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 Alex Proud, of the Telegraph, BBC and C4 tells all:

Why I love the BBC

The BBC upholds genuine British values at home and offers great PR for our country overseas. What’s not to like, asks Alex Proud

Straightforward, intelligent coverage that we can trust.

The BBC is also one of the greatest exponents of “British values” there is – assuming that by British values you mean things like decency, fairness, humour and intelligence, rather than Humpty-Dumptyish political expedience. It’s one of the few British institutions that still seems to embrace a multicultural Great Britain and show how it can work.

I know that US cable has produced some great box sets. But here, you are cherry-picking the very best of a market that is six times as big. And while the US does make Breaking Bad and The Wire, it also produces Fox News, talk radio and the despair-inducing sea of brain-dead commercial squalor that is American terrestrial TV.

Anyway, enough meta-economics, let’s move on to the accusations of political bias. These are easily dealt with as they’re just tosh – and endless studies prove this. The Beeb bends over backwards to be impartial and, given that it is a state broadcaster, has a rather an amazing record of attacking governments on both sides of the political fence. I just wish the BBC would call these people out a little more often – as they’re usually cheap opportunists or politicians who have enjoyed a little too much hospitality.

Actually, come to think of it, I am totally happy for politicians to be as unpleasant as they like about the BBC with one proviso. Before they say their piece, they have to list every single meeting they’ve had with the Murdochs and their minions in the previous two years.



Probably no coincidence this comes out just after IDS says the BBC is damaging democracy with its biased pro-Labour broadcasts….from a man employed by the BBC, one who hates Fox, Murdoch and has pretensions of being ‘intellectual’….’In your 40s though, cerebral pursuits are celebrated… those of us who prefer brainy stuff have been quietly putting in the spadework for 20 years. We really do know what we’re talking about.’


Nah…not so much Alex.



When not writing puffs for the BBC Alex Proud runs various enterprises including the Proud Cabaret where one recurring event is the ‘Killing Kittens Cabaret’:

Killing Kittens Cabaret
We have found ourselves under the heel of London’s most renowned sexual deviants… and we’re all too happy to be there.

In their first ever public outing – Killing Kittens will host a night of the finest burlesque on the London circuit, with a little extra something added. Prepare for a roster of the raunchiest variety performances in the capital and a window in to the exclusive world of whispers that has taken London’s vice-driven nightlife by storm.

Each table will be numbered and equipped with a telephone.

As the restaurant guests acquaint themselves with the spirit of the evening, they will be given leave to place anonymous phone calls to diners of their fancy. Through playful conversation, the night offers a window to London’s thrill seekers to the immersive world of erotic rendezvous.


Yep…it’s all about the intellect, having a good chat and some fine wine…..and a naked romp with some complete strangers….

Don’t think I’ll be lectured about the iniquities of American TV, Fox and Murdoch by someone who works for the BBC and who peddles this ‘filth’ on that crazy free market….not that I’m opposed to filth…just hypocrisy.


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12 Responses to Proud & Loud

  1. GCooper says:

    And thus the Telegraph continues its headlong plunge into total irrelevance.


  2. Jagman 84 says:

    It’s not a “love” of the BBC, it’s a visceral hatred of Rupert Murdoch and his media outlets. They fear that if the “sheeple” come to their senses and realise what has been done to them, the game is up. Anything off-message has to be suppressed.


  3. Richard Pinder says:

    An extremely old fashioned out of date view, the BBC has become dominated by the views of white middle-class morons with arts, media, language and humanities qualifications, and therefore, all other views are generally censored by omission, with a few reluctant exceptions for UKIP and Tory politics.

    Arty people are a very biased and prejudiced bunch, unlike right-wing people with maths and science based qualifications who base their judgment on the facts, but then that is in the nature of people whose main interests are the arts, as an interest in Art is based on the biases and prejudices of ‘how things look‘ which predominates left-wing politics.

    Delingpole left the Telegraph, so there is no reason left to buy or read this publication, as you will not learn any new facts.

    The voluntary payments system of the free market will always be morally superior to the immoral socialist system of compulsory payments by tax or licence, which was abolished for newspapers hundreds of years ago.


    • Joshaw says:

      I’ve no problem with people in the Arts so long as they stick to what they do best, and are sufficiently talented to be able to do something that I can’t. Unfortunately, many of them don’t seem to have any discernible talent.

      Just keep them away from microphones, unless it’s to sing, and never ever involve them in politics.


  4. Chop says:

    If it is so good, then why are we forced to pay for it, in order to watch any other television, under threat of imprisonment?

    “If” I wanted it, and I don’t, i’d be happy to stump up the £145 tv tax, as it is, I am not, and wish to fund the filth no further.

    How about posting that for a bit of balance, Alex?


    • pah says:

      You may be threatened with imprisonment for not buying one but you won’t get imprisoned for not having one. You may, if you are unlucky, get fined for not having one. You may get imprisoned if you don’t pay the fine.

      Either way; can pay, won’t pay. Fuck ’em.


  5. Imagine the box sets I could buy with my £145 (that is taken away from me by threat of imprisonment by a state broadcaster that is nepotistic, greedy, political, secretive and lying…am I in North Korea?) I could buy The Shield, The Sopranos, The Wire, Lilleyhammer… but according to £300,000 + a year Danny Cohen saying that these TV series are better than the BBC’s… THAT’S UNFAIR


  6. Philip says:

    That’s rather put me off reading the TELEGRAPH, but then it is election fever and Cameron’s only ‘news feed’ seems to be the BBC in all it’s sexual perversions and leftie bias. Its just odd that the Telegraph seems coerced into supporting something that is so anti conservatism (small c) of a (democratically) unpopular liberal elite. I shall vote Ukip again and Cameron can be made ‘trustee’ of the BBC himself in retirement.


  7. Old Goat says:

    I gave up the Telegraph some time ago – they’d seen fit to ban me, anyway, in true Neo-Guardian CIF style.

    Breitbart for me – many of us DT refugees have arrived there, and find it a far more conducive home for our commentary (and wit…).


  8. Simon says:

    Just seems like another person who never really grew up. The culture of “yoof” is everywhere in the media and why you have grown men like Richard Bacon enjoying appealing to children on his radio shows and TV appearances. I don’t know about others on here but the last thing I want to do with my time is appeal to, or spend time with children


  9. Thatcher Revolutionary says:

    If the BBC is that good – stand alone in the free market. Sink or swim.


  10. DownBoy says:

    Alex Proud? Shame on you.