Say It Ain’t True



The BBC did nothing to dispel the Palestinian Pallywood propaganda that claimed an Israeli sniper killed an unarmed man despite the huge response to the video and its uptake by mainstream media.

How different the BBC reaction when a small video goes on-line showing a boy firing an RPG on a beach with a few claims that it is a beach in Gaza.

Israeli shells killed four boys on a Gaza beach recently and it cost the Israelis dear in the propaganda war…the BBC know this and want to keep the pressure on the Israelis and so moved rapidly to squash any rumours that Palestinian kids have been using weapons on a beach that might have made people think the Israeli mistake may have been more ‘understandable’ if they’d seen someone firing an RPG on beach.

The fact that in most YouTube videos of this boy and  the RPG it is clear that the video is from Libya doesn’t deter the BBC pro-Palestinian machine grinding into gear to ensure the wrong message doesn’t spread….shame about that other faked sniper video they ignored…..


#BBCtrending: The boy on a beach with an RPG

A video of a young boy firing a rocket propelled grenade (RPG) on a beach has shocked many people. But what’s the story behind it?

The young boy looks tiny as he stands on a beach, places an RPG on his shoulder and fires. There’s a huge bang and smoke billows all around. All the while two adults look on and encourage him.

It’s unclear who the boy or the adults are. The video itself has been posted multiple times. Though it’s being widely viewed now, it appears to have been first posted at least as far back as January.

Though some of the postings refer to it as a “Palestinian child firing an RPG on Gaza Beach”, it actually appears to be from Libya. The accents in the video are Libyan, and some have suggested it may have been on a beach in the Sirte area.



Always curious what catches the BBC’s eye…it’s not just out of interest here….there is a definite motive that  generated this BBC story.



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12 Responses to Say It Ain’t True

  1. Guest Who says:

    A worthy complement to the notion that the cover up is often more damaging than the act, in media terms is which medium reacts in what way to which propaganda effort.
    The BBC’s rigour in checking stuff from sources it likes seems almost non-existent, or at best delayed long enough that the whole deceit is well passed. However if things are looking iffy for the PR client base, a whole lot of questions get asked very quickly.
    Oddly, who ‘some of the postings’ were by is not one high on the list.
    Got to say, never having fired one, the kid did well to not fall over as it clearly has some kick.
    They’ll have him on a roof before you can say ‘Top of the world, Ma!’ as I do believe Libya is getting exciting again.
    How exciting it gets before the BBC’s staff can tear themselves away from Gaza to report remains to be seen.
    Especially as the exchanges from all sides there are likely to be a tad less surgical and media-aware, with the affiliations of the guys on the firing ends being altogether not news ((c) A Newsroom Armchair Armourer).


  2. Deborah says:

    I think I posted on an open thread that I am sure the man in the green t shirt featured at the start of a report from Gaza on BBC 24 news several days after he had ‘died’. Every day we see photos and film of white bundles being carried which are understood to be the bodies of dead children. But after Lebanon where dead children from elsewhere were kept chilled until they could be used in the propaganda war I believe nothing that comes from Israel’s neighbours whereas the BBC (and Channel 4) seem to believe everything.
    The BBC could be asking Chris Gunness about the rockets found in at least 3 UNWRA schools in Gaza during their interviews but fail to do so (I think the last time was yesterday morning’s Today with Sarah Montague but I mentally switch off when I hear Chris’ name so it might have happened). I also remember at the start of this trouble the BBC interviewing a Gaza ‘doctor’ who said they only had 3 days of medical supplies. We are now nearly 30 days down the line – are Hamas and the BBC waiting for a specific date before they claim it again?


    • Not Henry Lenny says:

      If it was the same report I saw , “green t shirt man” looked very much like the sniper “victim” . The report I saw also showed an alleged “injured man” being literally flung from the ambulance onto a stretcher by four others . The “injured man” seemed strangely clean ,dust and blood free to me .


    • hippiepooter says:

      An MP says he doesn’t see a ‘glimmer of an answer’ to what’s going on in Gaza. I wrote to him:-

      “I’m going to give an answer that I don’t see as a ‘glimmer’ but something dazzlingly obvious:-

      We support Israel’s right to self-defence and pay tribute to its unparalled efforts to avoid civilian casualties, condemn and sanction western media acting as the propaganda arm of a genocidal terrorist organisation (Jeremy Bowen: “I have seen no evidence Hamas uses human shields”); in short, we recognise the moral collapse of our society for failing to do either and the short shelf life this gives our democracy.

