Boko Haram In Birmingham?


“Al-Islam will prevail over all other ways of life. Look at how [the] Muslim population is increasing in the UK.”  Deputy Head of Carlton Bolling school in Bradford, Akhmed Hussain


The BBC is playing a very dangerous game as it clambers, once again, into bed with Islamists and promotes their ideology.

There was, and continues to be, a plot to Islamise schools, not just in Birmingham but across Britain.  We have an attitude that is growing that Western education is wrong for Muslims…’Boko Haram’….just where will that lead in years to come?

The BBC is not just downplaying the significance of this and its consequences but is actively supporting and promoting the Islamist agenda.


Theresa May wrote a letter to Michael Gove which the BBC quotes from:

In a letter, Mrs May said: “The allegations relating to schools in Birmingham raise serious questions about the quality of school governance and oversight arrangements.”

She added: “Is it true that Birmingham City Council was warned about these allegations in 2008? Is it true that the Department for Education was warned in 2010? If so, why did nobody act?”


What they miss out is a rather crucial statement in the letter:

‘How did it come to pass, for example, that one of the governors at Park View was the chairman of the education committee of the Muslim Council of Britain?” she wrote.’


Who was that governor?  Tahir Alam, who is at the centre of the Trojan Horse plot allegations….and the man who produced the MCB’s 2007 document detailing how they would like schools, not just in Birmingham, but across the UK, to ‘Islamise’ their education.

From the Telegraph:
Guide to school Islamisation, by ‘ringleader’ of Trojan Horse plot
School governor who is alleged ringleader of the Trojan Horse plot in Birmingham wrote 72-page document on manipulating teachers and curriculum

This is a document that provides proof positive of Alam’s intentions….and yet not only does the BBC not refer to Alam and his connections to the MCB here but it also refuses to mention in any article the fact that this damning document even exists and that he produced it….with so many BBC reporters examining this story but none mentioning the 2007 document in connection to it,  it can only be a directive from above that has told them not to link to it…why?

Why would the BBC hide evidence of Alam’s Islamist ideology?

Here the BBC’s Chris Cooke gives a clue.…deciding there is no Trojan Horse ‘conspiracy’ and that the letter is a fake..with no evidence that it is…but plenty of evidence to back up the possibility it is real:

‘The focus is not on a “conspiracy”. The “Trojan Horse” letter is now widely assumed to be a forgery, and appears to have been written to alarm people.’


The Telegraph takes a more balanced approach and reveals evidence of a plot:

Whether or not the letter is genuine, much of what it describes is certainly real.

Investigations by The Telegraph, separate to and in parallel with the “Trojan Horse” letter, reveal that there is indeed an organised group of Muslim teachers, education consultants, school governors and activists dedicated to furthering what one of them describes as an “Islamising agenda” in Birmingham’s schools. 

Here for instance is a message from one of that group:

The activists claim credit for the appointment of a new Muslim head teacher at a secular state secondary in Birmingham, where she will start in September. It was a “hard battle” but the “dynamics have finally changed”, says one member of the group, who identifies himself as a school governor. “A true achievement. At last!” exults one member of the group.

“She is a very astute lady. She knows her game,” he writes. “Please don’t pressurise her to start the Islamising agenda first. That will be a lot easier when she is respected as leader. She has to establish herself with minimum controversy for the first six months, and lead the people to believe in her before they believe in her policies.”


A pretty  good indication that there is a ‘plot’.


The BBC also doesn’t tell us that Alam has an extremist history:
According to the Sunday Times, the man at the centre of the so-called Trojan Horse plot to Islamicise secular schools in Birmingham had been the leader of a fundamentalist group which had aspired to turn Britain into an Islamic state…

