No Wonder Woman

Another view of Diane Coyle and her application to take over from Patten:

David Keighley: Europhile quango queen and climate change warrior. No wonder Dave wants her as BBC chief


One thing is certain about Ms Coyle if she does land the chairman’s role. She won’t be pressing for any significant changes in the BBC’s journalism. She has already declared:

“I’ve always valued the BBC, not least as the best provider of news coverage in the world. Its impartiality and comprehensive coverage underpin its vital civic role.”

Given that the BBC Trustees are supposed also to be watchdogs in terms of standards, that’s a terrifying expression of complacency.


There is also this:

Her long-time BBC Trust colleague is Alison Hastings, who has decreed that the promulgation of climate change alarmism is compulsory for all BBC journalists.


Now I hadn’t seen Hastings’ comments from 2012 before but they make for interesting reading:

Trusting what you see and hear: the media’s role in covering science accurately

Climate change is 90 per cent likely to have been caused by humans. That was the conclusion of the influential Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007.

The BBC Trust, the body which is ultimately responsible for ensuring that the BBC’s programmes are impartial, and of which I am a member, recently asked eminent scientist Professor Steve Jones to take an independent view of the BBC’s science coverage.


Trouble is JOnes wasn’ that eminent…being comlpetely unable to get funding for nay project he admitted he was going nowhere…untitl the BBC saved him and gave him a job.

As for independent…he’s along term fanatical pro-climate change advocate.

Hardly impartial owing his living to the BBC and desperate to advance the cause.


She went on:

‘When something moves from opinion to well-established fact, viewers should be aware of this’


I’d be fascinated to hear what those well established facts are….where are the facts that prove it is man who is warming the climate?….not even the IPCC goes that far so unequivocally.

Ah here she goes:

‘A body of evidence – like that assessed by the IPCC report – changes how the BBC’s obligation to cover issues with ‘due impartiality’ is applied.’


Unfortunately the IPCC AR5 is not a body of evidence but a conflation of supposition, conjecture and wishful thinking…..

It admits it has no idea why there has been a pause in warming…you can assume from that it has no idea therefore how warming is caused.

Hastings has no doubt been suitably briefed by the relentlessly on message Roger Harrabin.



Her long-time BBC Trust colleague is Alison Hastings, who has decreed that the promulgation of climate change alarmism is compulsory for all BBC journalists.

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12 Responses to No Wonder Woman

  1. Dave S says:

    Why do they bother? Really who bloody cares about the BBC Trust. As impartial as the average BBC reporter and as useless.
    Time the whole lot of them were gone.


  2. Deborah says:

    Alison Hastings some years back claimed expenses from the BBC for attending the Labour Party conference. She also claimed travel from the BBC for taking her daughter to Radio 1’s Big Weekend.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I do not watch Eastenders, but I would say that the fictional characters could not be less representative of Britain than the people on the BBC Trust, even though it is set in the East of London, otherwise it would be regarded as a very repressive politically correct comedy, just like W1A, but with people who must be less intelligent than actors.


  3. Richard Pinder says:

    Climate change alarmism is 90 per cent likely to have been caused by humans. The humans are the politicians of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, where the science has only a 10 percent influence on any decisions.

    The Facts:
    (1) Global warming ended at the end of the 20th century.
    (2) Carbon dioxide levels are rising in line with ice core correlation delays with the medieval warm period and deep ocean thermal inertia, which are both about 800 year long.
    (3) Man made atmospheric carbon dioxide is a maximum of 4 percent of all atmospheric carbon dioxide.
    (4) This means that only a maximum of 16ppm of the 100ppm increase in carbon dioxide in the last 200 years could be man made (less when considering the volcanic CO2 component), and that this proves that 84ppm of the increase was caused by the medieval warm period, the deep ocean thermal inertia dominates the system because the mass of the oceans are over 250 times that of the atmosphere.

    Therefore the failure of the BBC to investigate the scientific integrity and corrupt political setup at the IPCC is a disgrace.

    There never was any proof that emissions cause Climate Change or that CO2 has ever influenced climate, but there is proof that emissions cannot and will not caused any change in climate in the future.

    Water and carbon dioxide are both the givers of life and are of equal value and danger, as you can drown in water and suffocate in carbon dioxide.

    The censorship of science, scientists and scientific debate by the BBC, especially over the solar magnetic albedo induced climate change findings, will not and cannot continue indefinitely.

    But then with Cameron, appointing another zombie moron to hold back the BBC ‘28 gate’ lunacy from going public in the mainstream media, will only make the destruction of the BBC that bit easier when the rest of the world has all gone back to sanity as has now India, which has followed Australia and Canada. Leaving Britain and the US with loony leaders talking about ‘Creationists‘, ‘Flat Earthers’ and ‘Moon cheese geologists’.


  4. Richard Pinder says:

    ‘no idea therefore how warming is caused’

    That is what is at the core of BBC censorship, as it is no secret that the BBC has been told what the cause is by Mensa members, but then the BBC has a Richard Pinder doppelganger troll to try to censor any mention of that fact on this site.


    • Demon says:

      Fake Richard Pinder, you are an arse. Go away and pollute some cess-pool of your own choosing and leave the thinking here to the adults.


  5. OldBloke says:

    Some people are being informed Richard. I’m doing my bit in my locality on Dartmoor to spread the truth. People are taking notice and we need more of Christopher Booker but not as a *comment* but more of a front page:


    • Richard Pinder says:

      If positive feedback is essential for the Arrhenius method of calculating the Greenhouse effect, then negative feedback proves that the core basics of Climate science is bullshit.

      To understand why its bullshit, Google and read ‘Falsification Of The Atmospheric CO2 Greenhouse Effects Within The Frame Of Physics, Gerhard Gerlich, 2009’.

      To understand the solution, Google and read ‘Unified Theory of Climate, Ned Nikolov & Karl Zeller, 2011’ which explains temperatures for any and all planetary atmospheres.

      The only well known scientist that seems to understand the above is Piers Corbyn, so keeping an eye on his Weatheraction website on a daily basis would also be advisable.


  6. Llareggub says:

    Dave wants Coyle. He must know that his political career is over. But he will want to leave behind a ‘progressive’ faction within his party, which will fight for his multyculty Britain, Islam appeasement, and pro-EU beliefs. Coyle at the BBC would be part of his strategy – or rather the strategy of those who pull the strings for this unprincipled politician.
    Or does anyone believe Cameron when he criticises the EU, state multicultism and allegedly promotes British values?


    • Dave S says:

      Sadly many do. They think he is a conservative. i would rather have had Gordon Brown. At least you knew his measure .
      Cameron is the BBC’s man. I canot understand the so called hostility to him.


  7. Guest Who says:

    A few more hats in rings, irons in fires, washes to (or is that too?) white…
    Maybe Lenny is the sleeper?
    You heard it here first.