Well, how do you think the BBC is dealing with Jihad in Paris? I was interviewed on the BBC yesterday and I did get to express my strong views. Anjem Choudary was also interviewed and I was not allowed to engage directly with that lowlife parasite. Maybe a good thing. I have also watched SKY news on this and they are serially dodgy too.

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  1. Guest Who says:

    ‘…how do you think the BBC is dealing with Jihad in Paris?’

    As if it were a different place, and even time?

    When I saw them asking if such attacks could happen here this morning, I figured either their history is pretty limited or they really are in a terminal state of denial.


  2. Simon says:

    they interviewed Choudary? Really?

    The funny thing is they probably see you both as extremes on either side so feel they have been “impartial”….normal service in the barmy BBC


    • noggin says:

      ” I was interviewed on the BBC yesterday and I did get to express my strong views. ”

      link, David?


    • DP111 says:

      I respect Anjerm Chsudary as he tells the yruth, unmlie the Taqqiaya nerchants.


  3. Brian Mac says:

    I am only watching fox news coverage on this situation.,at least you can get the truth about what is really going on.I


    • TPO says:

      I watched Fox too, being in North America, and noticed that they relied on Sky for the on-the-spot information, however the studio information was straightforward and to the point.
      As devil’s advocate, one of the studio anchors introduced the lefty argument that it’s because these muslims feel economically discriminated against. This was very firmly put down.
      Canadian CTV uses ITN for stuff like this.


  4. Harry says:

    It’s always hard to judge coverage on 24 hour news channels because of how awful they all are. It’s endless repetition and speculation. Both sky and BBC seem to prefer not to use the dreaded ‘Islamic’ word where possible, but where the BBC has dared to talk about Islam it’s made sure to include stories about a possible/theoretical backlash against the community. That’s the mindset of many of their journos and it won’t change.


  5. Roland Deschain says:

    It’s tying itself in knots trying to avoid the facts.

    Last night, David Dimbleby on QT said (H/T Breitbart):
    “I wouldn’t be doing my duty if I didn’t read this out from BBC editorial guidelines. The prophet Mohammed must not be represented in any shape or form.”

    Yet earlier in the day, when Dan Hodges mention this on PM, Eddie Mair was told to deny these guidelines exist. (Here at 51:10)


    • Roland Deschain says:

      I see Guido has got this out of the BBC:
      This guidance is old, out of date and does not reflect the BBC’s long-standing position that programme makers have freedom to exercise their editorial judgement with the Editorial Policy team available to provide advice around sensitive issues on a case by case basis. The guidance is currently being revised.

      Blimey, if it’s been a long-standing position how old must that guidance be then?

      What was that I said about tying themselves in knots?


      • Jagman84 says:

        Maybe Dimbleby feels safe in his job but doesn’t want to get the ‘bullet’? I have no time for him but a sense of self-preservation is perfectly understandable. The Left are finally awakening to what they have unleashed (and unable to control) on the Western world.


        • Dysgwr_Cymraeg says:

          No Jagman, at the moment they may be aware they have unleasehd it upon you and I, but will be in a mental denial that it could affect themselves.


      • Arthur Penney says:

        Note the word ‘revised’ – doesn’t mean ‘changed’.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘It’s tying itself in knots trying to avoid the facts

      I noted a poster (yesterday I think, sorry no namecheck) who pointed out the vast nature of the BBC news and current affairs departments are less to do with investigation and transparency and more to do with managing the narrative (with obfuscation, editorial omission or simple censorship).

      And mostly, with most of the public, in this it has succeeded.

      Now it is unravelling quicker than a vacuum cleaner spring dropped on the floor, and the very size of the BBC, combined with its rigid, top-down central command and control structures, can’t cope and making what is bad a lot worse.

      Left hand, left hand is probably more prone to FUBAR than Left hand and right.

      Have fun, Aunty; you deserve all you have conjured.


    • scribblingscribe says:

      Thank you for the link.

      Eddie Mair said his producer had said the image is being used today.
      Anyone know where the image of the prophet is being used on BBC?


