Rampant Islamophobia


The police and the likes of the BBC are usually very quick to claim that Islam has nothing to do with the various attacks and planned attacks that Muslims have or have tried to put into operation.

They quickly move in to play down such associations in the interests of community cohesion.


How different when a Muslim is killed.

When a Saudi Arabian national, Nahid Almanea, was stabbed to death in Colchester the police couldn’t wait before suggesting that it may have been a religious crime…though paradoxically saying they had absolutely no evidence this was the case.

The Media, including the BBC, put that claim into their headlines:

Colchester murder: Religious hate crime a line of inquiry



Why do the police not list all the other ‘lines of inquiry’ that it has in mind:

Officers said there was no evidence of it being a religious hate crime but it was “one of the main lines” of inquiry.

Why highlight the Islam angle knowing full well the Media will not just report it but go  to town on it?  Could it have been a deliberate policy exploiting the Press’s eagerness for scandal and outrage in order to get a certain message out?  Guess the Press haven’t learnt from Hillsborough.


The Daily Mail was just as bad as the BBC, but is out to sell papers whilst the BBC should be standing back from the fray with a more considered approach.  Ironically the Mail also printed this story on the same page:

‘I call upon any brother to take up a knife and kill as they did #colchester’: British ISIS fighter who threatens to come back to UK urges British Muslims to avenge murder of Saudi woman in Essex



So what we now have is a ‘God given gift’ to the Jihadis, courtesy of Essex police, the BBC and the Daily Mail et al, that is perfect for whipping up the frenzied faithful.


Perhaps that’s why Essex police are rowing back on that claim of an islamophobic attack:

Essex Chief Constable Stephen Kavanagh and the county’s police and crime commissioner, Nick Alston, said in a joint statement that it is not yet known if Ms Almanea’s Muslim dress prompted her murder.

They warned against jumping to conclusions, saying this would be “deeply unhelpful, wrong and dangerous”.


Bit late now.


The Mail at least mentioned the similar death of James Attfield in Colchester in March from multiple stab wounds, his killer not being found yet.

The BBC didn’t mention that link at all in its first reports despite having an appeal on Crimewatch about the murder:

James Attfield murder


No one knows who  or why either victim was killed but it seems that some sectors of the Establishment are all too ready to make claims of Islamophobia regardless of the facts, or lack of them…just as the BBC were all too ready to accept the exaggerated claims of ‘Tell MAMA’ without doing any fact checking themselves.

This is a perfect example of the BBC’s and other’s willingness to use any event related to Islam to either promote Islam or silence its critics.

By labelling this attack islamophobic they don’t actually care whether that is true or not but are intent on generating a perception that Muslims are under attack, it is Islamophobia, and it is an Islamophobia generated more often than not by ‘hostile’ press coverage of Muslim affairs….hoping of course to either silence or at least make editors more reluctant of being critical of Islam, and to encourage the police to take a more hardline approach against anyone who criticises Islam, and eventually to persuade politicians to legislate ever more rigorously to deal with these so called hate crimes in the Press,  on blogs or social media…or even Christian preachers on street corners.



The police are now looking at other lines of inquiry…including someone who allegedly attacked a jogger in the park…

Police question 19-year-old man over Muslim student’s murder

An attempted assault on a jogger close to the scene of Nahid Almanea’s murder results in the arrest of 19-year-old suspect who is now being questioned over her murder





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29 Responses to Rampant Islamophobia

  1. Alex says:

    I would have thought that, judging on the evidence of Muslims killing each other (and everyone else while they’re at it!) throughout the world, suspicions might lie within the Muslim community at first.

    For such a small (but rapidly growing) percentage of the population, Muslims sure do commit a big wedge of the criminal pie. However, the Left’s pathetic and patronizing defense of Islam is truly laughable, especially when they trot out the old right-wing, Christian extremist guff. .


  2. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    I suspect* that the largest number of killers of young Muslim women are their own family members. Not that we would ever know that from the bBBC, of course.
    * I have not done any research to support this suggestion, but if you forced every home in the country to pay me a compulsory tax, I would do it.


    • CCE says:

      This is probably true, however i think about 80% of all murders are carried out by family members and are usually crimes of passion – i.e. to do with sex. However the murder of children by their parents is almost unheard of in the general population.


      • +james says:

        Not quite true, you always get those cases where there husband in the divorce case kills his children. They are usually all found dead in a car of carbon monoxide poisoning.


  3. Span Ows says:

    “The woman had a brother living in the UK…”

    Seen looking at a shop window that had a magazine in it that had a man and women kissing on the cover so she had to be killed for family honour…

    Totally made up shit but a possible line of inquiry.


