I’m sorry but I have no real sympathy for IDS when he moans…

“Iain Duncan Smith has launched the strongest government attack on the BBC since the last election, accusing the corporation of being a ‘bigger opponent’ of welfare reform than even the Labour Party. The Work and Pensions Secretary reacted with fury yesterday after the BBC led its bulletins with more criticism of the Government’s changes to the bloated benefits system.

The corporation seized on leaked documents showing that the costs of employment and support allowance, the main sickness benefit, were rising, meaning the Government was ‘vulnerable’ to a breach of its new welfare cap.  Ministers said the suggestion they would exceed their own limit on benefit spending was ‘outrageous’ – saying the whole point of the reform was to ensure that if the cost of one type of benefit increases, others must be cut to compensate.”

Look, we all KNOW the BBC are the broadcasting arm of the Labour Party. The only way of dealing with this is to unhook the BBC beast from the public purse via the license tax. The Conservatives have shied away from this, scared of the BBC. They then pay the consequences.

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  1. John Doran says:

    ” Ian Duncan Smith lives on an estate owned by his wife’s family which received 1.5 million Euros in subsidies; not a bad ‘hand out’ or ‘benefit’. One can only imagine the inner turmoil that IDS must suffer when he suggests that the benefit system should be curbed, whilst at the same time his wife’s family estate, in which he lives, receives so much benefit from the Common Agricultural Policy.”

    Source: UK Column Newspaper Issue 2014
    Small farmers are being killed by the EU subsidies allow cheaper foreign food to pack our supermarket shelves while our huge supermarket chains force down farmgate prices.
    Subsidies account for more than 40% of the EU’s budget.
    Ecologically, this loss of small farming diversity is nothing short of EU madness.
    The cost to small Brit taxpayers? ~£55 Million per day.
    We are paying through the nose for the privilege of dearer & less nutricious factory food. Madness.


    • Joolz says:

      Wow, the BBC is so biased to the left that they completely ignored 50,000 people right outside of their own building on Saturday. It’s also interesting to note all the other massively left wing things their doing like ignoring various trade agreements that are being negotiated in secret that’ll allow corporations to sue the UK government for losses that have not yet been incurred. My god, the BBC never stop backing the left by ignoring stuff like this.

      Get a grip you idiot. Left wing biased my arse.


      • Joolz says:

        Apologies, didn’t mean to post this as a response to your message. Should have been a new one.


      • John Doran says:

        PRECISELY Joolz.
        Nailed it. 🙂
        This Biased BBC site is being managed to train us to believe the BBC is a Labour Party Propagandist.
        It’s a Bankster’s NWO Propagandist. Commie Cnuts.
        Ignoring a demonstration by 50,000 on their own doorstep reminds me of the John Cleese dead parrot sketch : I can’t get a picture out of my mind of a BBC News Director banging his head off his desk, like Cleese banged the defunct parrot : “Zis is not a demonztration” BANG. ” Tomorrow zis vill all go away” BANG. Do zeese stoopid peepul not realize ve are preparing for zem ze best pozzible of all future vorlds” BANG.
        Keep BANGING, BEEB, keep digging. You may as well, you’re in well over your traitorous Commie heads. BANG. 🙂


    • Joolz says:

      Well, next time he uses the terms scroungers and slackers with a sense of entitlement, we can fall back on the “takes one to know one” line.


    • John Doran says:

      Sorry, that should be 2014 -Issue 2 above.


    • DP111 says:

      One way to shake up the BBC, is to use the time honoured tactic of “modernisation”. The “modernisation” tactic in this instance would be to use two primary reasons.

      1. In these times of austerity, it is necessary to streamline the BBC to get more effective use of taxpayers money.

      2. An information revolution is ongoing, where the public has access to a greater variety of information outlets. The BBC has to be modernised, its management structure, news and views, to reflect the greater variety in society, as well as information outlets.

      Under these two guises, one can do virtually anything. The conservatives are the only ones who can do this. In fact, for their very political survival, as well as offering the public a choice of sorts, it is absolutely necessary.

      Any opposition from BBC apparatchiks can be dismissed as Luddite, resistant to change, old fashioned, or whatever comes to mind.

      Surely by now, even the conservatives should know, that the BBC is ideologically and politically part of Labour. As such, I find it difficult to understand why the Conservatives have not taken the axe to the BBC.

