Setting The Tone


Babysitting, Hamas style



Fascinating what the BBC concentrates on in the Gaza conflict…not the fighting, or the reasons for it but the buildings turned to rubble, the children injured and the infrastrucutre damaged….all reports designed to make the audience react in a way sympathetic to the Palestinians and angry towards the Israelis….note all the sub-headlines….all about the damage, Israel, the blockade…but no ‘Hamas’…


bbc headline israel



And what of that headline…Israel hits Gaza after new rockets?

What….did Israel get a new delivery of rockets and decide to launch them at Gaza?

Funny how when Hamas & Co launch attacks on Israel and Israel responds the BBC always reports that ‘Israel strikes Gaza…..after rockets’

It’s never ‘Hamas launches unprovoked attack on Israel and Israel strikes Hamas’ military locations.’

























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16 Responses to Setting The Tone

  1. Pounce says:

    So I’m reading the bBC news about Israel and Gaza and from the bBC , that Israel has been launching air strikes after 3 little rockets were launched from Gaza. You know what think, Israel is getting out of order. Then I read reuters and find out that actually rather than 3, over 40 rockets have been launched including long range one at Tel Aviv . Which has resulted in the Military ordering air raid shelters in TA to be opened, in returned they have struck back 30 times.

    That people is how the bBC has poisoned the minds of so many people in the West that Israel can only be Evil. and instead of the above what does the bBC give us..A child has been killed by an airstrike.


    • Henry Wood says:

      Precisely! As soon as I heard the “ceasefire” had been broken, I went looking for true facts.
      Facts like dozens and dozens of rockets raining down on Israel and every single one of them being boasted as an attack by The Hamas because they did not get their way in the Cairo “peace” talks.

      The Hamas in “peace talks”!!!???!!!

      Do not ever accept Mister BBC NewsReader’s, Mister BBC NewsEditor’s, Mister BBC Reporter’s, Mister BBC Middle East “Analyser/Experts” views or even opinions, because I will never, ever, *EVER* accept your interpretations of news, facts, truth in any way, shape or form.


    • John Anderson says:

      I read that rockets were aimed at Jerusalem as well as Tel Aviv. And Israel is supposed to sit back and take it ?


    • richard D says:

      Once again, like so many other times recently when cease-fires have been violated, all I have heard from the BBC on the web, radio and TV this morning was that the cease-fire has ‘….crumbled’, ‘….. broken down’, etc., etc.

      If Israel had broken the ceasefire (or actually if Israel were to do anything unilaterally to defend itself at all) then blame and outrage would be laser-targeted by the BBC, and there would be no wishy-washy, third-party, neutral expressions obscuring the clarity as to who was responsible.

      As ever with the BBC – bias by omission.


  2. chrisH says:

    Good old Kirsty is more than happy to buy some Palestinian stooges claim that those rockets fired into Israel-and broke the ceasefire-were not fired by Hamas.
    And is able to find a Daniel Baremboim to stick the boot into the Israelis as well.
    After a lull in hostilities then, the BBC have broken the ceasefire against their hated Israel…normal service has been restored.


  3. deegee says:

    The ‘Babysitting Hamas style’ photograph is of dubious provenance and really says nothing about the conflict. If actually in Gaza and the man actually a Hamas member it shows child abuse but most probably it was a set-up, supposedly funny.


  4. King says:

    ‘Fascinating what the BBC concentrates on in the Gaza conflict…not the fighting’


    ‘What is the fighting about?’

    Good one Alan.


    • DP111 says:

      Bear in mind that Jihad is a holy Islamic duty. It is not terrorism.

      Jihad is much worse then honest-to- goodness terrorism. Terrorism generally has a political goal, and negotiations can be undertaken with political terrorists and can lead to a reasonable outcome. With Islamic Jihad there is only one goal – submit or die.


    • bluestar says:

      Are you for real?
      “What the fighting about?” is about the cause of fighting , but Alan said they don’t report about the fighting itself – the way Hamas store rockets and launch from civilian areas, the way Hamas use many civilians houses and even UNRWA clinic as booby traps, they even didn’t report the rockets found in UNRWA facilities until it happend for the third time, and even then it was one line in a report, the children that Hamas took for the tunnel digging, the fact Hamas executes Palestinians suspected in cooperation with Israel, about the using of Hospital al-Shiffa as a headquarter of Hamas during the operation, about the simple fact that only UN facilities protect the civilians because Hamas doesn’t build bomb shelters but tunnels, and many other things that should be in the headlines. This is all about the fighting itself.
      Instead you see headline on Gaza infrastructure, Gaza children, Gaza blockade, Smoke from Gaza, and of course questioning of Israel strategy.. not Hamas’ one.


      • King says:

        Alan said ‘not the fighting, or the reasons for it ‘

        One of the headlines on the front page he mentions is entitled ‘‘What is the fighting about?’.

        I don’t think there’s much more I can say about that.

        If you think the BBC haven’t reported the fighting itself, I can only guess you’ve been on a sabbatical for the last month or so. But yes, I think the deaths of 2000 Gazans is newsworthy.


        • John Anderson says:

          but not the reasons for the fighting, not the proper context


        • bluestar says:

          Ok so you ignored Alan’s mentioning of the fighting itself, and focused only on the reasons that were brought in that article, which focused on Hamas bad situation (not enough money, not enough support) much more than on its plan and intention to destroy Israel (one line). For Israelis, that is the core issue, and there is a lot to write about it. One line in a news item is minimizing the importance of the issue.
          The BBC reported about the “pounding” of Gaza by Israel’s air strikes, and the “rocket fire”. That’s it for calling it “The fighting” for them. Every item is about it + death toll + quotes.
          All the thing’s I’ve written in my previous comment were missing from their reports, and these things are not propaganda – but crystal clear facts. Without these facts and context, it is very easy to identify with the weaker side, even though it is the warmongering side.
          Another important thing worth mentioning – when you read news item, you just read it as it is published. Not every one reads that context article first, or at all, and not everyone remember the context they’ve read days ago.
          I was happy to see yesterday (after I publish my comment) they reported the executions of 18 Palestinians suspected with cooperation with Israel, though.
          Also, I totally agree that the death of 2000 Gazans, and Gazans life in the war are newsworthy (I don’t ask them to be pro-Israeli), but I want the BBC to write, if not just as many time then close to it, about the Isreali suffering – the fact that Gazans suffer more (because of Hamas using them as human sheilds), doesn’t mean Israelis don’t suffer. The BBC should report about kids in israel that wet the bed, the nearly-empty Israeli villages around Gaza, the big harm to economy – it is newsworthy more than mentioning it in one line in a news item.
          And I read the BBC news every day.


  5. chrisH says:

    The BBC is bipolar in its news output isn`t it?
    Heard the 8am news on Today this morning-breaks down into anti-American and anti-Israel slurry that we are all used to by now.
    Then flips over into rights and advocacy moaning for selected causes of the day…disabled holidaymakers last Friday, violent yet vulnerable prisoners yesterday( nah, don`t ask me how you`re both,,,that`s what Laurie Taylor and his boys are for)…and grief trauma over Robin Williams and mental health last week.
    There was a “Cause for the Day” in the “news” this morning…but it doesn`t matter because it`ll be back soon like the cuddly toy on the Generation Game conveyor belt.
    Why don`t we simply get Louis Farrakhan, Sharpton, Choudhry and the Nation Of Islam( Brixton Branch) to give us THEIR news output freely , and close down the odious treacherous BBC?
    It would be cheaper, and the good people of England would be able to plan accordingly-without the crap about whether Evan Davis will wear a tie on Newsnight or not.
    After Today, we got the usual left sewage about the great Victor Gollanz(who refused to publish “Animal Farm” in the name of community cohesion), and the puff pastry of Lard Hattersleys interview-where Benn, the Commies influence in Labour were all avoided…but of course…Victor would be proud.
    All this between 9 and 9.45 this morning…are we all on message now?
    F888`em…f*** the f***in Biased creepy BBC and all its political cesspit of vipers…


  6. deegee says:

    Heard the news today, Israel launches 60 sorties today in response to it claims 80 rockets Text book BBC. Is there any doubt about the numbers? Why should the BBC believe the first figure but cast doubt on the second, if not to minimise Hamas’s attacks on Israel? Or do they take the Israel figures from the UN?


  7. richard D says:

    BBC Radio 4 ‘Today’ programme this morning…. at around 7:45 a.m., Nick Robinson introducing an article about all sorts of theatre companies in Edinburgh, performing in the Festival and Fringe. Everything hunky-dory, then, was the drift, in a multi-culti environment…… in fact, quoting the reporter (no idea who she was, Evan Davis was inaudible when mentioning her name) “…..everyone is equal in this huge cultural market-place…”

    Well, it that might have been the case, if not for this little problem, clearly not appearing on any BBC ‘Today’ radar screen…

    ….obviously a little bit of anti-Semitism here and there doesn’t count as disturbing the equilibrium, as far as the BBC is concerned.