‘Tahir Alam, chairman of governors at Park View School, has been embroiled in the controversy surrounding the alleged takeover of state schools by Islamic fundamentalists. He was previously the leader of HIKAM, an organisation which believed in imposing Islamic law and promoting gender segregation…
HIKAM, which was also known by its Arabic name of Harakat Islah Shabaab Al Muslim (Movement to Reform Muslim Youth), was taken over during the late 1980s by Alam until it shut down around 1995.
A prominent Islamic scholar who had been involved in the group and who requested anonymity, told The Sunday Times that HIKAM also believed that minority Islamic sects such as the Shi’ites could not be regarded as true Muslims.
The source, who joined the group in the mid-1980s when it was first established, said: “It embraced a literalist, puritanical version of Islam and … was very sectarian in its approach.
“They were very strict on the segregation and … believed that everything has to be Islamised.”
The scholar added: “The group stood for establishing an Islamic state and Islamic rule and bringing about the caliphate [Islamic state]…”


Whys does the BBC hide so much information about Alam and his Islamist tendencies?

The BBC is seeking to hide Islamist links to these schools and downplay the likelihood that the ‘Torjan Horse’ plot is real….just as they ignored, then claimed the ‘Muslim Patrols’ might have been provocative ‘false flag’ operations.

But not only that…they seek to suggest that any such ‘Islamistation’, if it is happening, is in fact welcome:

‘Trojan Horse’ storm breaking over Birmingham’s schools

‘The so-called Trojan Horse document…..This was a letter, now widely assumed to be a forgery, claiming to detail a plot by Muslim conservatives to Islamicise secular state schools.’

BBC line….the letter is a forgery….talk of a plot is nonsense.


‘The Ofsted results also support the notion that this is really about a clique of governors.
The leaders of four of the schools expected to go into special measures are good friends, who speak a lot via WhatsApp, the mobile messaging app.’

BBC line….it’s just a small group of people…so nothing to really worry about…however read on and that is contradicted….the parents all love their Islamised schools apparently.


‘The idea that there is no wider conspiracy has support: people working in counter-extremism in Birmingham also do not think there is an acute broader problem in the city.’

BBC line….No wider conspiracy?  Again trying to limit this to a small group of fanatics..again…disproved by the BBC itself as above….’an Islamicised comprehensive school might seem like a neat option.


‘So this chapter of the story may be closing’.

BBC line…nothing to see here…no conspiracy, no radical Muslims, no threat to secular schools and society as a whole from a rampant Islam.

However…..the BBC goes on to promote the Islamisation of schools:


‘But there is a big structural issue worth considering: why do so many of the parents support the schools so much?

The English school system’s most important regulator is the attention of parents. Why, in this case, do they disagree with the authorities?

Witch-hunt fear

Partly, it is because some of these schools have been getting strong results. Partly, it is because there is fear of a witch-hunt – and the discourse around this reminds Muslims that they are not treated like people of other faiths.

Discussion of social conservatism among Jews or Catholics does not lead to talk of terrorism.
But it is also surely because Muslim parents do not have access to the same kind of state-funded faith education as parents of other creeds.

At the last school census, however, there were only eight officially designated Muslim state secondaries.    There are more than 300 Catholic secondaries.

No choice

So, for parents who want an education that reflects their own religion, an Islamicised comprehensive school might seem like a neat option.
With a growing Muslim population, this is an issue that will not go away.
Ofsted has no choice but to try to resecularise these schools. But one idea in the ether is that we should open more Muslim faith schools.
That would require a bold secretary of state, willing to defend the growth of faith schooling. It would also mean that schools would probably be more segregated by background.

Once you accept that certain schools are Islamic schools, you can then think about constructing a governing body with proper representation and management processes to prevent the problems in Birmingham.

Remember that parents are the first line of defence for the school system. And, at the moment, lots of them do not think lines in the sand drawn in Whitehall about the role of religion in our schools are worth defending.’


The BBC is promoting the Islamisation of schooling in Britain….a more dangerous and divisive notion would be hard to imagine.

Gove has been arguing for a broader definition of extremism, one that you  must expect would include faith schools and documents such as the MCB’s 2007 Islamist charter.

Unfortunately apparently he lost that argument and May’s narrower definition won the day…as well as a softer approach to tackling the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot.

The BBC tells us that:

“I  [Nick Robinson] understand that Michael Gove and Theresa May clashed at a recent meeting of what’s called the Extremism Task Force – a committee of cabinet ministers set up by David Cameron.