      Of course the BBC will scream blue murder, but there are ways to bring this socialist/progressivist/.marxist organisation to heel.


      • John Doran says:

        No. Break ’em up, sell ’em off.
        They’re too big, too powerful, too much Tavistock dominated.
        Consider : for £3.6 billion, the US gets NASA, & space exploration.
        We get a lie factory, the bastard BBC.


  2. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    If only we had a Culture Secretary who has threatened to cut or remove the licence fee from the BBC. Oh hang on…..


  3. Deborah says:

    Whilst this site has been in existence way before 2010 the political bias shown pro Labour and anti Conservative (and recently anti UKIP) has become far more overt. The response of the BBC to IDS that its reporting has been fair balanced and impartial is at best lazy and arrogant.


  4. John Doran says:

    Yes, as a first step, educate yourselves to the bigger picture.
    Join UK COLUMN.
    Daily news broadcasts.
    Digital (£15) & Print (£25) memberships.
    Phone 01752 478 050 (9am – 2.30pm)
    Post :
    The Annexe,
    Scott Lodge,
    Scott Road,
    PL2 3DU.


    This newspaper issue is 24 pages of hard information & pure common sense, in short supply as we all know.
    Pages on Comments, Justice & secret trials, the Economy, Politics, 3 on Media, exposing the BBC for the Internationalist New World Order propaganda factory it has become, 1 on News : A Free Press Association, 3 pages on our constitution & Magna Carta & the Bradbury £, 2 pages International news focussing on the Fascist Fed Govt trying to force Cliven Bundy off his Nevada ranch, & the incredible rallying of ordinary US citizens which forced the highly armed Feds to back off, without firing a shot, INCREDIBLE BUT TRUE. 🙂 + heaps more.
    Best £25 quid I ever spent, & yes I’m going to hint for e freeby for this huge plug. 🙂


    • EmersonV says:

      Anything that justifies the killing in Woolwich , I would not even use it to wipe my arse.


  5. Llareggub says:

    Part of the problem lies at Cameron’s door. Time and time again he allows the BBC to set the agenda, and then responds in ways that are approved by the BBC. The BBC picks up on a trivial quote, as in the example, of the Tory MP who spoke, purely metaphorically, about punching an odious journalist in the throat. Next minute, Cameron is there giving an approved response to a news item that should have been treated with contempt. And of course, any criticism of the ROP, anything that the BBC identifies as offensive to the Muslim Community, and Cameron will be there re-assuring the Community, courtesy of the BBC.


  6. John Doran says:

    If anyone is in any doubt what a slimeball Communist Subversive outfit our BBC is, pop down your local library & get out a book/series popularised by the BBC “Comedy” series for children “Horrible History”

    The book is entitled ” The Wicked History of the World”, & used to be “The Horrible History of the World” Text copyright a BBC slime Terry Deary, 2003. Chapter Titles :
    Introduction ; Horrible Hunters ; Savage Cities ; Terrible Tombs ; The Awesome East ; Rotten Rome ; Beastly Barbarians ; Nasty Knights ; Terrifying Tortures ; Super Sacrifice ; Evil Explorers ; Rowdy Rebellions ; Cruel Criminals ; Woeful Workers ; Wicked Wars & Epilogue

    This book is aimed at 7 to 13 year olds, very impressionable young minds. & Horrible Histories were first published 1993 (page 83). 21 years of messing with our kids minds.

    This insidious commie propaganda starts & finishes with “a very clever man” HEGEL, who said “We learn nothing from history”, page 4. Then ” I TOLD you so ! We learn nothing from history”, page 92.
    & Finally : “We learn nothing from history…but we learn an awful lot from HORRIBLE history !”

    On the way, God is denigrated, whether Him or Her, all forms of law are denigrated, all religions are denigrated, Christianity savagely so, the family is denigrated, Humanity itself is denigrated. All forms of Govt are denigrated, bar one, Communism. The sole pages of praise in this treasonous tripe are devoted to The Awesome East, China, which never in its history has been other than a dictatorship.

    Hegel was a madman who postulated that reality existed solely in the mind, & was a huge influence on the Communist Madman, Karl Marx. Hegel formulated the “Thesis, Antithesis Synthesis dialectic : We have seen the Globalist Banksters follow this formula in funding & promoting in turn : Socialism, Fascism (National Socialism) & Communism.


