Still Nothing

Overall health care ranking



The BBC is still ignoring this:


From the Independent:

NHS means British healthcare rated top out of 11 western countries, with US coming last



From the Guardian:

NHS is the world’s best healthcare system, report says


From the Telegraph:

Britain’s NHS is the world’s best health-care system, says report


From the Metro:

Hate the NHS? Well, apparently Britain now has the BEST healthcare system in the world



One thing to note is the level of funding…..the UK’s being one of the lowest whilst being top for quality of care and efficiency, the US has the highest budget….and yet the US is the most inefficient, and only 5th for quality of care.



Nothing from the BBC…oh hang on…in June 2010 they did report this from the Commonwealth Fund:

UK health system is top on ‘efficiency’, says report


Why might they do that a month after Labour have been booted out of office?  Could it be they hope a bit of credit might go Labour’s way….Labour’s Andy Burnham seemed to think so in 2009 in reaction to a Commonwealth Fund report:


“This is fantastic news for the NHS and a worthy recognition of the professionalism of NHS staff, but it also shows the danger that the Tories’ ill-judged policies pose to patients.

“It is Labour that has put the NHS in the strong position the Commonwealth Fund shows it is in today.

“The experts’ judgement is telling – Labour NHS policies are working. The Tories’ policies would put patients at risk.”



Why report the very same thing in 2010 but not now?

Guess the BBC isn’t too keen to let the public see that the NHS is thriving under the Tories…sorry, the Coalition.


Instead of trumpeting the fact that the NHS may well be the best health service in the world the BBC has concentrated on this negative story all day in detail:

NHS ‘facing funding gap of up to £2bn’ in England



Curious editorial decision as to what to report and what not to report.


Guess there must be an election coming.



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7 Responses to Still Nothing

  1. Angels 30 says:

    They did say that it was partly due to increased demand.
    How did that happen?
    They didn’t say – but WE all know.


  2. Charlatans says:

    Just sent to breaking news:

    Hi BBC News


    Part my research on NHS Taxpayer spending/value am looking to add what our Official Public Interest broadcaster has to say:

    You must have missed this very newsworthy report:

    It has been widely reported elsewhere:




    This is very unusual question but do you no longer have remit to report this Public Interest type of UK Tax spend results?

    If not, do you feel this sort of Public Interest reporting, (must say of great interest to those very many in UK who deal with analysis Government spending), should be a subsided Public Broadcasting tax spend given to other TV/Media to report?




  3. Poosh says:

    The report is nonsensical and not worth reporting remotely, after being forced to delve into it. The methodology is hilarious and has been, in the past, debunked quite well elsewhere. However, I do suspect the BBC are playing this down because *if* you accept the premise that the NHS is super-awesome and these reports confirm it, then, you must accept that the Tories have improved the NHS, as, under their watch, the UK has gone up, in these charts so to speak, over the last few years (as far as I know).


    • Span Ows says:

      “then, you must accept that the Tories have improved the NHS”

      this is the only (fair) conclusion. Imagine if there had been a massive decline since 2010…


  4. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    The bBBC mentioned this on its 6 o’clock ‘news’ (about 18.10) this evening, saying that a major study had shown the NHS to be the most efficient health service. Strangely they didn’t say that the same study showed that the NHS came 10th out of 11 countries for ‘healthy lives’, i.e. our NHS was the second-best in the world at killing people. Only a Mickey Mouse-report like this one could think that didn’t matter much.
    As the Guardian (the print arm of the bBBC) put it:
    The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive. On a composite “healthy lives” score, which includes deaths among infants and patients who would have survived had they received timely and effective healthcare, the UK came 10th.
    This is exactly what (now Sir) Robert Francis said recently:
    The chairman of the inquiry into the Mid-Staffs hospital scandal has warned that Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) is so unsafe they if it were an airline “planes would fall out of the sky all the time.”

    Robert Francis QC, one of Britain’s top lawyers, also said that the public have been given a false impression as to how safe the NHS is thanks to a lack of information and an unwillingness by politicians to criticise it.
    Robert Francis chaired the inquiry into the Mid-Staffs scandal in which hundreds of people died due to “appalling” failings. Patients were left lying in their own faeces for days, forced to drink water from flower vases or given the wrong medication.


    • Philip says:

      The NHS and the BBC may be linked. Both suffer from an incurable ‘mind-the-state’ illness and both claim to be ‘value-for-money’ whilst deluding the taxpayer (or feeble minded MP’s) that it is uniquely ‘wonderful’. What you actually ‘experience’ (yourself) in any hospital is NOT the ‘best-in-the-world’ but something else. The BBC is not the ‘best’ in the world and nor is the NHS (both are long term financially unsustainable) our UK tax receipts cannot match the ‘new’ population demands of healthcare (or BBC drivel) any more. So ‘deathcare’ is a popular replacement (BBC seek population control (UN Agenda 21) is a eugenics programme – so we can expect more NHS voluntary euthansia, sterilisation and abortion clinics under EU direction. The NHS measures efficiency as the BBC does ‘financial scrutiny’, ‘accountability’ and ‘trust’. Something has to give.


    • Joshaw says:

      How does this implausible report fit in with our appalling survival rates for cancer?

      And the question that has been asked many times, why has no other country copied it?