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England cricketer Moeen Ali, of Pakistani ‘heritage’, and a Muslim, wore wristbands that said ‘Save Gaza’ and ‘Free Palestine’.   Both are highly political statements, in particular the ‘Free Palestine’ one which cheerleads the destruction of Israel as ‘Palestine’ is considered to be from the ‘river to the sea’ and the State of Israel itself is considered by Palestinians to be located on ‘occupied’ Palestinian land.


Palestinian graphics with Israel included in the map of ‘Palestine’


Perhaps the likes of Moeen Ali would like to explain why they have no such views about the slaughter and mayhem being visited upon the much of the rest of the Muslim world and beyond by people just like him.

Is it just a ‘Jewish’ thing that means the likes of Moeen Ali and the BBC’s battalions of reporters focus on Gaza?

Any impartial observer would perhaps think so .  Can be any other explanation as to why so much attention is concentrated upon the Jewish counterattack in Gaza?


Perhaps Moeen Ali would like to consider what is going on in the land of his fathers before criticising Israel…“We left all our belongings. The Pakistani government was bombing our villages.”:

Fresh fighting in Pakistan’s North Waziristan displaces more than 75,000 into Afghanistan

A military offensive in Pakistan’s North Waziristan tribal region has forced more than 75,000 people to flee their homes over the past two weeks, seeking shelter across the border in Afghanistan’s Khost and Paktika provinces. Many left suddenly, with very few possessions. “We could only manage to get ourselves out of Miranshah,” one man told UNHCR staff, referring to the capital of the mountainous North Waziristan region. “We left all our belongings. The Pakistani government was bombing our villages.”


You might also ask where are the endless stream of BBC Tweets with the graphic descriptions and photographs of injured children?


And  it’s not as if it’s all quiet elsewhere in the Muslim world:





WARNING: The video linked to below has graphic footage of mass murder by Islamic militants.


The Prophet’s Methodology

al-Furqān Media presents a new video message from the Islamic State


Some still photographs taken from the video that give an idea of the cold blooded, deliberate savagery in the name of Islam:






Everyone of these men were killed….murdered…

isis 2



Meanwhile across the border in Syria over 700 were killed in two days:

More than 700 killed in Syria as ISIS tightens grip on east

Beirut, Asharq Al-Awsat—More than 700 people were killed in Syria over the course of Thursday and Friday, in what activists say were the bloodiest 48 hours of fighting in the conflict to date.

The head of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR), Rami Abdul Rahman, told Asharq Al-Awsat that this was the first time casualties had topped 700 in the space of two days since the conflict began in 2011. He contrasted the violence to the gas attack in the Ghouta region close to Damascus last year, which he said killed around 500 people.


In Iraq hundreds are being killed by both sides:

Hundreds Butchered by ISIS, Over A Hundred More Killed By Iraq Gov’t


In one month nearly 6,000 are killed in Iraq:

Almost 5,700 Killed Across Iraq in July


Meanwhile in Africa:

Boko Haram village raids kill hundreds in Nigeria

Kano, Nigeria (CNN) — Hundreds of people were killed in raids by Boko Haram Islamic militants in northeast Nigeria’s Borno state, on the border with Cameroon, with some sources putting the death toll at 400 to 500.

On Tuesday, heavily armed men dressed as soldiers in all-terrain vehicles and on motorcycles attacked neighboring Goshe, Attagara, Agapalwa and Aganjara villages in Gwoza district, shooting residents to death and burning homes.

“The killings are massive. Nobody can say how many people were killed, but the figure runs into some hundreds,” said Peter Biye, a lawmaker in Nigeria’s lower parliament representing the Gwoza region.



If Moeen Ali really has a humanitarian conscience then rather than grandstanding for his Islamic brethren against the Jews he might be better off taking a closer look at what is going on in Pakistan and elsewhere in the Muslim world and start asking some questions about what is driving the mass slaughter perpetrated upon Muslims, non-Muslims and those Muslims considered non-Muslims….by other Muslims.




Moeen Ali considers his beard an important visible sign of his devotion to his faith…he’s very proud of it.    It’s a very public statement and well known part of his persona.

Maybe he and all other righteous Muslims who want to ‘Save Gaza’ from the Jews should shave off their beards in a sign of their anger and disgust at what is being done in the name of Islam by other Muslims.




Such a symbolic action would have a huge effect on the watching world, most importantly amongst fellow Muslims, and would confirm Ali’s pious credentials as someone concerned with stopping all suffering not just that imposed by the Israelis.


Maybe the BBC will start shipping out its reporters en masse to these locations and start posting photographs of the dead and injured and detailing the graphic deaths in their Tweets as they do ad infinitum from Gaza.