    This is the dystopian future the Bastard BBC prepares our kids for. It’s not just their bodies these lunatics want to mess with, it’s their minds.


    • chrisH says:

      And, whilst you at it-have a look at John Simpsons suck up to dear old Fidel Castro on Newsnight last eve( 20.6.14).
      Castros old minder spills the coffee beans on Fidels corruption and hypocrisies…but( like Clintons Gores and Brands)..these are hypocrisies in the name of the People…so are quite all right really.
      Castro killed gays, was hideously racist, is a vindictive tribute to the embalmers art…but( and this ought to bother the BBC) puffs a cigar in a non-smoking world…guilty all all manner of hate crimes here surely.
      But no-Simpson (like all other BBC lefties) loves these children of the revolution types-so the minder is written off as being embittered and jealous of Fidels charisma.
      How come the Left get away with sucking up to Commies that kill like Castro-and the BBC smiles on this-whereas any old Nazi would be hunted down for killing gays, being racist and smoking a cigar as well?


    • Joolz says:

      Either you need Prozac or you’re the greatest living troll on the Internet.


  7. TheHighlandRebel says:

    Sadly if a call for the abolition of the licence fee was made the usual suspects would make such a hue and cry to the great unwashed about ‘much loved auntie’ must be kept that public pressure would call for it’s retention.

    When I say the usual suspects with vested interests in keeping al-Beeb I’m talking about Labour, the TUC, the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas, Hezbollah, Al Qaeda, the Taliban, ISIS, BDS, CAIR, and any Islamic government who calls for genocide, mass murder, wiping countries off the map and eradicating our own Judeo Christian heritage.


  8. John Doran says:

    Look into, look at UN Agenda 21 . The main theme of global politics at this time is the destruction of countries & populations & the imposition of One World Govt, administered through the “Dictators Club”, the UN.


  9. chrisH says:

    I didn`t need to listen to “Any Questions” from Durham last night(20.6.14) in order to work out what questions would be getting asked.
    All I needed was the panellists names.
    1. Lynsey German hasn`t been seen for a while, but is a fusion of Salma Yaqoob and Owen Jones…Stop the War in a rainbow striped jumper, DMs and SWP leaflets.
    And apparently there`s a march against austerity today in which she features large(as she would)…so thank you BBC for giving her a free advert for us all to go and show the necessary solidarity…be 150,000 already and being cropped for the news later on…Power to the People!
    2. Fatty Falconer was Blairs duvet guy who smothered MPs expenses and destroyed the independent judiciary in this country with his Supreme Court etc…but-although there was no story about his new creature comfort-we sure as hell were going to get a question about the need to euthanise our old folk…I mean, Shipman,mid-Staffs and care homes?…when are the wrinklies going to take the hint from Charlie Falconer?
    Was there such a question-Be very surprised if not.
    I am noticing this bespoke agitprop idea of guests on the BBC…euthanasia=Falconer anyway?
    Disabled lady?…world cup or disability/welfare cuts I`d imagine
    Tory bloke?…SNP hate figure or defending Tory attacks on the poor as ever?
    Am I right then?…total predictability assured?


  10. Kenneth says:

    David, you are asking for the impossible.

    If Conservatives tried to stop publicly funding the BBC there would be an almighty campaign against it by the BBC/Labour Party and the Conservatives would be finished.

    That is the sad reality. That is the power that the BBC yields in the UK.
    It is scary.


    • TheHighlandRebel says:

      One way around that is to make the payment of the licence fee voluntary.
      If Al Beeb is as much loved as they say it is then it shouldn’t be a problem.
      Every family would still gladly and willingly hand over £145 of their hard earned cash as enthusiastically and cheerily as before.


      • Merched Becca says:

        An excellent suggestion !


      • Kenneth says:

        A great idea HighlandRebel. I think we’re on to something.

        I’d go one step further in order to sweeten the pill. The govt pays 50% of the first year’s subscription.


        • Demon says:

          No!! If the government pays then that means we will be paying. The BBC should only receive money from voluntary subscriptions, the Labour Party and the profit from their, self-claimed, high quality and worldwide-popular programmes that they can flog abroad. No money from the TV Poll Tax and no money from government.


    • Merched Becca says:

      I am pretty certain that UKIP would do something about it after the tirade that they received before the EURO vote .


    • Roland Deschain says:

      Lateral thinking is needed. On the grounds that the BBC is being unjustly attacked for bias, and to show how erroneous these accusations are, require them to make public the statistics which they keep to monitor impartiality.

