Snapshots From Inside The Bubble



Just a few confirmations of the usual casual bias or lazy thinking from within the Bubble.


Nicky Campbell on Friday declared that it was quite unfair of the Press to publish those photos of Miliband munching on a not very Kosher bacon sarny:

However…Miliband was on the stump looking for that photo opportunity to present himself as a man-of-the-people….he made a mess of it and showed bad judgement…so fair game.

Would Campbell have said it was unfair coverage if the PR stunt had come off and the Press had reported what a superb way with a bacon sandwich Miliband had…his statesmanlike consumption of it a shining example of his man-of-the -people credentials?

In contrast Campbell made absolutely no mention of the blitz on Farage by just about every single paper and broadcaster.



On From Our Own Correspondent the ever reliable source of bias or notably daft comments (remember Fort Hood) Mark Mardell told us that in the UK the words ‘Liberal democrat‘ describes a party and are not an insult.  Really?  He’s been out of the country too long.


Later Peter Oborne on a ‘Week in Westminster’ looked at UKIP….quite balanced (from Oborne not the politicians)  even though he is a cheerleader for UKIP….but what was of interest was a final word (24 mins) from Stephen Glover from the Mail who panned the BBC’s coverage of UKIP during the election run up….the Media class are just as out of kilter with the public as the politicians are…and yet the BBC itself does not look at this question preferring to talk only of the politicians lack of connection to the ‘country’.


Following on from that what of John Humphrys’ interview with Osborne on Saturday? (08:36)

Humphry’s sole narrative was ‘Will the Tories do a deal with UKIP?’

A fair question and the answer is rather strange…the Tories did a deal with the far left lentil munchers but won’t do a deal with the natural allies politically and philosophically of the big C Conservatives.

The real question of course is if they aren’t going to do a deal with UKIP how are they going to attract those voters who like UKIP’s policies on immigration and Europe.

From what Osborne said you could infer that he was going to ignore those voters and rely on people just not wanting Miliband in power…his election plan is to basically say if you vote UKIP you’ll get Miliband…but we’re not changing our policies on immigration and Europe.

So despite his slogan, ‘Listen, Respond, Deliver‘, he’s not going to do any of those things…but of course nor are Labour.

But Humphrys didn’t ask the question…Humphrys concentrated on the solution being the deal with UKIP…but if no deal….what policy changes will the Tories introduce to win those UKIP voters?….that surely is the big central question that needs answering but Humphrys didn’t notice the inference that Osborne & Co are going to ignore UKIP voters



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20 Responses to Snapshots From Inside The Bubble

  1. Span Ows says:

    Simple: the current Conservative Party aren’t “Tories” and they aren’t Conservatives.


  2. Ember2014 says:

    The Big Questions included:
    “Can you be a Christian and vote for UKIP?”

    Presumably the BBC starts from the position that UKIP is Satan’s party.


    • john in cheshire says:

      One question I’d like to see asked, on a regular basis until it sinks into the minds of normal people : how can anyone vote for a socialist/communist/fascist/nazi/green/marxist or whatever else they call themselves candidate or party given the history of the past hundred or more years that we have had to endure, defending ourselves from the onslaught of communism (national and international versions)?


    • Jagman 84 says:

      A better question is…. Can you be right-wing and work at the BBC? Answer. Only until you are “outed”.


      • Thoughtful says:

        never mind ‘right wing’ even slightly left of centre is regarded by them as unacceptable !


  3. Ron Todd says:

    Saw nothing in the old media about the inconsistency of Miliband proclaiming himself as the first Jewish PM then munching on a bacon sarnie.


    • Jorvikman says:

      Surely Disraeli was the first Jewish PM?


      • CCE says:

        Yes, I made this point a few weeks back. Miliband is clearly ‘badly briefed’…


      • Doublethinker says:

        Disraeli had converted to Christianity so I am unsure if he was the first Jewish PM. As Mr E Miliband eats bacon, albeit rather messily, I presume he isn’t a practising Jew. Anyway, hopefully the question of whether he is, or is not, the first Jewish PM will not arise.
        You can sympathise with the BBC on this though. They have pulled out all the stops to make Miliband seem normal and a possible PM, but he just throws all their hard work down the drain. Not knowing the cost of his weekly shop, eating like a toddler in need of a bib, not knowing the names of his own council leaders, the gaffs just keep on coming.
        But the main problem the BBC have with him is that he looks more likely with each passing month to lose the next GE. Now that would be a problem for the BBC because they certainly won’t get anything like as good a Charter renewal from the Tories as they would from Labour.


        • Rob says:

          His father and grandfather were both Marxist atheists, and Milipede himself confesses to the atheism if not the Marxism. He is a Jew by his family history, certainly not by belief. Having said that, it is clear that he had never tackled a bacon sandwich in his life. The Labour Party has had some odd leaders in its time, but even losers such as Foot and Kinnock were clearly human, Red Ed is just a weirdo.


        • Ron Todd says:

          Does he think that presenting himself as a would be Jewish PM he will not lose any votes from labours Muslim immigrant client base?


        • Richard says:

          It depends what you call Jewish.

          Disraeli was certainly of Jewish extraction, but he or his family had converted to Christianity. Milliband, by contrast, has converted to atheism. So, if Verybland isn’t Jewish because he’s an atheist, then Disraeli wasn’t Jewish because he was a Christian. However, if Milliband is still Jewish because he sees it as some kind of ethnicity or because he carries a large cultural hang-over into his atheism then presumably the same can be said for Disraeli and Mr. Ed couldn’t claim to be the first Jewish P.M. if he ever makes it to No. 10.

          Sadly, it’s entirely possible that Ed had never heard of Disraeli (no, I’m not making this up) or at least wasn’t aware that he was of Jewish extraction – despite the name! Some of our glorious leaders are breathtakingly dim! After all, Bliar didn’t know they spoke Portuguese in Brazil until he became P.M. Or it could be that Ed is fairly confident that the people who vote for him know nothing, so he can still say what he likes and get plaudits from them.


  4. deegee says:

    Was it wrong to publish the very unflattering photograph because it supposedly would offend the Jews, who are quite aware that the Millibands are only Jews by coincidence of birth and don’t keep to the very complex rules of Kashrut OR because meat from pigs is haram and would offend the much more numerous and electorally strategically placed Muslims?


  5. chrisH says:

    Your comment about the irrelevance of the conversations between the establishment grandees like Humphrys and Osborne is important.
    Note how often “deals” or “career prospects” crop up whenever a Dimbleby or a Naughtie etc talk to politicians.
    I`m sick of the slimy Dimblebys forever seeking titbits about the careers trajectories of those who are on their godawful showboats like QT.
    For example-once Andrew Mitchell says he`s not going straight back into Cabinet-that should be the end of it( as if we give a flying f*** anyway).
    But no-these backstairs Billys of Westminster love to sup up the gravy and the scraps from the runners and riders upstairs at the Big Table…i.e whether Theresa Mays new shoes indicate her efforts to be the next PM.
    Infantile flatulence of the prep dorm…and Farage is well clear of it, hence their fears of supreme irrelevance.
    I hate them…and nearly anybody else with a brain surely does the same-hence the rise and rise of UKIP!
    They ought to be grateful that Nigel is biddable…the coming men and women may not be.


  6. stuart says:

    but i am so smug nicky cambell and radio 5 does not think it is quiet unfair to smear nigel farage and ukip as racists and zenophobes but he and the bbc get all touchy about ed millbands bacongate disaster,maybe nicky cambell should be more concerned about news editors in his organisation like jasmine lawrence who blatantly showed politacal bias in interfering in the politacal process by tweeting her anti ukip insults on her twitter page,that to me is the bigger story that seems to have been buried by the bbc and the rest of the media establishment.


  7. RichardIII says:

    Is Alan practicing his stream of consciousness again?


  8. Max Miller says:

    It’s simples really just don’t listen To Campbell! Ukip could maybe work with one or two Tory backbenchers obviously not Scameron and his cronies. He’s too preoccupied working with the Guardian.


  9. chrisH says:

    To be fair to Nicky Campbell on “The Big Questions”-as long as he has a Black Minister from the Methodists( Paul Flowers anybody?)-and some rather well-padded gentleman from the famous “Birmingham Empowerment Forum”…the he need not do any biblical work in untangling his “Big Question” about whether Christianity bans voting UKIP.
    That would take faith and effort…and when the BBC do f***all about checking their sources on allegations over Lord MacAlpine-they`ll not be bothering to check on the offence that I take as a Christian who votes UKIP.
    I was at church-so no wonder they ask such “questions” when we`re not around to deal with them.
    Complaints fired in…I myself wonder how any Christian can do other than refuse to pay the demonic BBC license, let alone work in Satans Sphincter…which is the BBC these days all too often.
    I can do abusive, simplistic and raging controversial offence too Campbell…but you don`t pay ME to do so.
    But we pay you…boy, we`re dumb!