Ham And Hamas




 Here are some guidelines from Ofcom with regard to what we should expect from the BBC in the way of programme standards:

The BBC is required to observe certain of the programme standards objectives (“the relevant programme standards”) set by Ofcom under section 319 of the Act, namely:

Refraining from the use of techniques which exploit the possibility of conveying a message to viewers or listeners, or of otherwise influencing their minds, without their being aware, or fully aware, of what has occurred.

In other words the BBC should not be slipping political, social or cultural messages into its programming in order to influence our thoughts and behaviour.

Such a refrain has obviously had little effect as the BBC deliberately set out to manufacture our opinions on climate change and hence the government’s response should it recognise that ‘public concern’ generated by the BBC’s messaging….all organised by the BBC’s Roger Harrabin and implemented in his infamous seminars in which BBC staff were persuaded to accept the premise that climate change is happening and is man made, and that messages about the dangers of that climate change and the actions necessary to prevent it should be slipped into BBC programming be it comedy, drama, soaps, news or indeed science programmes….not forgetting children’s programmes.

The BBC does not limit such Soviet style practises to climate though, apart from immigration, Islam, Europe and welfare there is the Middle East, Israel/Palestine in particular.

As you read this the BBC is probably reporting that Hamas doesn’t really exist…the Israeli army is remorselessly and savagely bombarding Gaza, taking out hospitals, schools and innocent civilians without cause or reason, reducing Gaza to rubble just because it can, and wants to….but curiously there is nobody shooting at them.  How many times have we heard from the BBC that the Israelis have bombed or shelled something or someone in Gaza killing ‘x’ number of Palestinians, according to Palestinian health officials ( who are completely neutral and honest) and only then is it mentioned that the Israelis might have been firing at someone who had fired at them first…allegedly?  It is rare that the BBC mentions Hamas as the instigator of a firefight or that Hamas rockets falling short maybe the cause of death and destruction in Gaza….the default culprit is always Israel.

BBC News is nowadays more a work of dramatic fiction and emotive angst than straight reporting making dramatic programmes like ‘The Honourable Woman’ almost redundant.

The Honourable Woman though has its place in the BBC battle order…..it is a ‘weapon’ of war as much as any gun or bomb…it is a ‘smart bomb’ delivered into thousands, if not millions, of homes around the world bearing not high explosives but a poisonous message….a message delivered by the BBC on behalf of Hamas, Fatah and all those who wish to ‘wipe Israel off the map’.

That explosive message is that Israel, the ‘Jewish state’, should be dismantled and the Palestinians allowed to take the land of Israel….needless to say the BBC glosses over what would happen to the Jews, merely implying that all would be peace and harmony as the love and understanding flowed between the two peoples.

The Honourable Woman of the title is Nessa Stein, the daughter of a ‘Zionist arms dealer’ who has provided the ‘walls’ for Israel’s successful defence….but he was killed by a Palestinian and Nessa and her brother Ephra took over the reins of his company turning it away from the nasty business of arms dealing towards education and infrastructure development for Palestinians…hoping to bring the two sides together eventually.

That is one message…..the father was ‘old Israel’, the well armed defender of the Jewish State’s right to exist…Nessa is the new Israel taking down those ‘walls’ that separate the Jews from the Palestinians…..‘walls’ being the mental attitudes but also  an allusion to the physical security barrier the Israelis had to build to keep suicide bombers and various Palestinian murderers out of Israel….the writer, Hugo Blick, obviously feels he knows better than the Israelis here about the need for security.

In later episodes this theme is expanded on and the BBC can be seen to relish the potential destruction and defeat of Israel and the triumph of the Palestinians as the ‘purity’ of the Jewish state is corrupted and undermined by the influx of Palestinians into the land.

Nessa’s father was killed on the orders of a Fatah commander, the father of the man who raped Nessa when she was kidnapped in Gaza, Nessa giving birth to a son as a result of that rape.
The Fatah commander, naturally representing the various Palestinian ‘resistance’ movements in this allegory, gloried in the ‘poisoning’ of the Stein bloodline with Palestinian blood….

‘The grandson of Eli Stein with my blood in its veins…first I ordered his death and now I take his heritage….how great is his defeat!’