      Of course, we all know that no such statistics exist, but how can the BBC admit that? They would have to come up with something, or some implausible reasons why we shouldn’t be privy to this information. Either way, it should give an opening to allow an attack on their bias.


      • Owen Morgan says:

        Unfortunately, the beebyanka has always (at least for the last thirty-five years, anyway) had a ploy for dealing with this stratagem and that is to make sure that its mates on the left put in spurious “complaints” about right-wing bias, which conveniently “balance” the authentic complaints regarding left-wing bias.

        Originally, I suspect that the KGBeeb actively (if discreetly) solicited these complaints from labour. Nowadays, they don’t need to, because the Miliband of Bruvvers knows, these days, to supply regular lists of dubious grievances unprompted.

        Whenever there is a complaint from the Conservatives, or UKip, a sheaf of supposedly corresponding gripes from Millipede Central will be flourished and somebody will piously intone that, “On the whole, we think we are getting things about right.”


        • Roland Deschain says:

          I would hope that any meaningful statistics of impartiality were not based on numbers of complaints. But if they were, all the easier to take apart.


  11. Ian Johnson says:

    I notice the significance they are giving Gerry Conlon. (Who?) No need.


    • RiddleMeThis says:

      No need? NO NEED? Such utter ignorance.


      • Innocent Civilian says:

        Guilty as charged. Old Bill didn’t look for anyone else after the legal get out of jail technicality bollocks. Not losing any sleep after this demise.


      • LostOverThere says:

        No need?

        Unless the authorities go after the real bombers – you know, the ones who used Conlon, his father and the rest as scapegoats, and planted the bombs and killed those people – and Sinn Fein\IRA accept the court ruling, then it should be laid to bed. MI5 have the documents, they know who did it.

        The real victims are the ones who were murdered by the bombings, not some wannabe terrorists. But we ignore them, to keep Gerry, Martin and the bhoys happy.


  12. Old Soldier says:

    “STOP COMPLAINING AND DO SOMETHING…” says the man who has been complaining and doing nothing since September 2003. An 11 year whinge that has achieved exactly nothing.


    • Guest Who says:

      ‘An 11 year whinge that has achieved exactly nothing.’
      Hard to prove a negative, but would love to see that analysis substantiated.
      At least seems enough nothing to have kept you (and others) at your posts for a fair while.
      But the (as yet undetermined) fruits of your advocacy do seem devastating in comparison, true.


  13. Thoughtful says:

    I’m not sure what exactly you expect the Tories to do about it?
    Until the Royal Charter comes to an end there’s little the Tories can do except complain.
    Have you submitted anything to the select committee? That’s the only way change can be achieved.


  14. hippiepooter says:

    DV, speaking out is doing something, and abolishing the license fee is a separate issue to dealing with BBC bias.

    Few Tory politicians do speak out against appalling BBC bias, and when they do, nothing ever comes of it, and nothing will do under Cameron. Still, it’s nice when it happens.


  15. Englishman says:

    The broadcasting arm of the Labour Party??

    Explain how the “broadcasting arm of the Labour Party” chose to all but ignore the 50,000 strong anti-austerity demonstrations that took place in London on Saturday.

    Maybe the “broadcasting arm of the Labour Party” are sh*t-scared that IDS will throw one of his pathetic tantrums again.

    Or maybe you’re all just talking bullsh*t…


  16. Smell the glove says:

    If you do not understand that the welfare budjet has grown to a hideous proportion and hinders our country rather than help it, if you can’t grasp that at last someone wants to do something about it you are part of the problem rent willy wonders chocohlic factory


    • phayes says:

      Englishman is quite right to question the misjudgements of the BBC’s political bias expressed here. But the prevalence of false beliefs about welfare (and economic and social matters in general) illustrates a deeper and possibly much more serious problem with the BBC: the inadequacy of its factual and analytic content and of its response to politicians and others on both sides who promulgate (ideologically motivated) fallacies and falsehoods in its studios.


