“Bias is not always propaganda” Says Guardian



The BBC’s Jon Donnison shows he doesn’t care a jot about the Israelis…it’s all their own fault…


Hmmm….wonder if we can blame the BBC et al for all Hamas’ actions now that they have the BBC in their corner?

Will the Israelis then be ‘reaping’ what the BBC has sown?  Of course they won’t be called Israelis then…just refugees, displaced persons…or corpses.

I wonder if he thinks the Palestinians have ‘reaped what they have sown’ when they voted for Hamas and are now getting bombed because of it?



I imagine the BBC journos applaud this from the Guardian’s Peter Preston:

Gaza: where a howl of pain and outrage is the only point of view

For journalists covering the horror in Gaza, it must feel obscene to stick to the old routine of ‘fairness and balance’

If you’re a correspondent living the horrors of the Strip from one ceasefire to the next, keeping count of the toll, tweeting pictures of carnage (like the BBC’s wonderful Ian Pannell), wearing the kid gloves of fairness and balance must seem somewhere between obscene and impossible.

It’s a desperate task, gallantly performed. But there are times, remember, where the rituals of F and B don’t work at all – when the truth is a howl of pain and outrage. Jon Snow had one of those YouTube moments a few days ago when he got back from Gaza. Listen to Aidan White from the Ethical Journalism Network: “Bias is not always propaganda – some stories only make ethical sense when told by journalists with a point of view.” Especially as they wade through pools of blood.



No…bias is propaganda…especially in this case where the BBC is pumping out a relentless stream of anti-Israeli propaganda with the sole intention of trying to put political and social pressure upon the Israeli government.  There is absolutely no context for the Israeli actions from the BBC.  This is not a single battle, this is a 70 year war with the Muslims intent on annihilating the Jews.  Which is why the Jews fight so hard.  Another Holocaust wouldn’t be a coincidence it would be genocide, ethnic cleansing, plain old murder….a murder that the BBC has unfortunately decided to take sides in.





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17 Responses to “Bias is not always propaganda” Says Guardian

  1. chrisH says:

    Heard Lyse Doucet on Feedback.
    These people reveal themselves, even when off duty.
    Lyse seemed to think that Israel having an “US-funded” defence system is pertinent to whether we approve of the Israeli actions or not.
    Only unreconstituted Lefties and ex-Marxist types would think that to be an issue-but the BBC still harp on about it, as if it isn`t somehow fair to defend your citizens,
    And Hamas can`t be charged with THAT offence anyway.
    She didn`t mention how it is that so many Israeli soldiers are being killed…but so few Hamas murderers-all being civilians.
    Awful lot of civilians killing soldiers there isn`t there?…maybe the Gaza strip needs Piers Morgan over there to demand gun control with all those schools nearby.
    I`ve got a parka coat with an RAF target on its back…would he wear it for me?


    • JimS says:

      Lyse Doucet implies that Hamas have nowhere else to fire their rockets and mortars from except ‘civilian’ areas.

      Maybe they could try NOT firing rockets and mortars. They are followers of Cameron’s Religion of Peace aren’t they?


      • johnnythefish says:

        Lyse Doucet (uggh! that grinding accent) should take time out on Google Earth where she would see plenty of open spaces in Gaza from which Hamas could fire its rockets.

        But then she doesn’t even question the barbarity of Hamas firing the rockets in the first place, so why should she.


    • jackde says:

      Re: Lyse seemed to think that Israel having an “US-funded” defence system is pertinent to whether we approve of the Israeli actions or not.
      May I ask did Lyse just happened to mention Iran’s support an supply of offensive weaponry or intensive training of Hamas terrorists whoops militants in urban warfare..Would such facts influence her judgment or would she consider it irrelevant..?


