Cheerleading For Hamas


We get bombarded with casualty figures from Gaza by the BBC in every other sentence it seems…initially their preferred source was ‘Palestinian medics’, then the ‘Health department’ in Gaza’, and now the one they opt for is figures given by the UN.


But you might ask, where does the UN get its figures?….from Palestinians, as BBC Watch details:

Documenting the BBC contribution to political warfare against Israel

Readers no doubt recognize the names of the two highlighted NGOs above – Al Mezan and PCHR. They are two of the “primary sources” upon which UN OCHA recently told BBC Watch it relies for casualty figures in the Gaza Strip.  Describing them as “United Nations” figures, the BBC in turn quotes and promotes those UN OCHA statistics without any independent verification of its own and fails to inform audiences that they are sourced from political NGOs.

The fact that the BBC is providing publicity, promotion and amplification for political NGOs engaged in anti-Israel campaigning through ‘lawfare’ to influence public opinion is one which is completely incompatible with its commitment – and obligation – to impartial reporting.



The same UN which yesterday had to admit Hamas had used its facilities to hide missiles:

Agency Demands Full Respect for the Sanctity of Its Premises in Gaza


Something the BBC barely mentioned in its reports…even after the discovery they were using this less than informative description:

“Israel accuses Hamas of hiding its military infrastructure within the civilian population.”



UNRWA is in essence a UN provided political advocate for Palestinians demanding the ‘right of return’ for them…and hence the destruction of Israel…as admitted by a UN official on the BBC:

Who We Are

Arab-Israeli War

1st April 1948

April – August 1948: More than 700,000 Palestine refugees are displaced as a result of the Arab-Israeli War.

Resolution 194

11th December 1948

The United Nations General Assembly adopts resolution 194 (III), resolving that “refugees wishing to return to their homes and live at peace with their neighbours should be permitted to do so at the earliest

UNRWA deals specifically with Palestine refugees in its five areas of operation in Jordan, Lebanon, the Syrian Arab Republic, West Bank and the Gaza Strip. Its role encompasses assistance, protection and global advocacy for Palestine refugees.



Despite that being on their website apparently any such ‘right’ was removed in 1965:

The right of return, Prosor reiterated, would “flood Israel with millions of refugees, and drown the Jewish state by sheer numbers.”

Right of return, he said, is actually a euphemism for the destruction of Israel.

UNRWA is responsible for helping fuel this “fiction” of the right of return to Palestinian children through their textbooks and schools.

“It’s worth noting that their mandate to resettle refugees was removed in 1965,” Prosor said. “They have perpetuated the problem instead of solving it.”


The Palestinians themselves have stated:

For most Palestinians the right of return for the up to six million
      refugees who are ancestors of those who made the exodus from Palestine
      that followed the creation of Israel in 1948 is an absolute.

“Israel wants the Palestinians to admit Palestine is the home of the Jews.
      It wants us to give up on the right of return,” says Fadel Taha.
      “Palestine is for us and for our grandchildren and can only be liberated
      by resistance. Oslo and Madrid [peace conferences] brought only shame. We
      don’t believe in negotiations.” says Abu Ahmad Fadel Taha, the
      leader of Hamas in Ain al-Hilweh.




Tom Gross reminds us of the close relationship between UNRWA spokesman, Chris Gunness, and the BBC, especially the BBC’s Jeremy Bowen:

UNRWA spokesman Chris Gunness is a British citizen, who previously worked for 23 years as a foreign correspondent and in senior editorial positions at the BBC and has a decades-long record of bias against Israel. Gunness is close friends with the BBC’s notoriously anti-Israel “chief Middle East correspondent” Jeremy Bowen.


I revealed Gunness’ close friendship with Bowen in a dispatch in 2009, here.


Nor is the BBC finding space in its attacks on Israel this hour, to mention that Israel thwarted a major terror attack this morning involving 13 Hamas gunmen who infiltrated into Israel by underground tunnel from Gaza.



