The Independent BBC?



We know that the Tories allegedly joined forces with the Guardian to spread racist smears about UKIP….but it turns out there might have been a third person in that marriage of convenience:

David Cameron woos BBC News chief at Chequers and ‘says he relies on him as antidote to Eurosceptic Press’

David Cameron will have been pleased the BBC wheeled on EU enthusiasts Tony Blair, Kenneth Clarke and Michael Heseltine to portray the victory of Ukip as a ‘populist’ aberration.

The PM entertained BBC news chief James Harding at Chequers, telling him – according to Broadcasting House talk – that he relied on the corporation to provide an antidote to the Eurosceptic views of some newspapers and voters.


The BBC in cahoots with a political party to do down another political party during an election?

according to Broadcasting House talk ‘…..if it was found to be true, and Nigel Farage should be making a hell of a stink about this allegation to find out if it is, who would go?  Surely Tony Hall not just Harding.

The BBC might claim that they Cameron may have made such a suggestion but they didn’t act upon it…..some might counter that with evidence from the BBC’s actual coverage which might be less than supportive of the BBC’s case.

Probably one of the most damaging and dangerous allegations about the BBC that could be made….so it owuld be interesthing to see if anything is made of this by UKIP or other Media.





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14 Responses to The Independent BBC?

  1. stuart says:

    what odds on question time tonight and i bet they are short that david dimblebore on question time will say that we dont know what questions will be asked(liar) but some middle class snooty nosed labour party activist and plant in the biased left wing audience will asked the question is britian a racist country because of that biased survey in the labour party supporting guardian yesterday,we all know what will happen next,a big excuse for the anti ukip politacal establishment panel and the screaming and howling leftie audience to blame ukip for the so called rise in racism in the uk.question for the third week running will be one big ukip hatefest again tonight.


    • Stewart says:

      Will a third of the audience be racist?


    • Big Dick says:

      The script has already been written by Stephen Fry, & delivered this afternoon to the Q.T. producers & Dumbledoor for rehearsal`s with the specially “planted er invited audience “


  2. I Fucking Hate The BBC says:

    It will be quite interesting to see them all squirm at the voting pattern which has rendered them all obsolete and irrelevant.


  3. The General says:

    Despite his statement after the Local and European Elections David Cameron does not get the message about the feeling in the country. Did he listen to the interviews with ALL classes of the Electorate explaining why they were voting UKIP ? He also does not get it regarding the agenda within the BBC. Let me spell it out to you Mr Cameron……….
    The BBC will not give you a fair hearing, they are determined to depict you and your Party in a bad light regardless of any successes you might achieve. Why are you entertaining any of their executives ? You should be telling them in no uncertain terms that unless the BBC changes its agenda and shows some signs of impartial reporting and programming, the license fee will be revoked and a truly impartial Chairman will be appointed. You cannot win the next Election if you allow the Biased BBC to continue in its present form.


  4. Llareggub says:

    I am not surprised that Cameron and the BBC are in bed together. Cameron is left wing, soft on crime, supports the street thugs of the UAF, is green, gives overseas aid by the bucket full. Despite one speech attacking multiculturalism is firmly committed to the project, and is an Islamic appeaser. Oh yes. He thinks the sun shines out of Obama’s ass.


  5. Tony E says:

    If there is found to be any truth in this, not only should the BBC be looking for replacement staff, so should the government.

    As a PM, you should not be meeting with a state broadcaster DURING an election campaign. It destroys any illusion of impartiality.


    • john in cheshire says:

      I wonder what Mr Cameron’s best mate, Rebekah Brooks of News International, thinks about him cosying up to the bbc.


  6. Guest Who says:

    Seems about the right thread for this…
    ‘I can’t help thinking we’re being “played” over the next Chairman of the BBC Trust.”
    Played? The very idea.
    If a done deal, the only people being done are the public. As always.


  7. Dave S says:

    Who cares? It is obvious that Cameron is a fully committed member of the liberal elite.
    Where did he suddenly come from? Rose ,as they say, without trace.
    I have no interest in his fate. He is not a conservative. The good thing is that he is tactically stupid. Alienates his own party’s workers and imposes the liberal agenda on us. And do not forget he would have got us into the mess in Syria if he could have.
    Cameron and the BBC are made for each other.


  8. stuart says:

    early comments on question time,labour posh boy party plants in the audience as usual demonising ukip,joey barton the sexist crap footballer retard as thick as 2 bricks,40 mins to go,just one big ukip question time labour party hatefest by the leftist bbc.


  9. dan says:

    The grotesque rev tim flowers being interviewed by paxman was the softest respectful interview I have seen,to someone who deserved no dignity , who is a disgrace to humanity and has badly effected peoples lives. Just another of the many examples of bbc protecting sexual deviants. How do they get away with all this let alone show thier faces. Nigel Farage is treated as a criminal everytime bbc get near him and all he wants is to give us the chance to better are lives . Vote UKIP and stop paying bbc


  10. boiling over says:

    Just watched questiontime aired from heathrow , nearly put remote control through tv. This is criminally bias, the bbc are pushing this too the limit. These ukip guys and girls are beyond words amazing and stay so polite through the barrage of crap the bbc put them through. The girl tonight is an elected mep and treated so bad, glad I was not in audience that barton thug would have been on the deck crying like them footballers do.