      Our interventions in Afghanistan and Iraq in response to 9/11 failed because we permitted extremists and media subversives to act as the propaganda arm of the enemy at time of war to mobilise public opinion to undermine our objective of defeating Jihad with democracy. At time of war we kill the enemy and lock up those who aid and abett it. Instead of reviving the moral fibre that defeated Hitler, 9/11 has exposed the moral decay of our society.”


  3. stuart says:

    have you noticed one thing about all these journalists,and paul mason ex of bbc and now of channel 4 is the worst for his anti israel bias seem to be camped in and usually outside schools and hospitals in the gaza strip when reporting this conflict,why are these journalists nowhere near the hamas fighters and terrorists when they are firing there scud missiles and grad rockets imported from iran at innocent israeli civilians,why are there never no journalists when they hamas terrorists are attacking and murdering idf soldiers,where are these journalists and there impartiality in this conflict,i see none,do you.


    • John Anderson says:

      Hundreds of journalists in nthe small area of Gaza for 3 weeks – but virtually nil sign of rocket firing in urban areas, nil sign of Hamas, nil sign of BBC etc qualifying their sob-stories with statements about the way Hamas controls what they can report.

      BBC – a propaganda tool of Hamas


  4. Pounce says:

    Remember this from the bBC?
    Video ‘shows shootings of Palestinian protesters’
    A human rights group has released a video it says shows two teenage Palestinians being shot dead by Israeli security forces at a protest last week.Defence for Children International said the two-minute video of the incident that it published had been edited from six hours of surveillance footage from fixed CCTV cameras at a Palestinian-owned business…..No Israeli troops can be seen in the video, which begins with a youth throwing a stone from the end of a street, beside a row of shops. Seven minutes later, according to the timestamp, a youth wearing a backpack is seen slumping to the ground. An hour and 13 minutes after that, a second youth collapses as he walks away from the area, his back turned to the scene of the earlier confrontations.

    So the bBC reports that 6 hours of video was watched to find out the truth. Really?
    Pallywood’s latest: Beitouniya shootings faked

    The bBC, the propaganda mouthpiece for Islamic terrorists


  5. Rob says:

    Odd it wasn’t shown on the Channel 4 documentary on adults teaching kids to use weapons. Oh but wait, It only applies to the US


  6. Pounce says:

    So I’m watching this bBC report on the pull out of IDF troops and bBC reporter points out he is reporting under Israeli censorship.
    HAs anybody seen one bBC report which says the same from Gaza?
    He then goes on to report that moments before they started filming that there was a mortar alert in which to point out that the IDF haven’t silenced Hamas. , yet I couldn’t asking myself if he was in the hot zone, why isn’t he wearing his helmet. I know I would be, and I wouldn’t be out in the open

    How the bbC lies for Islamic terrorist orgs.


  7. N Khan says:

    This is a joke thread isn’t it? Israel have killed over 1000 civilians, many women and children and yet no one here seems to have a problem with it. If the Israeli’s actually acted like a non terrorist state, and gave the Palistinians their own state (the least that can be done given they have stolen large swathes of Palestine without rebuke) then this whole sad saga may end.


    • John Anderson says:

      Most of those killed were identifiable Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists. Many of the rest were young males – which means another sizeable proportion of Hamas. A lot of the rest died at the houses of Hamas operatives – warnings to evacuate were given, they decided not to evacuate or were forced by Hamas to stay there. A surprisingly low number of casualties were women and infants,

      Hisgtporically, there was no such thing as a “Palestinian”. The Arabs in the area counted described themselves as Syrian. There was no “Palestine” other than the British mandate. Part of that mandate was given to Israel under United Nations auspices in 1947, the Arabs stupidly refused to take any other part. Following war in 1947 Jordan grabbed the West Bank and East Jerusalem. The lost these in the 1967 war. After a war – the victor gets to keep the land unless he decides to hand some back, as Israel felt safe to do in giving Sinai back to Egypt.

      From the 1970s onwards the “Palestinians” chose terrorism as a way of life. They get what they deserve. Jordan and Egypt can live at relative peace with Egypt, the Gazans under Hamas decided to go the other way, even after the Israelis withdrew all Jews from Gaza. Hamas has caused years and years of pain for the people of Gaza – go and lecture them, peace is available if thewy stop firing rockets and digging tunnels and threatening to destroy Israel.

      Go learn some international law and some real history.


      • John Anderson says:

        and don’t try to make out there is no sympathy for dead women and children. But the practical and MORAL responsibility lies with Hamas which deliberately sought this conflict , used human shields to hide its cowardly “fighters” and then avoided all the chances of ceasefires. Go attack and criticise Hamas and its Arab backers.