From 2009:


I have previously outlined on this website the concoctions of the well-funded UN body UNRWA which have resulted in defamations of Israel and physical attacks on Jews in many different countries around the world.

For example, UNRWA has now admitted that their claim that Israel shelled a school in Gaza in January and killed 32 Palestinian civilians is completely false. The shell in question, it turns out, was in response to Palestinian mortar fire at civilians in Israel and killed nine Palestinian adults, none of whom were in the school. Seven of those killed were armed operatives and two were civilians.

The sensational and false claims of UNRWA led to headlines around the world such as “UN accuses Israel of herding 110 Palestinians into a house then shelling it, leaving 30 dead” (London Daily Mail Online UK, Jan 9 2009 11:59AM GMT).

The false reports led to anti-Israel riots and attacks on Jews in all six continents of the world.




Now, it turns out that Chris Gunness, the UNWRA spokesman who went on several different international TV networks in January to accuse Israel of “war crimes” on account of the supposed school incident, is in fact a former BBC journalist and a close colleague of the BBC’s notoriously anti-Israel Chief Jerusalem Correspondent Jeremy Bowen.


In a diary article which Jeremy Bowen posted on BBC online, he states:


“I just broke off writing for a couple of minutes to take a call from Chris Gunness, who is the spokesman for Unrwa, the UN agency that looks after Palestinian refugees.


“He was ringing to say that Unrwa wanted an investigation into whether Israel has committed war crimes in the Gaza Strip. Civilians are protected by the laws of war.


“I have known Chris for years, as he used to be a BBC foreign correspondent. He wanted to make sure that we knew he was using the phrase for the first time. He said that the attack this morning on a UN school in Gaza looked as if it was a war crime.”


Tom Gross continues:


In three occasions in the past when I have criticized the BBC, the BBC online editors have then subtly changed their website so as to delete the part I criticized without letting readers know it had ever been there in the first place.


For the record, at the end of this dispatch, I attach Jeremy Bowen’s full diary entry (in which he makes the remarks above), together with two biographies of Chris Gunness. Gunness worked for the BBC for 23 years in senior editorial positions in both television and radio.


So it turns out that the UNWRA spokesman condemning Israel for “war crimes” that in fact never happened, is a former BBC World Service correspondent and producer who is a close friend of the current BBC Chief Middle East Correspondent who helped spread these allegations. Can it be that the false claims about Israel coming from two august institutions, the BBC and UNWRA, are in the hands of two friends who might just have a world view not sympathetic to Israel?

The BBC World Service and UNRWA are both funded by the British government. UNRWA receives huge amounts of money from many other countries too. Earlier this month, the Obama administration announced it would add hundreds of millions of dollars to the considerable funds it has already supplied UNRWA, an organization accused of allowing the promotion of suicide bombing and martyrdom to be taught at the schools it pays for and administers.

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88 Responses to Cheerleading For Hamas

  1. NISA says:

    Yes it appears that he only figures that the BBC does not require to be “independently verified” are Palestinian casualty numbers


  2. John Andersn says:

    In his article Tom Gross points out that the BBC did not give much if any reporting of the major attempted incursion by 13 Hamas tunnelers 2 days ago. The video clips were posted on this website. Their attack into Israel was thwarted – but it showed what Hamas intended.


  3. Pounce says:

    Here’s one I made before on this very subject:
    Al Jazeera exposes ‘only women and children killed in Gaza’ as a myth


  4. John Andersn says:

    Chris Gunness is the name to note, often interviewed on BBC – ex-BBC for many years, now a UN spokesman in Gaza, virulently pro-Palestinian – and a mate of Jeremy Bowen.


    • Anat T. says:

      So the BBC are in fact quoting themselves, masqueraded as the UN?

      And they don’t see any problem with this?


      • Guess Who says:

        “And they don’t see any problem with this?”

