Believe, Unite, Fight


The BBC, and most of the other media, use Ajmal Masroor as a Muslim spokesman asking his views on all the current issues concerning Muslims…..such as what would Sharia Britain look like, is it Islamic to punish people so cruelly ( he blames the Old Testament) and why are young Muslims being radicalised?

We’ve had a look at him before in ‘Blowback’.

Harry’s Place asks:

Is Ajmal Masroor an Extremist? (The answer is yes)

Stand for Peace asks, and answers, the same question:

Ajmal Masroor describes himself as an Imam, broadcaster and politician. Although Masroor advertises himself as a moderate voice, he propagates some of the usual conspiracy theories peddled by extreme Islamist groups.


The Telegraph yesterday thought he was a suitable person to ask about radicalisation:

Three steps to combating Islamic extremism in UK
Muslim Council of Britain spokesman Ajmal Masroor says the government needs to be “more consistent with their foreign policy” and in order to deter British citizens fighting with Islamic extremists in Iraq

“First we need to inculcate the spirit of solidarity, togetherness and our unique identity, and that is we live in this country and it is our home,” he said
He emphasised the need to tell young Muslims, that whatever their grievances that there was no justification for picking up the gun, and “that it cannot be done in the name of Islam”.
Finally the government needed to be “more consistent with its foreign policy”, not support dictatorships and encourage the spread of democracy in the Middle East.



I think anyone who thinks he is suitable as a spokesman for the Muslim community should perhaps think again.

They should listen to this recent speech he gave at Palmers Green Mosque.


ajmal masroor1







When Muslims say they are radicalised by Gaza…who is whipping them up into a frenzy of righteous indignation about the suffering of their fellow Muslims?  People like Masroor…who calls Israelis racists, savages and murderers….blaming Britain, the USA and the Zionist lobby for all the suffering of the Palestinians.



Masroor advises Muslims on the best lines to take when talking to the Media…there are ten main points that in summary say that the Zionists control the world, Palestine, all Palestine must be free and Israel destroyed…peacefully of course…that is the Muslim’s jihad…and Muslims must use their money and power to change government policies.

1.  Zionism is  a secular philosophy, a defunct philosophy a philosophy that is rotten to the core based upon racism and the supremacy of the Jewish people and it cannot be accepted in any  narrative.  It is no different to any supremacist ideology today and we must stand together against all forms of extremism.

2.  Zionism is anti-Judaism, against the teachings of Moses.  God does not want Jews to have a home, not in Palestine, not by lying, stealing and murdering.

3. Israel has created the biggest open prison in the world.  1.7 million people sardined into  a tiny strip of land…how did that happen?  They came from the neighbouring land occupied and stolen by the Zionists.
The blockade of Gaza is on 3 sides by the Zionists, on the fourth by the Pharoahs….the Jews are worse than the Nazis.

4.  Israel refuses to allow food and medicine into Gaza…a war crime as the Israelis try to starve the Palestinians.

5.  Israel contaminates the water of Palestine…another war crime.

6.  Israel bombed the power plant…another war crime.

7.   Israel deliberately targets women and children….a war crime.

8.  Israel is a racist, apartheid state and must be peacefully dismantled, a racist state should not exist.  Israel wants all of Palestine.

9.  Who is responsible for creating Israel?  Britain is.  Britain created this monster, Britain must sort it out.

10 One country could end the misery of the Palestinians immediately by bringing Israel to its knees…the USA,  Don’t blame the people of the USA, they are brainwashed by the Zionist media, owned and funded by the Zionists, 60% of people in power are funded by the Zionist lobby.
The existence of Israel is bad news for the USA, Britain and Europe.


We must struggle until Palestine is free, until Palestine is totally free, when all the people are equal and free,  that’s our struggle, that’s our Jihad!

We must unite and become powerful again.  Imagine if all 3 million Muslims withdrew from every financial institution…unite together, become powerful, believe in Islam like it should be believed in, believe truly.  Part of that belief is to unite, to enable us to fight with our wealth and establish ourselves as powerful in this country.

Why is it that 200,000 Jewish people, those who hold positions of power, those who wield the Zionist mantra and use it to gain power and force the politicians to bend over backwards, why is it that their values and their views our stronger and more worthy than the Muslims?