  17. Smell the glove says:

    By the way 50000 is about the amount of people who do tai che each week


    • Guest Who says:

      The Tai Chi community likely don’t kick off from outside BBC Broadcasting House, do they?
      ‘This seems particularly odd when one considers the fact that the demo began outside Broadcasting House, and that I’m told extra security guards were on duty today’
      It did/does seem odd to me too, but maybe some heads are grappling with the BBC being the start point for such events not looking too good on the objectivity and impartiality front, though clearly convenient for parking and storage of stuff not wanted on march.
      What’s also odd is some posters citing significant dismay with the BBC from other quarters.
      The solution would therefore seem to be to make the BBC a source of news and entertainment people engage with voluntarily, such that dissatisfaction with service can be enabled free of compulsion to uniquely fund what the BBC ‘reports’, in, out, interpreted or enhanced.
      It may then be interesting who is cool with that and who suddenly wails at the possible loss to propaganda and censorship they do like.
      I could certainly live without inaccurate information and/or education being created domestically or echoed to and fro worldwide.


  18. John Doran says:

    Tony Rooke won his court case, refusing to pay his BBC TV licence fee because, at the scene of 9/11, the BBC reporter announced the “fall” of Building 7, 23 minutes BEFORE it happened. He refused on the grounds that, because the BBC had foreknowledge, without telling the police, they were complicit in this terrorist act, & so, for him to pay his licence fee would be him funding a terrorist organisation, which is illegal. He won, but he had a competent legal team, including a guy representing “Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth”.
    OR : put in youtube search box : Historic Court Case Win Against BBC TV Licensing
    8 mins.


    • Scott says:

      If by “won his court case” you mean “was found guilty, given a conditional discharge and was ordered to pay costs”…

      Honestly, the brazen dishonesty at work here is just laughable. Makes Alan’s dissembling seem quaint.


      • John Doran says:

        No Conviction. No fine. £200 court costs.
        To expose the Boy Buggering Corp as a bunch of liars, paedophiles & terrorist affiliates?
        Cheap at half the price, squire. 🙂

        I bet twice as many people will look at this little vid now, troll.

        Are you posting from BBCland, comrade ?
        Truth hurt, troll ?



        • Scott says:

          “To expose the Boy Buggering Corp as a bunch of liars, paedophiles & terrorist affiliates?”

          He did nothing of the sort though, did he? He’s just a conspiracy theorist nutjob who other conspiracy theorist nutjobs hail as a hero.

          Still at least you now admit he was found guilty. You’ve just changed your story to “ok, guilty but it doesn’t count”. Typical conspiracy theorist bollocks. When the facts contradict your fiction, slide into a new fiction and claim you were right all along.

          But you’re right in one thing – engaging with you risks more gullible little folk watching your lies, reading your fictions and not realising that you’re a fantasist. Keep on calling me a troll if you like – the more unhinged your rantings, the more revealing they become, so that’ll balance things out.


          • John Doran says:

            Thank you for the insults, troll.
            Truthers post info, & are called conspiracy theory nut jobs, by trolls, who have no information, just snide insults.

            Tony Rooke won his court case because 2 airplane impacts cannot cause 3 perfectly controlled demolitions, at free fall speed, same speed as if you chucked a brick out a window. Tony Rooke won his court case because the fundamental laws of physics cannot be denied, no matter how much BBC tripe & hype is pumped out. A 5 minute humorous video :
            OR: go on youtube & put in search box : 9/11 : A Conspiracy Theory

            Keep coming back, troll, I’ve got plenty more info. 🙂


            • Scott says:

              I repeat: he didn’t “win his court case”. He was found guilty. Your inability to tell the difference perhaps explains your attitude to your other crackpot theories.


              • hippiepooter says:

                My goodness, Scott sounding lucid.


                • Scott says:

                  He is NOT Scott ! He posts at odd hours of the night when civilised folk (like me: actual Scott !) are getting their well-earned shuteye. I am the real one ! Accept no substitutes ! Tar and feather the interloper ! Nighty-night all. (Except for Fake Scott upon whom nemesis will shortly descend).


  19. John Doran says:

    Do something? Yes, boycott the bastards.
    Defund the cnuts. It’s easy & legal.
    If you go to my Tony Rooke link above, it will lead to links that will show you how.
    Or, go to
    Or, go to the site & put bbc tv licence in the search box.
    Scroll down to Humati’s comment : Mar 16,2013 at 5.29 am.
    I’ve just done that & written down a 7 point list I’m going to memorise & pin by the front door, which “they” are not coming past.
    Boycotts work.


  20. George R says:

    “‘Relentlessly negative’ BBC is a bigger enemy of welfare reform than Labour, says IDS”

    Read more: