Hamas Get Their Money’s Worth


Jon Donnison has been shipped out of Gaza back to his new stomping ground in Oz.  Lucky them.

Still, it hasn’t stopped him bothering us with his anti-Israel schmutter:

israel racist donnison





Donnison has many, many other fascinating insights about Gaza but oddly not much about Australia.   I won’t bore you with the complete run down but he also links to the other usual suspect, Kevin Connolly:


donnison connolly





What indeed does the future hold for the children of Gaza?

Connolly says:

I find myself worrying what the future holds for them.

Gaza is cursed by history and geography as surely as it is blessed by nature.


No, Gaza is cursed by having a murderous bunch of thugs in charge.  If the children’s future is blighted by war and oppression perhaps they should look closely at their own government which has led them down the road to ruin for the last 70 years.


Connolly however has a degree of sympathy for poor old terrorist Hamas:

In times of peace it has no diplomatic cards to play against the Israeli government. When violence flares, as it has done this month, it can at least demand concessions in return for agreeing to stop again.

These confrontations are hopelessly asymmetrical. Many of Hamas’s rockets are out-of-date or home-made, compared with Israel’s powerful and sophisticated weapons.

This is a desperate time for Hamas.



So unfair…Israel defends itself against terrorism and thousands of rockets launched at it and successfully prevents many thousands of casualties in Israel…and Connolly thinks that’s a bit unfair.


Connolly goes on to tell us:

And yet, decisive victory seems to elude Israel, just as it eludes Hamas. The fighting will probably end in ways which are ambiguous and unsatisfactory, just as it has in the past.


I wonder why a decisive victory eludes Israel…could it be that when it begins an operation to crush Hamas the BBC et al start their own campaign to crush Israel and stop the war?  Perhaps if Israel were able to take over Gaza and eject Hamas they might be able to turn Gaza around and improve the future prospects of all those children….perhaps the BBC should stand on the side of those who seek to destroy Islamic terrorists.



But wait….the children have no prospects?  Who then attends all those universities and colleges in Gaza?



Gaza Strip Universities


Here’s a list of faculties in the Islamic University in Gaza….’Rocketeering’ is night classes only:

gaza uni








Guess the BBC isn’t telling us the whole truth…not the real cause of any limited futures and not the prospects that many Palestinians do actually have.

And who built much of the infrastructure in Gaza?

In the years after the 1967 War, Israel invested heavily in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, building hospitals, universities, public schools and new roads, improving the water supply and increasing the production of electricity available to the Palestinians.

In the 1980’s Israel completely refurbished al Shifa hospital…only for Hamas to use it as a base for their HQ.

And why is Palestine reliant on so much foreign aid?

Economic decline followed the onset of the Intifada which began in December 1987. The Palestinian economy suffered another blow after the first Gulf War, which disrupted the economies of the Gulf Region, where many Palestinians found work. (Palestinian support for Saddam Hussein’s invasion of Kuwait resulted in many Palestinians being forced from that country after the war.)

Just as Palestinians living in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip enjoyed substantial increases in well-being under Israeli rule before the Intifada shattered economic relations between Israel and Palestinians, the increase in living standards for Palestinians in the 1990s was set back sharply as a result of the terror war launched against Israel in 2000.



And what of that ‘World’s biggest open prison‘?

There certainly are restrictions on movement but it seems Gazans can travel out of Gaza quite legally….Gaza has many travel agencies:

We went from Gaza to Egypt and from Egypt to Turkey legally.



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13 Responses to Hamas Get Their Money’s Worth

  1. Sickofitall says:

    Great article.

    Hamas must be laughing their bollocks off every time Donnison, Connolly, Bowen, Guerin, Davies, Doucet, Christ this is a long list, leave the room with a new tale of ‘Gazan’ woe to share with the world.

    The BBC – telling it how it isn’t, at my expense. What a waste of £145.20.


  2. chrisH says:

    Did anybody ever see a rocket launched from Gaza on the BBC throughout Hamas exuberant early display of foreworks for Eid?
    Hamas seemed to fire a few-yet no BBC cameras seemed to be close enough to show this to us.
    Did the BBC act under “reporting restrictions”-or did they wilfully choose to show us only the one side?
    I`m as dumb as they are to ask this.
    I imagine the BBC crews were applying make up and costume changes to all those “victims of the Jewish state”-instead of actually doing a bit of -well journalism, as it used once to be called.
    BBC-Mo`s Muppets….