A clear message…the Palestinian militants have fought the Israelis and killed many but the real battle will only be won by destroying the ‘heritage’, the bloodline, of the Jews by flooding Israel with Palestinian people…the ‘right of return‘…in other words destroying the Jewish nature of the Israeli state…the whole reason for its existence….that second phase can only begin when Israel drops its guard, its military defence (represented by the death of the arms dealing father) and more importantly the will to defend itself….this loss of will is represented by Nessa taking over the company with a completely different mindset and attitude and who believes that if only the Jews and the Palestinians could work and live together all would be well…there would be no ‘Israel’ but a one state solution…..a Palestine from the river to the sea…in other words Israel is wiped out.

A nice bit of pro-Palestinian propaganda from the BBC.

Hugo Blick slips in many more little kickers to push the message that Israel is an evil state that needs to be dealt with…….

The Palestinian nanny, Atika, tells us that she is ‘A stranger in her own land….but we learn how to wait’….clearly the thought is that  the tyrannical Israel cannot last forever.

Nessa proclaims Atika is ‘The Wandering Arab’…not once but twice to reinforce the message…this is an allusion to the ’Wandering Jew’, Blick trying desperately to turn the Palestinians into victims of Israeli oppression and tyranny….The Wandering Jew was forced to roam the world homeless and scavenging for a living…..Atika dramatically states ‘It is what the world has made me.’  Not really though…it is what the Palestinian leaders have made her.

When Nessa first meets Atika in the West Bank Blick has them mouth a rather forced exchange, the only reason for it to once again paint Israel as an oppressor when Nessa asks Atika how often she visits her home in Gaza….Atika replies she doesn’t, the borders are closed…Nessa replies… ‘Of course…how stupid of me!’
But….The borders aren’t closed, just restricted…no surprise as the Palestinians are conducting a war against Israel….having said that Atika and Nessa somehow manage to get themselves into Gaza…so clearly ‘closed borders’ are no obstacle.

When Nessa and her brother Ephra, are at a family party the camera lingers on a group of Jewish men who cheer the news on the TV that ‘Israel will not negotiate with terrorists’…..Nessa says to Ephra, who initiated the change from arms dealing to ‘promoting peace and reconciliation’ for his father’s company, that ‘Pappa would be proud of you.’….Ephra looks disdainfully at the cheering Jews and says ‘Yes I think he would have been.’   Clearly a tough stance on defence is not welcome by Ephra/Blick.

Ephra describes the educational faculties provided by his company as being in Israel, East Jerusalem and the West Bank…..Israel considers all of Jerusalem to be its capital…so a sly dig there by Blick.

The Israeli Ambassador is played as if he were a Gestapo officer from the war….very reminiscent of so many WWII films….Just a coincidence I’m sure.

Blick also introduces a device into the programme seemingly just so that he can accuse Israel of being a racist state running an apartheid system.  He creates an unnecessary storyline where Israeli ex-military are given preferential treatment when applying for university courses…to the detriment of Israeli Arabs.
This was, as said, just an excuse to malign Israel by proclaiming it an apartheid state (repeated for reinforcement of effect as with the ‘Wandering Arab’ line) despite being in reality one of the most democratic and open states in the Middle East…and one where Christians can consider themselves safe…not something they could do anywhere else in the Middle East.

The real, central, storyline was that the Israelis had tapped into the Palestinian’s communications by using the cables laid by Nessa’s company….all leading to an Israeli listening post seemingly in a broom cupboard, an unlocked broom cupboard, in the university itself…the entry to which was controlled by an Arab Israeli….top security there then!  Great writing!

The character played by Igal Naor, Shlomo Zahary, was a pantomime Jew, a stereotype set up to be portrayed as shifty, money grabbing and untrustworthy….Blick summarises him as someone ‘who could always smell a deal.’…what does he mean about our stereotypical Jewish pantomime villain?

Blick has a clear message to impart…Israel is a racist, apartheid state that oppresses the Palestinians but will eventually be overwhelmed by a flood of returning Palestinians to ‘their own land’ when Israel’s will to defend itself militarily is broken and the ‘purity’ of the Jewish state is leavened by the demographic reality of that mass of Palestinians making a Jewish state meaningless and impossible.

‘How great would be their defeat?’  

It would seem the BBC is wishing such defeat upon Israel….and it has no shame in broadcasting such a  programme as Israel battles the very forces of terrorism, ethnic cleansing and murder  that the BBC supports and broadcasts on behalf of in both its news bulletins and drama….still three more episodes to go but somehow doubt Israel will turn out to be the ‘good guy’ in all this.

‘Homeland’ was far, far superior.


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33 Responses to Ham And Hamas

  1. Pounce says:

    So I’m currently finding stories to post on my blog and I come across this bBC factoid. It tells a totally different story than the one parroted by the bBC these past few weeks.



    Currently the top story for the bbC is this one:
    Ex-minister Luff condemns ‘brutal’ Israeli Gaza attacks
    A former UK defence minister has accused Israel of “brutal” attacks on Gaza after a short-lived ceasefire collapsed amid mutual recriminations. Peter Luff said Israel’s response to Hamas attacks was “disproportionate” and said the UK needed to send a message to Israel that its actions were “becoming very difficult to justify”.

    Yesterday the top story was;
    Tory MPs call for rethink on government Israel policy
    Prime Minister David Cameron is coming under pressure from Conservative backbenchers to take a more robust stance over Israel’s actions in Gaza. Margot James – previously regarded as a pro-Israeli voice – has condemned its “wholly disproportionate” attacks.

    On the 30th we had this story:
    Gaza conflict: Cameron pledges £3m in extra UK aid
    Asked on BBC Radio 4’s Today programme whether he thought Israel’s actions were disproportionate, he said there would be a proper evaluation of the offensive “in the fullness of time”.
    On the 29th we had:
    Gaza action behind rise of anti-Semitism, claims peer
    A retired senior diplomat has suggested that “much anti-Semitism is a reaction to the appalling Israeli treatment of its Arab neighbours”…..He said the best way the UK government could avert anti-Semitic activity would be to take action with its European allies to stop the growth of Israeli settlements and what he called the “disproportionatereaction” of the Israeli military in Gaza.

    The dictionary tells me that disproportionate means:
    too large or too small in comparison with something else.

    Yet by the bbC’s own chart above, Israel isn’t being disproportionate with the rocket and missile attacks from Gaza at all. Funny that.


  2. stuart says:

    so i blame you the falsely named uaf( socalist workers party) for stirring up all this anti semtism and hatred of israel and jews in london and all over the uk.it is you the socalist workers party and your anti semetic bastards who are whipping up racist young muslims and not so young all over the uk to attack innocent british law abiding british jews in this country,it is you the socalist workers party that should be deemed a extremist left wing supporter of terrorist groups such as hamas and the taliban and banned by the goverement.it is you the socalist workers party than hands out your racist swp placards to the racists and anti semites outside the israeli embassy every day,it is you the socalists workers party aka the uaf who are the true fascists and racists in this country,it is you and you have become unmasked for what you really are.


  3. Pounce says:

    Ok. I’m stumped, can somebody tell me what artillery piece the IDF used to fire this. (Hint bBC its not a shell)

    Palestinians inspect an unexploded Israeli shell on a road in Gaza – nearly 100 Palestinians died on Friday


    • Pounce says:

      And here is what an M302 long range missile as supplied by Iran to Hamas looks like


      • Arthur Penney says:

        Yes I noticed another picture of an Israeli Shell elsewhere.

        Funny it is painted in the colours of the Palestinians I thought.


      • 43 says:

        Woudn’t it be justice if these, I assume, captured missiles were delivered to gaza nose first.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Brilliantly spotted Pounce 🙂


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Presumably the picture in the article posted directly above the one you posted is supposed to make the reader believe it is definitely an Israeli shell.
        _76692709_76692193.jpgIsrael renewed its bombardment of the Gaza Strip after the 72-hour ceasefire broke down

        Provided of course that the Palestinians standing next to the unexploded one are midgets.


    • Span Ows says:

      Refraining from the use of techniques which exploit the possibility of conveying a message to viewers or listeners, or of otherwise influencing their minds, without their being aware, or fully aware, of what has occurred.