        One could always run it by CECUTT.
        But given the history of the BBC overseeing the BBC, the BBC quoting the BBC will more likely be again seen by the BBC the BBC as getting it about right.


  5. Anat T. says:

    You may be glad to hear that an increasing number of Gaza civilians heed the Israeli warnings and seek shelter. After all, it’s temporary and they know it.

    Lyse Doucet and Quentin Sommerville are not so glad:
    ‘Gaza conflict: UN says number of displaced almost doubles’


    • Guess Who says:

      Maybe some in Gaza are learning to love their children more than seeing the need to serve them up to the Hamas/BBC propaganda machine?
      The attempt to mix combatant (probably non-uniformed) with civilian seems curiously tolerated by the BBC war and crime experts on the scene.
      It will be interesting to see how keen the rocket launchers are to engage in combat now the human shields are less keen to take one for the team.
      The old men must be grumpy.


      • John Andersn says:

        The old men of Hamas are not too grumpy – they are swanning around in Qatar hotels.


        • Anat T. says:

          As noted with flair on Egyptian TV:


          • john in cheshire says:

            My goodness, this Egyptian tv programme is a must watch. The bbc must live with their eyes shut to not know what other arabs are reporting about the arabs in Palestine. Hard hitting doesn’t even come close to the condemnation that the Egyptian presenters level against hamas and its leaders. More truth spoken in those few minutes than the bbc can muster in all their reportage.


          • Guess Who says:

            Another one doubtless for the ‘not news’ ((c) A. Newsroom Tealady) file or consigned to the International Politics section of the Ceebeebies website, one might have thought the BBC would have shown some interest in the less savoury activities of these charmers… for ‘context’. Especially as those who may be imagined kindred spirits are also less than impressed.
            But no.
            However, the excesses and/or internecine strife within organisations they do not hold dear, do seem propelled to the fore almost by default.
            I wonder if I add a typo or multi-syllable word, the grammar police may be tempted out here to offer some thoughts on why BBC investigative efforts by such as Mr. Bowen, Ms. Knell, etc, seem to desert the corporation when it comes to such stories.
            They do seem relevant.


            • Anat T. says:

              Because they need Hamas approval to be able to report from Gaza at all.

              It was the same with Hezbollah 2006 and in fact whenever they report from any place under totalitarian control. They cease to be free press and must satisfy the authorities.

              This is something they should inform their viewers back in the free world.


              • Guess Who says:

                But surely, journalistic pride and professional integ… Oh, yes, well, much explained if not excused.


    • TrueToo says:

      Interesting that yesterday Doucet reported on the 40 000 seeking shelter at UNRWA. Early this morning she was pretending to know nothing about that. I’ve written on it below.


      • Guess Who says:

        Can’t see it, but quotes and/or links for such a thing would be helpful.
        Bit hard to go the ‘it was a different time’ route with only a 24 hr interval.
        If as you say, her explanation would be interesting.
        And not sure pulling a Hillary would really atone.


        • TrueToo says:

          Having problems with this website. Trying again. My comment was in response to Anat at 3:21 am.


  6. George R says:


    -for Beeboids, a neighbouring country which they under-report-

    -a report, in translation, from ‘Le Figaro’-

    “Justice confirms the prohibition of pro-Palestinian demonstration”


    • deegee says:

      France prohibits the pro-Palestinian demononstrations because of the attack by demonstrators on a Paris synagogue full of Jews. I don’t think the BBC mentioned it.

      BTW we have to bring a more accurate label than pro-Palestinian. Being pro Hamas is not the same as pro Palestinian whatever way you look at it. Firstly, the P.A., representing about 3/4 of all Palestinians in the territories, is remarkably quiet about Gaza, their ‘condemnation’ is quite half-hearted and Hamas knows this. That is in addition to the reality that anyone who wants to condemn the Palestinians to return to the Middle Ages can hardly be called pro. Finally, the ‘pro Palestinians’ seem as remarkably unconcerned about the slaughter of Palestinians in Syria and the apartheid laws against them as it did to their slaughter and expulsion from Kuwait after Saddam was kicked out.