  4. Icebreaker says:

    According to the Times, because Colchester is a garrison town, they managed to link this to a revenge attack for the cold blooded murder of Lee Rigby, with absolutely no evidence. Pathetic reporting.


  5. Ian Rushlow says:

    To be perfectly honest, I’ve considered the reporting on this horrendous killing to be very low key by the BBC and far removed from the usual hysteria that accompanies crimes where a racial or religious factor may be a consideration, even if only in the imagination of themselves or the police. At the time of writing a suspect has been arrested, but we have no concrete information as to his motives. It is quite possible that this woman, and the man from a few months back who may also be a victim of the same killer, just happened to be “in the wrong place at the wrong time”. The reality is that if, say, 5% of the general population are Muslim, then statistically it is to be expected that 5% of general murder victims will be likewise. It is when the numbers and perpetrators of any identifiable group are disproportionately represented in a particular type of crime that it becomes appropriate to ask why. This does not look like a “hate” or “Islamophobic” crime. It is, however, a sad indictment of modern day Britain, brought to its knees by the 50 odd years of failed liberal leftist policies that have been so eagerly promoted by the BBC.


  6. Icebreaker says:

    What about the young man beaten senseless outside a London pub by a number of Muslims, where is that reported, by the BBC, or for that matter by any of the mainstream media.


  7. Pounce says:

    The problem I have with the bBC is that to them racism and hate crimes can only come from one direction. We have seen this substantiated numerous times with their reporting on the murder of Kris Donald, the attack on the white school boy in Swindon, the far too many grooming gangs where they are never reported as..paedophiles. Combine this with their defence of Islamic intolerance every chance they get and its no wonder the Non Islamic British population (97%) no longer believe the message that Islam is a religion of peace, when all we have heard for over 13 years is tale after tale of Islamic blood letting, Be it Iraq,Nigeria,Syria,Afghanistan,Pakistan or even East London , is there anybody who believes that Muslims can be trusted to live in peace with their neighbour.


  8. Anyone remember the disgraceful BBC reporting of the murder of Glasgow boy KRISS DONALD by a racist Moslem gang?


    • Joshaw says:

      No I don’t, because so much of it was left out.

      (Which is your point, I assume.)


  9. Doublethinker says:

    Another example of the BBC modus operandii, OSDML, Omit, Suppress, Distort, Mislead, Lie. Which, if they were not funded by the state and masquerading as impartial , would be just about acceptable. At least if you subscribed you would know that you were getting a biased view of the news.


  10. Old Geezer says:

    There is another alternative. Many Moslems disapprove of women being educated. This woman was attending Essex University. Women have been killed before for trying to get an education. It could easily be the case here.


  11. Old Timer says:

    One has to ask what is the reasoning behind this distorted and out of touch thinking at the BBC. There are of course elements of it at Sky and ITV, because many of their reporters and manager are trained by the BBC in their ways, but they are not quite so off the wall.

    A prime example this morning on the Breakfast show. The father of the Muslim medical student, who has gone to fight for ISIS and featured in their propaganda film, is said to be heartbroken. Of course he is upset but who’s cult is it that taught his son to be a fanatic? Can the BBC never add up two and two to make four and link the Muslim cult with the medieval and merciless gangs that are murdering across the world at this very moment? Clearly not, they are living in a cloud cuckoo land paid for by enforcement with the threat of imprisonment.

    The BBC are isolated from the real world where the rest of us have to pay our own way to survive. The billions roll in and they can do with it what they will. They are invincible, arrogant, complacent and have no truck with dissenters or complainers. They are never wrong and in my many long years watching and listening to them do their best to bring down this country I have never heard a sincere apology from them on anything. They are simply never wrong and smear those that disagree with them. Does that ring any bells with our resident trolls?

    The fact is they think they are autonomous and behave as if they are a fiefdom separate from Great Britain and the rest of the world. They really do resent any control from Britain and believe they are vastly superior to the country that pays for them. They love the unelected EU regime, hate democracy and any organisation that speaks the truth and is on the side of Great Britain.

    History shows that a dictatorship it not easily thrown aside and this is certainly the case with the BBC. Do you think there is any chance that a friendly country with a few missiles will give them a little Shock and Awe treatment and defeat the them for us. Then then loot the Palace of Salford? Of course it won’t be the USA, they are now under the grip of a personality cult fellow who likes being a dictator too. But only after the 18th hole.


    • ROBERT JONES says:

      Fully agree with your comments.

      And much can be said the same of Cameron’s lot and the rest of the Westminster devolved bubble.