  6. George R says:

    -Expect Islam Not BBC (INBBC) to make light of this, so as not to offend its Islamic buddies, and not to recognise the obvious international nature of Islamic jihadist murderers-

    “Paris suspect linked to Finsbury Park mosque”



  7. George R says:

    Expect anti-Front National political line from BBC-NUJ on this, in the spirit of denial of freedom of expression to French people, while being subservient to Islam-

    “France’s Le Pen sees consequences from Charlie Hebdo peace march ban”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/wires/reuters/article-2903509/Frances-Le-Pen-sees-consequences-Charlie-Hebdo-peace-march-ban.html#ixzz3OL8CllyZ

    No lessons learnt.


  8. Tommy atkins says:

    Fair and balanced?
    They missed the f’ing end!
    Sky had full coverage of the end, whilst our broadcaster of record had the weather and trailers for other bbc pap whilst no doubt the journos were being briefed about how to handle this embarrassment as mentioned above


    • TigerOC says:

      No, anyone of any relevance was in the (mini) Mosque praying for the newly departed. 🙂 The promo was auto-pilot


  9. Deborah says:

    Just been on the BBC web site and like the Daily Mail the grocery where hostages have been taken refers to it as a ‘kosher’ shop the Daily Mail has inverted commas round ‘kosher’ for some reason. Why not use the word ‘jewish’? Are muslim establishments defined as ‘halal’ shops? I am not sure where the BBC and the DM are going with this one but I don’t think I like it.

    The JC (Jewish Chronicle) is telling me that two people have not been murdered at the shop in their update but nothing on the BBC (are they behind the loop or is it likely that the beeboids think the two dead are Jewish and therefore unimportant?). In otherwords a £3 billion organisation cannot give us the information that the little JC could bring.

    It may of course be wrong and people have died but I hope the JC is correct.


  10. Edited Highlights says:

    BBC speak….

    Do say:

    “Left 12 people dead”
    “Were killed”
    “Are dead”
    “Police say 2 people are dead”
    “12 people died”


    “Moment of drama”

    “What do we know?”
    “Who’s behind these attacks?”
    “What is happening?”
    “What did the authorities know?”

    Don’t say:

    Murder, muslim, terrorism


  11. George R says:

    INBBC reporter, illustrating Islamic mindset, said ( Radio 5, about 4:10 pm UK time) at site of stand-off outside Paris, as a first comment on international reaction- quoted Islamic jihadist outfit Hezbollah of Lebanon, as having made ‘a useful statement’ !!!


  12. Tommy atkins says:

    Now bbc24 are missing the end to the Paris seige.

    How shat are they.


  13. stuart says:

    but we have a big problem here with the bbc and the rest of the liberal media,they wont adresss the driving force that drives these terrorists to do what they do and that is the koran and the hadith,when those islamic jihadis went and there rampage of murder in france they was not shouting god save the french republic they was screaming allhu hu akbar and we have avenged the prophet,these islamic terrorists whether they be in the uk,paris or isis have made it clear they they murder and kill all in the name of islam and to defend the prophet mohammed,now we often hear the word trouped out called islamaphobia.that word means the fear of islam, i accuse the bbc and the rest of the pc media of islamaphobia because they are terrified and scared of islam.


  14. George R says:

    For Beeboids-or is it too late?-

    “Don’t Blame the Charlie Hebdo Mass Murder on ‘Extremism’”

    Read more: Family Security Matters http://www.familysecuritymatters.org/publications/detail/dont-blame-the-charlie-hebdo-mass-murder-on-extremism?f=must_reads#ixzz3OLHWbwlM
    Under Creative Commons License: Attribution


  15. Daves shoe says:

    Check this out, a statement by the Neo-Marxist lunatic Socialist Workers Party
    Wondered what Diane Abbott had to say about the french killings….

    No..nothing to see here….so moved along to Ken Livingstone…

    No…not a word there either………
    imagine what the BBC would be saying if it had been Le Penn and here assistants who had been shot……….
    …..well lets be honest they incited enough violence against the B…N…P
    Too be honest I never read the BBC, have they mentioned the military style behaviour of the attackers…armed to the teeth with sophisticated weapons…..??? Clearly trained…..
    Or are they still “mentally ill loner” who were let down by society?