      Pro Palestinian is not the label we should be using. Suggestions?


  7. George R says:

    “Hitler and Jihad”

    By: Andrew G. Bostom.


  8. George R says:

    INBBC must be aware of this, but censors it:-

    “Islamic terrorists in Gaza using ambulances with children in them, to avoid being targeted by the IDF”

    – See more at:


  9. TrueToo says:

    At around 4:15 GMT this morning on the World Service I heard a “report” on Gaza worthy of the worst of Pallywood:

    WS: …widening their campaign. Lieutenant-colonel Peter Lerner is a spokesman for the Israeli Defence Force:

    PL: The operation is not time-bound, it is goal-bound and once we achieve our goals then we will be able to bring our forces back. And … it is a gradual mission so we are definitely challenging the situation and taking it up a notch almost every day, putting more pressure on Hamas so that they realise that it is not in their best interests to launch rockets at us.

    [23 seconds of the Israeli side of the conflict.]

    WS: … that Israel would pay a high price for the invasion. Reporting from Gaza here’s our chief international correspondent Lyse Doucet.

    [That should be chief propagandist. She is given five times more air time than the IDF spokesman to produce her typical mix of anti-Israel bias through omission and distortion of facts and outright, unchallenged lies from Israel’s enemies]:

    LD: [Overly loud background noise of the impression of chaos in Gaza making it a strain to hear Doucet, who is difficult to listen to at the best of times] In northern Gaza, families are on the run… Bet Lahiya? is next to the Israeli border. …take as much as they can carry, …leave as fast as they can. “We were sitting in our house,” a woman cried, “and they started shelling us. We went to a neighbour’s house and they started shelling there.”

    [Who shelled them – Israel or Hamas, the terrorists who threatened them to stay in their homes while Israel dropped thousands of pamphlets urging them to leave?]

    Israel says its forces are searching for tunnels used by Palestinian militants in cross-border raids.

    [Israel had already destroyed eight tunnels by the time this propaganda piece was aired on the World Service]

    “….there are no tunnels. There is nothing in our area here. That is just what they want to tell the other countries to justify them,”

    [says an unidentified Gazan in Arabic, dutifully translated for Doucet and swallowed whole by her].

    …drones in the sky, we have heard tank shells being fired, artillery in the last hour, we’ve seen families on the run, running in every possible direction, not sure where this military operation is going, not sure where they should go for safety. Israel says it is not targeting civilians. But more are dying. At the morgue they say goodbye to twenty-two-year-old Ahmed.

    [Where is the evidence that he was a civilian and not a member of Hamas?]

    …public mourning and private grief. Hamas is still firing rockets into Israel.

    [Ah, yes, the bold, noble fighters – much like the French Resistance in Doucet’s warped view.]

    Israel is targeting buildings of Hamas leaders. But Hamas vows it won’t destroy them.

    [And no doubt Doucet has made the same vow alongside Hamas.]


    • John Andersn says:

      Doucet should be reporting :

      1 That the IDF have been very specific for several days about which parts of the north end of Gaza should be evacuated. Anyone still there was a fool or a liar – or a terrorist.

      2 The IDF was finding tunnels as soon as they went in – and they were telling the media immediately, with photos.

      Why does the BBC have so many people in Gaza this time ? What is Guerin doing that Knell or Bowen cannot do ?

      And why isn’t Guerin or anyone at the BBC interviewing Hamas about the rockets found by the UN at one of their schools ?


      • TrueToo says:

        Has the BBC identified one dead terrorist? Or have its “journalists” been instructed by Hamas to keep quiet about Hamas casualties?


    • richard D says:

      “….there are no tunnels. There is nothing in our area here. That is just what they want to tell the other countries to justify them,”

      [says an unidentified Gazan in Arabic, dutifully translated for Doucet and swallowed whole by her].