I have news for you.  We are nearly 4.5% of the population of this country, our economic muscle is stronger and more powerful that it was 20 years ago but what we lack is unity amongst ourselves.
If we are united and we went to the Tories and offered them more money than the Zionists they would take it.
We should use that power that we have, the money, to fight and struggle in the cause of Allah.
The Jewish community is very smart, we must learn from them.  Their Zionist brothers have abused their Jewish identity and held our government and MPs hostage.

The government must suspend all arms sales to Israel, stop Israeli trading privileges and prosecute the Israelis for war crimes.
We must boycott all products from Israel and boycott all companies that support the Zionist state of Israel.
We must establish a lobby group to change government policy.

You must believe in Allah and struggle for Islam against injustices in the world.
Rise up and believe.
Part of our belief is struggle, we don’t struggle enough.
Israel was illegally established on Palestinian land, Britain had no right to partition that land.

The conflict is between savages and the civilised world.
The savages murder and intend to obliterate innocent people by dropping bombs on schools, hospitals and mosques, in crowded markets and residential areas, that’s what savages do.
The argument is very simple…we must stand firm with the Palestinians and support their right to have their land returned.



Is there any wonder why Muslims in Britain become so radicalised against Israel, and indeed against Britain and the USA, when fed such inflammatory invective by an Imam.

Makes you wonder how his collar hasn’t been felt by the anti-terror cops.

Still, good to know the Media propagate his views on how to stop radicalisation.


You couldn’t make it up could you?








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46 Responses to Believe, Unite, Fight

  1. Span Ows says:

    Time to report him for hate speech…


  2. Guess Who says:

    After sermons like that, his flock must be living in fear.

    And fear does have good ratings potential.

    Ideology AND market rate numbers… what’s not to like?


  3. noggin says:

    Just ask this pseudo-moderate where his children, are educated?
    and why? … this erm ” Imam, broadcaster and politician” ?
    … Mo Ansar?


  4. Ralph says:

    #Newsflash# Living in a democracy means hearing views you don’t agree with. Seems Alan has more in common with Islamofacists than he realises.


    • just sayin' says:

      dont feed the trolls


      • hippiepooter says:

        Is Ralph’s comment trollish? I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt, and suggest to him that at time of war aiding and abetting enemy propaganda is not ‘free speech’, it’s treason.

        Ralph, the fact that you want “islamofascists” (your own word) have open access to our media clearly places you on the side of the enemy. Just like the Goebbels Bureau of the BBC. And you think Alan has more in common with them than he thinks!?


        • Ralph says:

          If you don’t diagnose the illness, you can’t decide on the remedy. I want to know my enemy.


    • johnnythefish says:

      Funny then, Ralph, that the BBC isn’t giving equal airtime to similarly racist and violent views from the far right.


      • deegee says:

        The Islamists ARE the far-right! The extremes meet or perhaps more accurately the so-called far-left cedes every position it claims to believe in to support them.


  5. Pounce says:

    Sometimes I have to ask myself, how would these people express themselves if Israel was to fall at the hoards of barbaric Islam.
    Would they still support the victim status of Muslims when all the women are raped
    Would they still support the victim status of Muslims when the Jewish Children are sold as Slaves
    Would they still support the victim status of Muslims when those who refuse to convert to Islam are beheaded

    The Answer is no, they would walk away like all so called leftwing arseholes and claim it is nothing to do with them. You only have to see how they did that inside Iraq with the fate of the Christians and Yardzi to see what I mean. But as soon as a reporter gets his head chopped off, why its a fucking human rights crime and the whole liberal world is agaisnt ISIS. Yet the very same wankers expressing disgust, remained silent at over 750 Yadzi men losing their heads., They said nothing when over 40,000 men women and children ran for their lives up a 60 mile mountain range from their homes to escape IS-lam (can I ask that when you discuss ISIL/ISIS/IS that you quote them as IS-lam in which to make people aware that the fuckers who murder death kill , do so in the name of their faith.) Lets send the message to the world that actually Islam isn’t a peaceful faith and that Hamas is Islamic and is no different from ISIS.

    In other news, loved the story about Israel taking out a 12 storey block, seeing as how the Palestinians danced on the streets of Gaza, handing sweets out on 9/11 , I wonder if they did so today.?