    • Llareggub says:

      Of interest is the similarity between the nonsense of the SWP on the Paris massacre and the statement from the UAF which, of course is run by an alliance of moslems and SWP Trots who, by te way support violent Marxist revolution and overthrow of bourgeois society. Well done Cameron – your shock troops are uniting.



      • Chop says:

        Those articles from the SWP & UAF just made me sick to my stomach…I couldn’t even finish reading the UAF one.

        Disgusting points scoring.


    • Dave666 says:

      From that socalist worker link “Racists and right wingers are trying to use Wednesday’s horrific killings in Paris to divide working people, justify imperialist intervention and whip up Islamophobia.”. So they are more worried that the “so called” “right wing will “use this to their advantage”, than the poor innocent people murdered and the effect on their family and friends. Left wing scum trying to twist a tragedy to their own discredited and unwanted political ends. I would think the “right wing” will use this to illustrate what some on the “so called” right wing have been saying was going to happen for some considerable time.


      • pah says:

        Coming from a bunch of violent thugs led by rapists the SWP have a bit of a cheek don’t they? Still as no one is listening it doesn’t really matter …


    • johnnythefish says:

      Socialist Worker says: ‘The media present Charlie Hebdo as simply a “satirical magazine”. But it is not the French equivalent of Private Eye as some commentators have suggested.’

      Would that be the Private Eye run by BBC poodle Ian Hislop?


    • johnnythefish says:

      And again from Socialist Worker:

      ‘Racists and right wingers are trying to use Wednesday’s horrific killings in Paris to divide working people, justify imperialist intervention and whip up Islamophobia.

      Almost everyone will recognise that the attacks are wrong and completely unacceptable. We must not let them be exploited to generate racism, justify more wars, or to give a boost to the far right.

      The attacks came as Islamophobes, racists and fascists are on the offensive across Europe.

      In France the Nazi National Front seeks to win power on the basis of racist and Islamophobic scapegoating. In Germany the Pegida movement has taken to the streets in large numbers against Muslims and immigrants.

      And in Britain politicians—and Ukip in particular—seek to profit from racism.’

      So the views of a hard left publication are not a million miles from the narrative-by-proxy (Thought for the Day etc.) being pushed by the BBC.

      Coincidence or magic? You decide.

      (Thanks for the link, DS)


    • Ian Rushlow says:

      People might want to read “The Prophet and the Proletariat”, the seminal work on how the Far Left should work with Islamists to bring about revolution. It was written by the late Chris Harman, who was theorist of the SWP and who studied under Ralph Miliband at the LSE (yes, Ed Miliband’s dad). Published in 1994, it was quickly backed up by a report from the Joseph Rowntree lot, who brought the made-up term Islamophobia to a wider audience. The findings of their report were adopted by the Labour Party within a couple of years and shortly thereafter were Conservative policy, too. Whilst Harman – unrelated to Harriet Harman, by the way – writes in the turgid style of a humourless Marxist who grew up in the 1960s, it is a classic study of how Hard Left ideas make the transition into mainstream (sic) politics and the BBC.


  16. richard D says:

    Lone wolves now hunting in packs, eh ? Whodathunk ?

    Clue – certainly not the BBC.


  17. boiling over says:

    I wonder how much the bbc will have spent on reporting these murders in france. First class travel, 5 star hotels and I expext the best of french cuisine. All at our expense for a biased unbalanced view of three sick cowardly murderers that have bought a county to its knees. What must this say to anymore would be nut jobs, come on bbc get the BLAIR creature out to tell us all how well his wars are protecting our countries


  18. George R says:

    Beeboid Mark URBAN should be investigating this.
    Or is he still moaning about Guantanamo?

    “Investigators explore ties to al Qaeda in Arabian Peninsula in Charlie Hebdo attack”

    Read more: http://www.longwarjournal.org/archives/2015/01/investigators_explor.php#ixzz3OLLLcbmd


    • George R says:


      -to Islam Not BBC (INBBC), and to Chakrabarti’s ironically named ‘Liberty’

      – it’s the ‘crime of the century.’


