The NHS……Best in the West



Did you hear of this on the BBC this morning?… I must have missed the enormous fanfare announcing the good news:

NHS pushes UK’s healthcare to top of the league table out of 11 western countries, with US coming last

Britain’s healthcare has been lauded as the best out of 11 of the world’s wealthiest countries, following a far-reaching study by a US-based foundation.

In a report entitled “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall,” the quality, efficiency, cost and performance of the US health system was compared to Canada and nine other countries in Europe and Australasia.

Conducted by The Commonwealth Fund, the report ranks the UK first overall, scoring it highly for its quality of care, efficiency and low cost at the point of service, with Switzerland coming an overall second.

The US came last, as it has done in four other editions of “Mirror, Mirror” since 2004.


Looking hard on the website…but can’t find a report.

If the NHS had been last pretty certain that would have been headlining and Derbyshire et al investigating the ‘issues’ at length.





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31 Responses to The NHS……Best in the West

  1. Angels 30 says:

    Maybe it was because they were too busy running an item on 1pm news on food standard regulation changes regarding visual checks on meat. They went to great lengths to find experts who said how dangerous this could be but made one minor omission. Nowhere did they mention that these were new European regulations to be adopted by the UK authorities.
    Did they forget


    • Derek Buxton says:

      Check out The EUReferendum Website, Dr. North was involved in the meat inspection system some years ago when we had the safest meat anywhere. This just goes back to what we did then which was wrecked by the EU at the time..


  2. Duke of Wellington says:

    They won’t have forgot. An omission shall we say.


  3. Dr Who says:

    Is there any evidence the BBC hasnt covered this story because its biased against the NHS?

    Could it be a bias against good news?

    Funnily enough, David Vance argues the BBC is biased in favour of the NHS. He doesnt bother providing any evidence either.

    And I take it you’re only referring to the website as well, I thought that didn’t really count. Oh well, whatever suits I suppose.


    • The General says:

      Of course the BBC is pro the NHS but it cannot praise any success of the NHS while it is being run by a Tory Government. The BBC consistently trumpets Labour’s claims that the NHS is failing under this administration . Consequently this report is yet another inconvenient truth to be ignored by the BBC.


  4. Alan says:

    ‘only referring to the website as well’ ……that doesn’t make sense does it?

    But then making sense has never been a priority for you under whatever name you grace us with for your drive-by mutterings….three different names in the last hour or so already….such an imagination…you’re not Johann Hari are you?

    As the first line asks ‘Did you hear…?’ obviously not referring only to the website as well or not as well.

    As for your question about the BBC being biased against the NHS….what can I say..perhaps Willie Hague says it best…. ‘I think the basis of your question has less basis than most of the highly intelligent questions.’ ….and, in all the years you’ve been stalking DV on this site and others, we’ve yet to see one of those from you….


    • Scott says:

      “three different names in the last hour or so already”

      Funny, “Alan” is never concerned about people with multiple pseudonyms who agree with him, or who don’t point out the flaws in his thinking. I wonder why that is?


      • John Anderson says:

        Ignore the simpering troll


        • Scott says:

          Poor “John”. Wouldn’t the time you spent following me around be put to more productive use? Say, replying to questions as to why your obsessive behaviour ignores abuse and genuine trolling by others?

          Or are you going to show yourself up again by ignoring straightforward questions?


          • Old Goat says:

            Not you again, Scotty – quite put me off my Weetabix.


            • Scott says:

              Nice to see the usual Biased BBC clique members showing their magnificent debating style once again. Altogether now, recite the Biased BBC motto – “it’s not an ad hominem if we do it…


              • Roland Deschain says:



                • Scott says:

                  I know, I know – expecting Old Goat to contribute anything of worth would be a fruitless task. But just because he chooses to butt in with nothing more than a personal slight, there’s no need to call him a troll…

                  Oh. I see. You were doing a “John Anderson” – letting the usual clique get away with anything they like by pretending it hasn’t happened. Go you. What a superior intellect you must possess.


  5. Colonel Blimp says:

    like the oft-quoted UN study the UK ranks highly in the scales because heavy weighting is given to a) healthcare being free at point of use and b) “equity” – so if everyone gets a poor, free service it can outrank a less-equal and more expensive service which delivers better healthcare outcomes


  6. Thoughtful says:

    If it’s that good why are Polish clinics springing up all over the country, for which people have to pay, but receive a better standard of care than the NHS ?


  7. Albaman says:

    Obviously David Vance will be pleased should the BBC not be reporting this news. Kind of blows another of his assertions out of the water:


  8. bbc news is a joke says:

    have recently discovered – bbc news is awful

    has anyone else..?


  9. robert jones says:

    BBC Headlines you won’t see:

    1/ Why does Islam cause so much violence around the world?

    2/ The West are not to blame for the situation in Iraq.

    3/ Women are disadvantaged by Islam.

    4/ Why have muslims failed to integrate into western society?

    5/ The BBC prefer muslims to Christians.

    6/ Israel has been right all along and deserves a right to exist. Firing rockets into Israel in a random fashion is wrong.


  10. Philip says:

    The ‘value-for-money’ BBC supports the NHS (except they would prefer ‘private’ rooms as they can afford to). TELEGRAPH reports; ‘that the BBC spent £2.2 million of public money on private healthcare for hundreds of senior BBC staff between 2008-2010’. No surprise there then, it must be the ‘best’ in somebody ‘else’s’ world…. not BBC.


    • Guest Who says:

      Just a theory, but maybe they are raging hypocrites, pushing one narrative whilst living another?
      Maybe a doctor could explain?
      Though looking at the comments, he’s already there shutting it down.


  11. Richard Pinder says:

    According to the World Health Organisation, Britain’s NHS is worse than 17 other National Health Services and 13 times more expensive for the average British taxpayer than for the average Swiss taxpayer. And I suppose you also do not get the Socialist low value for life mindset in Swiss Hospitals, as you do in NHS Hospitals run by the blotted Labour crony management structure in Britain.


  12. Poosh says:

    Don’t suppose anyone has come across informed/expert debunking of this report? I lack the skills and time to read it myself….


  13. Old Goat says:

    I live in France, and experience real health care. The NHS is just pretend.


    • Begs the question says:

      What the fuck has the BBC or this website got to do with you, Froggy?


      • Old Goat says:

        Hmmm, where shall I start?
        No, I won’t bother – just another troll.


  14. mikef says:

    There are some good comments on Tim Worstall’s site.


  15. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    It is worth looking a bit more deeply into that Commonwealth Foundation report. It emphasises socialist systems and judges the United States worst out of the 11 countries, but even the Guardian notes
    The only serious black mark against the NHS was its poor record on keeping people alive. On a composite “healthy lives” score, which includes deaths among infants and patients who would have survived had they received timely and effective healthcare, the UK came 10th [out of 11].
    So, the NHS is great except that it kills people!


  16. Derek Buxton says:

    If the NHS is the best, god help anyone in any other Country. I am still trying to recover from two operations on consecutive days in March 2013.