Crocodile Tears

Islaimist fighter on parade in the Syrian province of Raqqa, 30 June 2014



The BBC tells us that….

US President Barack Obama has said the beheading of US journalist James Foley is “an act of violence that shocks the conscience of the entire world”.

Mr Obama compared Islamic State (IS), the group which made a video of Mr Foley’s killing, to a “cancer” and said its ideology was “bankrupt”.


I’m not sure why suddenly, when a journalist is killed, this behaviour from ISIS is suddenly ‘an  act of violence that shocks the world’s conscience’ when ISIS is well known for beheading people, never mind crucifying them or burying them alive, and at the end of July released a video showing the mass murder of hundreds of Iraqi men tied up and bussed out to the desert just as James Foley was….where was the ‘shocked conscience of the world’ then?


Indeed the BBC’s Frank Gardner admits as much:

Shocking as it is, the video of James Foley being beheaded by a masked jihadist is not without precedent.

But he goes on…..

Pursuing an extreme form of Sunni Islam, IS has persecuted non-Muslims such as Yazidis and Christians, as well as Shia Muslims, whom it regards as heretics.

These grisly murder videos are abhorrent to most Muslims and non-Muslims alike and they’ve even been discouraged by Osama Bin Laden’s successor as a “vote loser”.

“It (ISIS) attracts the worst kind of psychopaths,” he said. “This is not about religion. It’s not even about territory.”


Gardner plays down the religious aspect to all this….which is in fact, obviously,  central to everything ISIS does….Gardner is making a claim that ISIS carries out everything it does for no reason other than they are ‘psycopaths’,  thus Gardner tries to separate their actions from the ideology of Islam.

Unfortunately what ISIS is doing is like a full colour, live action replay of history, the history of Islam when Muhammed first swept across the Middle East introducing Islam to the world at the point of a sword taking advantage of the weakness of the Roman and Persian empires just as ISIS exploits Obama’s reluctance to stand and fight for Western values at a time when the rest of the Arab world is in turmoil…..Muhammed slaughtered whole people’s, beheading the men and enslaving the women and children….sound familiar?

This has everything to do with religion and territory….hence ISIS proclaim an Islamic Caliphate.


And as for Al Qaeda distancing itself from the extreme violence of ISIS as the BBC constantly tells us…..maybe not so much:

“We announce solidarity with our Muslim brothers in Iraq against the crusade. Their blood and injuries are ours and we will surely support them……We stand by the side of our Muslim brothers in Iraq against the American and Iranian conspiracy and their agents of the apostate Gulf rulers.”


Other than those issues Frank Gardner is totally correct.


The BBC goes on to explore the intention behind the release of the video and the possible political fallout from it.

James Foley: Extremists battle with social media

PJ Crowley: James Foley video not intended for US


The BBC looks at the use of social media and the uploading of violent images and pictures of dead Muslims as propaganda intended to shock and recruit new ISIS members to ‘defend Islam’.

The BBC tells of urgent attempts to close down such propaganda.

Which you might think was more than a little ironic when the BBC itself has spent a great deal of time and effort broadcasting similar propaganda for Jihadists.

Only today the BBC was telling us every 20 minutes or so that the Israelis had killed the wife and daughter of a Hamas member, clearly intended by the BBC to incite a negative reaction to Israeli military actions in Gaza…in other words pro-Hamas, pro-terrorist propaganda exploiting  the deaths of a girl and her mother.

Recently the BBC has been encouraging a positive image of the ‘Caliphate‘….a questionable approach when establishing a ‘Caliphate’ is a prime motivation of ISIS.

The BBC rounded up its discussion, in which 90% of the comments were pro-Caliphate, by saying that ‘For many Muslims the Caliphate is something to aspire to, to unite the community and provide a sense of security…the idea of the Caliphate’s resurrection is not forgotten.’

No kidding!


Then of course we have the output from the various BBC journalists in Gaza whose preferred choice of report centres around dead and dying children and women, blown up hospitals and schools.  There is little about Hamas, its fighters and their real intentions.

The BBC’s choice of image and tone is hardly different from that which ISIS might choose to utilise in its own propaganda.

It is therefore something of an irony that the BBC reports with a straight face the outrage at ISIS’ exploitation of social media and its shockingly violent and graphic videos that are intended to grab world Media’s attention when the BBC itself indulges in a not too dissimilar course of action.


The BBC explains why this sort of propaganda is a problem….