      Excuse me….. would these be the same non-existent tunnels which were being proudly shown off on BBC this morning via a Hamas publicity video release ?


      • TrueToo says:

        Interesting. The BBC generally excels in coordinating its propaganda across all its media.

        I guess the chief propagandist must be on holiday.


  10. TrueToo says:

    not sure where this military operation is going, not sure where they should go for safety

    Meant to add that Doucet knows very well where they should go for safety – and so does everyone in northern Gaza – since she reported on the 40 000 seeking safety in UNRWA camps just the day before her propaganda piece.


    • John Andersn says:

      Exactly. EVERYONE knew where the IDF incursion was going, – and that the purpose was to hunt for and destroy tunnels. Endless warnings were given by leaflet and other means – get away from the north end of Gaza (mentioning specific areas) and away from 500m along the borders of Gaza. It would have been easy for the BBC to show this on the maps of Gaza they use on their website and on TV – but they must have decided not to do this. Because this would show how limited and specific the IDF objectives were – and would show Guerin to be presenting misleading reports.

      Guerin is happy to have Hamas propaganda and lies broadcast – and she knows it.


      • Anat T. says:

        Was it Goerin[g] or Douc[h]et[te]?


        • TrueToo says:

          Thanks for the chuckle. The Hamas supporter on the World Service this morning was indeed Doucet.


      • John Andersn says:

        an informative article on the problems of finding and destroying Hamas tunnels :

        Huge amounts of concrete must have been used for these tunnels – this fully justifies the Israeli border restrictions. I hope the IDF comes up with some estimates of volumes of concrete and tonnages of reinforcing steel – just for the tunnels located so far. And show how many houses or apartments could be built with this amount of material.


        • richard D says:

          I well remember how those ‘nasty Israelis’ were being blamed via the BBC and it’s sister newspaper, The Guardian, for a severe shortage of construction materials in Gaza, causing untold misery to its inhabitants because housing couldn’t be built for them….. well, well, well.

          And now that the Egyptians are destroying tunnels from Egypt into Gaza, (which will cripple Hamas’s income from ‘taxing’ all goods entering Gaza through these tunnels), I wonder how long it will be before Beeboids/Guardiaistas will claim ‘nasty Israelis’ are responsible for even more hardship in Gaza, since the tunnels directly into Israel were really only made to enable humanitarian transport of goods ?


      • TrueToo says:

        It would have been easy for the BBC to show this on the maps of Gaza they use on their website and on TV – but they must have decided not to do this.

        They are evidently taking instructions from Hamas.


  11. Pounce says:

    Can somebody please explain where all the gun totting Allah acka uttering wearing black Hamas soldiers whom the bBC parade left , right and center when they want to show off the miltary might of Gaza have gone to. I’ve not seen one this past fortnight, have they all come over to the Uk to collect their benefits and are now waiting for a flight back?


    • TrueToo says:

      I guess the ones on the ground have put their uniforms in mothballs and are firing rockets in civilian clothes so that when the IDF takes them out the BBC can claim they were civilians.


      • Anat T. says:

        In fact, they have been seen holding a victory parade for some reason or another.

        The Arabs always declare victory. Even in 1967 they did so until it was no longer possible. Same as Baghdad Bob 2003.

        Something is seriously wrong with people who make a spectacle of themselves over and over again, without realizing how ridiculous they look.


        • TrueToo says:

          The Arabs always declare victory. Even in 1967 they did so until it was no longer possible.

          And the BBC will cover for them right up until it’s no longer possible. Re 1967:

          The British Broadcasting Corporation served as a main instrument of the Arab information services, publicly repeating even the most improbable of their reports and severely censoring the only version of events – from its reporter in Jerusalem – that corresponded to the truth. Many hours after the officer commanding the Israeli Air Force had announced the destruction of the Egyptian Air Force, British newspapers were still debating whether Britain could stand aside and see Israel destroyed.

