Bradford school governors ‘promoted Islamic agenda’



The BBC has started its own Islamophobic witch hunt….and hints that the Trojan Horse letter might not be fake after all:

Bradford school governors ‘promoted Islamic agenda’


After having spent such a long time firstly ignoring the Trojan Horse allegations, then downplaying them, the BBC has jumped aboard the bandwagon with allacrity and is banging out a new tune with the vigour of the converted, hunting out Islamic cultural colonisation in Bradford despite that ‘Ofsted and Bradford Metropolitan District Council say no schools in Bradford are currently being investigated in relation to Trojan Horse.’

‘Teachers in Bradford have reported instances of governors promoting a more Islamic ethos, the BBC has learned’


I like this excuse from the governors:

The chairman of the governors rejected claims of an Islamic agenda, saying his aim was to meet community needs.

‘Meeting community needs’?…..that could excuse all sorts of sins couldn’t it…Honour killings?  Just meeting ‘community needs’…and so on.


The BBC has seen documents which may suggest an attempt to bring an Islamic agenda into the classroom at Carlton Bolling, a state secondary school with a largely Muslim governing body.

The chairman of the governors at Carlton Bolling College, Faisal Khan – an independent local councillor formerly of the Respect party – said his aim was to improve academic standards and meet the needs of the communities the school served.

“At the end of the day we have a school that has 90-95% Muslim children, we meet their needs – whether it is halal food, whether it is prayer within school [or] wearing the hijab.

“We don’t want children – irrespective of their background – to compromise on their faith.”

He was meeting “the sensitivities of parents”.


Note Faisal Khan…once of the Respect Party as was Salma Yaqoob who was from the very area of Birmingham that the Trojan Horse allegations first arose..and which she refuted vigorously on the Today programme…small world eh?


The BBC here makes claims of school governors driving out heads who oppose their Islamising agenda…just like the Trojan Horse allegations then:

Confidential documents seen by the BBC reveal head teacher Chris Robinson resigned from her position in 2012 because she felt her reputation, integrity and leadership were being questioned by governors.

Nick Weller, a head teacher in Bradford and chief executive of the Bradford Partnership, believes Ms Robinson was unfairly driven out by the governing body.

“I think an excellent, outstanding head teacher has been driven out by a governing body because she would not give in to their agenda of making it reflect the culture and traditions of the Muslim students, more than it did, or more than is right and proper for a state-funded school.

“There’s a co-ordinated attempt by a small group of unrepresentative people, whose views are not shared by most of the Muslim parents that I talk to, to gain greater control of governing bodies in Bradford and advance their agenda.”


The BBC goes on:

Mr Khan was also a governor at another Bradford school, Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College, where the governing body was sacked en masse in April and replaced with an interim executive board.

It followed an Ofsted inspection that concluded relationships between governors, school staff and the local authority had deteriorated markedly; actions by the governing body were increasingly undermining senior leaders; and governors were becoming too involved in operational matters.



This is interesting…the BBC has long painted the Trojan Horse letter as a fake but here it suggests that it might have some substance:

The so-called Trojan Horse document names Bradford as a city in which a Muslim takeover of schools could be co-ordinated.

“This is a long-term plan and one which we are sure will lead to great success in taking over a number of schools and ensuring they are run on strict Islamic principles,” the document, which has not been authenticated, states.


Here the BBC reports of the response of local politicians:

The local MP in Bradford, David Ward, said: “We cannot allow the situation that has developed in Birmingham, where it has spread to many more schools than are currently affected in Bradford.

“It really needs to be dealt with before it gets out of hand.”

Bradford Metropolitan District Council said it was ready to act quickly in any case where there was concern about relationships between head teachers and governors.


So here the BBC are proactively seeking out the story and taking the allegations seriously….all welcome but a bit of a turn around from its initial response to the Birmingham allegations and the repeated assertion that the letter was fake….but at odds with the likes of Mark Easton and Chris Cook’s ongoing analysis.



