Nazi flag flown by Palestinians from a Mosque in Beit Omar



The BBC have a great reluctance to mention anything to do with *****….as mentioned earlier they concentrate on other things that set the anti-Israel tone for the viewer, listener or reader.

And again, look at the BBC’s MIddle East page and these are some of its top stories:



No sign of this day old report though on the BBC [via BBC Watch):

Israel says it foiled Hamas plan for massive attacks on Israel, coup against PA


93 arrests made, Shin Bet says, thwarting Hamas preparations for third intifada; Abbas says revelation a threat to Palestinian unity



Absolutely astonishing that the BBC ignores this massive story considering what is going on in Gaza and the fact that Fatah and ***** have recently formed a Unity government.

Can it possibly be that once again when a report comes out that shows ***** in a bad light the BBC looks to cover up for them?

Listening to the World Service the preferred term to describe Israel’s ‘opponent’ is ‘Palestinian factions’. …still no mention of *****.





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18 Responses to ‘*****’

  1. Henry Wood says:

    Again, I have to simply admire your indefatigable research into these news items. I do usually know quite a bit about them myself as I have chosen to subscribe to many independent news sources. Sources far, far away from the now *accursed* (biased is to weak a description) BBC news channels.
    I think I have mentioned before, I once relied on the BBC for my news from all over the world no matter where I was living/working at the time. (And I worked in some ‘strange’ places!)
    Those days, and the irreproachable standards once part and parcel of the BBC, are now long gone. Thanks to the Internet I can converse with some people (and some of their offspring) who I knew in the countries where I once worked. They too now find the BBC to be an untrustworthy source of information in the modern day and age. When they see a “story” on any BBC site which concerns or affects them, they *IMMEDIATELY* cut and paste the headline into Google news to try and find out if any further facts are available on that story.

    Inevitably there are. Inevitably there is more truth on news sites which would once have been dismissed as “propaganda” outlets.

    Today, the propaganda is broadcast by the BBC.


    • hippiepooter says:

      A second salute to Alan’s ‘indefatigability’, and great comment Henry. I hope you decide to submit some contributions some day.


  2. stuart says:

    the bbc and there presenters on radio 5 live are gutless cowards when it comes to reporting items highlighted in this blog, there politacal correctness when it comes to these hamas nazi flag waving fascists is just mindblowing,i just looked at the latest headlines on the bbc website and its ( islamist militants kills us reporter) no its not bbc, the real headline should be muslim terrorist isis murderer with british accent beheads american journalist joe foley in the most cowardly way.whats with the nice words milltant and kill bbc and.oh yes he is from britian this headcutting muslim isis retard and know doubt the bbc wont mention the fact that he is muslim and pakistani because they are so politacal correct whether its hamas terrorists or isis terrorists murdering in the name of there demented religion of peace called islam.god the bbc makes me mad using this word militant.


  3. deegee says:

    The International site leads with none of this.
    Mid East page:
    20 August 2014 Last updated at 05:17 GMT
    ‘Nine killed’ in Gaza as truce ends
    UN launches northern Iraq aid push
    Saudis executed for drugs possession

    The three stories are mentioned as other top stories

    The Home page leads with Militants ‘kill reporter on video’. Surely a Mid-East story and one where the ridiculousness of the label militants is obvious?

    What the BBC don’t tell you presumably because they are as so often recycling agency reports. The Terrorist in the ‘Righteous Gentile’ Family House

    The Jewish Chronicle story is perhaps a legitimate story although I don’t recall the BBC apologising for not running the DEC ad last Gaza war. The whole issue of aid to a ‘civilian’ population during a war needs discussion.

    The wedding story was big in Israel, bigged up by Israel’s media. The ‘right’ of protest is a part of liberal democracy and exists in none of the surrounding countries. That’s true even if the cause is unreasonable or even nutty. The BBC is once again repeating an agency story.


  4. Danny Taggart says:

    Finding the news of the captive American journalist beheaded by a British ISIS fighter a little distressing.

    I live near a very large population of the lefts favourite cultural enrichers in the South east where the person who performed this evil act appears to come from and my wife and I now genuinely fear for our young families safety.

    There is little doubt that he will come back here and melt back into the Islamic population. This in itself terrifies us and is the kind of thing the BBC should be reporting on for the safety of the subjects of this once great land.

    Sadly I feel we are ultimately going to be lambs to the slaughter as no one takes our fears seriously. We are considering emigrating before it’s too late. The Left have a massive case to answer for and if they belive that Islam won’t come for them then they are sorely mistaken.


    • Guest Who says:

      Your community would, clearly, be seen as one justified to be living in fear.

      Any sign yet of BBC Newsnight roving reporters on a special mission to assess the local anxieties?

      Maybe a BBC chopper (that is slang for helicopter for the benefit of the house outragists) hovering about hoping for a scoop?


      Ah well, maybe an errant meat product decorating a door of the wrong upstairs storeroom cum palace of worship will see Tulip & the rest of the girls (plus some women) absailing down from Crookie’s Chinookie to feel the fear in the neigbourhood that really resonates in the newsrom as ‘news’ ((c) A. Newsroom Tealady), with a spokesleader from Tell Porkies handed the mic and left to get on with whatever he feels like?


    • Ralph says:

      Perhaps your fears might be quelled if those who must recognise the voice of the animal who committed the murder go to the police at the earliest opportunity. Let’s see.


  5. Roderick says:

    In case anyone should hark back to a “golden age” of absolute BBC truth and impartiality, let me relate a true incident that happened in January 1986. I was in Uganda and a coup was under way, the very coup that installed the present Government. As you might expect, the local power supply and landline telephones were shut down during the coup, so as not to aid the (then) enemy. This meant that one’s main source of information on what was happening in the mayhem outside was the BBC World Service, listened to through the static of short-wave on a portable battery-powered radio.

    It rapidly became clear that the BBC was relying for its reports on recycled gossip and rumour from foreign journalists safely ensconced in the Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya. The hacks were usually to be found at the very agreeable bar of that particular establishment. The type of story that the BBC ran, beginning with: “Here at the front line….” was in reality a work of near-fiction put together by drinking buddies located in a neighbouring country.


    • nofanofpoliticians says:

      Off topic, I can attest to the pleasantness of that bar, which I have visited on many an evening after work, although not since about 2008.

      I am not a journalist, but I can only imagine how such a place would have seemed attractive to seasoned hacks of the time. Kenya in 1986 was, however, a very different (and some would say, more dangerous ) place to the one of 2007 even, and it is possible to imagine how those hacks might have taken their surroundings into account whilst amusing themselves at the bar.


    • John Anderson says:

      Sounds like “Scoop” by Evelyn Waugh


  6. Alfred The Geat says:

    Look guys the premise of this site is a good one but it’s just so blimmin’ obvious now that it’s not making any difference to anything. The same complaints have been going on for years about this erstwhile organisation and it’s made not a jot of difference if anything the BBC is even more left-wing than ever like most other powerful institutions in the UK. We can complain forever but it’s not making a jot of difference in five years Littlejohn, Hitchens et al will be writing about and complaining about all the same things we’re just going round in circles! Just stop watching the BBC simples! It’s probably much too late to save this country now, but the fact that any of the people on here seriously believe that voting Tory is going to make any difference! The question is just what is this site doing to change anything?!


    • deegee says:

      It is the work of Sisyphus. There is some evidence however that the BBC monitors this site and has been known to make stealth changes.

      In the longer term the BBC’s unique business plan depends in no small way on public acceptance. The more people who object to paying for it and/or the quality/credibility of the service the more chance of the politicians taking notice.

      Sites like BBBC let the ‘rebels’ know they are not alone.


    • Chop says:

      Stopping watching the BBC does not stop me having to fund it.

      So, as I have to part fund it, I need to know what is being said on the back of my funding.

      I also need to pay for the BBC in order to access any channel that I do wish to watch (Live)…hardly sounds fair, does it?

      What I see, from the BBC, I do not like, I want out of this contract that I never agreed to, nor signed.


    • Alex says:

      Personally, I never had the belief that this site was going to be the downfall of the BBC. I enjoy just having a forum through which I can share my hatred of the BBC with like-minded folk. It might not be the death knell just yet for the lefty behemoth, but the chorus of loathing on this site does add to a growing anger, in this country and across Europe, with the Left; and who knows where this sizeable exasperation might lead in the future. As Tesco says: ‘Every little helps.’


    • dave s says:

      Gradually the word is being spread and the monstrous edifice of liberalism is starting to crack. This I see as a main function of the site. The BBC is a keystone of the discredited liberal elite’s approach to life.
      Round Europe and the West there is the beginning of a new detrmination to defend our culture and way of life. The BBC is not part of this and never will be.
      I have no interest in reforming the BBC. It is part of the problem afflicting this country. Keep reading and keep discussing. You will be surprised how many are ready to listen. The numbers are growing all the time.
      Events change people’s attitudes and at the moment one might say events are coming thick and fast.
      I will be surprised if the England of 2020 bears much relation to that of 2014.
      That I hope it is for the better goes without saying. We must remember that time and chance happens to us all.
      The conservative knows this but the liberal never does.


  7. George R says:

    Some history for INBBC-

    “The Muslim Colonists”

    [Opening excerpt, by Pamela Geller]:-

    “More background that the enemedia and academic elite haters choose to ignore or refuse even look at.

    “’The Muslim Colonists: Forgotten Facts about the Arab-Israeli Conflict,’ by Ezequiel Doiny, August, 2014.

    “The Yazidi in Iraq and the Christian Copts in Egypt are not ‘occupiers’ or ‘settlers;’ neither are the Jews in Israel. They are both victims of a common enemy that seems to want a Middle East free of non-Muslims.

    “The current Palestinian narrative is that all Muslims in Palestine are natives and all Jews are settlers. This narrative is false. There has been a small but almost continuous Jewish presence in Palestine since the destruction of Jerusalem by Rome two thousand years ago, and, as we will see, most of the Muslims living in Palestine when the state of Israel was declared in 1948 were Muslim colonists from other parts of the Ottoman Empire who had been resettled and living in Palestine for fewer than 60 years.”

    – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/08/muslim-colonists.html/#sthash.CIUdlHzb.dpuf


  8. Guest Who says:

    A fair while ago I watched a movie called The Siege


    Pretty dark, and depressing, but given the time possibly ahead of it. Certainly I don’t recall it being re-run much or mentioned.

    Even at the time I was struck by the role of the General, played by Bruce Willis. He knew what was going on, warned of the consequences, and despite appreciating the FUBAR created by those trying to meddle, does what he feels necessary to a sad end.

    The synopsis does not include an early scene I recall, when the General tells the idealists they won’t like what they need him to do. As I recall they rather forget this when they regain control once the latest mess they created subsides.

    Must try and relocate it.