          Battleground: Fact and fantasy in Palestine Samuel Katz p 137.


          • Anat T. says:

            How interesting. I didn’t know that. Unfortunately, it makes sense.


          • deegee says:

            Michael Elkins who was the BBC correspondent in Israel at the time, overheard a conversation between generals to the effect that the Egyptian airforce had been destroyed on the ground. (They didn’t realise that Elkins understood Hebrew unlike Bowens or Doucet). He immediately passed this scoop on to London who refused to believe theri own correspondent and didn’t run it, even as an Israel says or a some claim.


  12. George R says:

    Paris: violent pro-Hama demo.

    Pro-Hamas INBBC seems to want to give it a miss as a report.

    ‘Le Figaro’ in translation-


  13. London Calling says:

    Is it me, or is anyone else getting sick of posed photos of wailing Palestian women? They seem to wail a lot over there, always a photographer on hand, to whisk the picture round the world through the liberal-controlled US news agencies. The men seem to walk around all day cradling dead babies (cue photographer, and compliant picture editors)

    I twigged this recently with the London “Occupy riots”. Picture: one guy smashing the windows of The Ritz. Step back five feet, a circle of twenty freelance photographers, photographing the one guy smashing the windows. A different story the news media “conceal” lest you see through their editorialising picture selection.

    Lying through words or through pictures, the pictures are actually more insidious, because many people can’t easily “verbalise” about the truth of the content them. Which is why Pallywood is so effective. How do you accuse the BBC of lying in a picture? Pictures lie just like words do.

    When labour staged a phony protest against a Croydon UKIP rally they held up hand-written cards saying “UKIP Racist Scum” and Getty photographed on cue, and beamed it around the world.

    People need to get more savvy about media manipulation, period. Its why the climate change mob are full of “communicators ” and not scientists. All those women employed by NGOs as press officers, called “activists” who couldn’t get a proper productive job on their useless degrees. I blame Bliar.


    • Turtle Power says:

      “I know your kids have been blown to bits and your home has been levelled but could you knock the wailing on the head, love? It’s annoying London Calling, there’s a dear.”


      • Mark says:

        The Pallies indoctrinate their children in pure anti-Jewish and anti-Christian hatred.

        It is also regrettable that the Pallies prefer to spend their money on building tunnels and buying rockets and AK-47s instead of lifting their people out of poverty by investing in a peacetime economy.

        All Hamas need to do is shop the rabid indoctrination and the rocket attacks, but they won’t, because they want a 100% Muslim Middle East to the sea.

        As an aside, the Muslim-on-Muslim killings in Syria far outnumber those of Muslim Pallies killed by Israel.


        • Anat T. says:

          Turtle Power,
          Isn’t it now clear that Gaza is full of tunnels and bunkers?
          So why can’t that lady and her kids find shelter?
          Oh yes. These tunnels and bunkers are for combatants, not for civilians.
          So please direct your self-righteous ruminations at the right people, the Hamas, who put the combatants underground and the civilians overground.


      • Rufus McDufus says:

        Do you actually trust the casualty figures? I don’t. Even when they’re parading pictures of dead children it’s hard to know whether they actually are dead.


        • deegee says:

          Many of the photographs are recycled from Syria, Iraq and the last Gaza war.

          Read Guide for the Hasbara perplexed about how Hamas is most probably over reporting women and children and under reporting the loss of fighters and their commanders.

          The preferred Hamas public diplomacy tactic is Look how the Israelis are targeting our babies. Clearly they are evil. Does the BBC receive instructions from Hamas or are they simply marching in step?

          The death of the child is a tragedy but no army has done as much to avoid it as Israel’s.


          • deegee says:

            BTW It is a major hypocrisy not to mention that Hamas is randomly firing rockets at civilians with a complete disregard for the safety of babies.

            Thank God for Iron Dome.


