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  1. DP111 says:

    I would have thought rockets would have been a better symbol. Specially so as Hamas is running out of rockets.

    Fund raiser for Hamas anyone?


    • Mark says:

      The AK-47. Standard weapon used by the baddies for 60 years.

      Mikhail Kalashnikov has a hell of a lot to answer for.


      • Selohesra says:

        Don’t blame the inventor – blame the savages that pull the trigger


        • DP111 says:

          Mikhail Kalashnikov was asked to design a gun that was simple, easy to maintain, and effective. This was in WWII. He did it to safeguard Russia from The Nazis.

          One cannot blame engineers for designing military equipment. If that was so, engineers and scientists who designed the atomic bomb, would be in the dock


          • The Beebinator says:

            Kalashnikov shouldnt be credited with designing the weapon named after him, all he done was canabalised parts from the US M1 rifle and Remington Model 8, the German STG 44 and other existing Soviet rifles.

            If you took the guts from nokia and samsung mobile phones and added a cover you made yourself, would you be credited with designing it? No you’d be called a thief.


          • Mark says:

            The AK47 was a Soviet piece of hardware, so during the Cold War era it was inevitably used by Moscow-sponsored combatants in Vietnam, Cambodia, Angola and the Arab Middle East.


  2. Dazed & Confused says:

    Talking of BBC favourites, let’s watch the Muslim Brotherhood in action……After all, according to the BBC these creatures are “moderates”…

    Warning! This is sick…



  3. Alex says:

    If these tambourine-tapping, sandal-wearing save-the-world-types love these Muslim terrorists so much why are they all over here? Why don’t they sod off to live amongst their idols? These Hamas murders are scum and yet IN BRITAIN we have thousands of young (and impressionable) people protesting in the streets for the destruction of a people. Very concerning and largely the product of years of the lamestream media’s constant brainwashing.


  4. Alan says:

    ‘You couldn’t tell between a Hamas and a Palestinian flag, so forgive me for not caring.’

    The difference between a Palestinian flag and a Hezbollah flag……..spot the difference…which one is like the one on the photo? MacFarlane clearly doesn’t know herself…and why have an AK47 as the central theme of the photo?


    ‘FYI the pic is one I took myself of the celebrations in Bourj al Barajneh after the UN voted to give PT non member observer status’

    Bourj al Barajneh..a Palestinian refugee camp…..from McFarlane’s FOOC report a while back (5th July)….

    ‘On Monday 24th, a suicide bomber attacked a police checkpoint near a cafe where people were watching the World Cup.
    That night I visited the nearby Palestinian refugee camp of Bourj al Barajneh. I had been told that watching the World Cup in the camps was the best place in the world to experience the games. The party atmosphere is electric and infectious, and the Palestinians who have so little cause for celebration in their lives celebrate with such gusto it’s almost as if their own team have won. Expecting to write a despatch of joy and happiness for my first From Our Correspondent, things took a turn when a nearby bomb went off and disrupted the party. I saw for myself how the Palestinians use the football as a rare and cherished method of escapism to transport themselves from the reality of their lives in exile.’


  5. Randy says:

    These vile anti-Semitic anarchists feel empowered by violently and loudly protesting in Europe’s city centres, causing trouble and smashing shop windows, but let’s see how violent they’d be out in Gaza with an Israeli rocket up their arse! I’m going to come out and say it folks, and I’m not ashamed to admit it… I want Israel to win against Hamas because these Muslim terrorists only know violence and so can only be defeated by getting a good solid rocket up their behinds!


    • Llareggub says:

      I watched some of the footage of the demonstrations supporting Hamas terrorists. Up front were the CND, middle class white people, lots of banners from Trades Unions and Trades Councils, and the usual bunch of Labourites and revolutionary socialists who seek to establish some kind of Bolshevik state.
      As the violence spreads across our country – and it will – a sharp kick up the ass for these wretches is in order
      PS. See Prescott in the Daily Mirror accusing Israel of war crimes in a heavily loaded article. But see the vote on whether you agree with him. 70% disagree.


      • Simon says:

        I just can’t wait until the muslims turn their attention to their useful idiots who are supporting them as we all know they will


        • Mark says:

          Contemporary comment about the French Revolution when the evil Robespierre took over: “The Revolution. like Saturn, will end up devouring its own people.”


  6. Alan says:

    This is an interesting statement from MacFarlane…one to remember whenever people like the BBC’s Paul Adams tells us that Gaza is a prison camp:

    ‘….the refugees in Lebanon are a captive audience.

    Without jobs, without rights to travel, even without rights to owning your own home, there is little for Palestinians in Lebanon to do except dedicate themselves wholly to ‘the cause’.’


    • John Andersn says:

      She also talks of them being “in exile”.

      As if they have some right of return to Israel.


    • pah says:

      Similar situation in Jordan and Syria. IIRC there are similar numbers of Palestinians in these camps as in the West Bank or Gaza. Yet no one seems to care about their plight, least of all the Jordanian, Lebanese and Syrian governments.