  19. Barlicker says:

    Je suis très pissed off by the West’s grovelling appeasement of islam, and I hope that these predictable and typically violent, intolerant and anti-Semitic, terrorist atrocities in France will result in a change of attitude on the part of Europe’s spineless, hypocritical political elites. Much more likely, though, is that they will call for even tougher laws to ‘protect’ muslims from anything and everything they may choose to find offensive.


  20. Guest Who says:

    As it appears some kind of watershed may, for now, with luck, have been achieved, guessing it may be worth preparing for the weekend ‘analysis’ orgy.

    Pondered a bit myself, and am currently thinking that instead of a few trillion blown on Obama’s latest XBox toys to blow some poor innocent goat herder away and create a new generation of low-level cannon fodder bent on revenge, it may be better to go back to a lower-cost investment in finding the backers and money men and strategists funding and deploying these kids from their Qatari penthouses and seeing them drop off the books, along with the odd balcony a bit more often.

    Or… stick with feeding the very profitable military-industrial complex, which does need regular local outrages in the West to keep the assembly lines busy with orders.

    It’s possible if the terror gets a bit closer to their homes things this side of the cultural divide may ease up a bit?

    Then more money can be reinvested at home too, though maybe community cohesion may not be the highest priority any more over actually nabbing folk who so hate being here they go away to train to come back and spoil it for the rest.

    The BBC in all this can… go fish.


  21. richard D says:

    Likely BBC high-level editorial conference response to the eventual deaths of the three Muslims, sorry, Musketeers…..

    “OK – Allahu Akbar – let’s move on now to whitewashing Islam for this event – who’s got anything to do with ‘Western Foreign Policies’, ‘deprived childhoods’, ‘French Islaomphobia’, ‘World Islamophobia’, ‘disenfranchisement of young Muslims’….. whatever, to get us started ?

    Or can we just ignore it and headline on the death, elevation, Bafta Award nomination, or just some interview with, a former – or even better – current, BBC employee…. ?

    Come on, guys, you know the drill, we’ve done this so often before…..”


  22. Sinniberg says:

    Although I have found SKY better and more up to date than the BBC they are as bad as each other.

    Tonight the French have shown a bit of metal and ended the seiges.

    The Muslim Terrorists are dead but sadly initial reports are that some of the hostages have also been killed.

    My problem, as I watch SKY, is that they are focusing 100% on the dead hostages and basically calling the actions of the Police/Special Forces a disaster rather than giving a balanced report and that the terrorist scum are dead.

    Once again, the MSM are ignoring the root cause of this tradgedy(Islam) and are twisting the story towards blaming the Police for their actions.

    I despair…….


  23. Tommy atkins says:

    Why are sky running coverage with photos of the now dead scumbags?
    Like heroes FFS


  24. Joey says:

    BBC promotes its own political propaganda.


  25. #88 says:

    The underlining narrative that has emerged now that the BBC handwringers have figured out the best way to play this, is that ‘France had it coming’.

    You see, according to their finest, the BBC smugly declares that the nasty Froggies, didn’t go down the Muliticultural road so favoured by those in the UK who wanted to rub the right’s noses in it. Two night’s running now, La Maitlis has evidenced this by referring to France’s ‘MUSCULAR’ (she seems to like that word) approach to Islam and the veil – something that must have been established as the BBC editorial position – given the same language and sentiments used yesterday evening on 5 Live.

    The cult of multiculturalism is dead, thank God; a failed notion that allowed parallel societies to emerge and to live separate lives, allowing minorities to draw red lines that the rest of us were required to conform to, while at the same time our own culture and values were derided and good people silenced.

    Actually, it would be more accurate to say that the cult of multi-culturalism is dead, except in the minds of the hard left who still want to create a nation divided and diminished, all facilitated by their agents of change in the BBC.

    The past few days has shown us that the BBC’s mission to change the face of Britain, to one more of its liking, continues.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘La Maitlis has evidenced this by referring to France’s ‘MUSCULAR’ (she seems to like that word) approach to Islam and the veil – something that must have been established as the BBC editorial position’

      So up through the Aunty hierarchy of delusion, according to her, Katz, Cohen and, one presumes the ever hands-free Lord Pantone and Rona, the solution to national harmony is keep paying the Danegeld and nothing bad will happen? Um… again… for a while…

      I must see the version of history they have on Ceebies there where that worked out.