        • Arthur Penney says:

          AL Jazeera has a list proves most of them are in the 20s. However it should be noted that Gaza has a very young average age. (trying to be fair).


          • Llareggub says:

            Plenty of Middle Eastern immigrants around Manchester/Salford, plenty of would be actors ready to do a wail or weep over the deaths of innocent children and conveniently reside just a few minutes from the BBC studios. If such fakery is found out the excuse has been given before: to present a news story does not require authentic pictures, just something that offers a visual image to back up the story.


      • Alan Larocka says:

        Ignore the pro-jihaddi self hating liberal idiot.


    • Lynette says:

      At least Sky news reported that the film of wounded Palestinians at the hospital that the picture “couldn’t be independently verified”


  14. TrueToo says:

    Reminds me of a photo of a wailing Palestinian woman, I think from the 2008-9 Gaza conflict. Just showing her alone, it was effective propaganda. But she was in fact surrounded by a whole bunch of press photographers – demonstrated by another photo – so it was obviously staged.


  15. stuart says:

    100 christians got beheaded,shot and butchered by those vile boko haram muslim terrorists in nigeria today,where was the big demo in london today by them leftists/islamists/swp lot in support of these victims of muslim terrorism,not a peep on the bbc today about this atrocity, not a peep also from these swp placard waving anti semetic white leftists and islamists at the suffering christians have to put up with at the hands of these islamists all over the world on a daily basis.this demo today in london was just a demo in support of hamas terrorists,the fact that only 1500 of the same old leftists and islamists turned out for this failure of demo today says it all,tommorow is the turn of the pro israel demo in london.what odds that these leftists and there islamic mates turn up to attack it,we will wait and see.


    • John Andersn says:

      a lot of the comments suggest that that film is from Syria.

      But it still shows awful risks being taken with young children


    • George R says:

      What INBBC is in denial about, relating to above march:-
      Pamela Geller-
      “This, too, is part of the Islamic war on the West, using the Jews as a club — knowing what they know about the world (and particularly Europe) and the Jews, it is a devilish and brilliant strategy.

      “The British government banned Robert Spencer and me from speaking in the UK because of our pro-Israel support and our opposition to jihad. They feared we would ‘not be conducive to the public good.’ They have ceded the field to the terrorists and their handmaidens. Is this the public good? Is this who they are rooting for? Good luck to them.

      “But they don’t protest the mass slaughter of Islamic State or Boko Haram. They don’t protest honor killings or clitordectomies. They don’t protest the punitive sharia against Christians. They only violently protest the Jews. And the world agrees with this genocidal bloodlust.”

      – See more at:


      • Span Ows says:

        “Protestors marched from Downing Street to Israeli embassy in Kensington Anger over Israel’s ground offensive is growing as 60 die in clashes

        Shit, that was a bad protest march!


  16. George R says:

    “How the Left Turned Against the Jews”

    April 2012.


  17. deegee says:

    Have the BBC ever shown a dead Gazan male of fighting age? Just asking.


  18. Pounce says:

    The video George R is taking about


  19. Anat T. says:

    Great fun on Sky comments. Recommended.


    • John Andersn says:

      The IDF gave repeated warnings 2 days ago that this district of Shaja’iya which is adjacent to the border should be evacuated. They had earlier given warnings to evacuate the far northern end of Gaza – and duly went in after 2 days or so.

      Anyone who remained in Shaja’iya knew that they were likely to be in a battlefield. A responsible civil authority would have cleared them out expeditiously, to places of safety. But Hamas did not do this – just like Mayor Nagin did not look after his poorer citizens of New Orleans by evacuating them. Hamas WANTS the casualty figures to be high.

      The IDF moved into the district last night, after further warnings. They have already found some 20 tunnels cutting into Israel. Yes, there have been a lot of casualties – but Hamas has not abided by the short ceasefire called for today to allow evacuations.