Frank Gardner, the BBC’s security correspondent, said the video could encourage people to join IS.


Ever wonder just how many British Jihadi recruits were ‘encouraged to join’ by the BBC’s acceptance of the extremist’s narrative that foreign policy was to blame for the ills of the Muslim world and that Muslims, both in the UK and worldwide, are oppressed by non-Muslims?



..the BBC goes on….

The Metropolitan Police said it was investigating video footage posted online showing Mr Foley being killed.

It warned that “viewing, downloading or disseminating” the video may be an offence under terrorism legislation.


Perhaps the likes of the BBC’s Jon Donnison will get their collars felt for promoting a narrative favourable to Hamas terrorists?



The BBC also tells us….

Sunday Times photographer Paul Conroy, who worked alongside Mr Foley in 2011, said: “Without him… these tyrants will get away with things without people probing and pushing to show people what’s really happening in these war zones.”


Perhaps the BBC would like to show us where they have ‘probed and pushed to show people what’s really happening in a Gaza controlled by the ‘tyrants’ of Hamas.’





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57 Responses to Crocodile Tears

  1. #88 says:

    ‘ISIS is well known for beheading people. ..’

    I was driving to the airport last Thursday, increasingly irritated by a discussion on 5 Live, the chief protagonist being hard left Miliband-ite, Paul Flynn

    Belittling those that see a gathering storm he, with the deepest insensitivity, accused people of losing their heads.

    Needless to say, he got away with it. A Tory saying such things would have been hounded out of office by now – not least by Flynn’s hosts at the BBC.


  2. deegee says:

    Obama is so upset he is thinking of making Foley into a hashtag like #bringbackourgirls.


    • noggin says:

      “Imam Kerry did not explain how the Islamic State is violating the Religion of Peace. He is just sure that they must be doing so. ”

      “an ugly insult to the peaceful religion they violate every day with their barbarity.”

      Maybe Arch Imam Camoron, gave him some advice? … after consulting with his Guru … Muslim Brotherhood founders Grandson T Ramadan, or his OIC activist S Warsi?
      David Cameron – Islam Is Peaceful and Compatible with Democracy – UN General Assembly


      • DP111 says:

        The media, and even some bloggers, are perplexed how such barbaric beheadings could take place in the 21st century.

        Given their assumption that all cultures are alike, but some, like Christianity, are more worse then others, it must be hard to analyze such events when starting from a totally wrong assumption.

        Advice to all media pundits – al Qaeda, Hamas, al Nusra, Palestinian Jihad, Lakshar al Taeba, Boko Haram etc etc, and their barbarities, are not because of local or regional grievances, such as unemployment, or marginalization. The answer is Jihad, as ordained in the Koran and the life of Mohammed.


      • Joeb says:

        Yes, file alongside Simon Hughes and that disgusting speech he made. We all know the one…


  3. Thoughtful says:

    The single most shocking thing about the killing of James Foley has been the reaction of UK dhimmi politicians. In particular David Cameron.

    “The PM said James Foley’s killing was “deeply shocking””

    Really? REALLY? It shouldn’t be shocking at all, if he’d been listening to those of us ring out the warning bells! We’ve seen this coming a long time, and it’s certainly nothing like as shocking as the similar method when Lee Rigby was killed.
    The reaction I gave, although finding it gruesome and deeply uncivilised was a shake of the head and “that’s Islam for you” a much more accurate reaction!

    “but warned it was “not a time for a knee-jerk reaction”. ”

    In other words the government is not going to do anything what so ever to tackle this problem.

    “He also said the government would “redouble” efforts to stop Britons travelling to fight in Iraq and Syria.”

    How much do you end up with when you double nothing? And more to the point what is the point of ‘stopping’ young wound up Jihadis travelling to fight what they see as a holy war, and then doing nothing when you have?
    This is typical of Cameron using the ‘politicians syllogism’ in the negative changing ‘something must be done’ into ‘nothing must be done’. What he is telling us that these belligerent men should be sent home for their parents to deal with, which we all know means a double dose of nothing being done.
    Because the BBC refuses to broadcast the verses in the Qur’an and the other texts which support Jihad, and those which counter it. To do this would be to make people aware that Islam does indeed contain aggressive belligerent verses and they aren’t going to let that happen!
    So Cameron’s vision for Briton is keeping a stack of Jihadis in the UK without any kind of de-toxification. What a great idea that is !