But perhaps not…after all Hamas in Gaza isn’t going to shoot you or behead you as long as you do what you’re told and report only what they tell you to, but getting up close and personal with ISIS and Boko Haram is decidedly risky…so the BBC stick to the low hanging fruit and anyway…who likes the Israeli’s eh?







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31 Responses to #ShaveGaza

  1. stuart says:

    see here is the problem with these white middle class leftists and there islamists mates when you see them marching around with there free palestine flags and wristbands,they have such double standards,why are not these same people marching around with wristbands highlighting the slaughter of christians by isis and boko haram in syria,nigeria,pakistan and other muslim countrys where non muslims are being slain and persecuted.why dont they care about these people but pick on the only democrasy in the middle east israel who are in fact doing everybody a favour by taking on the terrorists,why do they only pick on israel.why.


    • Nat says:

      But they aren’t taking on the terrorists. They’re taking on the CIVILIANS. Or are all the six-year-olds in Gaza firing rockets and bombs now?

      P.S: it’s ‘democracy’with a C. Not S.


      • Alan Larocka says:

        That’s so right Nat. They are just killing all Gazans because they are all nasty filthy muslims and deliberately targeting schools and hospitals to kill as many women and children as possible. They clearly have no interest in peace or avoiding civilian casualties as there are no people shooting at them.
        Now run along back to your BBC veal fattening pen and write some more shit for Newsround.


        • Nat says:

          An Israeli minister commented about turning off dialysis machines to find out ‘whose blood is redder.’
          Ayelet Shakur commented on ‘killing the little snakes.’
          Maybe you want to tell me WHY Hamas thinks it’s necessary to shoot? I’m not condoning them, but you try living under those conditions for decades and see how you react.

          I’m so, so glad that the shit you spew falls mostly on deaf ears.


          • bluestar says:

            Nat, please give me link to the minister comment – couldn’t find it anywhere..
            Ayalet Shaked meant for the Hamas, not the children.. and even if she did meant for the children (and she didn’t) – it is clearly not the opinion of Israelis nor the government.
            Israel spent millions of dollars to build accurate weapons (to minimize mistakes that can kill innocent people), calling by phone, texting, droping leaflets with warnings (loosing the surprise element) and trying to do more than any other country to avoid enemy civilians casualties. Since Hamas is shooting from civil areas into civil areas (double war crime), sometimes civilians got killed. Since Hamas uses UN schools and hospitals as a military stands and as a rockets storages, then the Hamas is the one to blame when these places are bombed. Israel has the right to defend itself. The same for its soldiers that are being targeted from these places.
            Now, regarding their “living conditions”, it seems that you don’t really know who are Hamas. They don’t shoot because of the occupation. They declare their aim to destroy Israel, not just the occupation. But you don’t want to listen..
            The siege is there because of this threat to Israel’s citizens security. This is the simple truth, and if you don’t believe it, learn some history – Israel withdrew from the Gaza strip, no siege at this point, and then Hamas (the group calls for the destruction of Israel, remember?) took over Gaza by force after elections. What do you expect Israel to do? let them get weapons in their seaport to attack Israel? so just like Israel predicted they turned Gaza to a terror base – instead of schools and hospitals they build tunnels and rockets – they don’t care about their own people. But Israel care – most israelis do feel deeply sorry about the civilians deaths, but they also know that they don’t have any other choice but to destroy these terror tunnels and rockets storages.


      • Pounce says:

        NAT wrote:
        P.S: it’s ‘democracy’with a C. Not S.

        Now where have I seen that train of thought before. Lets see:
        Lives in London
        Likes Dr Who
        and is a Racist Bigot.


        • Nat says:

          One out of four. Hint: it’s the second one.

          And are you one of those types who thinks homosexuality is something to be sneered at?


  2. Guess Who says:

    This seems to be the most appropriate thread for this:

    @intifada: BBC admits failure to explain pro-Israel bias of “think tank” http://t.co/qlIQIhM5ZV

    As the whole region collapses into a beard on beard charnel house, one of too many propaganda lobby groups raises the BBC’s funny habit of not mentioning affiliations.
    Balance? If so, of a #2wrongs variety.
    Had to love this:
    “For once, the BBC was quick to write back”
    Funny how that can happen.
    Jo Abbess will be proud.


  3. Barlicker says:

    I take your main point that muslim outrage is extremely selective but in Moeen Ali’s case you seem to have your heavy guns sighted on a pretty innocuous ‘enemy’. What he did was nothing compared with the anti-semitic, pro-Palestinian street thugs who demonstrated in our cities. Sure, he has a long beard but that doesn’t automatically make him either “pious” or any kind of extremist. He seems to be proud to play cricket for England (which he does very well) and I would have thought that he’s ‘integrated’ much better than most.


