BBC limbering up for a new bout of blackening the reputation of the British military today, ahead of the publication of the Al Sweady Inquiry report. I heard a BBC journalist intone this morning that on some occasions Iraqi combatants were…..gasp…SHOUTED at. Oh the horror. When you combine this with the BBC’s embrace of the partisan Democrat Senate report on the CIA, we see the remarkable sight of the State broadcaster damning OUR armed forces whilst the enemy slaughter at will around the world. It’s my view that had the BBC been as pervasive in WW2 as it is now, we could not have won the war because we had to actually FIGHT back. In this refined times that is not possible and the BBC ensures this is the case by pushing the £30m absurdity of this report, in my view.

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  1. Old Geezer says:

    What would the today’s BBC “journalists” have done about some of the treatment dished out to the agents of the National Socialist German Workers Party by the British Army (and others) during, and just after World War 2.


  2. TheHighlandRebel says:

    It seems to be just taking the reporting pressure off the religion of peace who are having a bad hair day.


  3. chrisH says:

    As the media and the liberals set us all up for the Islamic State to come…expect more of these spineless craven stories that merely do the Muslims job for him.
    The Blob of people in this country-the white unwashed and unenlightened-will simply have to work out their own salvation and redemption…and no church either to help there.
    One big DIY/BYO project a la Noah will help…but the BBC will have to be decapitated, the Tories removed and the Far Left dealt with .
    I myself would reckon on Islam being democratically in place by 2025, and the rest of us will have to learn some Russian, and respect China far more…unless America gets its balls and backbone back first.
    It`s all very Biblical-but who these days gives a stuff.
    Still_I`m using my Bible for a roadmap…wonder what the numbers are for the Great Silk Roads/Trans-Siberian routes?…we may need to note them at this rate.
    Goodbye Europe and the EU…but the beige drab vanillas of Essex and Warrington etc will triumph.
    F*** the BBC-see Dez?


  4. Teddy Called Moh says:

    I like how the claim of the murder of 20 Iraqis was dropped. THis was bacause the cliams were lies and were identified as lies because there was no evidence. The lesser lies such has harsh treatment is harder to disprove so the claims remain even though they are still lies. The worst part about this sorry state is that these lies have been supplied by UK lawyers who had local Ambulance Chaser who got paid for each claim. (UK tapayers money of course not out the the lawyers own pocket)


  5. Thoughtful says:

    Radio 4 ‘Today’ brings back one of the most distasteful left wing groups ever to pollute the airwaves, Public Interest Lawyers. A group committed to prosecuting the British Military and the soldiers who fought for us.

    So there’s a report due to be published today that one of the incidents PIL tried to bring to court was nothing but a tissue of lies. The allegation that after a battle in Iraq British army personnel massacred their captives and mutilated their bodies should have been obvious to anyone as a lie, but obviously not PIL, who will believe any slur against the nasty white people.

    There are plenty of people available to put the alternative point of view, why the BBC chooses to allow this bunch of far left traitors can only be down to their continuing bias.


    • flexdream says:

      Spot on except for the fact that there are a fair few blacks, Fijians and Nepalese in the army. Though PIL probably do assume the army is racist.

      Is Johnny Rotten still with PIL?


  6. George R says:

    ITV News:-

    “UK Army expected to be cleared of worst Iraq abuse claims in £30 million inquiry report”


  7. George R says:

    ‘Telegraph’ (£):-

    “Al Sweady inquiry clears British soldiers of murder and torture claims.
    Baseless allegations the product of ‘deliberate and calculated lies’ from Iraqi witnesses and detainees who were driven by a desire to smear British military.”


    • Merched Becca says:

      Watch Al Beeb now concentrate and focus on the ‘mistreatment’ allegations of the case.
      Al Beeb hate the British Forces.


      • Fred Bloggs says:

        As expected, the bBC cannot come out with a headline stating ‘British forces cleared of allegations’. No they come out with this;

        Would you not knowing anything else come out with this article, not having the good grace to update the news once the report had been released.


        • Guest Who says:

          Actually, my in-box has just had the only breaking news the bbc deems worthy of sharing, to the headlined effect of ‘UK soldiers “mistreated detainees”‘

          So as most other media report the facts, during a week those our forces are fighting run riot over any rules, the national broadcaster opts to go with the narrowest possible negative line they can find to undermine those who risk all to defend us.

          Classy, bbc. Classy.

          Funding the propaganda arm of this country’s enemies by state complusion strikes me as perverse.


    • Jagman84 says:

      Not a single uniform or insignia among them. Lucky for them that they were not shot on sight. I believe that terrorists are not protected by the Geneva Convention, just our sense of human decency, despite the utmost provocation.


      • Expat John says:

        Correct; to be protected by the Geneva Convention, one must be clearly differentiated from the surrounding civilian population, i.e. wearing a recognisable uniform, you must carry your weapons openly, and you must yourself abide by the recognised rules and conventions of combat.
        Muslim terrorists exclude themselves on all counts, thus making all GC references completely invalid.
        At all times, British and Allied forces in the Middle East have abided by the Convention.
        The BBC has revealed itself to be an agent of the global enemy.
        Kill it. Now.
        PS: Where are the BBC apologists on this thread? Gone on holiday? Reading the Guadian? Cue tumbleweed….