    “Let’s be clear what this act is – it is an act of murder, and murder without any justification,” he told BBC political editor Nick Robinson.”

    Just goes to show that the man has either not got the first clue when it comes to Islam, or he’s lying, pure & simple.

    Here’s the justification:
    [Remember] when your Lord inspired to the angels, “I am with you, so strengthen those who have believed. I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieved, so strike [them] upon the necks and strike from them every fingertip.”

    Qur’an 8:12

    “The PM said “far too many” British citizens had travelled to Syria and Iraq to take part in the fighting there ”

    By some accounts there are 1500 there, hopefully few of them will return, but the UK government has managed to prevent the grand total of none of them. Redoubling the effort still means none will be prevented. In addition seeing as we can’t control our borders, and Cameron has cut back so deeply on border security that we will never be able to prevent anyone coming in or going out.

    “The fight against Islamic extremism required “resolve” and “patience”, he added.”

    We will do nothing different to what we’re doing now even though it isn’t working !

    “Proposals for “even tougher laws” would be looked at, he said, but there would be no knee-jerk reaction.”

    We will make an appearance of doing something without actually doing anything, to pacify the majority population.

    As foreign secretary Philip Hammond confirms:
    “This is something we have been tracking and dealing with for many many months and I don’t think this video changes anything.”

    The real truth comes at the end and has to be spoken by a Muslim to comply with the UKs anti freedom laws:

    British IS recruits were “not there to take a back seat role” and many were becoming “hardened killers”.

    He told the Today programme that British fighters were “operating as suicide bombers; we have seen them operating as executioners.

    “Unfortunately they are amongst some of the most vicious and vociferous fighters who are out there.”

    He called on the Muslim community to “work with intelligence services and the government and everyone else to make sure that this poison doesn’t reach our borders”.

    Of course we all call on the Muslim community to do that, but the utter supine complacency of the Prime Minister is going to do nothing but assist Jihadis in their desire to kill infidels.


    • Ken says:

      “He called on the Muslim community to “work with intelligence services and the government and everyone else to make sure that this poison doesn’t reach our borders”.”

      Who are those Muslim community leaders loyal to? Our government who they blame for starting a war with Islam in their lands, thus necissitating “defensive Jihad” and justifying all the verses in the Quoran relating to executing infidels and non-believers? or do they owe their alliegence to Allahand the restoration of the Caliphate and the new Caliph who implements the will of Allah?

      When they contintuously brainwash themselves hundreds of times a day with the Takbir, reminding themselves at ALL times that there are non greater than Allah, that they owe everything to Allah and NO human authority can replace the laws of Allah… Who are they going to listen to?

      When in Islam, at times of Jihad, there follows an Islamic duty of all Muslims to use Taqiyya to deceive the unbelievers and lead them into traps so that more non-believers can be converted, enslaved or killed, can we even consider trusting them to put the interests of the majority of the people in THIS country ahead of their devotion to Allah, Mohammad and the new Caliph?

      Not a chance. Islam is NOT a religion of peace. It is a totalitarian theocracy dedicated to ONLY killing or converting infidels.


  4. Old Goat says:

    Frenetic reporting today about how we have to find the monster responsible for the murder of Mr. Foley, at all costs, and bring him to justice. Why? He’s a small cog in a large wheel – they’re ALL at it, not just him, whatever his background. Should he ever be captured alive, and brought back to the Former UK, what’s going to happen? A trial, or two, with learned lawyers on his side, as well as ours, and, if eventually convicted, prison.

    Better to just go after the lot of ’em, and have done with it – and make a start by thinning them out in the UK, where they’re not wanted (except, of course by the liberal hand-wringers, and outfits like the Guardian, and the BBC – and we all know which side of the bread is buttered in both cases).


    • Thoughtful says:

      theoretically anyone found to have been fighting for ISIS could be charged under the joint enterprise laws. Laws which were enacted by the corrupt BLiar government soley to convict the accused in the Stephen Lawrence case.

      The fact that individual crimes will be impossible to prove to a criminal standard means that joint enterprise is the only feasible way to secure a conviction.

      Unfortunately as you might have guessed once it has been used as a tool to gain conviction for a political case, the lefties now don’t want it any more, and the BBC have already begun the campaign to get rid of it.


      • Guess Who says:

        “once it has been used as a tool to gain conviction for a political case, the lefties now don’t want it any more, and the BBC have already begun the campaign to get rid of it”

        One could ask the BBC to explain any change of heart, but them needing to answer would probably be exempted.


