Tough one for the BBC.

Hamas sources in Gaza say 18 people suspected of collaborating with Israel have been executed. The killings came after an Israeli air strike killed three senior Hamas leaders on Thursday. Two more Palestinians died in overnight strikes.

Ah, that all important “context” and of course can one REALLY blame Hamas for MURDERING 18 Gazans when those Joooos are being beastly to Hamas? Note the use of the word “executed”

Oh, and I also note that a 4 year old Israeli boy has been killed by a mortar fired from beside a UNRWA school. I am sure the BBC will be enraged about this terrible abuse of this alleged “humanitarian” resource. The day after hell freezes over.

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  1. Dioclese says:

    War is murder, murder is execution. It’s all of the choice of words isn’t it? Terrorists, politicians, liars – there’s another three that all seem to mean the same.


  2. JimS says:

    According to the BBC these informers are paid by the Israelis, some are even forced to inform, (how does that work?).

    Palestinian children have names, grieving relatives etc. Israeli children are just victims of their government’s policies.


    • DP111 says:

      When the news came through that Israel had eliminated three top Hamas commander in a house, it was obvious that the IDF couldn’t possibly know where they were in such a crowded place as Gaza, without having time and place specific inside information.


      1. Hamas is thoroughly infiltrated by Mossad

      2.The mass execution of 18 Gazans, indicates that Hamas is not sure how many, and who they are.

      3. Hamas must now wonder if they can even talk with each other. Who can they trust?

      I see more executions coming in the near future, as the organisation starts to kill its own.

      Israel should be careful not to destroy Hamas. Hamas is a politically useful organisation.


      • deegee says:

        The story spread around Israel is that the Hamas officers made the fatal mistake of talking on cell phones allowing Israel to pinpoint their positions. Four minutes later BOOM!


        • DP111 says:

          Quite likely. I wonder how they could be so stupid.
          Anyway, as they keep telling us that “they love death”, they shouldn’t really mind.


  3. stuart says:

    this is a shocking incident and a very serious war crime here that hamas has commited just one day after there cousins in isis chopped off the head of that innocent journalist james foley,what worrys me is the silence from the leftist supporters in the uk over this hamas war crime,what worrys me even more is hamas no 1 supporter in the uk george galloway is holding a hate conference in ulster belfast hall today in front of 1000 haters and anti semtetic bigots and i guess many ira supporters,now that is very shocking indeed.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Hamas may be evil Hitlerian scum, but in war spies are shot. Not to say that I for one moment imagine that these 18 people were adduced to be spies by anything a democratic nation would consider ‘evidence’, but the principle is the same. If they were spies they were serving a just cause and may God bless them. I’m sure the Goebbels Bureau of the BBC is glad they’re dead.


      • deegee says:

        in war spies are shot In war soldiers out of uniform are considered spies. The Geneva and Hague conventions never considered a situation where the entire fighting force doesn’t wear uniforms.
        Dual identity of a dead operative in the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades. Left: Death notice for Mohammed Mounir Ashour posted by the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades (, July 11, 2014).Right: Mohammed Mounir Ashour in a Palestinian police uniform.


  4. Anat T. says:

    The BBC are like Alec Guinness in ‘The Bridge on the River Kwai’, not realizing their treason to the very end, if at all.


  5. Pounce says:

    I see the bBC have surreptitiously hidden the Hamas executes 21 (not 18 according to the Guardian) people . Yup in the bBC version of:
    “Where’s Waldo?”
    The bBC instead play:
    “Where’s the bad news Hamas story” Have a look see if just by looking on the bBC’s news website you can find it. So where have the bBC hidden he story?