      • feargal the cat says:

        I believe the third Geneva Convention, dated 12 Aug 49, pertains.


  8. George R says:

    Meanwhile, INBBC’s Muslim, Ms Husain, has been in Peshawar school, the scene of the Islamic jihad massacre and gives euphemistic account of the impact of the “militants” there-

    “There is a child’s shoe on one of the steps. The auditorium, where children were taking exams, was one of the places within the school grounds that the militants first targeted.

    “As I peer in now, the chairs that the children were sitting on are upturned, the place has been turned upside down and again I can see the blood stains on the floor right around me.”

    No mention of ‘Islamic jihadists’ and their Islamic motivation.

    “Pakistan mourns after Taliban Peshawar school massacre”

    Alternative, ‘Dail Mail’ report-

    “First pictures inside the Pakistan massacre school:
    Shocking images reveal bombed-out offices of principal who was burnt alive in front of her pupils – just because she was married to a soldier.
    “School principal Tahira Kazi was set on fire by Taliban gunmen yesterday.
    “She was head of the Army Public School in Peshawar attacked by jihadists.
    “It’s believed she was torched because she’s married to a retired colonel.
    “Harrowing pictures of devastation at the school have been emerging.
    “One shows Mrs Kazi’s office where a terrorist blew himself up.
    “Another shows a blood-splattered doorway leading to an auditorium.
    “‘Body parts and blood were flying like small pieces of cotton’ – survivor.”

    Read more:


    • deegee says:

      What does a man have to do to be labelled a terrorist by the BBC? Apparently killing schoolchildren doesn’t cut it. Pakistan mourns after Taliban Peshawar school massacre uses the word militant 8 times – terrorist nil.

      Separately, Pakistan’s army says it launched air strikes at militants in the Khyber and North Waziristan areas The source linked to this quote is a tweet from someone called AsimBajwaISPR, apparently from the Pakistan Army who uses neither term although later tweets use the word terrorist.

      The actual Pakistan Army website seems to prefer the word ‘terrorist’.


  9. RCE says:

    Maybe tomorrow Mishal could read out a Taliban poem about it.


  10. Doublethinker says:

    I expect that the BBC will now focus on those disaffected groups who will claim that there has been a miscarriage of justice and that our soldiers ( or the G4S security guards in the case the other day) are guilty but let off by a system heavily biased in favour of white people.
    The BBC will, as usual, give these groups of bigots and liars, ample air time and try to leave the British public with, at least an impression, that there might be something in these spurious allegations.
    The BBC is steadily undermining our trust in our institutions , our democracy and hence our country. I don’t think that this is a misplaced search for the truth and adherence to high journalistic principles. I think it a long term deliberate covert policy to change the country into a liberal left Utopia. They are the enemy within and should be dealt with as soon as possible.


  11. Laska says:

    I am glad that the inquiry has come to a determination that a soldier should not blow on the neck of captive enemy forces. Respect.


    • Simon says:

      When I think of a typical BBC leftie I always picture the Red Dwarf episode called Polymorph where Rimmer has his anger removed…if you haven’t seen it then make the effort to watch it as they really are like that.


  12. Pounce says:

    I listen to Absolute 80s during the day and they reported this as:
    British army found gulity of abuse, the Guardian reports similar. To its credit the BBC actually reports the news from a neutral standpoint . So thank you BBC for that. and I thank the BBC for reporting those incidents of abuse which the British army was found guilty of they are:
    “The detainees should have been given some privacy while being strip-searched and should have been given proper food when they were first detained.”

    ” They should not have been deprived of sleep before they were questioned or shouted at during interrogation.”

    “They were deprived of sight by being made to wear blacked-out goggles for prolonged periods when this had no security purpose .”

    “It also described as “ill treatment” an interrogator banging a tent peg on a table and walking around a blindfolded detainee blowing on the back of his neck.”

    So the above is classed by the left as mistreatment. I dread to think how they would class any incident of abuse carried out by the followers of the peaceful faith around the world.


  13. Abu Hamza says:

    Here send them a message and tell them how you feel about their thieving ways:


  14. D1004 says:

    Deprived of sight by being forced to wear ‘blacked out goggles’ is ill treatment now is it ? Dread to think what blacked out sight caused by sharp removal of head from body counts for then, probably the issuing of a red card and a one war ban for the be header perhaps ?
    El beeb and it’s chums have been ‘blacking out ‘our sight of things for years .
    Ps, not to be confused with the art of ‘blacking up’ a sickening vile race crime for which the punishment would be being locked up with Diane Abbott for the rest of your natural.


  15. George R says:

    ‘Telegraph’ (£)-

    “Al Sweady inquiry:
    The British Army deserves a full apology from the BBC.

    “Claims that soldiers tortured Iraqi detainees were all lies, says a new report.
    The BBC must undertake an urgent investigation of its own to find out how
    Panorama got it so badly wrong.”

