‘Israel Breaks Ceasefire!’…Palestinians Say!



The above Tweet from Hamas is interesting…it shows that not only do they target civilians but that they relish inflicting terror and fear upon them.

No doubt the UN will be making some strong statements about such war crimes and the BBC will be buttonholing Cameron and asking him if he believes these are war crimes.


Meanwhile the BBC has been busy broadcasting pure Hamas propaganda all day, not based upon anything the BBC could actually prove but on the reliable information provided by Hamas itself, and of course it helps that the BBC journos are only hearing what they want to hear.

What you don’t hear emphasised by the BBC is that Hamas have rejected the ceasefire, what you do hear, headlining the news bulletins, is that Israel has breached it…this is from the New York Times:

Sami Abu Zuhri, a spokesman for Hamas, the dominant faction in Gaza, said it would not observe the truce, which he disparaged as a media exercise, and he warned residents to exercise caution when they ventured outside. “The unilateral cease-fire announced by Israel is an attempt to divert attention from Israeli massacres,” he said.


You also don’t hear that Israel denies breaching the ceasefire as the NYT tells us:

Ashraf al-Qedra, a spokesman for the Health Ministry in Gaza, said that the strike on the house in Shati took place several minutes after the announced start of the cease-fire, but one Israeli official from the army agency that controls coordination with Gaza told Israel Radio that the strike took place just before the cease-fire began.


Here is the BBC version….note the missing report that Hamas have rejected the ceasefire whilst reporting ‘Israeli massacres‘…

Violation of truce?

Hamas responded to the truce with suspicion, accusing the IDF of trying to “divert the attention from Israeli massacres”.

Palestinian health officials claim Israel carried out an air strike on a refugee camp inside Gaza City just minutes after the ceasefire began.

BBC correspondents there said they heard the explosion and saw a house that had been destroyed in the attack.



The BBC gave a quick mention that about 10 rockets had been fired into Israel….but there is no indication of when they were fired………The Jerusalem Post tells us:

During Israel’s unilateral cease-fire, dozens of rockets fired from Gaza


So Israel may or may not have bombed a house just before or just after the ceasefire was supposed to have begun but the BBC has whipped this up into a major incident….but strangely ignores Hamas stating that it will not take part in the ceasefire and hides the truth about Hamas rockets being fired during the ceasefire.


On Shelagh Fogarty’s show the news bulletin headlined with Israel ‘breaking the truce’…as claimed by Palestinians with Martin Patience suggesting a bomb strike was a breach.  We then (9 mins)  heard that Palestinian officials said that an Israeli strike hit a house just as the ceasefire was about to start. Janay Boulos from the BBC Arabic Service which told us that the ceasefire [Israeli  and Unilateral] had been breached by Israel bombing a refugee camp just as the ceasefire started….‘The ceasefire was breached this morning...we’ve got our reporter there and saw the immense destruction inside the city there.’

Fogarty then speaks to Osama Damo…..

‘Osama Damo from Save the Children told us that the ceasefire simply isn’t holding’

Damo replies……’The ceasefire isn’t holding at the moment….Shortly before the announced ceasefire there was a bombing on a home.’

Ah yes….the Israelis breached their own ceasefire by dropping a bomb before the ceasefire was due to begin.


On the 13:00 bulletin the BBC says ‘There are reports the ceasefire has been broken’

Really…reports from who?  The Palestinians.

The BBC reports that children have been killed in a refugee camp in an Israeli strike just minutes after a ceasefire there.

The bulletin has selected only part of the comments from Osama Damo’s interview with Fogarty telling us he said… ‘The ceasefire isn’t holding at the moment.’

Oddly they didn’t report the second part of his piece…Shortly before the announced ceasefire there was a bombing on a home.’


At 13:15 we heard from Martin Patience again who when asked by Fogarty ‘What evidence is there that the ceasefire isn’t holding?’  replied  that ‘It is right before us…a house reduced to rubble in Gaza…just minutes after that ceasefire came into effect there was a huge explosion…one child injured, other people injured in what Palestinians see as a clear violation of Israel’s own ceasefire.’  Oh yes…the blockade must be lifted..Palestinians describe this as the biggest open air prison in the world…have to get that in.

