure’ status, just as his father once did. But just recently there have been indications that he could be going rogue. His ‘I would be failing in my duty…’ exposure of the BBC’s restriction on images of ‘The Prophet’ caused mayhem right at the top of the Beeb:

    The strange matter of the sudden BBC U-turn over depicting figures from the Koran

    Then, on QT last Thursday, he allowed the unauthorised question that skewered George Galloway.

    What’s going on? This is totally out-of-character for company-man Dimbleby. He has been sure-footed over a lifetime; there’s no way that he’s become a blunderer. He’s coming close to the end of his career; his last election in a few weeks. Could he, like Peter Sissons, have been forced to endure the leftist bias against his will all these years and now, with nothing to lose, is ready to vent his frustration? A less attractive explanation might be that the Beeb are intent on roughing up Nigel Farage before May and used old George as a sacrificial goat to balance the body-count. But the choice of noble words ‘..failing in my duty..’ can only make us hope that he is going to prove honourable.

    Maybe he will be a Colonel Kurtz – out there operating without any decent restraint, totally beyond the pale of any acceptable human conduct. That would be fun!


    • Angrymanupnorth says:

      What’s going on?

      The BBC are (as we say up north) bricking it. They can see how hopeless Liebor and Miliband are and their least worst option is Tories. They are hedging their bets. Political polls? – don’t trust them. News ‘greyouts’ on uncomfortable truths (see Rotherham, Birmingham ‘no-go’ zones, today;s Muslim demo at Downing street).

      UKIP are coming. Whether they are fully up to speed yet (which I hope they are) it is starting not to matter. The LibLabCon can only now rely on criminals, immigrants, (most) public sector workers and benefit recipients. Unfortunately, that’s a lot of voters.

      Bricking it!

      Vote UKIP. 🙂


      • I Can See Clearly Now says:

        Political polls? – don’t trust them.

        I hope you’re right. I worry about a UKIP collapse. Some folk can’t see past Miliband’s uselessness to recognise that Slick Dave will implement the same policies.

        It’s always been the case that a few per cent of people wont admit to pollsters that they intend to vote for a party that is demonised. I thought pollsters weighted their scores for that, though. But you’re right; the lack of news from London is very strange and must have involved high level discussion.


        • Angrymanupnorth says:

          And from Rotherham. Kids still being r@ped. Nothing has changed. Two reports, subsitute a few bureaucrats and the r@pists carry on.

          People need to be discussing this with their work colleagues, however uncomfortable the subject matter. Liebor, Councillors, council workers, police: ignoring and facilitating the use and abuse of the vulnerable and innocent and taking their 40 pieces of silver. Thousands of young girls with a life sentence.

          Wake people up, whether they like it or not. We are all responsible for fixing this and the LibLabCon neither have the desire, or the ability. The scum has risen to the top of our political life. Time to scrape it off.

          Vote UKIP.


      • noggin says:

        what s going on … is simple
        G Allahway goes to a large Jewish community area on
        QT … has the mic at his disposal, over an audience that doesn t, informs the viewing public (good) Jews should have nothing to do with Israel (bad Jews)
        IE homeless Jews good, not a race any more, another cross on the Islam wish list … propaganda achieved
        … thank you and goodnight.
        He wasn t seriously questioned, he didn t have to answer
        for his insidious and hateful rants, and got free airtime to equate genuine rising anti-Semitism , with the crock, the wilful deceit of Islamofauxbia.
        Aloha Snackbah to that eh! … thanks BBC!
        … that’s what was going on


    • D1004 says:

      Maybe the RAF are keeping a back seat free in a Tornado for him to do a live report from an air raid, like his dad in the back of a Lancaster over Berlin? Would have thought though he could get the same effect by hitching a ride over Rotherham when the plug gets pulled…….


  17. Angrymanupnorth says:

    I heard Benelux Cucumberban interviewed walking into the BAFTAs, (main News 24 Sunday evening) looking for a best actor award. Listen to his interview if you get the chance. He is now officially a Common Purpose gutless cock. Shame.

    The Angryman (in association with the BBC) Common Purpose Cock of the Day Award (8/2/15) goes to ………(drumroll)….

    Benedict Cumberbatch! For his cringe worthy sliminess when interviewed by the BBC. What a cock.