      Now look at the picture above the one Pounce showed here showing Israeli shells lined up having been de-crated: surely a classic example of what Alan is on about in the first few lines of this blogpost.


    • dave s says:

      Come on. Everybody at the BBC knows the Jews are very very clever at tricking people. Cunning is the word. it is obviously an Israeli shell disguised as a Iranian missile.
      They can do this sort of thing you know.
      And anyway none of us at the BBC likes guns and we don’t really know anything about them so don’t be unkind when we make mistakes. We mean well .


    • deegee says:

      Depending on which estimate one relies on Gazan missiles which are launched but never reach Israel is between 7-25% of the total. The UNHRC has condemned Israel for not supply Gaza with Iron Dome. Perhaps to even things up Israel should supply better missiles to Hamas?


    • Not Henry Lenny says:

      Them 155mm shells are sure looking big these days .
      Does the BBC actually have anyone that has military knowledge ,or is that just a silly question ?


    • pah says:

      Erm how did it get there without leaving a hole in the ground or damage to the ‘shell’ itself? Even UXBs cause damage.

      Why are all the shadows pointing in different directions?
      Why does the guy nearest the ‘shell’ not leave a shadow over the ‘shell’ itself?
      Can we spell ‘Photoshop’?


    • Teddy Bear says:

      I also notice this image in the above article is supposed to make the reader believe that the demonstrators killed were only firing a catapult
      _76692771_76692715.jpg Two demonstrators were killed after protests against the Israeli offensive broke out in the West Bank


  4. JohnM says:

    Have you noticed that whenever a BBC correspondent reports from Gaza, that there is always the sound of explosions, shellfire or ambulances wailing?

    Whereas any report from Israel never has the sound of rocket warnings (What we would know as ‘air-raid warning sirens’)


    • Llareggub says:

      ‘Have you noticed that whenever a BBC correspondent reports from Gaza, that there is always the sound of explosions, shellfire or ambulances wailing?’

      The sounds are pre-recorded and played when the reporter broadcasts from his/her desk in the Salford studios. Just switch off the recorder when doing a bit (allegedly) from Israel.


  5. richard D says:

    Paddy ‘Pantsdown’ Ashdown continues expounding the increasingly transparent anti-Israeli stance of the Lib Dems, by appearing on BBC ‘Today’ programme this morning, expounding on how Israel has made huge mistakes in defending itself, is losing (????) the support of other countries, has been ‘disproportionate’ in it’s reply to thousands of missiles fired from Gaza, etc., etc. – the usual left-wing anti-Jewish claptrap.

    The BBC re-iterates this in the following news headline reports on both TV and Radio, finishing with the final quote from dear old Paddy – ‘Neither side can blast themselves to victory’.

    Well, Paddy me old son, that’s where YOU are wrong, and worse, given your purported knowledge of affairs military. you know it, but will not let reality intrude on the party line being expressed at the moment.

    The biggest difference between Israel and Hamas is clearly and obviously this….. Israel could obliterate the whole of Gaza and its population (without resorting to even thinking about using any nuclear armaments)…. but it chooses not to. Hamas cannot blast its way to victory with Israel, but, given the chance to obtain more and potentially better arms from its allies, would obliterate Israel without a second thought.

    Now, which of the above is the ‘proportionate’ response to the situation ?


    • The General says:

      Excellent post.


    • John Anderson says:

      Yes, really good commentary on the idiot Ashdown.

      And to prove your point, it is looking as though Israel may withdraw from Gaza once all the terror tunnels are destroyed. With or without a ceasefire. In other words – job done, proportionately.


      • Andy S. says:

        I’ve always thought Ashdown always has the look of someone who has just put his finger through the toilet paper while wiping his arse.


  6. Teddy Bear says:

    There is an online petition for the UN to investigate Hamas for war crimes.

    It requires 15,000 signatures to be submitted and at present it already has 13,785, requiring only 1,215 more.
    Breitbart London has more on it here and the following is the text to be submitted to the UN.