    By Con Coughlin.


  16. Merched Becca says:

    How many doctors and nurses could have been employed by our NHS with the money that was wasted on the ‘legal professional sharks’.


  17. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Guido nails the anti-British Broadcasting Corporation again.


    • Guest Who says:

      I would dearly love an actual named senior BBC news person… a Harding, Cohen, Hockaday or Broaden… explain the BBC’s choices in getting ‘news’ about right in such a way.

      But if tasked, what’s the betting these ‘talents’ hide behind a CECUTT drone or spokesweasel to claim they believe their editorial integrity cannot be questioned.

      Sorry to tell you this guys ‘n gals… it can. And will be.

      Stuff like this may still be a quaint subjective tool to wave away being held to account in your little bubble world, but in the real world it will bite you.

      It looks terrible, because it is. And if you can’t see it, god help you.

      This is blatant propaganda… for the enemy. In complement to clear editorial by omission to further support them.

      And the British public is compelled by law to fund this?

      Unique does not come close.


  18. jeff says:

    Not only have the BBC treacherously slandered our soldiers they have also acted as propagandists for Islam’s lunatic fringe. They’ve encouraged an already hate filled minority into believing their unfounded prejudices were based in fact. We’ll be reaping the rewards of that foul deceit for many years to come, unfortunately.
    It’s not just the Beeb, of course, equally culpable is the ghastly Guardian and I think we all remember the faked photos in Piers Morgan’s Daily Mirror.
    Occasionally I hanker for the good old days when we sent traitors to the Tower of London.
    Come to think of it, it wouldn’t be nearly big enough.


  19. stuart says:

    sir micheal jackson,former chief of the british army was seething with anger on iain dales lbc show tonight and his anger was directed at the bbc and that panorama programme they made which basicaly smeared the british army as torturers and murderers,the panorama producers lied about the british army as proved today and in fact they put british soldiers in danger with there falsehoods and lies about the british army,where is your apology now bbc,as for public interest lawyers who hate the british army,what what a dodgy lot they are,go check on phil shiner from that organisation,he is a member of socalist action,he hates the army and the british state,he has his own leftist politacal agenda against the goverment and the army,the guy is a dangerous traitor and i think he and public interest lawyers should be put on trial now for dragging the british army into court on a premise of lies and false propaganda.


  20. Philip says:

    The public will support the Army who are protecting this country from the like of those would wish it harm. The BBC have shown that they are against this country as a nation and against the indigenous peoples of this nation. There is a limit to BBC entertainment and that limit is breached by sponsoring terrorism. There is word for this TREASON and it is still a punishable offence despite the BBC charter claiming it has ‘free license’ to undermine the Army, parliament and the general public. The tide is turning against the BBC propaganda. At some point it will snap and it will be abolished. There is no other way when it pushes against democracy it will have to go.


  21. DP111 says:

    There is word for this TREASON and it is still a punishable offence despite the BBC charter claiming it has ‘free license’ to undermine the Army, parliament and the general public.


    The BBC, consciously or otherwise, is undermining the foundations of Britain. A once great institution has been infiltrated by Marxists, and historic enemies of Western civilisation.


    • feargal the cat says:

      Didn’t Blair and Straw remove treason from the law books. No doubt as a self protection measure.


  22. Fred Bloggs says:

    Al Sweaty – Is that the name of one of the solicitors under investigation? Merry Xmas.


  23. Guest Who says:

    Someone (can’t recall who to H/T) posted this elsewhere, and I have just read it:

    ‘‘And people will be wondering if these detainees are being treated humanely and in accordance with international law.’
    This must be where Shiner’s legendary sense of humour comes into play. He should know full well that this isn’t a ‘secret prison’. And he is aware that the Army has been trying to get rid of these prisoners for years.
    Back in 2010, Britain wanted to hand over the detainees to the Afghan justice system. Eventually the High Court in London ruled that they could not be transferred to the Afghans because they might be tortured, which would breach their yuman rites.
    Far from being ‘detained unlawfully’ they are being held in British custody on the specific orders of a British court.

    Shiner should know full well that there isn’t a ‘secret prison’. And he is aware that the Army has been trying to get rid of the prisoners held there for years
    You’d expect Shiner to know that. Because in 2010, the original Camp Bastion case was brought by, you guessed, one Phil Shiner. On legal aid, natch. So how does he explain telling the BBC this was a ‘secret camp’, ‘off the radar’, that the courts haven’t been told about?

    How does the BBC explain not knowing, and hence asking?

    Or did they and decided there wasn’t ‘space’.

    ‘Talk about playing both ends.

    Somewhat of a BBC specialty.


  24. Merched Becca says:

    Having read all the posts on this topic, one wonders what is our Prime Minister going to do about it? Our boys defend this country and all its ideals with their lives while we are forced to pay Al Beeb to continually undermine these values.
    The time has come Mr Prime Minister, to sell Al Beeb off and let it fend for itself like all the other defunct national industries.
    If the customers like it they will pay for it – if they don’t, it will sink.