    • Llareggub says:

      If arrested and brought here – ten years of resisting US requests for extradition, interviews with his friends and family by sympathetic BBC reporters who will tell us he was a promising student, an athlete, very serious, and liked by everyone. Someone must have radicalised him


  5. Corinium says:

    No, let’s not kill this murderer. Don’t let him have the pleasure of a jihadic death. Better to hunt him down and then hand him over to the Americans and let him rot in an American Supermax for the rest of his life. Now that really would **** him off.


  6. Mice Height says:

    Farage: Use 144 year old law act to strip jihadists of British citizenship –


    • deegee says:

      Soldiers in the IDF with UK passports?
      Australia gets around a similar law by calling them conscripts.


    • Ron Todd says:

      Cameron is worrying how to stop British Muslims going to Syria or Iraq the rest of us worry about how to stop them coming back here.


  7. A Teddy called Moh says:

    Has anyone in the media asked David Cameron or William Hague if they still want to arm and provide air support to IS rebels?


    • George R says:


      “Foley first kidnapped by Obama-funded ‘moderate’ Free Syrian Army group”

      [Robert Spencer, excerpt]:-

      “Then he was turned over to the Islamic State as a token of this Free Syrian Army group’s allegiance to the new caliphate. The Free Syrian Army are the “moderates” to whom the Obama Administration has given weapons in Syria. Thus the incoherence of the Obama foreign policy is laid bare: he is funding what he considers to be heroic freedom fighters in Syria who, when they cross over into Iraq, become bloodthirsty terrorists.”


      • Thoughtful says:

        The US has always had an incompetent foreign policy !
        The CIA are complete incompetents as proven over time, but over confident and brutal with it.
        The proof of this is the 9/11 debacle where the CIA failed to recognise the coming attack, and the CIA chief so utterly useless that when a sniper had Bin Laden in the cross hairs he was incapable of making a simple yes no decision. He lost his job for that but was replaced by someone equally incompetent.
        This is the issue with the public sector, which champions everything which is bad in a person.
        The Weapons of Mass Destruction was another colossal goof, just reinforcing the US are not as smart as they think.
        On the other hand the policy of extraordinary rendition where suspects were sent abroad to be tortured shows such a lack of a moral compass that it disgraces the US flag. We made torture illegal back in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I !

        Of course BLiar was an enthusiastic participant in all this despite public opposition and the advice of specialists. As a BLiar worshipper Cameron would rush to emulate him.


      • chrisH says:

        The Assad spokeswoman on Channel 4 News tonight said exactly the same thing.
        Foley had gone to Syria in direct contradiction of Syrian advice-no visa, no permission…and Assads Government DID say this last year…but the likes of Snow would not be able to watch the results of undercover filming…and the BBC could not benefit either.
        So Foley got caught by the FSA-and the woman in Damascus said tonight that they handed him over to ISIS.
        Any honeyed words from Obama then are redundant-their former allies and potential chums handed an American over to a hideous death.
        Well done Democrats.
        But Snow wonders why Assads beleaguered, battered regime aren`t throwing themselves at the Sharia black flag flying in Aleppo…he seems to have seen it on some film somewhere.
        Any thoughts why Snow isn`t there with his white poppy, throwing eggy bread at ISIS citadels?…worrawanka!


    • I wrote to my supposedly informed MP a year ago saying it was folly to get involved in Syria. He wrote back (a very nice letter actually) disagreeing with me. He is Harvard educated by the way. I won’t rub it in. But seriously. You do wonder…


      • Ken says:

        I seriously wonder if any of those MPs (from all parties) who voted for going to war in Syria have the capacity to fire 2 neurons to realise what they would have unleashed if they had won that vote?

        One year on from the Sarin attack in Damascus, Putin’s sobre and timely intervention has allowed Assad’s most lethal chemical WMD stockpiles to be destroyed peacefully. This is something to celebrate.

        Had that vote in the commons gone the other way, we could have toppled Assad by now, handed Damascus to “moderate rebels” who would have then been slaughtered by ISIL and we would have handed Syria, and ALL her chemical WMD to ISIS right on Israel’s border!

        Thank God Putin stood up for sanity and reason, because OUR entire establishment were utterly incompetent and it is only through incredibly good luck in the timing of that vote, that it was defeated.