  7. John Andersn says:

    Maybe she should get her history right about where those “Palestinians” came from. She has worked in Beirut, it appears – so why can’t she learn ?

    Beirut was “the Paris of the Levant” – an attractive cosmopolitan city. Half Christian, half Muslim. But in the 1970s the King of Jordan kicked out the PLO to avoid civil war in his country, and about 100,000 of them went to Lebanon.

    In due course these “Palestinians” screwed up Lebanon, with 100,000 or more being killed in the Lebanon civil war of 1975. Wrecking the economy, leading on to decades of conflict, into which Syria and then Israel were involved.



  8. Alan Larocka says:

    Bur these vies expressed are her own and not necessarily that of the BBC……………………


    • Guest Who says:

      “But these views expressed are her own and not necessarily that of the BBC”
      That would be the employer cited in line one?
      Writer, radio, video journalist @BBCWorld. Foreign affairs in my DNA. Both Scottish and Indonesian, therefore often confused. Views mine

      London / Beirut / Jakarta · juliamacfarlane.com

      That disclaimer is getting tattier with each BBC employee testing just how powerless their supposed market rate leadership really is. Interesting she channels the DNA claim of ‘of please stop making us look bad’ Hugs Boaden. Not the impartiality bit, mind. More the ‘propaganda worldwide using the BBC banner’ aspect.

      But often confused indeed, if the logic of some of her replies is anything to go on.
      Looks like a few more lessons may be learned to add to that chappie last week who didn’t know what objective professional reporting actually involved.
      Quiet word in secret with an anonymous manager and… sorted!


      • Guest Who says:

        Wild guess, but this thread may be spared the massive denial of service attrition currently being imposed elsewhere.
        I have resisted challenging to test the starvation theory, but have my doubts whether they, and especially the hive queen will get bored and retire, as it seems pretty clear driving the narrative and the site into the ground, is a life mission for some, and possibly coordinated if not budgeted affair.
        Frankly some threads are not worth bothering checking any more, which is job done sadly.
        But research, fact, URL and captured quote as carried out by DB here makes it all worth staying with.


        • Guest Who says:

          Seems I was wrong.
          Though one suspects trying to steer the cut & paste bot below from keeping the notebook up-to-date to actually addressing the topic of this thread would be an exercise in futility.
          I also see the full Staffel have been drafted in and are deployed elsewhere tag-teaming away off-topic, including an old and dear chum, so sorely missed.
          Have to say the booby-trapped last line was clever, if rather obvious for one apparently so dedicated to the cause of sensible, civilised debate.
          I wonder if he may be teased here by my attempt at seduction, willing to discuss BBC staff tweeting as opposed to how a few errant posters define all?
          If so, I wonder how long it will take?
          And who the ‘we’ is who post so all-inclusively about what ‘they’ know?


  9. Guest Who says:

    Remember this?:
    27 July 2014 Last updated at 13:37
    ‘Palestinian militant group Hamas has announced a 24-hour ceasefire after Israel ended an earlier truce amid continuing rocket fire from Gaza.’
    27 July 2014 Last updated at 15:32
    ‘Palestinian militant group Hamas has announced a 24-hour ceasefire after Israel ended its own truce amid continuing rocket fire from Gaza.’
    Clearly a correction of nuance was required.
    For some reason.


  10. just sayin' says:

    oohhhhhhhh we’re terrified. You scare us more than the black muslim savages of boko haram in the african bongo bongo land


  11. Span Ows says:

    I can accept some nonsense from her because she’s fit…hmmm. Nice sultry British-Indonesian thing going on…

    have to admire her interests and commitment: no ambiguousness about her tag cloud:



  12. Mark says:

    It’s also time to close down racism when it’s carried out by crazy, intolerant Islamists against Jews.

    And, BTW, Islam is not a race.


  13. Guest Who says:

    Just looking at the BBC World News FaceBook latest.
    They have a story about the ‘truces’, illustrated by a still from the BBC’s latest social media farm-out:
    However, rather oddly, the still in question is from the middle of the piece, and states:
    “Israel and then Hamas observed and then broke ceasefires at the weekend”
    Beyond shunting it to the fore, is this actually accurate? It was my understanding that Israel observed ceasefires but only returned fire when they were broken by Hamas.
    If this the case, the BBC’s editorial have some (more) explaining to do.
    By way of ‘balance’, I would point out that this is in the comments:
    @lisahogben Thank you. I think the disparity between the number of Palestinians and Israelis killed is pointed out a lot. Certainly the comments on our videos indicate people recognise that. Israel’s Iron Dome defence shield is one reason that only two Israeli civilians have died.

    Possibly a better way to explain the disparity could have been found by BBC News, or ‘I’ as this singular representative refers to ‘them’, as ‘only two’ doesn’t come across too well.