  6. john in cheshire says:

    getting rid of all the ayatollahs imams and mullahs in our country would be a substantial step towards neutralising islam. As a first step, keeping them off the tv and radio would help. I’m sick and tired of being forced to look at muslims; I noticed on Thursday when reporting on GCSE results muslim children were vastly over-represented.


    • London Calling says:

      France routinely deports Imams. No questions, no appeals, human rights, bang, out the door. You don’t negotiate with cancer. You don’t grant cancer an appeal.

      Dave warns us a bout a problem. What does David “Plastic Bag Tax” Cameron do? Nothing. What does Theresa “we don’t do water canon” May do? Nothing.

      Anjem Choudary (Education: Guildford College, University of Southampton):” I am a Muslim who believes that Islam is something we must believe in (Tawheed), live by (Shari’ah)” (But preferably in a safe Christian democracy with generous benefits – funded by non-Muslims) He would not condemn the Muslim (convert) killers of Lee Rigby. Britain embraces cancer.

      If anyone was serious about stopping radicalisation, they could take a leaf out of France’s book. Throw the radical preachers and activists out. (They also ban face-covering in France, Theresa, and they ave a higher % Muslim population)

      The problem is not Muslims, it is Dave’s Spineless Britain.


      • Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

        The most important step would be to get rid of the foreign imams. Research by the Quilliam Foundation showed that 97% of Britain’s mosques were led by a foreigner and that nearly half of imams had been in Britain for less than five years. If British Muslims were led by British imams, instead of the imported ones with no idea of our way of life, surely they would be less likely to be indoctrinated by the jihadists?


        • DP111 says:

          If British Muslims were led by British imams, instead of the imported ones with no idea of our way of life, surely they would be less likely to be indoctrinated by the jihadists?

          I’m not sure about that. Its not the imams, born here or abroad, but the core ideology.


      • Seek the Truth says:

        I live in France and, only a few weeks ago, two Muslim women tried to walk on to a beach with their faces covered. They were prevented from doing so, appealed, and the local Maire actually sided with them and suspended the byelaw, leaving them free to do what is still supposed to be against the law here!

        This makes interesting reading:


      • Seek the Truth says:

        I live in France and, only a few weeks ago, two Muslim women tried to walk on to a beach with their faces covered. They were prevented from doing so, appealed, and the local Maire actually sided with them and suspended the byelaw, leaving them free to do what is still supposed to be against the law here!


  7. Llareggub says:

    ‘Makes you wonder how his collar hasn’t been felt by the anti-terror cops.’

    That question could be put to the BBC’s implant in 10 Downing Street, posing as a UK PM.
    Hate crimes, suppression of criticism of Islam, praise for the contribution of Islam to this country, and now further restrictions on freedom of speech in the guise of combating extremism, but really to appease the ROP.

    When the state media and the executive combine to this extent we are certainly in trouble.
    These are desperate times.


  8. Pounce says:

    I can never get my head around the bBC. Once minute they defend intolerant mores of Islam, then the next they attack some snippet of it , however this is the bBC and so the reader never gets to see the full story. Here have a look:
    World’s most pierced man Rolf Buchholz barred from Dubai

    Ok, he’s just a nutter you’d think from the photo and the Arabs are just being silly. Here’s a full on picture which kind of explains why a superstitious people (Muslims are extremely superstitious) kind of kicked him out of the country and lets be honest here, if any of your children brought this man along to your house would you feel comfortable?


    It seems the liberal minded bBC while defending the rights of anybody to travel where they want, (People from Gaza into Israel for instance for work,shopping using the Hospitals etc..) censors the full reason on this case.


    • chrisH says:

      Got to say I`m with the Arabs on this one.
      The guys a self-abasing, self-abusing freak…Allah alone knows how much this self-mutilation cost him.
      He is indeed the face of the Today programme, and should be a radio correspondent; not for television.
      It only tells the thicker end of the Muslim gene pool that we`re as self-abusing and debauched as he appears to be.
      in fact, he is the face of Islam as far as I can tell-more Shia than Sunni…and very Evan Davis/Kellie Maloney/Chelsea Manning as well.
      Now`s not the time to get all Biblical….but a society that hates itself enough to create freaks like this bloke is one sick culture.
      Very Islamic…and balsamic as well.
      Yet no BBC comments…must be a Grand Prix/tennis match coming up!