        Miliband dithered and changed his mind so many times in the days running up to that vote that it was only by luck and happenstance that it happened to occur on one of the moments when he happened to oppose it. If it had taken place the day before, he would have ordered labour to abstain, and the vote may well have passed. the day before that he was in favour, the day before that was another abstention…

        And yet we STILL have commentators in the MSM claiming that we were wrong to NOT invade Syria against Assad!!! The mind boggles.


  8. Pounce says:

    I’ve just read this bBC article regards the killing fields of Syria and that nobody cares. Muslims are being murdered by the Syrian Government and nobody cares.

    I get the impression its a surreptitious way in which to legitimise the actions of those British men sorry did I say men, I meant murdering scum who sign up for a tour of Murder,death,kill.



  9. Llareggub says:

    Cameron will act. First he will claim that beheadings are not supported by Islam. Then he will increase surveillance of those who resist increasing Islamic incursions in this country. Advice to all: do not go near a mosque with a packet of bacon. Cameron and his government will not allow a backlash against the religion of peace.


    • Philip says:

      Cameron may act tough before an election but its about to get tough for everybody after the general election – from the direction of the EU. Heavy duty powers of arrest have been approved (and no Habeus Corpus in the EU state or UK). One of those crimes (there are over 110,000 silly public laws already) one will be opposing Islamic culture. This process of appeasement will inevitably escalate the war into London as we have more to loose with our BBC led home grown terrorists. The EU is not that much interested in our security problems as power will soon exist to make protesters (or demonstrators) within the EU elite will become increasingly banned by all EU states as things fall apart and the UK population start to blame the EU elite. This is our future…..


  10. Pounce says:

    Oh look the bBC write an article in which to claim that Anti-Semitism which people are saying is on the rise is a myth.
    Is there a ‘rising tide’ of anti-Semitism in the West?
    Following the recent conflict between Israel and Palestinians in Gaza, there have been reports from a number of countries of attacks targeting Jews. But does the evidence support claims that anti-Semitism is on the rise?

    Loved this snippet:
    In the countries with better data, the picture is mixed. In Germany anti-Semitic acts declined in the decade to 2011, before rising slightly in 2012.
    Good news or what, but hang on out of the countries polled which country do you think is at the top of the list by a long shot:

    l’ll leave you with the words the bBC finishes its article with:
    So while the overall trends are harder to discern, the current nature and level of anti-Semitic incidents are enough to make some Jewish people feel afraid.

    The bBC, the apologist for Islamic intolerance in the UK


  11. Llareggub says:

    I saw what I believed to be the unedited version of the beheading before we were informed by the BBC that it may be illegal to watch or share it. A couple of things struck me as rather odd. He did not appear to be reading from a script; it was a well rehearsed speech. He did not appear scared. Unlike so many grisly videos that ISIS have shown this was edited at the point where the knife was placed near his throat and ended with a shot of a decapitated corpse . Foley’s family have reacted in a rather restrained manner. We also know that Foley was sympathetic to Sunni rebels in Syria.

    I am not a conspiracy theorist but there may be grounds for scepticism regarding the officially accepted view. If, however, a journalist was not murdered, then who, we might ask, was the victim shown at the end of the video?

    I am sure that the video will help to put US and UK boots on the ground and maybe an intervention in Syria.


  12. Pounce says:

    Just listened to the bBC news at 10am on Radio 2.

    They are now pushing the angle that the Government isn’t doing enough to combat British Muslims going out to wage Jihad. Yup according to the man from the Muslim Council of Britain, the UK isn’t communicating with large Islamic orgs, you know like the MCB in which to try and understand why Muslims, yes muslims pack their chef kit and bugger off abroad looking for a computer course,wife, getting of drugs course etc…

    Hang didn’t the British Government do just that after the bombings in 2005. Why yes they did and what was MCBs findings about the 7/7 bombings

    Get rid of Holocaust day as Muslims find it offensive

    All I see is an attempt by Muslims to be able to effect British governmental policy to support their relgious direction.


  13. George R says:

    Yes, the attitude of the British political class, inc INBBC, towards Islam is that of the ‘DHIMMI’.


    “The homegrown jihadists fighting for ISIS:
    “How one in four foreigners who have signed up for Islamic State is British – and how half of them are ALREADY back in the UK.
    “500 of the 2,000 estimated foreign ISIS fighters are believed to be British.
    “MP believes that figures are ‘nonsense’ and figure closer to 2,000 Britons.
    “Majority are flying to Istanbul then catching a bus over the Syrian border.
    “Government reveals that only 23 passports have been seized this year.
    “More British Muslims fighting for ISIS than serving in the British Army .”

