Well, how do you think the BBC is dealing with Jihad in Paris? I was interviewed on the BBC yesterday and I did get to express my strong views. Anjem Choudary was also interviewed and I was not allowed to engage directly with that lowlife parasite. Maybe a good thing. I have also watched SKY news on this and they are serially dodgy too.

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  1. sb95108 says:

    Well just watched Le Journal-20H (TF1 France) and the BBC One 10 o’clock news back to back and to call the BBC news a media studies undergraduate student project would be an insult to most media studies depts.

    There were so many factual errors in the BBC reports, big and small, that I gave up counting. A 30 second scan of the liveblog of Le Figaro (the best one today) would have corrected almost all of them. So BBC News is lazy and stupid..

    In contrast J20 was almost statesman like. Which if you have watched much TF1 news is a bit of a first.

    TF1 seemed to notice something that the BBC missed. These guys in Paris today were trying to kill Jews. Lots of them. You know. Women and children. They shot a few of them at the beginning to prove they were serious so as to use them at hostage to free the two guy holed up north of Paris..

    So TF1 has interviews with Jews who are so afraid of rampant anti-antisemitism that they are thinking of emigrating. And the BBC News has….an interview with a bunch of very Islington friendly middle class French Muslims because the big story is…there might be a anti Muslim back lash…

    Its enough to make you want to vote FN..

    TF1 even had French muslims very angry at what had happened saying in the most emphatic terms, not in our name..

    Tonight the BBC TV News for the first time in my lifetime (and I remember the BBC Light Program) descended into the most pathetic form of self parody. Beyond even contempt.

    Do you remember the good old days when only 20% of the BBC news stories parroted the current Guardian bien pensant line. Now its over 90%..


  2. George R says:

    INBBC politically sanguine about this?:-

    “Charlie Hebdo jihad mentor’s wife lives on welfare in UK”


    “She moved to the UK from France in search of a more ‘Islamic environment.’ And what better place to find that than shattered, staggering, dhimmi Britain, where she lives comfortably on the taxpayer dole, aka jizya, even though her husband was actually banned from entering the country?

    “Absurd Britannia Update: ‘Charlie Hebdo terror mentor’s wife on benefits in Leicester, by Bill Gardner, the Telegraph'”



  3. George R says:

    “France’s far-right leader Le Pen sees consequences from Charlie Hebdo peace march ban”



  4. Llareggub says:

    The left parties in the UK -Socialist Worker et al, and UAF – follow the BBC led line that the killings were wrong BUT we have to stand firm against a backlash from the far right. Kate Hudson, Secretary of CND and of Left Unity (Kenneth Loach’s loathsome bunch) trots out the same Trotskyist message. Well done BBC, your people are crawling from under their stones.



  5. TrueToo says:

    There was an historical moment on The Newsroom on the World Service on Wednesday afternoon when Douglas Murray was allowed freedom of speech for a full 2 minutes to express his opinion on the terrorists who tried to destroy freedom of speech with their murderous attack on Charlie Hebdo journalists. After giving some background to previous attacks, Murray had the following to say on the issue, and, remarkably, was not interrupted once by the BBC host:

    I think if I may say so, one of the most important things this time is there will be a lot of reaction from people saying things like, We must defend freedom of expression, we must stand for freedom of expression, but it really it’s all empty if I can say so because we have been going through this for many years now and since 2005 at the very least when the Danish paper …. published some cartoons which depicted Islam’s founder Mohammed, all the western press, all of them failed to stand alongside …. none of them republished the cartoons except for Charlie Hebdo. And now when everyone says we must stand with Charlie Hebdo, in solidarity with Charlie Hebdo, they can’t really mean it because you and I know the BBC won’t dare to show any of these cartoons [my emphasis] no other major journal or newspaper or magazine in Britain or across Europe will dare to show these cartoons. We say again and again that we stand for freedom of expression when we don’t really and we say again and again that we mustn’t allow the terrorists to win and they do, again and again the terrorists routinely succeed and have succeeded again in shutting down a whole area of discussion, a whole area of debate and journalists and others and all sorts of people who like to think they are in favour of freedom of speech in fact again and again cede the territory to the terrorists. I think it’s shaming.