    Petitioning United Nations Human Rights Council Urgently investigate serious violations of international humanitarian law by Hamas in Gaza

    Petition by
    Eylon Aslan-Levy
    London, United Kingdom

    Hamas is an internationally recognised terrorist organisation, which is launching missile attacks from the Gaza Strip against Israeli civilians and endangering the lives of innocent Palestinians. We call on the UN Human Rights Council to urgently investigate the serious violations of international humanitarian law committed by Hamas, including:

    1. Indiscriminately firing missiles at Israel, with the intention to cause maximum death and devastation. These missiles have killed, traumatised and terrorised Israelis. Residents of southern Israel have only 15 seconds to find shelter each time. Hamas has deliberately aimed missiles at an international airport and nuclear installation. Many missiles have fallen inside Gaza, even destroying UN facilities; a rocket strike on an electricity cable cut off power to thousands of Gazans. The Palestinian delegate to the Human Rights Council has said that “each and every missile constitutes a crime against humanity”.

    2. Using Palestinian civilians as human shields. Hamas has urged Palestinians to scale rooftops, forcing Israel to abort strikes on military targets, and has ordered civilians not to evacuate fighting zones when Israel has urged them to leave for their own safety. Colonel Richard Kemp, former commander of British forces in Afghanistan, has said that Hamas’s strategy is “to force the IDF to kill innocent civilians” as a cynical means of creating international pressure against Israel to stop defending itself.

    3. Hijacking civilian infrastructure for terrorist purposes. Hamas has been firing rockets from inside densely populated civilian areas, which UN Human Rights Commissioner Navi Pillay has called “unacceptable”. Hamas has hidden missiles in civilian facilities, including schools run by UNRWA. Hamas is using the Shifa Hospital as its military headquarters. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has said: “We condemn the use of civilian sites — schools, hospitals and other civilian facilities — for military purposes.”

    4. Infiltrating Israel through tunnels, intending to commit a massacre or abduct Israelis. Israel has narrowly averted several such infiltration attempts by gunmen, who have attempted to penetrate Israel in order to perpetrate a massive terrorist atrocity in border villages and kibbutzim.

    5. Diverting humanitarian aid for military purposes. Hamas has diverted hundreds of thousands of tons of concrete that entered Gaza for civilian purposes, to build a vast network of underground tunnels and missile silos instead of meeting the humanitarian needs of the Palestinian population.

    6. Using ambulances for military purposes. Hamas has used humanitarian vehicles to carry out military acts and disguise combatants as civilians.

    7. Employing child soldiers as suicide bombers. Israeli troops are reported to have been attacked by children as young as 13 wearing explosive belts.

    8. Stopping Palestinians from reaching urgent medical assistance. Hamas has prevented civilians from reaching the field hospital that Israel set up at the Erez Crossing to treat injured Palestinians, and it has even fired missiles on this hospital to frustrate attempts to treat them.

    Hamas has shown utter contempt and disregard for human life, both Israeli and Palestinian. The UN Human Rights Council must investigate without delay and hold Hamas accountable for its actions in violation of international law.


  7. johnnythefish says:

    I deliberately chose not to watch ‘The Honourable Woman’ as I knew what I would be letting myself in for.

    ‘The Palestinian nanny, Atika, tells us that she is ‘A stranger in her own land….but we learn how to wait’….

    It was never ‘their land’. A simple historical fact for the BBC to try and get its head round – a wonderful opportunity to ‘educate and inform’. Nah, stick with what you’re good at BBC: broadcasting stinking shiteloads of Socialist Worker student propaganda.

    Meanwhile George Orwell has now drilled his way to Australia.


  8. Jeff Waters says:

    What lies behind Hamas’ decision to return to violence?

    The immediate trigger for the escalation was the kidnapping and killing of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank on 12 June 2014. The Israeli government accused Hamas, arrested over 200 Hamas members in the West Bank and closed down organisations affiliated with Hamas.

    To Hamas, the clampdown seemed politically motivated to eradicate its presence in the West Bank.

    Within this context, the clampdown demanded a response, if Hamas was to retain credibility.

    But of course.

    What self-respecting terrorist organisation wouldn’t respond to a series of arrests with a series of rocket-fired missiles?


  9. George R says:

    Talking about ham, more on the INBBC lapse in self-censorship on Islam:-

    “BBC ‘angers Muslim staff’ by hosting hog roast to celebrate Commonwealth Games under the windows of Arabic TV service”



  10. Kia says:

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