    • Pounce says:

      So did you find it. It’s hidden in the
      Israel vows response to boy’s death

      So anybody able to tell me why a story about the murders of 21 people in Gaza, has been relocated to a spot inside an article about the death of 1 Israeli child. Why? there are stories on that Front page which are much older than 12 hours

      The bBC, the propaganda mouthpiece for Islamic terrorism


    • johnnythefish says:

      Had Israel executed 21 informers not only would it have been 24-hour headline news right across the BBC it would also have dominated news programmes like Today and TWATO with lefty moral equivalence specialists drawing comparisons with IS. Plus we would have been treated to darkly humorous quips on The News Quiz and moral outrage from the multiculti-obeisant panel on Any Questions who will do anything to avoid being hissed and booed at by the disproportionate, BBC-engineered high representation of SWP members in its audience.


  6. Fred Sage says:

    Will the 21 be added to the 2000 plus war casualties of the Palestinians?


    • Guess Who says:

      Likely yes.

      Via Hamas PR, and hence BBC news, it’s a beheads (ok, that’s ISIS, but mur… ‘execution’ without compunction, due, process or much BBC reaction does seem prevalent when the client base is slipping off narrative again) they win, tales the Israelis can be spun as losing.

      As these poor souls are now dead, it would be nigh on impossible for an independent inquiry to ascertain anything much, so it seems the likes of the BBC are happy enough that they committed the crime so must do the ti… get whacked in public by the local authorities.

      Maybe they can blame Ferguson P.D?

      Guessing no riots against the fuzz in Gaza for erring on the heavy hand not for an in-progress act of violence, but on the basis of a ‘he said, she said’ whisper in a corridor.

      “Who will rid me of these troublesome…. er, let’s go with spies”

      Sack of rats justice. No wonder, as Pounce has ably pointed out, the BBC has seen what has gone down, appreciated it doesn’t look good, and tucked it away in the small print (so far… before weekend shift start trawling).

      Professional courtesy.


      • johnnythefish says:

        ‘As these poor souls are now dead, it would be nigh on impossible for an independent inquiry to ascertain anything much….’

        Well, as the UN seem to have a permanent and all-seeing presence in Gaza, if a war crime is suspected they should be on the case pretty quickly. Either that or the silence will be deafening. Place your bets now.


  7. Llareggub says:

    I am eagerly awaiting an interview with the BBC and the lawyers representing the 18 executed for spying.


  8. Ralph says:

    Does Vance have a point here? Maybe, just doesn’t seem to make it.

    Its true that articles get updated with events. BBBC seems to miss that well worn fact….just when it suits of course.

    Maybe its enough for him to throw out the word ‘joos’, there’s always his fans to agree wholeheartedly.


  9. Guess Who says:

    Possibly not news ((c) A. Newsroom Tealady).

    Certainly in comparison to who has ‘died’ over t’other side… Oh, hang on, that’s a bit off radar too, at least until a committee decision on how to respond has been reached.

    At least Mishal can add a satisfactory tick on the other side of the tally she appears to be keen on.


  10. Paul Weston says:

    I read this story in the Daily Telegraph earlier today. I then watched BBC News 24 at 10am Saturday, 23 August 2014. There was no mention. A trawl through the BBC website eventually found it.

    Oddly enough, on News 24 there was a great deal of discussion about Israeli “war crimes” being taken before the International Criminal Court (ICC).

    Such a deliberate ommission by the BBC tells me one clear thing: The BBC, which in exchange for public funding has a mandated duty to act in an impartial manner, is decidely and viciously biased.

    I would go further. The BBC has taken sides in a war where one side wishes to totally destroy every man woman and child living in Israel, and the BBC is not on the side of those fighting a defensive war to prevent their genocide.

    Meanwhile, the Islamic State (IS) is trying to commit genocide in other parts of the Middle East, and the people involved in carrying out the beheadings and crucifixions are similar in every way to Hamas.

    Yet the BBC is still very much on their side to an extraordinarily emotional way. My disgust for the BBC is total. I really don’t know where we go from here. I suppose I could make an official complaint which would be politely rebuffed via weasel words and evasion, but in a battle against evil, why do I have to argue with these wicked BBC staffers about what constitutes a clear and obvious evil?