  26. George R says:

    Update for INBBC-

    “‘At least four hostages dead’ in Paris siege as French commandos storm kosher grocery store and kill gunman who was holding ‘woman and children.’
    “Up to six people were taken hostage at a kosher grocery in eastern Paris by a heavily armed gunman.
    “The suspected hostage taker named as Amedy Coulibaly, who is accused of killing a policewoman yesterday.
    “Series of explosions rocked the building as armed police launched their raid, in the suburb Port de Vincennes.
    “Four of those taken hostage are reported to have been killed, while others pictured fleeing from the building.
    “Authorities say he screamed ‘you know who I am’ when he stormed the kosher bakery with an assault rifle.
    “It comes two days after Cherif and Said Kouachi massacred 12 people at the satirical magazine offices in Paris.
    “The two brothers’ hostage situation further north today ended in similarly dramatic fashion.
    “Coulibaly had threatened to kill his hostages should police attempt to storm the brothers, it was claimed.”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2903380/Another-gunman-takes-hostage-kosher-grocery-Paris-police-fear-gunman-shot-dead-policewoman-yesterday.html#ixzz3OLVIRacO


  27. jeffd says:

    5.15 bbc news ‘fears of muslim backlash’ ……’nothing to do with islam’…..’peaceful religion’ absolute f******* crap !!!


  28. Tommy atkins says:

    One bbc journo was discussing the fact that Marie le pen was not invited to the remembrance March on Sunday.
    “Le penn” she told us “was seen by many to be part of the problem”
    what? she was lampooned by Charlie hebdo more often than anyone else. Yet I didn’t see any of her henchmen blowing holes in cartoonists, but hey what the f do I know.


    • Llareggub says:

      Tommy atkins. Bang on the nail. Marine le Pen had more insults from Charlie Hebdo than the alleged founder of Islam. So why did she not order mass murder? Figure it out folks. I bet she found these pictures both sexist and offensive, but so what. 1979714_824858000893873_5802387747363921992_n.jpg?oh=985844272bcb254f408b0525bef338ee&oe=55354D6F&__gda__=1429678254_fef7febb60f15235c12ef1b69861169c


  29. jez says:

    the socalist workers scum party in there statement have confirmed how odious and vile they are by siding with radical islam and jihadist violence against the west.


  30. Tommy atkins says:

    The agenda is being moved away from Islam on Sky, and this will be the agenda for the weekend:
    “It was the French police’s fault”


    • London Calling says:

      Its already started – Sky is as vile as the BBC. Questions about why there was a delay between the two assaults, main story dead hostages (not how many saved) next up, were hostages victims of trigger happy gendarmes. Meanwhile Kay Burley Umms and errs and aaa, err, umm.. from Paris.


  31. TPO says:

    News just in – The BBC contingent in Paris outnumbers the French police and special forces. At the conclusion of the Paris incidents, BBC staff will be allowed to run riot with their BBC credit cards, courtesy of those who are compelled to fund their lavish lifestyle via the TV tax.


    • pah says:

      Yes. Just exactly why was Huw Edwards in Paris and why by L’Arc de Triomphe? He had bugger all to say that wasn’t already covered by other ‘journalists’ closer to the action.

      Perhaps there was a nice restaurant nearby?


      • Dave666 says:

        Pah. In the Dave 666 household we were also wondering that as well. We did suspect he had been brushing up on his French accent, possibly by watching Allo Allo


  32. George R says:

    When will political ‘left’ (inc INBBC) and Islamic interests start their inquest as to whether the alleged murderers in Paris should have been taken alive and given a fair trial?


    • Arthur Penney says:

      And on their release allowed to stay in France because of their ‘uman rights’.


      • Llareggub says:

        And defend by the expensive human rights lawyer, Cherie Blair


        • pah says:


          Now that would be a marriage made in hell though I doubt they’d see the irony in being defended by a woman and that woman to boot!


    • George R says:

      Islamic jihadists globally are at war against we Kafirs.

      And we need to recognise this enemy, oppose this enemy, and defend ourselves, despite INBBC’s appeasing example.

      If captured Islamic jihadist murderers are not killed in action, then there would be reprisal jihad beheading to get those killers released.


    • DownBoy says:

      In one sense it is a shame they couldn’t have been taken alive. We may have seen the overdue return of the tumbrils rolling up to Madame la Guillotine.
      Except we wouldn’t, because the EU have banned the death penalty in all circumstances.


  33. George R says:


    BBC-NUJ is reluctant to report-

    “As France wakes up to Islamic threat, ‘far right’ Le Pen surges”

    Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2015/01/as_france_wakes_up_to_islamic_threat_far_right_le_pen_surges.html#ixzz3OLgB6Cca


  34. TPO says:

    Steve Erlanger, London Bureau Chief of The New York Times (The US version of the gruniard) being interviewed on Fox News when he started to waffle about muslims. When pulled up replied, “Well you asked me on”. Basically given the big F Off by Fox and shut down.
    If only the BBC employed people such as the Fox guy.
    As an afterthought, it wouldn’t surprise me if Erlanger was a regular on Eslaaarrr’s loony left love in, Dateline London.


  35. Alex says:

    The BIBC (British Islamic Broadcasting Corporation) , as usual, is more concerned about how Islam is perceived than the victims or their families. All day yesterday, they had lefty intellectual after lefty intellectual alongside ‘community leaders and moderates’ telling us that Muslims are alienated and so turn into machine gun-wielding Jihadi maniacs. What they choose to leave out of their discussions, however, is the clear trend that seems to be emerging wherever Islam rears its head: violent intolerance. Expect more of the same: both Islamic terror and BBC bum-licking.


  36. Dave666 says:

    Wall to wall Kitman onBBc including local misinformation broadcasts from North West. Nothing to do with us Guv – continues.


  37. Alex says:

    Good article… the Daily Mail and the Express are the only mainstream papers I know of who have the guts to tell it how it is, alongside our Nigel.



  38. chrisH says:

    Channel 4 follow the truffles, much as the Newsnight did last night as they traipse round France asking the “Muslim Community” what THEY think of what happened in Paris.
    As if anybody but the liberal gives a flying f*** about what the perps hosts “think” about anything…that`s what the Koran and Islam are for…to prevent any thinking.
    I don`t recall the Provos or the pan bashing community in South Armagh being ceaselessly sought for THEIR views about the latest pub bombing, kneecapping or tarring and feathering.
    We simply turned the camera off and sorted it.
    Yes-with serious errors we mustn`t allow to happen again…but the BBC weren`t the total Semtex Sympaticos then that they are now when it comes to Islam.
    The IRA would now own both nations of ours, had the elite complied with BBC directions then as they do nowadays.
    Time to offer the BBC to ISIS in return for time to build a spine and brain for this sadsap nation we happen to see being ritually disembowelled every day, by the “Liberal Progressives”


  39. chrisH says:

    Jon Snow berated Geert Wilders for creating conditions that the Jews of WW2 suffered, what with his anti-Islamic talk( 8/1/15).
    How dare he?
    We know that Islam is every bit as intent on finishing the Jews off as was Hitler…and as Wilders is a true friend of Israel in flagging up what Islam is doing to Europe,so Snow is the worst kind of snivelling kapo..gay socks, a bright tie and a cycle to a Central London evensong, as the Jews get loaded onto recycling trucks under the smiling gaze of a Galloway, a Tonge or a Warsi.
    How dare Snow use six million dead Jews to sandbag and to line his pockets, his lazy brain and to provide cover for his own anti-Jew contempt and sentiments…albeit disguised by a fragrant costly aftershave and a metrosexual situationist sheen as sprayed on the twat in Red Lion Square.
    Wonder if we`ll ever get a live, unedited interview with a Wilders a Murray or an Ayaan Ali?…I sense the liberal media always cut and paste to help Islam, to assuage the liberal tards in their hammocks.
    Fact-Jews make up 40% of the victims of racist and anti-Semitic attacks…all done by Muslims…and Jews in France only make up 1% of the population there.
    So Snow can go to hell…and in my darker outrages at that arch-hypocrite and double tongued millionaire, I don`t mind how he`s dispatched there…or even when he gets the processing he deserves for his serial use of dead Jews to cover for Islamist evil intentions.


    • Biffer says:

      Snow deserves Hell for his choice of neck-ware alone.


    • D1004 says:

      On form tonight, Chris, well done, like the reference to the pan bashers and the idea of the Kapo’s does plant images in the brain that I think will be hard to remove next time I watch Snow and co.


  40. Biffer says:


    Well, the BBC may be bad, but Channel 4 are absolutely outrageous in their copious apologia and overall dhimmitude.

    The major worry for C4 News is that this might offer some electoral advantage to the ‘far-right’ – i.e. Front National.

    That’s absolutely the worst outcome from this outrage as far as they are concerned.

    The BBC (wretched though they are) have been models of impartiality and objectiveness compared to Jon Snow and his crew.


  41. London Calling says:

    BBC’s Dominic Casciani signs off his “Paris. Could it happen here?” analysis with a pop at Farage:

    “While the Paris attack was very obviously carried out by jihadists inspired by the al-Qaeda ideology, Home Secretary Theresa May has been very careful today to emphasise that everyone in society should be working together to eradicate extremism “wherever it exists”. She and others have rejected UKIP leader Nigel Farage’s claim that Paris raised questions about a “gross policy of multiculturalism””

    I think and perhaps others might think it does, Dominic. Never miss an opportunity to dish the “right” who have done nothing wrong, equating them somehow with mass-murdering Jihadists. Same line as Israel and Palestine: “Hey, you two, stop fighting” (Israel stop defending yourself from attack) – the BBC specialty of moral equivalence and “false balance”


  42. chrisH says:

    Is that Cherie Blair , Vera Baird I see at the head of the witches coven that is heading for Paris, Brussels and Strasbourg , to see if Matrix, PIL or Day can coin it in over the “alleged deaths” of “so-called Jews and policemen, comedians and cartoonists” as Islam set about its Camping Tour of Picardy and Paris for 2015.
    If there`s no compo going back to Yemen and to Saudi once the EU have picked over the bones of the Chuckle Brothers(RIP,ROP!)..and Cherie, Vera and Gareth etc have trousered their rials…i`ll be surprised.
    1. The failure of the French cops to “prevent” all this kind of thing.
    2.The delay in bringing Bin Ladens fan club to court and to compo.
    3. The potential risk of smokey bacon crisps being eaten near any mosque for the nest ten years-which incites all such incidents.
    4. Oh-and any other crap-oh and UKIP.
    Sharia Blair….welcome to the evil hybrids that a land without God meets an ideoligy that worships a pivoted version of the Judeo-Christian one.


    • jimbob says:

      let’s not forget that Cherie Booth QC, was in the pay of Hizb-ut-Tahrir extremists when she took on the Luton school case. ( Begum v Denbigh School)

      a so called left winger fighting for Hizb-ut-Tahrir stooges for the right to make a girl wear a jilbab.

      fxxxing madness !


  43. George R says:

    In contrast, Robert SPENCER of ‘Jihadwatch’ on ‘Fox News’ –

    “Video: Robert Spencer on Hannity on Sharia No-Go Zones in France
    and the Charlie Hebdo jihadists.”



  44. Biffer says:

    Oh God! C4 News have the ghastly Martin Rowson and Will Self on now saying “free speech is grand, BUT there are limits etc, etc.”.

    We have achieved ‘Maximum BBC/Guardian Nirvana’.

    Is there a biasedchannel4.org site? Bloody should be.


    • Brian Mac says:

      Actually, maybe David should consider opening a separate thread for people to report their experiences of left wing bias on the tv as a whole. Ch4 , itv , and sky news. And also mainstream shows.


  45. Sinniberg says:

    It’s now being reported that the poor hostages in the shop were killed before the Police Forces intervened.

    In other words, the BBC/MSM won’t be able to blame the Police or say the Police Operations were a failure.