    • Sickofitall says:

      I’m just assuming they were operating under duress and reporting restrictions enforced by Hamas because I really, seriously don’t want to believe the alternative explanations.


  3. Philip says:

    The BBC left doesn’t do real ‘history’ it prefers an easy sound bite narrative. Rewrite the history, change the flags, mock religion, simply change sex, abort your parents and become a world socialist where everything is right and nothing is wrong. This is the superior ‘Edukashun’ they themselves are uniquely ‘test-tube’ privileged to experience – to tell the UK ‘plebs’ that they don’t want to know the facts because (as one Liberal Peer put it) the public don’t understand the ‘complex’ issues involved in running the EU. (Or anything else as complex as ‘democracy’ which was fought and won by a bloody battle against a totalitarian super state. History repeats when the officials are corrupt and control the media. The EU is corrupt and so is the BBC who create a climate of political censorship and false ‘narrative’. Buggers all who work for them.


  4. deegee says:

    My favourite lines from Connelly’s article:
    A day will come when the area around the seaside hotel we use in Gaza will be flooded with tourists so long as those tourists don’t expect alcohol, bikinis or sex. Does Connolly expect Hamas not to enforce sharia law?

    It does not have enough money to pay the salaries of government workers in Gaza and will struggle to replace the thousands of rockets it has fired at Israel in recent weeks.. Did no one tell him that the Palestinian Authority refused to transfer the money? But who will pay to replace thousands of rockets that the BBC never saw anyone fire?


  5. deegee says:

    What do you think about the photograph in the school? Apart from that it was clearly a set-up, the boy didn’t just happen to be standing at the wrecked blackboard wasn’t the caption different? Something about Israel attacking schools?

    Has the BBC reported even once about schools being used to store rockets? UNRWA admits it but the BBC can’t see past the children’s tears.



  6. richard D says:

    Just quoting two of Mr Connolly’s sentences from the article…

    “When violence flares, as it has done this month, it [i.e. Hamas] can at least demand concessions in return for agreeing to stop again.

    These confrontations are hopelessly asymmetrical.

    Yep – he’s right.

    But the asymmetry really is that Gaza-governing Hamas terrorists will unilaterally attack Israel with rockets, mortars, shells and bombs at the drop of a hat, and over a sustained period; open its citizens up to any retaliation whatsoever; spend billions of aid money building bombs and tunnels to kill Israelis, leaving most of their population without life necessities; all with absolutely no concern whatsoever for their citizens’ welfare and safety; simply to demand concessions in return for stopping the barbaric behaviour they have initiated …..

    ….. and Israel doesn’t.

    Now that is asymmetrical.


  7. richard D says:

    ….and a few minutes ago, Hamas broke the truce they had only just signed up to. (Let’s be crystal clear, rockets from Gaza are fired only with Hamas’ permission/authority.)

    And the BBC headlines….

    “Israel to hit Gaza after new rockets.”

    “Israel PM orders new Gaza strikes following rocket fire”

    So the BBC continues with the new scientific way of looking at things involving Israel called “Effect………… and cause


  8. asherpat says:

    Jon “Jehad or Jihad” Donnison. Back in 2012, a toddler son of a BBC local fixer cum journalist was killed in Gaza. UN later admitted that the strike wasn’t big bad Joos but a misfiring Pali-rocket, aimed to kill Jewish children.

    The surname of Jonno’s colleague was Mashrawi, or Masharawi or Misharawi. His firstname was one “Jihad”. All the Pallywood-loving Western journaligentsia referred to him as Jihad Mash…. or whatever transliteration of his surname was lying around. Except our Jonno. After at least once calling him “Jihad”, he realised that the world was mispronouncing the name and Jihad became “Jehad” for the rest of the tearful reportages! I wonder why?! BBC – Subtle bias is thy name!


  9. stuart says:

    look.you have far left liberal jewsish acedemics who hate israel and support hamas the same as we have far left swp anti semetic middle class graduate types in the uk who hate are country and support isis and al qaeada,that is the nature of the hate filled left,the cancer of jihadism and anti semetism is encouraged by the left for reasons they only know but i suspect it is because there is a deep hatred of america and there allies israel and the uk,the present socalist workers party and the national socalists in hitlers third reich are just 2 cheeks of the same backside,the sooner the public wake up to that fact the better.


  10. Arnold says:

    It is time that the Israeli Government treated all of these partial reporters as enemy combatants and did not indulge their presence in Israel.
    Connolly lives in relative luxury in Baka ( pre-1967 Israeli Jerusalem) and has access to the Government subsidised media centre close by in Malcha.