    It is fortunate for the BBC that I, and many millions like me, are peaceful and law abiding Christians or post-Christians.

    My anger is so intense this morning, that what I would really like to do is march down to BBC HQ and quite literally slaughter the bastards in cold blood. That is how angry I am, and as I say, it is fortunate for the BBC that my upbringing and moral outlook prevent me from doing what my emotions command me to do.

    Does the BBC realise, to even the slightest degree, the vicious anger they are building via their truly obscene behaviour?


  11. hippiepooter says:

    “My anger is so intense this morning, that what I would really like to do is march down to BBC HQ and quite literally slaughter the bastards in cold blood.”

    Excellent stuff up till that point. That was a ‘steady on old boy’, ‘remember you’re British’ moment

    I’ve written an email to a couple of notables asking if they think it a good idea asking other notables if they’d like to sign an open letter to Parliament stating where we went wrong in Afghanistan and Iraq was not seeing it through and this time we shouldn’t squander our servicemen’s lives and nation’s Treasure and see it through properly this time against ISIS and every other Jihadist threat, including stealth Jihad as recenty practised by Baroness Warsi in her resignation statement.

    I hope they think it’s a good idea. If Parliament doesn’t respond it could be turned into a street petition. If a street petition garners mass support but Parliament still doesn’t respond, it could lead to a provisional political party to stand in selected seats to hopefully obtain Members to ‘stick it up them’ and the quisling BBC.

    While I regard you as a notable Mr Weston, unfortunately, you’ve proposed a blanket ban on all Third World immigration which does appear racist. You wouldn’t be a notable good to have in such a letter if these two people think it’s a good idea.


    • hippiepooter says:

      Flip me, that edit option is no good! I was half way through tidying up my wordy second paragraph then I got timed out!


      • johnnythefish says:

        At least you still get an edit button – mine seems to have disappeared!


    • Demon says:

      Good comment Hippie. I hope that you manage to get somewhere with this.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Thanks D, one lives in hope. Working through the PC stricken three main parties isn’t going to acheive anything, and outside the party framework there are incredibly articulate and inspiring voices who hold out hope for getting Britain back on track. But Parliament is the place to acheive something.


    • Paul Weston says:

      Actually, I propose a blanket ban on ALL immigration. Britain is full up. Our public services are dying (schools, hospitals, welfare state, public housing etc) and we have to concrete over the countryside to house more and more people.

      What we are suggesting are work permits for those who benefit our economy, regardless of race, but a blanket ban on all immigration for a period of five years until we get our house in order.

      Which I don’t think is racist at all:-)


      • George R says:

        Yes, and in contrast U.K’s political class (inc Labour, Lib Dems and Tories, plus Beeboids) has been instrumental in enabling the colonisation of Britain, largely Islamic, through a policy of open-door, mass immigration.
        And still today, the government is not in control of Britain’s borders, and campaigns (as do Beeboids) for Islamic Turkey’s entry into E.U.


      • ROBERT BROWN says:

        Er, someone estimated that only 250,000 people have emigrated here since 1066 to the fifties……..Five years???!!!…It should be a ban on immigration for 500 years at least…..


      • DP111 says:

        And don’t forget the rape of thousands of young Infidel girls by Muslims, over the last two decades, which were brushed under the carpet.

        Never in the annals of history has a nation, which had not suffered defeat and under occupation by invaders, offered up its young girls by the thousands to gain votes.

        The scale of the crime is so huge and shameful, that it is not surprising that the entire political and judicial is intent on brushing it under the carpet.


      • hippiepooter says:

        Hi, I hope you’ll forgive me for not trawling for the relevant link, but I’m sure this selective policy was in your Liberty GB site.

        It has to be recognised that one of the major needs for immigration is the feckless underclass we have bred through a Welfare State that doesn’t enforce it’s own rules, ill-discipline at schools and a soft justice system.