    Read more:


  14. John Anderson says:

    Frank Gardiner says that IS and presumably other terrorist organisations are not really religious – they are just psychopaths.

    If that is the case – can any psychopath toddle across and join IS.

    Gardiner is paid a lot of money to be an “intelligence” expert. 20 years on – how can he still deny that the likes of IS and Hamas are driven primarily by Islam ? Just look at all the individual cases of jihadists – do they sound like psychopaths before they join the jihad – or is it the joining of the jihad that makes them psychopaths ??


  15. Thoughtful says:

    Just as a footnote to my earlier piece about US ‘intelligence’ being utterly incompetent. There is a story now coming out that US special forces attempting to rescue the hostages, and ending up in a gun battle with IS forces.
    There were no hostages because the incompetent US intelligence agencies had got it wrong – yet again.


    • Guest Who says:

      Competence with intelligence in such a theatre is likely tricky and relative.

      From what you say they risked a shot (literal and figurative) and sadly it did not pay off.

      But at least they tried. And I’m guessing most hostages in course of long incarceration with a beheading at the end more than likely, would be grateful for the attempt. Even if they did live to survive.

      So I’ll give US intel and and special forces the benefit of a bit of slack being cut here.

      Because there seem way too many ready to criticise for doing nothing but also not doing something to 100% plan.

      When a Chinook full of BBC forecourt Gaffa Tape warriors or online armchair generals are first down the abseil rope and pull off a clean rescue and extraction I’ll pay heed to such folk.

      I can only hope that if it was ‘just’ IS/IS (I have heard that they seem to be rebranding to Psycho Classic again) vs. Delta or Rangers, it was a straight combat situation and the former did not see the outcome progress necessarily to their advanatage.


      • Thoughtful says:

        The point though is not an isolated failure, it is one in a catalogue of major errors made by the US intelligence agency.
        Fair comment if it was a one off fail though.


  16. Llareggub says:

    Here is a suggestion to assist in the hunt for the British Jihadist with a recognizable voice. Comb all the BBC archives for records of interviews with muslim militants, activists, freedom fighters, rebels and all. Then cross examine all BBC reporters who have interviewed Jihadists.


    • Guest Who says:

      That poor geezer bumped down the ranks from Newsnight to archives must be dreading this.

      all this time getting stuff ready for the Flokkers to access for a nifty drive-by, and now he’s facing being told to ‘lose’ a whole lot PDQ.


      • Guest Who says:

        It’s also all starting to sound like a dodgy mash-up of ‘This is Your Life’ and ‘Blind Date’.

        The Telegraph (£) has a French bloke who says he once danced with a man who danced with a girl who danced the Prince of Wales. Or something.

        The notion that, one guessed by a contestant, a panel slides back to reveal ‘John’ to a gaping or baying horde, makes Running Man or Hunger games seem less the stuff of sick fiction.


  17. AngusPangus says:

    Naga Munchetty on BBC Breakfast this morning extemporised that she was sure that the Black Beatle would not have gone to Syria with the intention of cutting off folks’s heads and stuff, that he probably went for humanitarian reasons and was then corrupted when he got there.

    Is this supposed to be news programme or Jackaf***ingnory?? Why I am forced to pay for Naga Munchetty’s made-up-on-the-spot-reported-as-fact fairy story attempting to excuse and justify this barbaric animal’s decision to go do jihad in Syria??

    Disgraceful, apologist crap.


    • Guest Who says:

      Like Lord Pantone’s ‘belief’, Naga’s level of ‘sure’ is hardly compelling on an objective basis.

      But I am minded to concede she is simply diversity eye candy stretched beyond capacity, and that one was what popped into her pretty little head.

      I remain very, very unimpressed with Mishal Husain’s carnage counter, and whatever she is, daft is not one.


      • AngusPangus says:

        I agree; I think her remark was quite naive and innocent; it was like her poor little liberal English Lit degree brain could not process the fact that the ideology of Islam in and of itself can motivate someone from this country to think: “Right, I’m off to saw off someone’s head”, despite recent proof to the contrary on the streets of Woolwich. Nevertheless, it’s not for her to just make shit up on the spot.

        I also agree that Ms Husain seems to be intellectually smart, and dangerous to boot. She appears to have …… how can I put this ….. an agenda. Whereas Naga likes golf.


