Donnison Must Be Gutted




The BBC has betrayed the boy blunder down under….he has long campaigned for Hamas denying that they had anything to do with the murder of three Israeli teens.

Seems the BBC doesn’t agree in this report about the Israelis being dragged through the International Criminal Court…..

The Palestinians’ starting point begins a day after the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers, who were subsequently murdered, by Hamas militants in the West Bank on 12 June.


I must assume he has seen the report as it came out yesterday….why has the eagle eyed Donnison not mentioned it and linked to it as per usual with any ‘bad news’ for Israel?





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  1. Pounce says:

    Jon Donnison tweets:

    Not quite sure where these "no go areas" in French cities are that Nigel Farage is talking about, but I think we can assume he's never been.— Jon Donnison (@JonDonnison) January 14, 2015

    French cultural centre in Gaza vandalised. Am told graffiti says "We'lldefend our prophet. Go to hell Charlie Hebdo"— Jon Donnison (@JonDonnison) January 17, 2015

    Moroccan man murdered in Southern France in Islamophobic attack.— Jon Donnison (@JonDonnison) January 17, 2015


  2. Henry Wood says:

    Oh dear, the editors will now be crawling all over that published story now that you have shown them the error of their ways.
    Thank goodness for screenshots!


  3. John Anderson says:

    Donnison must know his views on Israel have been under a great deal of attack. Now he is away in OZ – why doesn’t he STFU and concemntrate on the job he is paid to do ? Normal BBC arrogance ?


    • Henry Wood says:

      As you say, BBC arrogance, plus he knows fine well he is reading from the BBC meme of the Middle East, and Israel in particular. He knows his Tweets, thoughts etc., will never, ever be challenged from within the organisation. This is what gives the likes of Donnison his self-wrapped cloak of invulnerability concerning his comments even though he now posts his very biased views from half a world away. Distance does not curtail anti-semitism.
      If only the fools in charge had examined the likes of Donnison (and others) with open eyes some many years ago, then perhaps they would not find themselves in the position they are today. Too late, and perhaps it is just as well. Their antics over the past few years have allowed many to watch the BBC through unblinkered eyes, and many are now shocked at what they see.


      • DP111 says:

        BBC meme -Two state solution good.

        France and all other Western states should consider that if a two state solution is good for Isreal, it will be good for France, the UK, Germany etc etc.

        For sure as anything, in the fullness of time, a two state solution in all European states will become necessary.

        Final outcome – some 25 odd European states, and one huge caliphate in the heart of Europe.

        Solution – one way or other, it must be shown to all, that multiculttism does not woprk, and is leading to a civil war – a catastrophe of unimaginable depravity. Best for everyone for Muslims to live in their own lands.

        The other way is that Muslims to abandon Islam for good.


    • Ralph says:

      I’m wondering why someone with a problem with accuracy wasn’t brought home for training or disciplinary action but given what I assume is one of the plum jobs at the BBC, sitting on a Sydney beach and rewriting all the bad things the SMH says about anyone right of Lenin.


  4. Angrymanupnorth says:

    I’ve read the BBC article. May I suggest that it contains pro-Palestine and anti-Israel bias?

    In the following paragraph, the article associates short quotations from the Israeli Prime Minister, (without context) to an ICC application timeline, representing Benjamin Netanyahu as an aggressor:

    “…After the Palestinians applied to join the ICC, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said they had chosen “a path of confrontation” and that Israel would “not sit idly by”…..”

    The article refers to two particularly horrific crimes. (a) The kidnap and murder of three boys, by murderous kidnappers, and (b) the kidnap and murder of one boy by murderous kidnappers. One of these crimes (crime b) is personalised, by providing the name of the victim, twice, within two paragraphs. The other crime (crime a) is not personalised in this way.

    The article fails to convey an accurate timeline to events, nor the realities of the political situation.

    1. It is known that missiles were being fired into Israel from Gazza, prior to any action from Israel. This is not made clear.
    2. It is known (prior to the ‘50 day’ conflict) that military incursions and tunnel infrastructure had been constructed by Hamas to facilitate violence against Israelis.

    The article fails to convey the condemnation of both crimes (a) and (b) by Benjamin Netanyahu, and that suspects have been detained and that the rule of law will be applied. Whilst crime (b) is vociferously condemned by Hamas, not so Crime (b) whose perpetrators are generally regarded as martyrs by Palestinians.

    The perpetrators of crime (a) are referred to as ‘Hamas militants’ (Derek Hatton?) , inferring political legitimacy, whilst the perpetrators of crime (b) are referred to as ‘Jewish Extremists’ inferring racial/religious based terrorism (not ‘Israeli youths’ for example). If I were a Jew living in Britain, for example, I suggest I might regard this as blatant anti-Semitism.

    The article does not represent an understanding of the reality of the situation. A democratic state with rule of law, with a neighbouring territory from which deadly missiles are launched and in which live people who openly call for and act towards the destruction of said democratic state and the killing of the majority race within its borders.

    And to boot, for those not too keen on government(s) in general, we get the classic bureaucrat:

    “…..In a statement, the ICC says: “A preliminary examination is not an investigation but a process of examining the information available in order to reach a fully informed determination on whether there is a reasonable basis to proceed with an investigation.”…….

    Or paraphrased: …a first look isn’t a look, but a process of looking at what there is to look at, so we can decide whether to look some more. …

    Which is about all any publicly funded euro-c$&t ever does for their tax payer funded lavish lifestyles. Naval gaze, and do f%*k all except spouting postmodernist bullshittery, at our expense, for us plebs to swallow, giving some BBC leftard an excuse , at our expense on some foreign jolly, to let Jews and Israelis know just how shite and sub-human the BBC think they are.

    Scrap the Telly Tax. Sell the BBC.


  5. dez says:


    “The BBC has betrayed the boy blunder down under….he has long campaigned for Hamas denying that they had anything to do with the murder of three Israeli teens.”

    Really? This is what Donnison tweeted last year:

    Israeli police MickeyRosenfeld tells me men who killed 3 Israeli teens def lone cell, hamas affiliated but not operating under leadership1/2
    — Jon Donnison (@JonDonnison) July 25, 2014

    Israeli police spokes Mickey Rosenfeld also said if kidnapping had been ordered by Hamas leadership, they’d have known about it in advance.
    — Jon Donnison (@JonDonnison) July 25, 2014

    Only in your own bizarre, little, imaginary world Alan, does quoting a “Chief Inspector of the Israel Police” become; “Campaigning for Hamas”.


  6. mo says:

    As usual Dez you have selected excerpts to suit your purpose. Look at the items mentioned by Alan and counter those.


  7. G'day Jon says:

    The Mail on Donnison’s islamophobic attacker

    The attacker, who has been charged with ‘murder, attempted murder and possession of drugs’, is reported to have been diagnosed with schizophrenia. He has been committed to a psychiatric hospital.


  8. richard D says:

    I read the title of this thread and thought “That’s a bit strong…but (and that’s just regurgitating the BBC ‘but’, which is usually followed up by the BBC’s ‘you can see why some people think……’)” .

    Then I thought about the title for a bit….


  9. deegee says:

    How far away does he have to go before will retrain himself from tweeting about things he has no possible hope of checking?


  10. George R says:

    Islamic ‘no-go areas’ in Brussels:-

    “Muslim No-Go Areas Are Now Tourist Attractions”


  11. George R says:

    “No No-Go Zones? Really?”

    By Robert Spencer.


    “In objecting to Fox’s coverage, the French government objected to claims that these areas were outside their control and subject to Sharia, but it is obvious that whatever control they do have over these areas is not enough to prevent the indoctrination of all too many young Muslims into the jihad ideology.

    “There needs to be a balanced, honest public discussion of these Muslim areas in Britain and France. The controversy over what has been said on Fox in recent weeks only obscures the need for that discussion.”


  12. George R says:

    “European ‘No-Go’ Zones: Fact or Fiction?

    Part 1: France.”

    by Soeren Kern.


  13. George R says:

    ‘Panorama’ (2007) ‘White Fright’ on growing segregation of Muslim and non-Muslim areas of Blackburn.


    Video ‘White Fright’ also available in three parts, Youtube.