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26 Responses to Bradford school governors ‘promoted Islamic agenda’

  1. Duke of Wellington says:

    The BBC is rubbish!


  2. Flexdream says:

    At last. Credit to the BBC but Bradford has been mentioned for ages as another area where schools have been targetted by Muslims.
    And a mere 32 years after Bradford headmaster Ray Honeyford raised his concerns, which cost him his job.
    Leicester I know from experience is as diverse as Bradford, maybe more so, but for some reason I don’t expect there are any problems in Leicester. I don’t know Luton.


  3. Flexdream says:

    Back in the 70s it was known in Bradford that parents of some girls were taking them out of school to stay at home or go to Pakistan and an arranged marriage.


  4. Sir Arthur Strebe-Grebling says:

    Thirty years too late. Bradford, 1984.
    Ray Honeyford, 72, “retired” more than 20 years ago as the headmaster of a school in Bradford. Or, at least, that was when he was vilified by politically correct race “experts”, was sent death threats, and condemned as a racist. Eventually, he was forced to resign and never allowed to teach again.

    His crime was to publish an article in The Salisbury Review in 1984 doubting whether the children in his school were best served by the connivance of the educational authorities in such practices as the withdrawal of children from school for months at a time in order to go ”home” to Pakistan, on the grounds that such practices were appropriate to the children’s native culture. In language that was sometimes maladroit, he drew attention, at a time when it was still impermissible to do so, to the dangers of ghettoes developing in British cities.
    Mr Honeyford thought that schools such as his own, the Drummond Middle School, where 95 per cent of the children were of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, were a disaster both for their pupils and for society as a whole. He was a passionate believer in the redemptive power of education, and its ability to integrate people of different backgrounds and weld them into a common society. He then became notorious for, among other things, his insistence that Muslim girls should be educated to the same standard as everyone else.


    • Joshaw says:

      “Drummond Middle School, where 95 per cent of the children were of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin’”

      And laughably, this would be described as “diverse”, unlike the happier white school in Payhembury, Devon, which attracted criticism from racist Ofsted.

      The whole thing is twisted, disgusting, sickening and corrupt. Torch and pitchfork time approaching.


  5. johnnythefish says:

    Tip of the iceberg.

    And too many icebergs.


  6. ROBERT BROWN says:

    Poor Ray Honeyford, i well remember watching the demo’s at his school, with white women screaming abuse, left-wing trash, ugly in thought and deed. These filth are still with us, traitors all. I would like to see Islam proscribed as a ‘religion’, outlawed in this country.


    • joeb says:

      Don’t worry, there are now 500,000 new, hungry refugees from Iraq, ousted by Islamic jihadist savages, ready to come to Europe and turn it into the dump they came from. What can possibly go wrong? Sweden currently has an Open Door Policy No Questions Asked for anyone from Syria. I look forward to them announcing the same for these 500k Iraqis…wonderful multi-culti news!


      • Flexdream says:

        I do feel sorry for those refugees. Still according to our leaders this has nothing to do with us now. I wonder if Afghanistan will be equally successful after we pull out.
        It does seem to me that most Muslims worldwide get a raw deal, from their own leaders and from foreign powers. Our leaders start wars in Muslim lands. We bomb and shoot them. We set up a new regime. We foster Islamic grievance and extremism in our own land. Our leaders tell us all is fine and dandy apart from a few extremists. And our leaders lecture us on how nasty, racist and horrible the EDL and UKIP are. Well, a UKIP government would probably have killed a lot fewer Muslims than the present and previous lot have managed.


  7. Doublethinker says:

    Yesterday on PM some BBC reporter described Bradford as,’ a corner stone of British multiculturalism.’ If he lived anywhere near and if he could speak the truth on the BBC, a big if, he would realise that most Yorkshire folk think of Bradford as a ‘lost city’, that, without them ever being asked, has been invaded by people from Pakistan. All Yorkshire folks would much prefer Bradford to be as it was before the invasion.
    I expect UKIP to do well in Yorkshire.