  18. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Jane Hill BBC News 24 Hr.

    I hope we didn’t pay for the grey binliner Jane has chosen for her ‘gig’ at the BAFTA’s tonight. Could that be found out with an FOI? Does anybody know?

    She’s got a jawbone Desperate Dan would be proud of that lass has, and the 5 o’clock shadow’s pretty good too! No doubt her wife likes it.

    Scrap the telly tax.


  19. Flexdream says:

    Huge crowd of Muslim protesters picket Downing Street to protest at Charlie … Telegraph.co.uk – ‎4 hours ago‎

    British Muslims gather in London to protest against Muhammad cartoons .. The Guardian – ‎3 hours ago‎

    Crowds amass near Downing Street to protest recent publishing of sacrilegious … Scottish Daily Record – ‎3 hours ago‎

    British Muslims protest in London against Charlie Hebdo cartoons .. Reuters UK – ‎12 minutes ago‎

    Stars gather as Baftas get under way .. BBC


    • Flexdream says:

      Looks like the BBC covered this a few days ago as an upcoming event ..

      “Muslims From Northamptonshire Join Defence Of Their Faith March In London. Muslims from Northamptonshire will be joining thousands of others from around the country at a rally in London this weekend. They’ll deliver a petition to Downing Street, signed by 100 thousand people, restating that the majority of Muslims believe in “global civility” rather than the destruction of human life.”

      That gives a clearly misleading and sympathetic statement of what the ProMo Demo was about.


  20. Dave666 says:

    Is it just me or has this site suddenly plunged down the result page after doing a search for biased bbc?


  21. Dover Sentry says:

    Downing Street this afternoon. Muslim protests against cartoons.
    Are cartoons more important than massacres committed by muslims?

    No mention anywhere on BBCumberbatch.




  22. NISA says:

    BAFTA gong for BBC Films the acceptance speech gave thanks to everyone except the TV taxpayers whose compulsory contributions made it all possible


  23. Scotty says:

    Is Simon Cowell gay?


  24. Angrymanupnorth says:

    Guardianista’s waking up?

    Whilst in BBC world (no protest in London today) its ‘move along, nothing to see here’, the Guardian has this article, which has not been placed near the top of their homepage:


    Either the usual Grauniad posters are already tucked up in bed for school tomorrow, or the light is finally getting through the leftard smog.

    Scrap the BBC. Not fit for purpose.


    • Lobster says:

      I am probably a bit dense, but could someone please explain the Guardian comments pages to me. I find it impossible to follow as most of the comments are replies to previous ones but I can’t see a way of finding the original comment. Also when I reach the bottom of the page and try to go to the next one all it says is “comments loading” and nothing happens. If I click on the “trouble loading?” button it reverts to the top of the same page. It seems as useless as the rest of the paper.


  25. George R says:

    The anti-Islamisation English Defence League (EDL) remains the Beeboids’ biggest global political enemy.

    The EDL people would be political discriminated against, repressed and arrested if they tried to do what the Muslims’ anti-free speech demo got away with in Whitehall, and near the Cenotaph.


  26. George R says:

    Beeboid ears burning?:-




  27. GCooper says:

    The liberal conspiracy of the luegenpresse is in full swing today, with not just the BBC actively suppressing the news about muslims protesting in London, but their comrades at Sky doing exactly the same thing: pretending it didn’t happen.

    Fortunately, the Mail and even the Telegraph are giving the story maximum attention.

    After the next election, their needs to be a reckoning with our broadcasters. This deliberate and calculated distortion of the truth cannot be allowed to continue.


    • Geoff says:

      The DT garnered 2000 comments in a little over an hour, 200 odd have since been removed and comments closed.

      As far as the bBC (and Sky) go no credance can be given to any of their output be it news, comedy, drama or current affairs all have an agenda and often more notable is what their not telling us rather than what they are.


      • GCooper says:

        Yes, the DT has become a disgrace in the past year or so, little better than the Guardian and in some ways worse as it still pretends not to be an arm of liberal elite.