      No doubt we will be getting bleating all day and night about the casualties – but without the BBC or Sky or whoever giving us the essential context. And without any suggestion that the IDF goes to extraordinary lengths to minimise civilian casualties.

      In the crude arithmetic of war – 50 deaths set against 20 or more tunnels is a very very low figure. But 5 deaths, 50 deaths, whatever – the BBC will whip it all up.


      • Anat T. says:

        Sure, you don’t need to convince me.
        I was recommending the COMMENTS, which tear into Hamas and into Sky’s decision to act as Hamas mouthpiece.


        • John Andersn says:

          I was simply adding some thoughts to the sort of comments that so many people have been making at Sky. Dermot Murnaghan’s interview was pig-ignorant – stuck on stupid.


          • Anat T. says:

            Sorry. Fair enough.


            • John Andersn says:

              What is annoying is that the only way to get the full context of the current Gaza situation one has to trawl overseas websites and other news sources – we are NOT being given the full picture by the BBC or Sky.


      • deegee says:

        The IDF has announced that 13 Israeli soldiers were killed in the Shaja’iya battle.

        I don’t know if this is directly connected but Hamas broke the ceasefire to bring aid to the civilian population in Shaja’iya.


  20. Pounce says:

    Only at the UN:
    UNRWA Gives Rockets to Hamas


    • deegee says:

      UNRWA should have publicly called on Hamas to remove the rockets when they were first placed there. I doubt if it was only yesterday.

      Just to play Devil’s advocate. When the rockets were ‘discovered’ what should UNRWA have done?


      • Will Jones says:

        Actually I’m a little surprised that the rockets were given to Hamas. When I read that UNRWA had disposed of the rockets I just assumed that their personnel had fired them at Israel.


      • Pounce says:

        Good point Degree, as Hamas rule the enclave its only natural that they would be called in. The fact remains if something similar(well within reason in the Uk) had transpired in the Uk, like say the Police handing a child back to a bunch of Islamic pedophiles the shit would hit the fan…..No wait.

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        Press M for Mohammed
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        Now she is on drugs
        Press M for Mohammed
        E.D.L. are the thugs

        Press M for Mohammed
        Only racists will whine
        Press M for Mohammed
        So we know we’ll be fine

        Press M for Mohammed
        We get ‘em while they’re young
        Press M for Mohammed
        With Taqiyya on our tongue

        Press M for Mohammed
        Under Christ Church’s chime
        Press M for Mohammed
        It’s not a hate crime

        Press M for Mohammed
        Now she’s on the bed
        Press M for Mohammed
        Saint Frideswide’s dead

        Press M for Mohammed
        Aisha was nine
        Press M for Mohammed
        So I know that you’re mine


  21. Pounce says:

    We fired a warning shot at this target in Gaza. In response, these civilians ran to the roof and brought their kids.— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 20, 2014


  22. Pounce says:

    Shuja'iya: Neighborhood for civilians, fortress for Hamas terrorists.— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 20, 2014


  23. Pounce says:

    Many days ago, we dropped this Arabic flyer warning residents of Shuja'iya to evacuate. Read the English translation.— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 20, 2014


  24. Pounce says:

    Though we agreed to the Red Cross' request for a cease fire in Shuja'iya until 15:30, Hamas has not stopped shooting from Shuja'iya.— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 20, 2014


  25. Pounce says:

    Yesterday, we facilitated the transfer of approx. 20 tons of medical supplies into Gaza through Kerem Shalom Crossing— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 20, 2014


  26. Pounce says:

    Hamas' social media rules: "Anyone killed or martyred is to be called a civilian from Gaza"— IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 19, 2014


  27. George R says:

    “Pro-Palestinian Rally was ‘Anti-Semitic Spectacle'”

    By Douglas Murray.


  28. George R says:

    “7 Reasons Why the Palestinians Don’t Occupy the Moral High Ground.”

    By Robert Spencer.


  29. Pounce says: