Street Parties



The BBC puts this on its frontpage:

Street clashes force Nigel Farage no-show


Nothing about this though, even on its Sheffield page:

Mass brawl erupts between rival groups of youths in area where former Home Secretary David Blunkett warned of rioting due to influx of Roma immigrants


Considering the furore over Farage’s claims about immigration you’d have thought this story might be of  great interest.

Another one to be quietly filed away under ‘Conceal in  the interests of community cohesion’.

Community cohesion?…lots of that on display.


One teenager was left needing hospital treatment as a result of the violence, which escalated quite quickly







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23 Responses to Street Parties

  1. Mark says:

    A celebration of vibrant multiculturalism.


  2. Joshaw says:

    But racism won’t be mentioned unless whites were involved, you understand.

    Just a bit of “tension”, that’s all. Nothing to worry about.


  3. chrisH says:

    And no vibrant steel bands here-not even bhangra?
    I imagine there were concerns about the low pricing of alcohol that simply got over-exuberant.
    A certain religion of peace would rather we hang our cassette tapes by the trees where the gays and Christians find usual elevation. So no music please.
    Still-a nice day to reflect on Lee Rigby as I vote for UKIP.


  4. Alec Coole says:

    It’s at times like this I turn to Yasmin Alibi Brown for guidance……


  5. Alex says:

    The Labour Left really are fascist, lying scum of the lowest order.


  6. George R says:

    BBC seems to condone the lack of free speech, such as this:-



    • johnnythefish says:

      Good article.

      You bet today’s students censoring free speech will be amongst tomorrow’s Hacked Off/Common Purpose leaders.


  7. George R says:

    “Center-Right EPP Likely to Win European Elections, New Poll Says”


  8. Dazed & Confused says:

    The “Rumanians” who weren’t “Rumanians”, just a set of street thugs from Hope Not Hate..


    • Llareggub says:

      Watched the video in this article with interest. The man in the white coat shouting incoherently with his peroxided blonde next to him is the leader of Class War (Ian Bone) , a pro-left Labour anarchist street thug who rejoices in the title of the most dangerous man in Britain. Former editor of Hospitalised Copper, a magazine dedicated to rejoicing in details of police officers injured by violent demonstrators, who calls for the violent overthrow of the monarchy, burning down Oxbridge and Eton. Son of a butler, anti education, with an upper second in sociology. Typical leftie hypocrite who follows the BBC line on political issues proclaiming to be a voice of anarchism, whilst calling for nationalisation and increased welfare hand outs for idle scroungers or professional revolutionaries like himself. You will see him on several BBC news items as he followed UKIP around.


  9. George R says:

    Certain types of immigrants-

    And it’s not only Tower Hamlets, but Portsmouth too:-

    “British Father Guilty Of Syria Terror Plan.
    “Mashudur Choudhury plotted to join the rebel uprising with a group he called the ‘Britani brigade Bangladeshi bad boys’.”


  10. Roland Deschain says:

    If a picture paints a thousand words…


  11. Techno says:

    Just checked this morning and BBC still not reporting this on Sheffield page of BBC News.

    News blackout at the BBC.


    • Guest Who says:

      What is interesting is what the BBC IS reporting, and facilitating, elsewhere on its extensive network.
      Catching up on my overnight FaceBook feed, a few gems from BBC World News caught my eye.
      Since getting shunted quick smart out of the ME slot for his skewed reporting, Jon Donnison has been embedded in Oz, where his brief and sole mission appears to be to track politicians the BBC don’t like and highlight perceived gaffes (it’s like what the BBC does with Ed Milliband, only in reverse). His latest effort is snide and partisan to a degree I am surprised the BBC is comfortable with.
      I then read a story about some poor lost yachtsmen that is shaping up as ‘Son of #MH370’ for its mixture of gush, hyperbole and punts.
      But what got me was the calibre of modding on the posts.
      In amongst the young ladies seeking husbands and knock-off handbag sales were some deeply racist and offensive comments that seem to have passed the BBC admin by.
      Maybe those who get exercised by any facilitating hate speech could stroll down the whispering, Bolly-strewn corridors to the BBC World News cubicle and maybe ask them to remove the one about the only good Brit or American being a dead one? The one from Macharia Ndei would be a good start.
      Thanks a bunch.
      Then maybe the powers that be could have one of those W1A meetings in glass boxes, and ask themselves what kind of rancid global stew BBC World ‘News’ is meant to be stirring?


      • Guest Who says:

        Here’s the link to Mr. Donnison’s objective piece of reporting from a BBC World News intro that I will share when I get to my PC later (my tablet for some reason won’t permit cut ‘n paste of BBC FaceBook text):


        • Guest Who says:

          Here’s how that piece is linked on BBC World News:

          BBC World News
          about an hour ago

          Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been caught on video laughing at an angry and distressed voter on a radio phone-in show.

          Mr Abbott was seen winking at the host, smirking and trying to suppress a laugh:

          What do you think of his behaviour? Could there be more to the story?

          Caught? Could there be more to the story? (Actually there could be, as some commenters suspect a QT-style plant).
          The text above even opens with a smiley face winking emoticon, FFS.
          Has the BBC completely lost the plot on professional impartiality? (That’s rhetorical).
          Some interesting comments.
          Here’s one from Jon’s fans:
          ‘Paul Watt Nicely done BBC. show him up for the tool he is
          Like · Reply · 1 · 39 minutes ago’

          Mr. Donnison…BBC… you are beneath contempt and deserve each other. The force-charged UK public that has to pay for this… not so much.


          • DICK R says:

            The idea of a grandmother working on a sex phone line might even cause a feint ripple of amusement to even the most humourless po faced lefty feminazi on the planet,


  12. stuart says:

    it is very strange that the bbc,lbc,channel 4 and the rest of the anti ukip media are totally ignoring this rioting and racially aggravated violence betreen the pakistani muslims and romanians last night in sheffield, you would of thought this would be the top story at the bbc, radio 5 live ,channel 4 etc today with news crews and bbc reporters descending on page hall in mass to report this story,but nothing,i have not heard a peep all day in the media about this story,why is that i ask,why,oh yes i get it,if it was white english people in conflict with immigrants then the media gets involved with shouts of racism,but when its immigrants fighting immigrants in the streets well its best bury it as a story and concentrate on attacking nigel farage and ukip to divert the real issues going on like in sheffield.i get the media now,i really get it.


  13. bob says:

    but they still tell us every day how multi culturism and diversity codeword for mass immigration has enriched us all.i dont think so matey


  14. Max Miller says:

    Yes Mr Abbot is a conservative he’s there to be targeted . Unlike out own PM he does at least appear to be conservative. Perhaps Aussies are cleverer than we are!!