    • Nat says:

      He was born here, so ‘integration’ isn’t a burning issue. And peaceful demonstrations do not a street thug make. The vast majority of Palestinians are innocent civilians who are as tired of Hamas as the rest of the world, yet they’re the ones targeted.


      • Guest Who says:

        You’re in a T-72 heading towards a bunker in the centre of town to take into custody (Ok, that’s a stretch) the old guy who, amongst other things, also signed off on terror weapons with the snappy designation ‘V’.
        And there’s a kid whose parents (possibly tired, certainly still emotional) voted in the guy in that bunker:
        Your call. Rather hoping we don’t have people with your reasoning skills and grasp of history in a position of power, but that may be too late.
        And while Israeli accuracy can be impressive, in war it will never match the uncontained pride you appear to have in your spelling.
        Remember too, never mind the quality; keep cranking them out.


        • Nat says:

          Words to live by. Thank you, I’ll take them to heart. And I do have pride in my spelling, because it indicates I feel strongly about the issue and might actually have the education to know what I’m talking about.

          There’s no need to fall back on the old atrocity of the Holocaust to justify today’s wrongs. In fact, the Jews should be the last to commit those wrongs.

          You don’t need reason and history; you need compassion.

          I suppose you voted UKIP, too?


          • Guest Who says:

            Tell it often enough, Nat.
            Clearly you feel quantity will overwhelm.

            ‘pride in my spelling, because it indicates I feel strongly about the issue’
            I was not aware lack of spelling ability prevented strength of feeling.
            …and might actually have the education to know what I’m talking about.’
            Not really. It shows you may stand a better chance in a spelling bee unless up against a kid with a private tutor and no life. Other than that, your output suggests little more than rote and dogma.

            ‘There’s no need to fall back on the old atrocity of the Holocaust to justify today’s wrongs.’
            I did engage Godwin’s law, true, but don’t see anything about the Holocaust. My point was about what happened that brought Hitler to power and what happened militarily at the end.
            ‘You don’t need reason and history; you need compassion’.
            The first two couldn’t hurt to have, and they are not mutually exclusive to the latter. If that is all you have, much is explained.

            ‘I suppose you voted UKIP, too?’
            Great non sequitur. As folk try and figure out which incarnation you have respawned from (the inability to resist ad homs really blowing to noble blog warrior schtick too early), I leave you to your evening stew.


      • Pounce says:

        The vast majority of Palestinians are innocent civilians who are as tired of Hamas as the rest of the world, yet they’re the ones targeted. Would they be the very same Pals who have no problem dancing on the streets and handing sweets out on news of a successful terrorist attack you know like when 9/11 happened.


        • Nat says:

          What successful terrorist attack? As far as I know, it wasn’t the Palestinians responsible for 9/11. I suppose you have video proof for this ‘dancing on the streets’?

          There have been numerous Israeli mobs yelling ‘Death to Arabs’ and lynching innocents. So if anyone’s celebrating, it’s them.


          • richard D says:

            Doesn’t take much of a Google to find this video, Nat, broadcast by CNN (hardly the bastion of right-wing journalism then, as now) filmed by Reuters on the day.

            I know that some websites have tried to ‘debunk’ the above video, but others have equally de-bunked the de-bunking. But that isn’t the only link available, there are plenty of them for you to follow up to educate yourself.

            And who even mentioned (apart from yourself) that 9/11 was a Palestinian responsibility ? It was simply labelled a ‘terrorist attack’ by Pounce., to whom your post was addressed.

            Straw men constructions – much the same as the ‘house construction’ claimed by Hamas as the reason for the need for much more cement to cross the borders into Gaza.


            • Nat says:

              With all the debunkings of debunkings, I’ll save time and say that it’s wrontg, the celebration, but can be justified. America constantly sends its taxpayers’ money to Israel, helping them maintain the huge arsenal they use against Palestinians. Consequently when they hear America has suffered a hit they feel jubilation.

              Besides, some of the comments on here edge on racism. ‘With all these schools those fuckers must be smart.’ etc. It goes both ways, you know.

              I obviously misunderstood Pounce and apologise.


              • Guest Who says:

                “I do have pride in my spelling, because it indicates I feel strongly about the issue and might actually have the education to know what I’m talking about.”
                If you say so.
                ‘I’ll save time and say that it’s wrontg”
                Possibly not the first, or only time?


                • Nat says:

                  Ah, but that’s not because I don’t know how to spell. I do actually know how ‘wrong’ is spelt.


              • richard D says:

                Sorry. Nat, but if you are saying that it’s absolutely justifiable that Palestinians celebrate when nearly 3,000 innocent civilians are killed in the attacks on 9/11, how on earth can you then have a problem with the much smaller number (remember, nothing like all of the 1600 fatalities in Gaza so far are civilians) losing their lives in Gaza now ? And you certainly do not see widespread jubilation at the deaths. The two positions are not compatible….. or hypocritical.