    • dave s says:

      Soon millions of us will stop listening to this crap from the liberaL media and the BBC.
      It sounds crap . It is crap and they know we know it is crap.
      Best the media shuts up for a while.
      Inwardly digest and reflect upon the crap and the lies they put out.
      This country no longer needs them.
      As for Cameron what can you say in his defence?
      Can’t think of anything myself.


      • regag says:

        Our politicians and our media, above all the BBC, are only fit for the rubbish dump.


  18. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The main reason that many Muslims are attracted to a Caliphate is its last four letters.


  19. King says:

    ‘“It (ISIS) attracts the worst kind of psychopaths,” he said. “This is not about religion. It’s not even about territory.”’

    Can you point out where in the article it says that? because I can’t see it.
    Why does it say ‘he said’ if its Gardner talking?

    The rest about the BBC recruiting for IS is Alan’s usual guff.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘Can you point out where in the article it says that? because I can’t see it.’

      “BBC Nelson’s Telescope” Ed rules apply?

      But fair question. You could ask: ‘Are you in Syria or the wider region? What is your reaction to this story? You can send us your comments by emailing [email protected] using the subject line “James Foley”.

      Good luck with that.

      I do also notice this, mind: Last updated at 19:40


    • Pounce says:

      KIng wrote:
      Can you point out where in the article it says that? because I can’t see it. Why does it say ‘he said’ if its Gardner talking?
      If you gravitate to the website linked into above, you will come to this bBC web page on the subject. At the bottom is a little black audio box. Click on that and at around 2 mins 30s you’ll hear Frank say just that.


      • Guest Who says:

        Oh dear.

        But, to be fair, he did say he couldn’t see it. And if his browser is anything like mine 90% of the time is says ‘This content does not seem to be working. Please try again later’.

        So by BBC semantics, all still applies.



        • King says:

          Thanks for the reply pointing out it was in the audio. That’s all I asked, it was just a simple question.

          I don’t know what that maniac Guest Who is on, but I think I’ll pass.


          • Guest Who says:

            Maniac? That’s a new one.

            Didn’t take you long to lose the facade again, did it?

            Now you mention it, I wonder what the BBC’s reaction to ‘mere asking’ most often is?


        • Not Henry Lenny says:

          The article has been edited since . The quote about it not being about religion etc was in the original .


  20. stuart says:

    what a sickening few days it has been listening to not only on the bbc but all other media outlets and all these discussions about why these so called british muslim fascists islamists go out beheading babys and commiting genocide and mass rape of defenceless christian women in iraq,who bloody cares why these islamo fascists do what they do,but have you noticed there is never no mention of the word muslim or islam when these pc morons in the media and the leftists look for excuses for all these retards mass murderersr of islam.the truth is and even these islamo fascists admit this is that they kill in the name of islam and the koran,when they are cutting heads of they dont read verses out of the bible it is always the koran of evil. when they are cutting babys heads off they do it in the name of the koran of evil and scream allah hu akbar.i am sick of this excuse making for nazi fascist islam.9/11.7/7.the beheading of trooper lee rigby.after all these atrocitys we have had the leftist excuse makers out making excuses for these islamo fascists.we know why these retards of islam do what the do,the retards of islam know why they do what they do,they do it in the name of islam and the koran of evil.simple as that bbc and other media moronic outlets.


  21. stuart says:

    now.what these 3rd world islamist retards so called british muslims done to that poor james foley is obscene and i hope when the sas get hold of them they are missing there heads,but i have a worry here about journalists,i read that james foley was kidnapped in libya last year by al qaeda,yes he was released and that was good,surely western journalist should know there fate if they end up in war zones like syria and iraq and must be gambling with there own lifes here,surely james foleys family network and freinds should of prevented him from going to that hellhole full of islamist headcutting retards in iraq.


    • AngusPangus says:

      It seems that the tragic Mr Foley had swallowed the Arab Spring/noble freedom fighter guff hook, line and sinker and had gone there with the intention of saying nice things about those jolly good rebel chaps and and how they were having a most dreadful time at the hands of the very evil Mr Assad, who really should be deposed Toot Sweet. On that basis, since he was on “their side”, what could possibly go wrong? Know your enemy, look before you leap etc.


  22. Joeb says:

    Thanks for the photo at the top of the new BBC News editor…


  23. TheHighlandRebel says:

    They don’t need to go to Jihad.
    They can just say no no no.