        But like you said, work permits not citizenship. A better solution might be imprisonment of the parasites who make a career out of welfare and put them in chain gangs picking spuds in the fens and the like. The farmers won’t get as much production out of them as they do with the Poles, but at least they woudn’t have to pay them. Well, if they had Polish overseers who know how to work I’m sure giving them the remit to kick their arses would get production levels up and help our underclass be fit for the work market when they get off the chaingang. There are far too many native Brits who are simply unemployable these days.

        How did that rubbish you went through in Winchester over quoting Churchill on Islam turn out?


    • johnnythefish says:

      ‘While I regard you as a notable Mr Weston, unfortunately, you’ve proposed a blanket ban on all Third World immigration which does appear racist.’

      In normal times I support a level of immigration which is sustainable economically and socially. I also believe to have people from other cultures living amongst us enhances our society – and I mean ‘amongst’ rather than in what have become separate ‘mini-countries’ – as long as they are prepared to accept and adopt our democracy, rule of law and values. However we are not living in normal times and the question is: do we continue adding to the problem or do we take a step back and say ‘no more until we’ve got this under control?’ because at the moment we are in danger of all hell breaking loose on our streets. How many more Lee Rigbys are we prepared to accept before serious action is taken?


  12. Arthur Penney says:

    dans ce Gaza, il est bon de tuer de temps en temps quelques civilians pour encourager les autres.


    • Expat John says:

      No it isn’t. The measure of our civilisation in a state of war is that we seek to avoid civilian casualties. In the current situation, the forces of democracy wear uniforms and hesitate to open fire on those who might be non combatants on account of their clothing. The other side is all too happy not only to hide behind civilians, but also, deliberately, to dress in the same fashion.
      This says more about them than it does about us.
      As for your reference to “encourager les autres”, it is a fallacy to punish those who try, but fail, in combat. All you end up with is commanders who are no longer prepared to try.


  13. roland says:

    nazis=isis=hamas=al qaeda=anjem choudary= islam4the uk=muslim brotherhood=anti semtetic far left=third reich islamists.


  14. pounce says:

    Just read up that Hamas another 4 people outside a mosque in Gaza. 18 yesterday, 3 the day before.
    Hamas executes 4 alleged collaborators in Gaza

    So in 3 days Hamas has murdered 25 of its own. and the bBC is doing its best in which to keep the foaming at the mouth liberal chattering classes in the dark about this. Here is the current bBC headlines from Gaza. At the top of the page is the picture underneath, take note of the bBC caption:
    Gaza conflict: Mahmoud Abbas urges fresh talks in Egypt
    At least 65 Gazans have been killed since the latest truce collapsed on Tuesday, Palestinian officials say

    I wonder if that 65 include the 25 murdered in cold blood by Hamas


    • John Anderson says:

      and the Israeli PM is repeatedly saying Hamas is just like ISIS – not being reported by the BBC in case it puts their Pals in a bad light ?


  15. Guess Who says:

    In a cheerful concession to some hard of reading apparently at large, I defer again to one consistently to the point on fact and substantiation:

    I can only imagine the reaction within CECUTT should any of these take the form of complaints that require an explanation.

    Certainly a Tena stall outside the bunker could do good business.


  16. George R says:

    Corrective to INBBC’s pro-Hamas ‘reporting’:-

    “Israel’s War with Hamas 2014″:-

    (feature articles in ‘New English Review’)-

    Part I, Part II and Part III”-

    Part I.)

    Part II.)

    Part III.)


  17. The Old Bloke says:

    I see there is now video evidence of Hamas launching rockets from the roof of an active hospital. I wonder how the BBC will spin this?


    • Guess Who says:

      “I see there is now video evidence of Hamas launching rockets from the roof of an active hospital. I wonder how the BBC will spin this?”

      Maybe through the medium of a conference?

      I wonder if Krishnan GM will be on hand to ask about the astounding uncuriosity and amazing sensory deprivation of the entire BBC ME ‘reporting’ squad, or will colleague Jon’s joint billing mean professional courtesies will apply?


