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In an ugly world, we need ugly newsreaders

Newsreaders should not be employed because they are pretty. They should be employed because they are intelligent and can read the news. This is why it was a scandal that Moira Stuart was forced to retire prematurely. She was deemed too old. Not enough eye candy. Women should become newsreaders regardless of their looks, not because of them. By taking on attractive female newsreaders, networks give succour to the postmodernist and sexist misapprehension that the only way to secure the attention of an audience is via surface, not substance.




The BBC went very quiet after the Sun’s boob job on the Media and the campaign to get rid of Page 3 went, er, tits up…..it was all a mere storm in a D-cup it seems.

It was wall to wall coverage and a glow of satisfaction from BBC presenters as they congratulated the ‘NoMorePage3’ campaign on its success when they thought they’d sunk the Sun…..

However today they haven’t even bothered to get a quote from them in this article about the boobs bouncing back as the Sun makes a clean breast of things and says upfront that it was all a ‘mammary lapse’ on their part ….from the BBC:

Sun’s Page Three ‘returns’ as paper takes swipe at rivals


Jane Garvey actually declared that ‘It’s gone, we hope’ (29:30)...just so we know exactly where she stands on the issue….and therefore where the BBC stands as she represents its face to the world…as do many others like her.


I imagine the campaign to ban Page 3 is quite happy, the fight goes on and they an continue to hog the limelight and smother themselves in the warm adulation and admiration of likeminded folk such as Brogan Driscoll the Assistant Editor for HuffPost UK Lifestyle who says:

This week, The Sun has taken great pleasure in playing misogynist God.

On Tuesday it reportedly axed its controversial topless Page 3 feature (to the applause of many), only to reinstate it today in a cheap shot at critics.

While we may have no power on the decision to kill off Page 3, public opinion is everything.

There is arguably far greater power in influencing the mood around representations of women in media. And this has certainly happened.

Of course, if like me, you’re still set on seeing the end of Page 3. Don’t just refuse to buy the paper or tut while reading your broadsheet, do something about it – sign the petition and get others to do the same.



How very pious and worthy….shame that the Huffington Post, that über trendy Lefty rag, should be renamed the ‘Buff-ington Post’…as it is in the habit of publishing not just one shot a day but hundreds of scantily clad women in suggestive poses……


Ariana Grande Pictures: The ‘Bang Bang’ Singer’s 100 Sexiest Snaps (PHOTOS)


Rita Ora Makes Her ‘The Voice’ Debut: 100 Sexiest Photos Of The ‘I Will Never Let You Down’ Singer (PICS)



Naked Celebs 2014: From Kim Kardashian And Rihanna To Dan Osborne And ‘X Factor’ Hopeful Jake Quickenden (PICS)




And of course the BBC is famous for dumping its female news readers and presenters when they reach a certain age…never mind that to start with they are not exactly people who fell out of the ugly tree and hit all the branches on the way down are they?

What sort of appalling message does that send to the children who will take note that their shelf life is just as short in the BBC news room as on the glamour model circuit and that there is probably more money and fun in Glamour than in reading about death and destruction sat behind a desk in Salford?

Glamour sells whether it’s the news or the Sun paper…and the BBC is as guilty as any tabloid for exploiting women for their appearance…however much they dress it up as ‘intellectual’…..




All I can say is that I know an ex-Page 3 girl who is now a doctor…paid for by her modelling days…so stuff that up your jumper and suck on it….er..I mean ponder on that!




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10 Responses to ‘Gotcha’

  1. stuart says:

    the hypocrisy of the left and these feminists sickens me,there was no outcry from them lot over female mutiltation,the 1400 white children being groomed in rotherhan,the mass rape and sexual slavery of children and old women by isis in syria,no campaigns by these lot on behalf of real female victims of injustice in the uk and all over the world, but a model who wants to show how nice her body is and gets paid nicely for in the sun gets nothing but is a hate campaign launched against them by these lot and harriet harman,how ironic that these feminists defend the rights of musllim women to cover themselves up from head to toe with a black curtain but wants to deny young women from starting of a career in modeling because of there own politcal bigotary against the sun just because they are a right wing rag.one word to them lot is this,katie price aka jordan started her career as a page 3 girl,now shes worth and estimated £30 million.not bad i say.


    • Red colonel says:

      Not just ‘white’ girls a number of Sikkhs were arrested when they tried to prevent their kids being enriched. Not as simple as race more about the worthy and the infidel, kaffer


  2. The Lord says:

    They say the Page3 girls can appear in ‘top-shelf’ magazines and Ched Evans can work on a building site. I can’t quite put my finger on it but there’s some dreadful whiff of snobbery in the way these people think. (I was going to say ‘women think’ but they have the full backing of those awful, boring, left-wing, metro-sexual ‘men’)


  3. jackde says:

    Does this mean that I can I can expect more white male presenters on BBC very soon as that species seem to be very under represented? I shan’t be holding my breath!!


  4. Arthur Greenwood says:

    Some time ago I came of the opinion that we do not need to see newsreaders at all. While they are speaking a suitable illustration could be displayed, and the ticker-tape could still be going round.


    • Philip says:

      Not sure I agree Arthur but I do find the BBC is much better with the Sound ‘OFF’ if and when watching the BBC news. Not a great fan of ticker tape either, it’s more ‘in-depth’ on the radio and the there’s the papers to read online. Much better.


    • zikomo says:

      –and I was going to be kind and say that they do not have to be intelligent;which many of them patently are not;all they simply need to be able to do is read.Your solution is even better


  5. I Can See Clearly Now says:

    Spangles looks good in that photo. She certainly didn’t wait for the Beeb to say ‘We’ll have to let you go’. She went to Channel five for £1m a year, announced she was pregnant after six weeks and ‘spent much of her three years at the broadcaster on maternity leave’.


    The journalist Amanda Platell who, being female, has a right to express an opinion, certainly thought Spangles used her looks:

    With her hand seductively sliding in and out of the side pocket of her size eight jeans, pert bottom angled just-so towards the camera and her Farrah Fawcett locks flicked from side to side, she purrs…. …….Meow!



  6. jez says:

    a 1000 lashes for stuart by the religious police for insulting islam lol.


  7. Richard says:

    I always though Moira Stuart was quite good to look at. Still, I’m knocking on a bit myself, I suppose.