  28. George R says:

    ‘Jihadwatch’ -as ‘on the ball’ as ever-
    [Opening excerpt]:-
    “How many Muslims have demonstrated in favor of freedom of speech and against blasphemy laws? Why, none. Meanwhile, Shaykh Noor Siddiqi says: ‘The actions of the UK media in not publishing the cartoons is highly appreciated by British Muslims and we hope that this kind of self-restraint and mutual respect will ultimately lead to a harmonious society.’ In other words, as long as Britain voluntarily submits to Sharia blasphemy laws, a harmonious society will ensue.”


    ‘Daily Mail’ report-


    Where are the ‘politically correct’ police?

    Where were they in Rotherham?


  29. Geoff says:

    bBC News Channel paper review @10.30 very diverse reviewers Lenny will be most pleased. Luckily for the bBC no sign of any of the papers carrying the most important story of the day on their front pages, so can conveniently be avoided.

    The reviewers seem to be living in a parallel universe.


  30. logie bored says:

    Breitbart has the Muslim takeover covered, as usual, and does not curtail comments unlike the Graunograph.


  31. Charlatans says:

    Sometimes you just need to have a giggle:


  32. dave s says:

    No wonder the BBC has ignored this demonstration . The sight of the Cenotaph surrounded by those demonstrators will be offensive to the people of the shires. London is lost now.
    We need to forget it. Finally lost to old England and someplace else. I .never want to see or hear of that city again. I will never take my grandchildren there and never listen to the lies from it’s politicians. Never has a new word – leugenpresse- been so apt.


  33. Angrymanupnorth says:

    BBC Website 9/2/15 0118hrs. Ministry of Truth pronouncement.

    Still no reporting of the London Muslim cartoon protests. My guess FWIW? The BBC might report this during school hours tomorrow, so they can ‘prove’ they didn’t ignore it. No deep analysis though is my guess (eh? Brillo?). No website comments I’m guessing too.

    But we have the next brick in our developing Orwellian prison in the form of:


    Yep. Things not going swimmingly? ‘Hebdo problem’ not going away? How to handle the … erm …’Islam thing’?

    Solution – remove freedom of speech by banning (whoever the establishment define to be) racists from Twitter and Facebook say MP’s. Well them MP’s need outing and denouncing. We have slander, libel and defamation laws, and laws for incitement of violence. They may be badly framed, but we need fewer laws, not more. Laws to silence/imprison the different, the eccentric, the libertarian, the maverick, the free thinkers, scientists, atheists, cartoonists?

    And the BBC wrap it up in a “we’re solving anti-Semitism brought about by our incompetent social engineering experiment and spineless public servants and press by undermining free expression” package, inferring that the motivation for undermining the freedoms which are our birth right are to solve their perceived ‘Jew problem’. Contemptible.

    Big Brother has been awake for some time and he wishes to arm himself with more laws for us to be found guilty of breaking. Thought crime? Remember the arrest warrant for those poor parents with a desperately sick child? Arrested. Remember the terrorist Walter Wolfgang ? Anti-terrorism laws 2005? Arrested. That’s how easy it is to get police to do un-British things.


    F$*k the LibLabCon. And vote wisely.


    • Guest Who says:

      Odd indeed. Glasgow rules apply?

      Usually a gathering of any faithful, no matter how modest, is reported, with telephotos if the numbers are disappointing, and a Paul Mason coordinating on twitter until kick-off and fire extinguishers start dropping, at which point damage control kicks in instead.

      Is it possible they got what they wanted, but having got it, didn’t like it very much. All a bit hideously white placard and dark beard? Oppressive even?

      The BBC website is not the easiest search. Nothing obvious… at least yet. And key words like ‘Charlie Hebdo’, ‘protest’ or ‘Cenotaph’ take us back to a different time.

      When the threats of a minority are caved in to, it does appear they are emboldened. Who would have thought? No counter threats to see Theresa or Dave pulling a community in fear justification for a selective banning or two? Defenders of freeish speech, depending. Political giants of the age.

      Our market rate establishment seems to be learning lessons the hard way. Just hope the consequences will be borne by those who for too long also see accountability ad being for the little people. And their kids.

      Holding power to account,eh, Helen? Not sure you do, or ever have.


  34. The Lord says:

    Been listening to the ‘Today’ programme on R4 for half an hour now. Still no mention of the Muslim’s warning. The head-line was Labour’s promise to double paternity pay. (in the unlikely event that collective madness strikes and they, ever, get re-elected.)