    • deegee says:

      how the BBC will spin this? They won’t however a story the BBC is yet to catch is flooding the Internet (#BBCTrending perhaps?) and eventually even the world’s largest news gatherer will be forced to take notice.

      Deputy chief of Hamas’ political bureau says group will support any PA bid to turn to international court (ICC), even if that means being subject to criminal investigation for rocket attacks.

      Whether or not the International Criminal Court will accept Palestine is still moot but if it does, Hamas use of hospitals, mosques, schools and other civilian premises to conduct their war will certainly come up. By my count Hamas has committed 11 separate categories of war crimes but others such as the the Simon Wiesenthal Center have expanded that list to 18. Most are multiple offences.

      The ICC could be a double edged sword that the BBC will, however reluctantly ,have to report.

      The Palestine Authority, which has committed its own share of crimes, could be charged for Hamas’s war crimes. Hamas is officially part of the Palestine government and the Fatah/Abbas administration insist Gaza is an integral part of the new State of Palestine.

      Ironically because Israel has declared that they no longer intend to ratify the treaty and the ICC does not take jurisdiction where a state is willing and able, as Israel is, to properly investigate and try war crimes domestically it is at least theoretically possible that Hamas/PA will be charged with war crimes in the ICC and Israel not.

      As a point of information 31 UN member states have signed but not ratified the Treaty of Rome and 41 states have neither signed, nor acceded to the Statute. Fourteen of these states are Arab. Other Muslim states include Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Pakistan and India (not officially Muslim but with the 2nd largest Muslim population in the world).


  18. deegee says:

    Gaza: Hamas says 18 suspected informants executed I bet Hamas didn’t say ‘suspected’, either calling them convicted or leaving off the adjective. A more honest headline would be ‘Al Jazeera says Hamas executes 18 suspected informers’
    Gaza official says some of those suspected of collaborating with Israel had previously been sentenced in local courts.

    BTW according to Longmans dictionary:
    informer = someone who secretly tells the police, the army etc about criminal activities, especially for money
    informant = technical someone who gives information about their language, social customs etc to someone who is studying them

    On the other side of the coin.
    On this morning’s BBC World News (Nuala McGovern?):
    Israel warns that every house habouring militants is at risk of attack. I’m not sure what word the Israelis used because I couldn’t find a confirming reference from other sources but the chance Israel used ‘militant’ is very low.


  19. Pounce says:

    I see the bBC is spinning the story about how Hamas (which the bBC has reported as denying being behind the murders of 3 young boys) is replying -to only the bBC- about how this.LI quote:
    He also addressed the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank that helped precipitate the current crisis. He said Hamas’s leadership “were not aware of this action taken by this group of Hamas members in advance”.”We learned about these confessions from the Israeli investigation,” he said.

    What is is with the bBC and its inability to report the actual facts and not fiction when it comes to Israel. which kind of explains this little snippet from the same article:
    Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal rejected the charge that his organisation targets Israeli civilians. “We try most of the time to aim at military targets and Israeli bases,” Mr Meshaal said. “But we admit that we have a problem. We do not have the weapons available to our enemy… so aiming is difficult.”

    What is it about the bBC, which has to ensure that Islamic terrorists can only be seen as righteous and victims.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘so aiming is difficult.’

      Hence the need for those tunnels into the heart of Israeli civilian communities.

      That way they can target not just the house, the room or indeed bed of sleeping infants, but select the part of the body too.

      That is when not ‘trying’… ‘most of the time’…. to target military bases which, so far I don’t think they have got anywhere near once.

      In fact they seem to have hit their own bases a lot more. Luckily everyone from UNRa-Ra to Jezza’s Deaf, Dumb and Blind Boys ‘n Girlz in da ‘hood still count these casualties as a) ‘Civilian’ and b) IDF-caused anyway.