                • Nat says:

                  What do you mean, no widespread jubilation? There are ‘Death to Arab’ mobs. And I posted a link somewhere else to the ‘bombing kids gives me orgasms’ woman.


      • TigerOC says:

        “The vast majority of Palestinians are innocent civilians who are as tired of Hamas as the rest of the world, yet they’re the ones targeted.”

        How do you know this? Please specify the independent source of this information (excluding the UN).
        Funny how dozens of Israeli soldiers have been killed and yet no mention of Palestinian combatant casualties. Are the Israeli troops committing suicide then?
        The figures being issued are by HAMAS and should therefore be defined as “claimed” or “unverified” by news agencies.
        Clearly there is street fighting going on. HAMAS cadres are basing themselves amongst civilians and firing rockets supplied by Iran from civilian areas. These are both violations of war.
        When you have no respect or fail to abide by International Law you can expect civilian casualties.
        From broadcast items it is difficult to believe that ordinary Gazans do not support the what HAMAS is doing. Most of them sing from the same HAMAS propaganda sheet.
        I have said it before and I’ll say it again; of they want peace acknowledge Israel’s sovereignty, stop attacking Israel militarily and sign a document stating this and the killing will stop,


        • Nat says:

          Not the UN.
          Why should they recognise Israeli sovereignty? Netanyahu has already said he won’t accept a two-state solution.
          Hamas is shadow – in another article, a Gazan says they never see these militants yet are being blamed for their actions. Israel is illegally occupying the West Bank and this is flagrant violation of international law.

          Once more: only Hamas is attacking Israel. Not ordinary Palestinians.


          • John Anderson says:

            Occupation of territory won in war – like the West Bank, which had previously been won in war by Jordan – is not illegal. The West Bank is “disputed territory” according to many wise lawyers.

            Nat – you seem to proceed by spouting propasganda phrases that are not necessarily an accurate description of the legal or historical truth – terms like “illegal occupation”, “blockade” as compared to necessarily-strict border controls, “Palestine” when there has never ever been any such country, These colour your views – or your prejudice.

            Also – did you make any protest when Hamas broke or refused all of the 5 previous ceasefires ?


          • richard D says:

            How does that BBC website answer the question posed to you by TigerOC ? There is nothing that I can see on that website to support the claim that “The vast majority of Palestinians are innocent civilians who are as tired of Hamas as the rest of the world, yet they’re the ones targeted.”

            And I am afraid that you are absolutely wrong in your statement that innocent civilians are the ones targetted. They may become casualties, but they are definitely not the target. If that were the case, Israelis could have achieved that goal by simply having trundled down any old street in Gaza for an hour or so, and indiscriminately shot 2000 people without breaking sweat, or they could have just dropped a couple of really powerful bombs on one of those schools so many people seem to think have been ‘targetted’, with no need for a single soldier to cross the border and put themselves at risk. Now, at that point, innocent civilians would have been the target, and if that had been the goal, they would have achieved it. Any claim that that is what is going on, and it has taken 24 days so far to achieve, are, I am afraid, patent nonsense.


          • TigerOC says:

            That report is meaningless. These are ordinary people enduring a conflict, telling us how they are affected in their micro-World.

            These opinions are tainted by their own personal experiences and propaganda around them.

            A factual report can only be done by someone or some body that is detached from the situation else it is tainted.

            There have been some reports from specialist intelligence agencies that indicate that 60% of the casualties are men of military age.

            When you have been in a situation where the enemy is dressed as a civilian and can not be identified as a combatant then you start to understand that it is very difficult for troops not to shoot first and ask questions later. In many of these countries children are used as helpers carrying ammunition and weapons and acting as lookouts and messengers.

            As far as the 2 State solution is concerned Israel has always accepted this as a solution as in a previously brokered deal. The Pales refuse to acknowledge Israel as a State making claims to historical rights. This is clearly at odds with history as the Old Testament bears witness to the land being their homeland before Mohammed was even born. They drove the Jews out by War. When the tables are turned they don’t like it too much.


    • Thatcher Revolutionary says:

      Ah – but where would his loyalties lie? To Great Britain or Islam ?


  4. TigerOC says:

    As far as Moeen Ali is concerned his actions are being investigated by the ICC. He failed to get prior permission to wear these items from the team management or the ECB. The ICC rules state that no player may wear apparel without prior approval of management and his administrators. Players are not permitted to wear items conveying a message of a political or offensive nature which is a second offence to the apparel item.
    The ECB retrospectively stated that they believed that the items were of a “humanitarian” nature and are not political but they are not the ICC.


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