  12. Agent S says:

    Given Alan’s record this is one of those posts that make me queasy. Pretty low even for you.


    • Paul Weston says:

      So, Agent S, you disagree with the gist of Alan’s post? An Arab girl is brutally killed and the police (and media) with no evidence whatsoever push the meme that it was a racial/religious based murder. As a direct consequence of this Muslim males made explicit calls to avenge her murder against the Kuffir. In other words, the police and media have essentially incited racial/religious hatred.

      And this makes you feel “queasy” does it? Tell me Agent S, do you agree that the police and media have behaved in an irresposible fashion here? If so, then you cannot argue that Alan has reached a “low” and if you feel the whole affair has been carried out in the best interests of community cohesion then perhaps you should argue just why this is so.

      Over to you old boy.


      • John Anderson says:

        Agent S sounds familiar ? – another name for our resident troll ?


        • John Anderson says:

          and posting at exactly the same time this morning


          • Big Dick says:

            Agent S ,aka Scott ,must of had a heavy night out with his fellow socialist “Comrades” from New Broadcasting House . Too much pink gins eh.


            • Scott says:

              Nice to see what passes for hilarity on Biased BBC raise its snide, adolescent little head again.

              I’m not Agent S, and have never posted as Agent S, no matter what “John Anderson” or any other of Biased BBC’s false names and multiple aliases may suggest.

              But I fully understand why so many people on here who post under multiple false names assume that others must also be doing so.


              • John Anderson says:

                Don’t feed the terrorist-fancier troll


                • Scott says:

                  Poor, dear “John”. Still ignoring other people’s vile behaviour in favour of stalking me. Still, at least his steadfast refusal to explain why Biased BBC regulars can troll to their heart’s content without his dull interjections shows him up to be the sort of vacuous hypocrite that makes him fit in so well here…


  13. chrisH says:

    “Stop demonising the Muslim community” says Sir Peter Fahey.
    This is the lead headline on the 1p.m news this afternoon according to Radio 4.
    With stooges like this, we`ll be getting lots of trouble very soon-if this is one of our leading policemen, as he is described as being.
    I myself am sick to death of this “British” label attached to the jihadists that go out to Syria and such…the BBC will not call them anything but.
    These people are Shia or Sunni Caliphists(Sunni in these cases-but either are available). That the last Labour government gave them passports and a flag of convenience by which to slaughter our likes is neither here nor there.
    Don`t let the caliphists back into this country as fifth columnists and cherry bombs for Islam…let them create their Caliphate over there-so we know where to find them for later; as this Sunni-Shia schism may take us all.
    And-maybe when they stop fiddling in schools, bombing us on Londons transport, cutting the heads of soldiers on out own streets, and sniffing round polling stations and childrens homes…THEN I might stop to think about demonising( or Djinnin al-Shatan) then Muslims that the BBC and Fahey seem to think “enrich” our culture.
    In the same way as uranium becomes yellowcake I`d imagine…f***in dhimmis run this country don`t they?


  14. stuart says:

    nobody demonises the muslim community more than themsleves due to there behaviour in this religion that they follow called islam,as for the essex police ramping up the theory that this muslim woman was stabbed because she had muslim headress on is just plain dangerous without any concrete proof.it said in the daily mail that there have been other stabbings and murders in colchester relating to this might think maniac on the loose and the religion of those victims was not mentioned by the police,so jumping to conclusions before there is any real proof that this muslim woman was attacked because of her religion is quiet dangerous and could increase tensions where there should be none.even scott would agree with that i think.


  15. Sickofitall says:

    I also find it offensive that on the news,the BBC have stated that ‘a white man’ is being sought in connection with the crime. Why specify his colour/race? AFAIK they never ever ever say a ‘black man’ is being sought in connection with anything, do they,or ‘a muslim man’.


  16. George R says:

    Islam Not BBC (INBBC) seems to be giving far more politically sympathetic coverage of the murder of a Muslim, than it would to the murder of a Christian.


  17. George R says:

    If it had been a Christian who had been murdered, would INBBC have even used the word ‘Christian’? But INBBC is keen to use the word ‘Muslim’ in relation to this particular victim.


  18. ROBERT JONES says:

    The British ‘truant’ members of Islam who return from Syria/ Iraq/ Afghanistan have nothing to fear.

    The Police and MI6 can only act with the support of the Politicians/CPS.

    Those ‘truants’ who have appeared on video may face a fine or something similar. And have the status of something like an ASBO tag.

    The remaining 500 or more truants will be back as returning Tourists rather than Terrorists.