Police arrest a protester in Ferguson (18 August 2014)


The BBC’s preferred narrative when reporting from Ferguson, a town they’d never heard of before but are now expert in its racial profile and dynamics, is that this  was a racially motivated killing by a white cop in a town divided by race with community tensions on a knife edge.  That is the thrust of their reporting on this event with little time given over to the police version of events.


The BBC gets ever more irresponsible in the manner it reports news events.  Look at the way it chased the story about Cliff Richard…..desperate for a scoop they acted like a ‘sensationalist tabloid’ blackmailing the police, or as one media pundit coyly put it, exerted ‘overmuch pressure’, so that they could get in on the story…otherwise, apparently, they threatened to ‘go to press’ regardless of what stage the police investigation was at.

The BBC’s ever present glorifying of Islamist terror and ideology…its apologist reporting on 7/7, its support for Moazzem Begg and the BBC recently suggesting that the ‘Caliphate’ now being imposed by the violent and extreme ISIS might be a good thing, never mind its support for the terrorists of Hamas…. is highly dangerous and the BBC’s narrative feeds directly into the radical’s recruitment drive encouraging Muslims to feel they have a legitimate grievance against the West.

It has long adopted a similar approach to the Black community, the BBC’s aim seemingly to foster a feeling amongst them that they have always been ‘victims’ of White oppression and that they still are….’whitey’ can’t be trusted.

The BBC doesn’t just limit itself to inflaming tensions in the UK, it is happy to contribute to stirring up racial conflict in all white areas of the world…#BBCtrending: The racist video that’s shocked Australia (no ‘shocked’ reports of black people abusing whites on trains?) and elsewhere is more than happy to label white Americans as racist, no doubt aiming to keep this narrative of global white racism current in the minds of all Black or ethnic minority people home and abroad.

With respect to that the BBC seems to have imposed a bit of a blackout on the news with regard to the shooting of Michael Brown….or rather a blackout of news that might suggest all is not as the ‘witnesses’, the ones used by the BBC, say it is.

Facts and relevant new information are thin on the ground if you listen to the BBC, the BBC prefering to stick with the racist, politicised speculation of those seeking to whip up a riot. The BBC has a habit of being very, very slow with its reporting of certain information but all too ready to report pure speculation or obviously partial claims that fit a particular agenda.

I have heard several BBC reports over the last few days and none have mentioned that the Police officer was assaulted and injured or that Brown ‘bum rushed’ him in an attempt to assault him again.

Victoria Derbyshire had a look at the events but from a very, very one sided approach…..all we got was ‘racism’, ‘execution’ and ‘police brutality’.

That’s despite a clear reported version of what happened, one that seems to be corroborated more each day….and yet the BBC fails to fully outline that version of events.

I heard almost from the start that the police officer tried to detain Brown but Brown struck the officer who was then injured.  Brown ran off, then stopped, turned and rushed at the officer who shot him.  Brown was near 300lbs and the officer was reportedly responding to a call that Brown had committed a robbery…though the BBC reports Brown was merely stopped for walking in the street.


Forensic pathologist Shaun Parcells raises his hands


Here the BBC have a very limited report on events…limited from the police point of view…the witnesses claiming a police ‘execution’  and the family’s forensic experts get plenty of space:

Ferguson protests: What we know about Michael Brown’s last minutes

The BBC merely refers to a ‘scuffle’ between Brown and the police officer, no mention of an injury, and goes on to suggest Brown may have been shot with his hands raised, there is no mention that he rushed at the officer…..“Michael jerks his body as if he’s hit and he turns around and faces the officer with his hands up,” she said. “And the officer continues to shoot him until he goes down to the ground.”


The BBC gives us this very short description of the Authorities’ version of events:

What have the authorities said so far?

The day after the shooting, St Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar told reporters that Mr Brown or Mr Johnson allegedly pushed Officer Wilson back into his car as he was trying to get out, and proceeded to physically assault the officer. At some point, they struggled over Mr Wilson’s weapon. A shot was fired in the car, at which point the officer got out of vehicle, and shot Mr Brown.





H/T  Llareggub

It now seems that the officer suffered a serious injury to his face:

BREAKING REPORT: Officer Darren Wilson Suffered “Orbital Blowout Fracture to Eye Socket” During Mike Brown Attack

Posted by Jim Hoft on Tuesday, August 19, 2014, 10:00 AM

The Gateway Pundit can now confirm from two local St. Louis sources that police Officer Darren Wilson suffered facial fractures during his confrontation with deceased 18 year-old Michael Brown. Officer Wilson clearly feared for his life during the incident that led to the shooting death of Brown. This was after Michael Brown and his accomplice Dorian Johnson robbed a local Ferguson convenience store.


It also seems that witnesses back up the police version….as outlined in the audio on the video we looked at yesterday:







Nothing from the BBC on these revelations.



An irony that the ‘protestors’ are now shooting innocent bystanders as they ‘protest’ about the shooting of an ‘innocent’ man.








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11 Responses to Blackout

  1. Mice Height says:

    Nice pic of Brown at the end of this short video. He makes Mark Drug-gang look saintly –


    • Henry Wood says:

      OMG!!! I did appreciate that, Mice Height, but by golly, make sure you are coming through proxies, anony-thingies and all the rest, ‘cos if not, you got it coming!


  2. stuart says:

    i listened to that buck idiot radio 5 live presenter phil williams last night on radio 5 live who spent most of his time attacking the american police force and inviting a whole bunch of black panther type anti police activists on his show to do the same thing. phil williams said to one of his guests,dont the police know how to use tasers in america refering to this latest shooting where this black man charged at police officers with knifes and no doubt the police had no choice but to shoot this man dead to save there own lifes.phil willams anti police bias last night on radio 5 live was quiet sickening and his lack of impartiality in reporting these shootings in america says it all about these bbc and radio 5 presenters.


  3. Guess Who says:

    @BreitbartNews: Megyn Kelly Rips MO Governor: ‘That is Not the Way Our Justice System Works’: Fox News Channel anchor Megyn Ke…
    How justice systems work seems very much up in the air, depending on the political or ideological commitments of politicians or media commenting upon them.

    I expect we’ll be seeing a few more “… what he meant was…” clarifications, too, if perhaps a bit late for any found guilty up front.


  4. Paul Weston says:

    The BBC tends to sideline black on white and Islam on non-Islam violence, in what they term the “interests of community cohesion.”

    Clearly, the BBC does not actually care a fig about community cohesion. All they want to do is stoke anti-white and anti-Christian hatred. THis seems pretty much unarguable when a totally different set of rules apply, dependent on the status of the aggressor/victim.

    And it all makes sense in the Cultural Marxist world view. White Christians are the oppressor, all others are the oppressed. Out goes the bourgeoisie V the Proletariat, in comes white V black, Christian V Islam, men V women, the West V the Third World, Israel V Arab, educated V uneducated etc etc.

    Without persecuted minorities the Revolution can never succeed. So everybody is a persecuted minority save those who built the comfortable society the BBC types live comfortably within.

    The only nice thought is that whoever emerges triumphant in the coming Islam V Infidel wars will harbour no great tenderness for the liberal/left. It is a sign of their total detatchment from reality that they appear blissfully unaware of this rather important factor….


  5. DJ says:

    And the corollary to all this: when the news isn’t so helpful to the narrative the BBC whips out the jeweler’s loupe and starts quibbling over everything. Compare and contrast this reporting with how they cover the ‘militants’ who saw the heads off reporters.

    Hey, you can’t call Abdul Headchopper a ‘terrorist’, that would be a loaded term. Meanwhile they throw round the word ‘racism’ like they were on £50 a mention.


  6. roland says:

    its about time we started a 4th crusade against these jihadists and wipe them out for good.


  7. George R says:

    “VIDEO: Islamic State (ISIS) in Ferguson Race Riots”

    [Opening excerpt, by Pamela Geller]-

    “This is exactly what Hamas-CAIR is orchestrating. CAIR has been exploiting the violence and divide in Missouri for their own supremacist ends. Using the violence in Ferguson as a wedge issue, Hamas-CAIR is tying the faux ‘Muslim victimhood’ fiction to the ugly chaos in Missouri, seeking to gin up the jihad among American blacks and Muslims.”
    – See more at:


  8. Guest Who says:

    Sadly this piece has managed to inspire an AG Holder/Jo Brand Union based on shared barking values that I am trying to bleach from my mind.


  9. David Brims says:

    No waaycism in Africa, everyone is black and it’s utopia as Zimbabwe, Congo, Liberia etc etc demonstrates !!


  10. Rich says:

    Dillon Taylor the UNARMED WHITE 20 year old youth shot in Salt Lake City (shortly after the “racist murder” in Ferguson) by a police officer whose details were not released but who is black.

    Google “Dillon Taylor Killing” produces 445,000 results.
    Search the BBC “Dillon Taylor” produces zero results.