    That’ll be a(nother) spoke in their wheels with this one……


    • jimbob says:

      frank gardner will be pissed off. he loves to blame the security forces for deaths, instead of the jihadi murderers.


    • D1004 says:

      Surely the fact that they were killed was known before the storming ? Sky in the middle of the afternoon was quoting Israeli TV reporting the mother of a hostage who was phoned by her daughter from the shop saying there were 4/5 dead lying alongside her ? Did that point suddenly disappear ? They are certainly saying it now at 11pm


  46. jimbob says:

    And what of Hamas, darlings of the BBC ? Presumably they have released a press statement that the attacks in paris “are nothing to do with islam”.

    well… errr…no. not quite.

    The Islamists the bcc lefties can approve of because they only fire “home made rockets” at jews are very excited by the news from paris.

    their pictures have been published and they are called “the heroes of France’s invasion.” by the gallant smart bombs magnets of Hamas’ media centre.



  47. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC is still calling them ‘two hostage sites’ http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-30752239) and is telling us that the nice men at Dammartin-en-Goele hadn’t harmed their hostage, while four of the hostages in the kosher supermarket had been killed.
    Meanwhile, Sky reports that the man in the printing works had been hiding in the upper floor of the building (and telephoning the police with details of the building layout) and the terrorists hadn’t known that he was there, so he wasn’t a hostage. And the four people in the shop had been killed when the Muslim went in there, so they hadn’t had time to be taken hostage at all.


  48. bogtrott says:

    And even now after all of this the EU wont allow countries to stop people coming into their countries as its there human right to come ,lie low and rape and kill us…
    Surge in the UK for UKIP.and Le Pen in France.I think..
    Le Pen is mightier than the sword…


  49. Vector Curl says:

    (Apologies for this repeat post, but I think it is more relevant in this thread).

    In the light of the Islamist attacks in Paris, Fox News (much derided by leftist/liberal bien pensants) has an interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali, an apostate from Islam who actually knows what she is talking about. Meanwhile, the BBC calls up some white, liberal Australian who is a “professor of Islam in the modern world”; he informs us that the French Islamists represent “the fringe of the fringe” in the Islamic world. One just has to shake one’s head in despair.

    In addition, the BBC also interviews that annoying Algerian-French journalist who often appears on BBC’s Dateline London (can’t recall her name). First she goes through the obligatory and perfunctory denunciation of the killings, but then tells us that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons were deeply offensive to Muslims. She then talks about Charlie Hebdo’s “double standards”, and appears to suggest that the magazine was particularly unfair to Muslims. This, of course, is a downright lie. At the end, she mentions something along the lines that there needs to be a debate in France on the freedom of speech. I understand her to mean that certain things cannot be said with regard to Islam. In other words, she has the same point of view as the terrorists.


    • Guest Who says:

      “Germany calling. Germany calling; this… is bbc.

      Welcome to Dateline London.

      He can’t be with us today, for obvious reasons, but on the line from Berlin we have a local editor to explain just what it was that provoked those indiscriminate V-weapon attacks.

      So, tell us Joseph…”


  50. Vector Curl says:

    There was an interview this morning on BBC World with that annoying Algerian-French journalist (I can’t recall her name) who often appears on Dateline London.

    First of all she goes through the obligatory and perfunctory denunciation of the killings, but then tells us that the Charlie Hebdo cartoons were deeply offensive to Muslims. She then talks about Charlie Hebdo’s supposed “double standards” with regard to freedom of speech, and appears to suggest that the magazine was particularly unfair to Muslims. This is, of course, a downright lie.

    At the end, she says something along the lines that there needs to be a debate in France on the freedom of speech. I understand her to mean that there must be limits with regard to mocking Islam and Mohammad. In other words, she has exactly the same point of view as the terrorists.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Particular unfairness’ is, beyond its accuracy or not, a relative term of ‘little bit pregnant’ value.

      No matter how unfair in word or drawings some may be, it still does not excuse slaughtering people becuase they are not liked. With a few kosher supermarket innocents thrown in for bad measure.

      Yet more moral equivalency of a Mishal Husein level.

      Perfect for Dateline London.