      Win-win. Well, except for the twerp at the wrong end, and any family members keeping the Mortar rounds cosy.


  20. Guess Who says:

    An interesting approach to ‘interviewing’. And certainly a devotee of the Mishal Husain school of moral equivalences combined with near zero grasp of politico-media realities. She’ll go far.

    Noting also her twitter feed does not have the usual weasel disclaimer, so views not her own.

    Rather clearly channeling those of Hamas and, presumably, with the blessing of her employers?

    Interesting commitment to objectivity there.


  21. deegee says:

    From the BBC template (even by BBC standards this is a messy cut-and-past job:
    Gaza conflict: Erez crossing ‘attacked’ amid Israel raids The link from the Mid East and News homepages is a more honest Israel closes Erez crossing

    Attack of the ‘scare quotes’. Is there any doubt the crossing was attacked? If there was, why didn’t a BBC person go and check? Is there any reason for Amid Israel raids in the headline other to deflect any possible blame from Hamas for attacking a crossing that benefits Gazan people?

    Israel says it has closed the Erez crossing after it came under rocket fire from Gaza, wounding four people. Well, is it closed or not? Is the BBC suggesting that the crossing remains open and Israel is lying? The photo caption, at least, expresses no doubt. Four Israelis were wounded in a rocket and mortar fire attack on the Erez crossing

    The crossing is used by aid workers, journalists and Palestinians with Israeli permits to enter or leave Gaza. Those Palestinians are almost 100% those being transferred to hospitals and their escorts. There is a field hospital at the crossing but Hamas forbids Gazans using it.

    The victims were Israeli-Arab taxi drivers, who were at the crossing to pick up wounded Gazans and bring them into Israel for medical treatment. Surely this was a colour item the BBC should have picked up on had they bothered to either visit the crossing or Ashkelon’s Barzilai hospital? It might even have picked up on the accusation by an Israeli-Arab official at Erez accusing Hamas of not caring about the well-being of the Palestinians in Gaza.

    Ashkelon BTW is under frequent daily rocket barrage.

    After this point the story ignores Erez Crossing and becomes general with BBC boilerplate about casualties.

    I expect Hamas finance chief ‘killed’ was a sub-editors oversight. The one paragraph reference to Mohamed al-Oul who was in charge of managing Hamas’ funds comes 4 paragraphs and three unrelated photographs later. Perhaps the BBC was waiting for Hamas instructions before adding detail?

    According to Israel television al-Oul was hit while driving in his car, thousands of dollars in cash was scattered by the explosion – another piece of colour detail the BBC missed.

    BTW the ‘scare quotes’ return. Is there any possibility that al-Oul wasn’t ‘killed’?

    _77147521_023608258-1.jpgCaption: A Palestinian woman and her son flee during an Israeli air strike in Gaza City Excuse my curiosity but why is no one else in the photograph running?


    • Guess Who says:

      Many good questions there.

      The BBC, luckily for the BBC, has BBC mechanisms in place at the BBC to ensure the BBC doesn’t have to answer them.


  22. Guest Who says:

    JonDon’s least favourite actually competent news analyst is again single-handedly serving the BBC its shredded reputation like a plate of jerk chicken….

    She nails them every time on what they do mis-report, but also does a pretty good job of what they exclude (reasons FOI-excluded, natch) too.

    And this rotating series of air-flown try-outs is getting silly. Are they hoping to find one that isn’t a Hamas shill and/or is prepared to actually say what’s going on when aware of certain ‘incentives’ not to stray? So far most seem to have given it a go, understood the terms, but bailed on a ‘ta but no ta’ basis as soon as they can anyway.

    And again we get the arbitrary ‘quotes’, only this time with additional ‘he whose name cannot be spoken’. In this case a child victim. Why?

    Maybe if it had been an Israeli-based stringer’s child they’d have had the poor soul out doing the rounds before Dad had got a clean shirt on, with Mishal happily ticking off her pet tally column at last?