      • Lobster says:

        At first glance I thought Ann Robinson had undergone another facelift.


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        Evan Davis probably gets very excited ‘down below’ at the sight of this guy……..


    • TheHighlandRebel says:

      They thought the Mahdi, the twelfth imam had returned.


    • TheHighlandRebel says:

      Does anyone see a resemblance to Yasser Arafat?


    • A Teddy called Moh says:

      He might be a self proclaimed computer expert but I bet he hasn’t got a job. Like that PRAT who has the Man United emblem tattooed on his forehead and wonder why no-one will employ them. I agree with the Arabs also on this one.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Agreed Ted, if offensive behaviour is an offence, so should offensive appearance. Mr Metal Face is a walking example of how are values have gone up the spout and we’re there for the taking.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Agreed Ted, if offensive behaviour is an offence, so should offensive appearance. Mr Metal Face is a walking example of how our values have gone up the spout and we’re there for the taking.


  9. chrisH says:

    Not heard the stuff-happy to trust you Alan on the key points.
    Points 3-10 are ad hominem abuse, but let`s give him credit for 1 and 2. Only in that he is getting to the core of his OWN evil ideology.
    Point 2 can be scorched theologically, point 1 a philosophical nonsense.
    Point 1 describes Islam as it is, so we should be grateful for that…point 2 shows the bankrupt theology of Islam, seeing as it has never had a rethink of the mad ravings of a Poundland profiteer like Mo and his Merry Men.
    First two points need throwing back into Medhi Hasans face….and I don`t expect to have to wait for the orange jumpsuit and Stanley knife at my throat before Hasan etal give me a few answers to this Mansoors points.
    In other words-take those first two points, yell the same accusations back at Islam and the BBC beehive conspiracy…and get your thinking right should you be asked to argue.
    In the meantime-be ready to show your faith and courage…Theresa May and Phillip Hammond as opposed to al-Zarqawi or Sheik Muhammad?
    If you were a teenage idiot…whose side looks like the winning one to you?
    Old Corinthians, HayhoeFlint XI?…or Millwall?


  10. Alex says:

    Is there such a thing as a moderate Muslim? I’m not so sure these days. I have a gut feeling that most Muslims, of immigrant descent, quietly support the radical Islamists more than the western ways of life. They are quite content to watch Sharia creep into more and more areas of this country’s laws and customs, and couldn’t care less if Christianity faded away to be replaced with Islam.
    I simply cannot believe how naive our politicians and media are regards this religion. Everywhere Muslims go en masse they cause trouble; segregation, intolerance, a failure to adopt the host country’s values and customs and so on. If an English person waves a flag and voices concern over islamic extremism they are labelled ‘racist nazis’. If a Muslim violently demonstrates in London, spitting at soldiers, holding up placards with ‘behead those who insult Islam’ and burning poppies no-one bats an eyelid. The Left have us where they want us folks… fully brainwashed, self-loathing sheep who are too busy worrying about others’ rights rather than their own freedoms. This country is finished as we know it. Violent war is coming to these streets between Muslims and indigenous British; and deep down, we all know this.


    • Joshaw says:

      “I have a gut feeling that most Muslims, of immigrant descent, quietly support the radical Islamists more than the western ways of life. ”

      I suspect this as well. Tacit approval. Of course in 1945 hardly anyone had supported Hitler and every Frenchman had been a member of the resistance. Similarly, across the Irish Sea, nobody really approved of the IRA or INLA.

      So called extremists don’t exist in isolation, they have a support structure. Often a big one. We’ll find out soon enough.


      • Expat John says:

        True enough. In France in 1940 there were 38,000,000 people, and 38,000,001 members of the resistance.


    • DP111 says:

      “I have a gut feeling that most Muslims, of immigrant descent, quietly support the radical Islamists more than the western ways of life. ”

      Well, they have nothing to lose. If sharia becomes the law of the land, Muslims will be top dog. Meantime, if it doesn’t, they have a nice life, and as minority, have special status anyway.

      Its a win win situation..