  2. dave s says:

    Unless the IDF has suddenly taken leave of it’s senses and become one of the world’s most ineffiecient armies then the casualty figures speak for themselves. The ground fighting has to very heavy. How come the Western journalists don’t seem to report it. Why ?
    Hamas fighters must also be taking heavy casualties. Where are the figures?
    These journalists are not doing their job.
    AS for Iron Dome this is a game changer. The Israelis have made it work . I remember anti missile systems being scorned as unworkable. Not now and no wonder the US is backing it. Bet their people are all over it.
    It has been a revelation just how incurious theBBC/media has become.
    All Hamas rockets work out of the box. Never misfire or fall short ? Pull the other one.
    A lot of the bias is sheer poor reporting.
    But then these people do not want facts just a point of view.
    Propaganda .


    • jackde says:

      Suggest that all look at “40 important questions for the international media in Gaza” at http://tinyurl.com/pelgm7y
      1. Have you or any of your colleagues been intimidated by Hamas?
      2. Do you feel restricted in your ability to ‘say what you see’ in Gaza?
      3. How do you feel about the Spanish journalist who said Hamas would kill any journalist if they filmed rocket fire?
      4. Has Hamas pressured you to delete anything you have published?


  3. Guess Who says:

    Mr. Preston has come out with a corker there.
    It is revealing that to him (and it seems many another of the new breed of journalist) “… some stories only make ethical sense when told by journalists with a point of view” makes perfect, unidirectional sense. But only when the ‘storyteller’ and ‘point of view’ reader are in ideological lockstep. If not, which can be the case, it becomes unprofessional bias-driven propaganda if imposed on others.
    That’s for the Graun to live with, ethically and through loss of audience and funding.
    The BBC remains immune from such constraints.
    Hope Peter enjoyed his freedom burger when just happening to pass by the BBC of a weekend to catch up, swap notes, chillax. As you do. Allegedly.


  4. Nick says:

    I do worry about the guardian’s concept of ‘ethical sense’. It defines what it considers ethical meaning it is taking a side. That’s not the ethics of journalism but of politics.

    Thus the Guardian and the BBC are making a stand against Israel by siding with Hamas.

    They have abandoned any sense of balance and fairness whatsoever. These are, by definition not journalists reporting facts and as a result are no longer press. On that basis, Israel should evict them.


  5. Simon says:

    “Bias is not always propaganda – some stories only make ethical sense when told by journalists with a point of view.”

    The arrogance is staggering


  6. deegee says:

    It is not always possible for a combat reporter on the scene to balance a report with the response of someone who is not there to be interviewed. It is the job of the editors to allocate someone else to collect that. Where the reporters on the scene in Gaza have failed miserably is in their reports of what they actually saw and check what they heard.

    Judging from the reports they saw no Hamas fighters, dead or alive; no missiles being fired; no miss fires or missiles falling short – or have no expertise to check; no Hamas representatives giving interviews from the same hospitals they report heart-wrenching casualties; no munitions stored or fired from homes, hospitals, schools and mosques; no evidence of booby traps; no human shields; no intimidation of journalists – and equally important no Hamas officials who are all over the Internet proudly showing their support for all those things.

    Has any BBC reporter asked a theatrically grieving old woman (that could be cultural BTW) how she felt about Hamas firing from her street, building tunnels under her house or booby trapping it? What does she feel about Hamas making war on Israel? What sacrifices should the Gazan public and her as an individual make towards that effort. What does she feel about Hamas in tunnels and civilians with no protection? What does she feel about cement allocated for building projects being used to build tunnels to make war?

    So many questions.


    • dave s says:

      But no answers from our expert and well paid media. I jest of course.
      WE know more about the Battle of Waterloo than this war in Gaza and more accurately.


  7. Thatcher Revolutionary says:

    Perhaps Douchebag/Hilsum/Donnison/Bowen et al will ‘reap what they sow’ one day.


  8. bluestar says:

    -“I wonder if he thinks the Palestinians have ‘reaped what they have sown’ when they voted for Hamas and are now getting bombed because of it?”

    Brilliant :]