Patience claims to have heard the explosion after the ceasefire but then gives the impression that this version of events actually came from the Palestinians….as did all the other BBC journos on reporting on this…..though that hasn’t stopped them from reporting it as fact.


Amazing how ready the BBC is to condemn the Israelis and how ready they are to give us the Palestinian version of things but makes so little effort to actually confirm any such claims.




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12 Responses to ‘Israel Breaks Ceasefire!’…Palestinians Say!

  1. deegee says:

    Palestinians describe this as the biggest open air prison in the world
    Warden Kim Jong-un will be pissed.


  2. deegee says:

    I can’t speak about the breach of last cease fire. Why the BBC insisted on calling it a truce, I can’t fathom. But a red alert (air raid siren) sounded in Rehovot, Israel at a couple of minutes to eight, the projected time for today’s ceasefire, accepted by both sides.

    By the time Israel responded, undoubtedly it was a couple of minutes after eight. Hamas and the BBC can accuse Israel ‘again’ of breaching the ceasefire.


  3. deegee says:

    Three in a row:-)
    BTW The photograph doesn’t show fear and terror. It shows Israelis responding exactly the way the Homefront Command has instructed, in a controlled and orderly fashion. Leave your vehicle (a glass-sided trap that raises your head in the perfect position to collect shrapnel). If you can’t reach a bomb shelter in time, drop as close to the ground as possible behind whatever shelter you can find.

    How many Israeli casualties from rockets, again?


    • Guest Who says:

      Does look quite orderly; textbook even.
      Versus the usual cluster-SNAFU from the launch site as the locals trying to actually address casualties trip over the SFX crews trying to prep the scene. Where’s Bryan Brown when needed?
      Will be curious as to commentary from government, media and associated fellow travellers near and far, regarding the strategic intent (if rather Comical Ali in grasp of reality) expressed in that tweet at top.


  4. George R says:

    For INBBC-NUJ-Hamas-Islamic Jihad:

    “Hamas calls for ’3 day uprising’ during ceasefire”



  5. DP111 says:


    Foreign Office Minister Baroness Warsi has resigned saying she can no longer support the Government’s stance on Gaza.

    Lady Warsi, who is also Minister for Faith and Communities, announced her departure on Twitter, where she has been increasingly vocal in her condemnation of Israel’s actions.

    At 9.10am on Tuesday, she posted: “With deep regret I have this morning written to the Prime Minister & tendered my resignation. I can no longer support Govt policy on #Gaza.”

    Yet again we see that no matter how moderate a Muslim is, their first allegiance will always be to Islam.

    Warsi should know UK policy towards Gaza, and the entire ME, is coordinated with the EU and the USA. Thats how it is. Yet she resigns, showing yet again that Islam will always come first.

    Good riddance.


  6. Guest Who says:

    A couple of URLs in passing (he says, fingerss crossed on the spelling and grammar… swooooop):
    Never too keen on this media ‘we’ all-inclusive presumptions, as it is just possible some do care. But, true, mostly notably seem astoundingly uncurious to a fault.
    Sadly he has phrased it as a question which, clearly, means the BBC is not obliged to answer, along with a bunch of others piling up. But this one may cause minor discomfort if little trouble, too, though a few may wonder which ‘friends’ are worth keeping close:
    Still, perpetuating myths for such a period perhaps not optimal when seeking and claiming total trust in output.


    • dave s says:

      Which is why the reporting is so odd. Not that it seems to bother the reporters.
      They need to ask themselves why they are in the job.


    • Deborah says:

      Thanks GW, there is a lot to ponder in the bbcwatch link, not least I presume Atwan is complaining that Gaza is not getting the support they expected from other Arab states – note that Baroness Warsi.


    • Sickofitall says:

      Dickheads. We are too soft in this country. Never mind spending chuff knows how much money on specialist negotiators and a cherry picker, they should be left up there and ignored until they come down out of thirst/hunger or because they’ve had enough of being rained on, whereupon they should be arrested on terrorism charges and deported to Gaza along with anyone who supports or agrees with them.


    • The beebinator says:

      i hope it rains tonight