“They argued about how to define extremism. Mr Gove has long argued that Whitehall is too soft on extremism; that it only confronts people once they’ve turned to violence; that you should ‘drain the swamp’ and not wait for ‘the crocodiles to reach the boat’.

“At the meeting he argued for a broader definition. Mrs May, for a narrower one. She won.”

They also argued about how to handle the Trojan Horse allegations. He argued for an aggressive approach. She for a softer one. Again, I’m told, she won.


However we are also told:

But a Home Office source was blunt, telling the BBC: “The Department for Education is responsible for schools, the Home Office is not.”

“They have got a problem and they are trying to make it someone else’s problem,” the source added.


That doesn’t tally up does it?  Robinson reports that May won the argument about the approach to tackling the Trojan Horse plot….and yet the BBC also reports that the Home Office has no responsibility for that…but makes no comment on that contradiction.

And yet the BBC claim May is furious for Gove criticising her when it is his responsibility….

Home Secretary Theresa May has accused Education Secretary Michael Gove of failing to deal with an alleged Islamist plot to take over schools.’

Does that accusation stand up when the BBC also reports that May is the one who has decided hwo to tackle extremism in schools?

It looks like the BBC is more than happy to spin this story and make the most of it whilst it can.


For weeks the BBC has been trying to persuade us that the ‘Trojan Horse’ plot is much ado about nothing…the letter is a fake, the allegations without foundation….Muslims are  once again the subject of an Islamophobic witch hunt.

Yesterday that all changed…suddenly the plot is very real, Gove has been derelict in his duty in ignoring the peril, a peril he was informed about in 2010….and May and Gove have had stand up rows about this….according to ‘a Home Office Source’ who briefed against Gove….the Home Office source who happens to be Mays special advisor and who is in a relationship with them an Gove criticised….the Spad who was apparently nearly sacked on the spot for releasing the letter….the Telegraph says:   ‘It was this remarkable bit of escalation that detonated in Downing Street. It was so bad that consideration was given to sacking Ms Cunningham on the spot.’

The BBC’s Nick Robinson apparently mentioned the link on Today but dismissed it as of any importance…‘So there is a personal element, but let me stress: that’s not the key to this story.’…..clearly he was wrong.



The BBC is happy to Islamise schools it would seem…however that might just be the root of the problems…that acceptance of a slow creep of Islam into secular Britain forcing non-Muslims to adapt to Islam rather than Muslims to adapt to British culture and laws is a major problem..

Muslim faith schools lead only to segregation and possible extremism….the BBC’s Chris Cook admitted that in many schools where the majority of pupils are Muslim up to 90% only speak English as a second language…how can that be when they are mostly born here?

Norway’s capital to get first Muslim only school, to teach Arabic and Muslim values

“We spend a lot of money on inclusion in Norway, and now we are apparently going to be spending it on segregation.” the Labour chairman of Norway’s parliamentary education committee, Trond Giske, was quoted in the above mentioned report as saying.


In this video Cook claims the problem isn’t Islam but ‘extreme conservatism’…..of course that is Islamic conservatism….something Cook dismisses as irrelevant….’extreme conservatism can be problematic on its own’.


But is it just a small group of fanatics that want to Islamise the world as the BBC like to suggest?

I have met Muslim lawyers and academics who have turned to Taliban-style beliefs. These men propagate Wahhabism –  the joyless and backward Saudi belief system followed by
Al Qaeda and espoused by hate preachers such as omar Bakri and his successor
Anjem Choudary.

The rapid spread of rigid, diehard Islam is deeply worrying. Yet
those in power, focused on terrorist cells, seem oblivious to this other peril.
For many of us Muslims, this creeping Talibanisation of childhood is

I could never have imagined, nine years on, that the Taliban
would be claiming to have ‘won the war’ in Afghanistan. Or, much worse, that our
politicians and Muslim ‘leaders’ here would allow their twisted ideology to
spread across Britain. Make no mistake, Taliban devotees are in our schools,
playgrounds, homes, mosques, political parties, public service, private firms
and universities. And if we are to have any hope of combating them, we need to
stop this attitude of appeasement and understand why so many Muslims are
attracted to the most punishing forms of belief, suppressing women and children.

Why are we fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan and indulging Taliban values here?

Even if it offends liberal principles, the powerful must find a way of stopping Islamicists from  promulgating their distorted creed.  If they don’t, the future is bleak for Muslims and the country.




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27 Responses to Boko Haram In Birmingham?

  1. chrisH says:

    I just looked at BBC News Red Botton.
    It tells me that “preachers” have killed up to 45 people in Nigeria, and this follows on from hundreds killed recently.
    On reading the text (as opposed to sticking with the headline)-it turns out that the murderers were Boko Haram Islamist Mohammaden Muslims…not f***in “preachers”-which Muslim does not define as a role, whereas Christianity does.
    In short-were you uninformed or merely surfing the channels, you`d be left with the idea that the Christians of Nigeria were killing people in the name of Jesus.
    These Boko Haram murderers were only getting their cover story as being “preachers” so they could kill…they are not.
    The BBC knows that of course-but the BBC relies on leaving impressions that Islam and Christians are both as bad as each other out there.
    Utterly despicable-only hope we Christians will wise up and fight back against the lying idol of the BBC.
    The Black Rock of Ka`aba needs a digital telly in it, and a big cheque from the Saudis for its 24/7 trilling for the Muslim cause.
    The pretence of Boko Bloodbath Co-Ops being “preachers” is about as evil and far fetched as BBC hacks will assume to act under the cover of being “independent journalists”.


  2. JimS says:

    I’m sure there is a question that a lot of people would like an answer to from our political ‘leaders’ and that question is:- Why?
    Why was it necessary to import an alien culture from the other side of the world, especially one that doesn’t want to ‘integrate’ because it is ‘right’ and we are ‘wrong’?
    A lot of political noise is made about eastern European migrants, the ‘racist’ word is bandied about, (wrongly), but essentially they are ‘invisible’ until they speak to each other. Every other student seems to be Chinese but that is only apparent close to because they dress like the locals, (if anything the girl’s skirts are shorter!). These are both examples of, (temporary?), migrants who respect the conventions of this country. By and large I can’t see why anyone would have a problem with people like these, except their numbers might be excessive, in a similar way that a picturesque village is spoilt by too many tourists.
    The politicians have deliberately created a division in UK society that will not go away, by injecting a culture that cannot integrate by its very nature and is given every justification NOT to integrate by the multi-culturist experimenters in government.
    Their response is just to slander the mild-mannered indigenous population, who didn’t even get excited when the bombs fell in the blitz, by suggesting that issues can’t EVEN by discussed lest we have our own Kristallnacht.
    As to these Birmingham schools, well I know a French teacher of French who applied to work in one of them. No joy. Wrong religion. Completely illegal but who will listen? Certainly not our political class who revel in our divisive diversity.


  3. Philip says:

    The BBC elite know all this off course. Double standards and double speak, not even the journos agree what they report ‘on-air’ is recognisable. Still it is a very well paid job if you just keep ‘schtum’ and keep your head down. You get paid to do what your are told and the ‘political’ editors decide what goes out, what fits the brief, what angle to grind, what home points to score. After all who actually ‘believes’ that stuff anyway. BBC is in another place, up on a pedestal, a World Service away from African ‘wind-up’ radios and a Kalashnikov in the dust. BBC peddlers of crisis portrayed as world social drama. In this the BBC raises a wry smile, it is all DRAMA to the BBC. Who cares about the news when you can have it made to measure? Why a quick bung here and we’ll make a story for you. Need a nice piece’ we’ll fit you one. Islam is a nice little earner at the moment, that is if you can pay cash (Saudi Dollars)? Why that will be fine, we also take Euros but that is another story. We couldn’t do this without the ‘License fee’ to keep our prices competitive. It’s what we do best!


  4. #88 says:

    ‘….She (May) added: “Is it true that Birmingham City Council was warned about these allegations in 2008? Is it true that the Department for Education was warned in 2010? If so, why did nobody act?”….

    Interesting that the BBC in reporting May’s letter repeatedly omit the reference to 2008, choosing only to imply to that this only emerged in 2010 . Why is that, I wonder?

    BTW: It’s interesting that Alan mentions, one of Katz newest hires, Cook. Cook has form stirring it up for Gove over a long period of time – it was thought that he had contacts in Gove’s department, people who were fighting tooth and claw to impede Gove’s reforms and determination to de-politicise education and drive-up standards . Read this from the Telegraph (below) that includes this;

    ‘This is the latest in a string of “scoops” by Christopher Cook about Michael Gove and his advisers, nearly all of them intended to cause him maximum embarrassment. Last June, for instance, he wrote a pretty threadbare story about an accounting error in the formula the Department was using to calculate how much money Academies should receive per pupil. What accounts for Cook’s one-man crusade against the Secretary of State for Education?….He (Cook) has convinced himself that Gove is essentially incompetent – in spite of the overwhelming evidence to the contrary – and the majority of his output as a journalist consists of attempts to demonstrate this.’

    Why would anyone trust this man’s journalism or the BBC?

    What an appalling addition to the Newsnight team.


  5. stuart says:

    alot of people might think boko haram are just them lot islamist muslim extremists that kidnnaped them 300 christian girls in nigeria and forced them by the sword to convert to islam and no doubt into a life of sexual paedophile slavery by much older men and that is right.but boko haram stands for some else that people dont relise,boko haram = western education is forbidden.operation trojan horse in birmingham = western education is forbidden,the bottem line is boko haram in nigeria and there counterparts in birmingham are 2 cheeks of the same backside and the people to blame for that is new labour who let these islamist third world immigrants into this country in the first place and birmingham city council and the west midlands police who chose to turn a blind eye to boko harams activitys in birmingham schools for years and this is where we have ended,lets just be gratefull for one thing here,if it was not for andrew gilligan of the daily telegraph brave journalism in exposing this boko haran trojan horse plot birmingham we would of been none the wiser of what was going on the same way the left wing press,the labour party and the police turned a blind eye and tried to sweep under the carpet these muslim paedophile rings grooming underage white children for sex all over the country.simple as that.


  6. Simon says:

    Always makes me laugh how the BBC is famous for having a lot of feminists and gay people working for it and who is it muslims hate the most? Gay people and women.

    When we do finally become an Islamic country I hope I am still around to point and laugh at them as they are being strung up (I read somewhere about increased attacks on gay people around the Shoreditch area by muslim men so it is already starting but the bbc don’t seem to have a problem with it)


    • JimS says:

      Muslims are a disaffected minority and will natural unite in solidarity with all the other diverse disaffected minorities to ‘smash’ the capitalist system.
      Once that is done the Marxist intellectuals will crawl out of the woodwork with their well-thumbed copies of Das Kapital to create their new utopia.

      Haram pigs will fly.

      The Koran has a thousand year head start and already dictates the lives of a third of the world’s population. A combination of drastic punishment for non-compliance in the present and unlimited rewards in the afterlife surely beat anything that the Marxists have to offer!


  7. Andy Gill says:

    After the inevitable backlash and when the streets have been cleaned of blood, I hope to see the libtards at the BBC hauled in front of a tribunal to explain why they hid the extent of Islamocreep from the country.


  8. S.Trubble says:

    A “well meaning” clearly left leaning liberal lady said on the bBBC Daily Politics yesterday ” where are the moderate muslims to act and deal with their extremist elements” ? when discussing the Birmingham schools.

    Where indeed!
    The archtects of this immigration policy which has landed us with this issue need to be clearly identified and a role found for them to confront and address the problem.


  9. Barry White says:

    Stop the world etc…..


  10. joeb says:

    Watching the puzzled muslim parents on the BBC news praising the schools says it all. They don’t understand what the fuss is about. And that’s because this has nothing whatsoever to do with “extremism” – this is about perfectly permissible, normal, everyday Islam which they are practicing. To westerners, it looks backward, retarded and extreme, but as far as Islam is concerned, it’s business as usual. Nothing “extreme” is going here.


  11. Lynette says:

    When I complained in 2005 about incitement to racial hatred to school children the education department eventually said the Home office hadn’t instructed them to deal with it and that I should contact the police but they’d be inclined towards “freedom of speech ” Clearly this is the BBC’s idea as well even though the children adjustment to the society they live in without hatred is at stake.


  12. bogtrott says:

    i remember them from the 60’s whiter shade of black was the song if i recall


  13. Frank says:

    Boring Alan.

    You missed a bit from the Telegraph: ‘For that reason, this newspaper and others described it as a “purported” document’.

    Not that difficult concept really is it?


    • johnnythefish says:

      Interesting reaction – ‘boring’. You will be well and truly bored when the sword of Islam is cutting you a new arse, brother.


  14. chrisH says:

    To be fair to the Muslim schools, they are only doing what the Koran tells them to do-and in the content-free Godawful crap that is compulsory state schooling, at least THEIR kids(well boys anyway) may well do well in foreign languages-as long as it`s Arabic anyway.
    To support them further( and I hate having to do so), they are right to pillory the OFSTED pillocks who ,only a year ago, decided that they were running good schools.
    The craven OFSTED windsocks of Islam and Marx have done yet another handbrake turn..just as they did wqhen they went back to Haringey, shredded their “good” report on its evil Childrens Services-but only after baby Peter Connolly inconvenienced the Labour luvvies by dying( in spite of his “parents” getting stiff`kits to prove they were brill and ace.
    OFSTED-as much a Blair creature of the apocalypse as we can witness…no wonder our schools are so shite.


    • Richard says:

      Yes, there is much about the “Islamification” of schools which may be disturbing, but it must also be said that some of the things they promote would not have been out of place in the school system in which I was educated:- separating the sexes at secondary level, adult authority and the imposition of standards etc.

      And yes, O.F.S.T.E.D. are pitifully useless.


  15. The Technical Team says:

    Yes there are other schools set up for religious purposes, Catholic schools a prime example. But they do not put all the girls at the back of the class, they do not spout anti-western views at the morning assembly and they do not ban subjects like human biology or music.
    Apart from that……….


    • DICK R says:

      The muslims have got one thing right ,putting girls at the back of the class where their constant wittering causes less of a distraction.


  16. George R says:

    A non-INBBC report:-

    “The Trojan Horse files: In their own words, the disturbing views of teachers at the heart of the row over extremism in schools.
    “Park View School teacher Inam Ul Haq Anwar backs Islamic extremists on Facebook.
    “Staff member Abid Ali advocates women and girls should wear the veil.
    “Birmingham school is at centre of ‘Trojan Horse’ takeover plot allegations.”

    Read more:


  17. George R says:

    What Labour Party, inc Hunt, plus INBBC mean is that under a Labour government, in alliance with Islamic interests, Islamisation of British education would be now even more developed; under Labour, with INBBC political support, it be even more difficult to stop their political campaign of Islamisation of Britain, built on years of mass immigration from Islamic countries, and continuing.
    The hypocrisy here, from both politician and broadcaster:-
    “‘Trojan Horse’: Government ‘incompetent’ on extremism risk”


  18. George R says:

    For INBBC-

    “Trojan Horse ‘links to terror’”


  19. George R says:

    The British political class ( Labour, Tories, Lib Dems, and inc Beeboids and Guardianistas) have transformed Britain into an Islamising society through the campaign (continuing) for mass immigration from Islamic countries.

    Apparently this political class has little real knowledge of the the tenets of Islam, but this political class can surely see now how Islamic ideology is being imposed on British people, and this imposition will grow as the Islamic demographic inevitably grows- and rapidly.


  20. George R says:

    Islamic Republic of Pakistan: jihadists attack Karachi airport.

    In INBBC-speak:-

    “Gunmen attack Karachi’s Jinnah International Airport”

    Yes, let Britain take in more, unlimited millions of immigrants from Pakistan, in line Beeboid political campaigning.

    Instead, we need a ‘keep them out’ campaign in Britain.