  11. Betty Swollocks says:

    40 Years ago the only time we heard the word Muslim, was when the BBC was showing the late great Alan Whicker on his travels, to the Middle East.


    • A Teddy called Moh says:

      Yes before I left to work in Saudi in 1990, you never heard anything about Muslims unless it was to do with hijacking in the Middle East. On my return to the UK in 2001 Islam and Muslims are never off the air. I remember about 3 weeks before 9/11 The BBC showing a documentary on the life of Mohammed. Only the good bits mind not the fact his wife was 6 etc


      • chrisH says:

        Funny how ahistorical the whole liberal project is , when it comes to their favourite religion.
        Well, basically the only one that scares them into compliance…no bad thing probably.
        Islam is now out of its box-and the fools that welcomed the Arab Spring will be living with those consequences.
        We are not the liberal left-and have little to lose from those Muslims we know.
        But as long as the BBC dare to speak to them as if they speak for us-and the Muslim is fool enough to reckon on that-then we and our children are at risk.
        Hence my saying that we need a historical timeline on how we`ve got here with Islam…those who fail to learn their history will visit it on their “significant others”.
        I have my version-and I`ll soon be teaching it, God willing.
        For now-I`d recommend Ravi Zacharias on todays “Sunday Worship”(21 mins in, 24/8/14 at 8am)…as good a place to start as is neede at this end point.


  12. Llareggub says:

    Looking at the size of the demonstrations in London and major cities in Europe, with muslims supported by leftists, I would predict that some kind of civil war is on the cards. Whether the indigenous Britons will defend themselves is quesionable. I sometimes think not, which suggests a very short conflict.
    So far government proposals to deal with the threat are besides the point, mainly appeasement tactics. And our prisons could easily overflow if ISIS volunteers are arrested. Here are a couple of suggestions.
    1. Close the BBC and allow private news agencies to replace it.
    2. Get rid of this appeasing coalition and its opposition.
    3. Passports of suspected volunteers for ISIS fed to the shredder as they leave the country. No human rights trials or jail sentences for them – just goodbye.
    The alternative – internal strife which real British people will lose.


    • A Teddy called Moh says:

      we wont be able to defend ourselves. Look at what happens now if you dare question a Muslim demonstrating or handing our vile leaflets, you get carted off whilst they continue in the knowledge the Police protect them. Remember that young girl who went to the Police about being raped by ‘Asians’, she was threatened with arrest if she didn’t keep quiet


  13. stuart says:

    it is every stinking politicians except ukip that knocks your door before the election begging for your votes fault that we have this terrorism problem in the uk,it is them lot that has imported millions of these islamist haters of the west into this country to do the hell what they damm like,have we been here before,9/11.7/7.lee rigbys murder,we have all this crap about what makes these angry young muslims living in britian who want to behead innocent people and go on there rampages of murders,it has been driven down are throats how peacefull islam is by these politicians and we are sick of these lies,the problem here is we have been lied to by all these politicians about islam and it is them who created all this terrorism with there immigration from third world cesspiits into are town and citys,deport the lot of these terrorists from the uk and deport there familys as well to these third world cesspitts they came from and let these politicians who come knocking your door for votes in the next few months know how angry you are about this islamism and terrorism that has been imposed on you in your towns and citys,just let them know we are sick and tired of all this.


    • Merched Becca says:

      For the last twenty years the government of this country has betrayed the British people – they do not listen to us. The only salvation now is to vote for UKIP.


      • regag says:

        They are modern day alchemists, along with the BBC and the bankers, they have taken the gold for themselves and turned the leftovers into dross for the rest of us.


  14. roland says:

    we import terrorists into the uk,now it seems we are importing the ebola virus as well.


    • Joshaw says:

      Stop whining and embrace the diversity.


    • DP111 says:

      we import terrorists into the uk,now it seems we are importing the ebola virus as well.

      We used to import terrorists. But you will be glad to know that we are now exporting terrorists – thus helping the economy of the nation.


  15. Thoughtful says:

    How many times have you heard from Muslim spokespeople ‘what you need to do is…….’ Never ever do we hear what the Muslims are going to do in order to help a situation, nor what compromises they might be prepared to make.

    That’s because they’re not prepared to give an inch or make any compromises, and as usual our hollow politicians will implode the first time they make a demand.