    • Barlicker says:

      And not just Bradford, many other West Yorkshire towns too: Keighley, Bingley, Halifax, Batley, Dewsbury………


    • Stewart says:

      Corner stone? More like a bourgeois fauxcialist theme park
      Bradford has the added advantage of being as far away from the bien-pasant patrician class as it is possible to be and still be in england


  8. Kevin Cuttlefish says:

    I’m beginning to consider the possibility that the penny has started to drop for the libby left. Surely there must come a time when even their bizarre sophistry is overcome by the bleeding obvious. Or, perhaps not. For the time being I continue to weep for England.


  9. Deborah says:

    I have been listening/watching the BBC over the past few days re ‘The Trojan Horse’ and schools carefully. It actually doesn’t matter whether the letter was a hoax or not, but what has been discovered does. But to get an idea whether the BBC reports are being sanitized replace the word ‘Muslim’ (on the rare occasion that it is used) with ‘Jew’. For example if a school was 95% Jewish students, I would expect either kosher or vegetarian food to be available; I would expect the school (even a state one) to have a Jewish ethos. But what I would not expect non-Jewish teachers/Heads to be hounded out, I would not expect Jewish kids to have paid trips to Israel or anywhere else beyond the nearest zoo and for the non-Jewish kids to be excluded from these trips, etc etc. So again the BBC concentrates on the areas which may not really be a problem but ignore the real areas of concern which are, I suspect, that an intolerant Islam is being taught . And seeing Asian (how unkind to the Japanese) youths being lined up to tell us that everything in the school is hunky dory without any real questions being asked by the BBC reporters is not convincing me.


    • John Anderson says:

      The biggest Trojan Horse in Britain is the BBC itself.


      • Guest Who says:

        As possibly still professional news reporters of integrity remaining within the BBC are finding, at such as Panorama, they appear to have their own mini TH’s inside, like Russian dolls.
        Must be a real hoot doing often dangerous investigations whilst wondering who back at base is running the photocopier late at night.


  10. Russian doll says:

    ‘This is interesting…the BBC has long painted the Trojan Horse letter as a fake ‘

    This is either a lie or you’re just thick as shit Alan.

    ‘the repeated assertion that the letter was fake’ – provide one iota of evidence for this.


  11. flexdream says:

    Well blow me if it isn’t now Luton and Tower Hamlets being mentioned. Who would have thought it?
    Whatever next? Voting irregularities? Gerrymandering? Entryism in political parties? Who knows?


    • Chop says:

      I’m surprised Oldham has not leapt into the mix, as it was swamped when I left there aged 15.


      • Flexdream says:

        It’s a can of worms. What is it links grooming gangs and school infiltration eh?


  12. stuart says:

    it is a bit sickening when these fake anti racists far left extreme respect party types like george galloway and the aggressive salma yaqoob to come out in defense of these trojan horse sick evil islamists and racists who demonise non muslim children as subhumans and bully and intimidate non muslim school teachers in a campaign of terror at these birmingham schools.even somebody as islamist and far left as salma yaqoob resigned from the respect party because she did not agree with galloways strange alleged sexist views on womem.if you want to see far left and extremist hate of the west just go and look at galloways and yaqoobs twiiter feed,these people are appalling with there anti british and western hatred,as for the bbc,there usual there pro muslim bias machine has gone into full swing over this trojan horse islamist takeover of are schools in the uk.england 2014 is just becoming one horrible place to live and bring up children,i for one if had the money would leave this third world cesspitt,because that is what it has become.


    • noggin says:

      “hands off Birmingham schools!”
      Yes Selma, but don t forget to put Muslim
      “Muslim hands off Birmingham schools”
      and voila! … half the issue solved already.

      The model could be expanded to other cities,
      and voila! … new job opportunity, for one unemployed self obsessed Muslim gobshite, (whose angling for a gravy train), into the bargain.