    (From 19:19 minutes in. 4 days left to listen.)


  6. TrueToo says:

    What was done on Wednesday morning was an attempt to impose Islamic blasphemy law on France.

    That was Douglas Murray again on World Have Your Say and he was given a reasonable amount of time to debate an apologist for Islam on the programme:


    I can only think that it’s a tactical move on the part of the BBC – to pay lip service to freedom of speech in the light of the murderous attack on that freedom by Islamic terrorists.

    I have no doubt that the BBC will soon lapse back into its habitual dhimmitude.

    Several years ago, when the BBC was in the early stages of conducting its timid experiment in letting people have their say on World Have Your Say and Have Your Say, there was a huge public reaction to a major terror attack, I forget which. One of the first comments, and the most popular one, was short and to the point:

    The Religion of Peace strikes again

    Peter Horrocks, senior BBC hack, was horrified by both the comment and the recommendations that poured in for that comment and saw to it that public participation in the BBC’s output would be reduced to a shadow of its inadequate self.

    These days there is no way to comment on WHYS, at least not on the BBC ‘News’ Website, and commenting on HYS has been stripped of most of its functionality.

    I believe it was Horrocks who justified this action back then by saying, “The BBC is not looking to host a community,” in other words, it would disturb the BBC’s delicate sensibilities to learn that vast numbers of people don’t appreciate BBC propaganda.


  7. Guest Who says:

    Don’t know if this has been shared, and to an extent OT, but it does go to what must be raging within editorial departments still, if this is an accurate reflection of variable staff feelings across global networks…


    Lucky tight controls exist to ensure those of other broadcasters seldom see the light of day. Generous pension plans, for instance.

    In the comments some are going for the ‘asking for it’ route that seems to have been disconnected from default liberal outrage in this instance. Not sure it’s going well even with colleagues.


    • TrueToo says:

      Well, you’ve probably heard this old joke:

      It was the more moderate BBC journos who went to work for al Jazeera.

      Many a true word is said in jest.


  8. Dave says:

    Just seen Guest Who’s post: mine was the same link…


  9. Mikey the Innocent says:

    Anyone catch Newsnight last night? I started watching but the sight of Kirsty Wark pleasuring 3 hejabbed women as they justified islamist mass murder was more than the stomach could take.

    You know we are obliged by law to pay for these treacherous, hypocritical, dhimmi c***s?

    And more than 100000 people are criminalised every year for failing to pay? The biggest single cause of criminality, especially directed at the poor.

    Why do we stand for it? It really beggars belief.


  10. Mrs Kitty says:

    I’m making this comment on as many websites as I can. Daily Mail won’t let me log in ??????? Until the MSM SHOW THE CARTOONS THE ISLAMIST THUGS IN PARIS WILL HAVE WON. As it is we see the same platitudes rolled out by the same faces, not one of them has organised a March or spoken for freedom of speech but only whimpered or moaned about the “Muslim Backlash to come” .


  11. roland says:

    when the uaf say dont let the racists and fascists divide us on there website,do they mean the racists and fascists of the islamic faith ?


    • Llareggub says:

      Post that question on their facebook page and within a short time it will be removed with the heading ‘Racist goon removed’. That is fascism for you.


  12. George R says:

    INBBC could assist opposition to Islamic jihadists by recognising this:-

    “How Israel can, and must, help with the operational response to jihad in France”



  13. George R says:

    Another reason for pro-Islam Beeboids to be politically opposed to Murdoch:-

    “Anger as Rupert Murdoch says ALL Muslims should be held responsible for terror attacks
    in France.
    “Controversial media mogul took to Twitter after Paris terror attacks.
    “Claims even peaceful Muslims must take responsibility for ‘jihadist cancer.’
    “His words sparked a storm on the social network who expressed disgust.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2904914/Anger-Rupert-Murdoch-says-Muslims-held-responsible-terror-attacks-France.html#ixzz3OSes0Z4Q


  14. George R says:

    For INBBC, re- ‘Charlie’ demos in France this weekend-

    “I am Charlie (Martel, that is)”