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‘Is the BBC biased’ notes this comment from Rod Liddle about Newsnight:


I don’t think Rod Liddle was very impressed with last night’s Newsnight. “It was bad on a whole new level of badness”, he said.

Presented by an Afghan-Australian woman called Yalda Kasem, of whom I had never heard. Yalda was hampered in her presentational debut by being unable to string a sentence together; nor did she have the knowledge or acuity to ask interesting questions of her guests.

Mind you, she’s quite fit. And yes, that would be a sexist observation were it not for the fact that I cannot fathom any other reason the lass was presenting the BBC’s premiere news and current affairs show. Well, ok, I can think of one, but let’s not go there.

Liddle possibly just putting the stats into words….the stats being:

Newsnight ratings fall 5%

The figures come after the programme pulled in its lowest audience in more than a year last Thursday.

Newsnight registered an overnight rating of 320,000 (2.5%) after inheriting a below-par audience from documentary Blurred Lines: The New Battle of the Sexes.

Ian Katz faces an uphill battle to improve Newsnight’s ratings after its audience fell 5% since he took over as editor in September last year, according to data compiled by Broadcast.

But it appears that the efforts are yet to convince viewers.

Newsnight has recorded an average consolidated audience of 590,100 (3.98%) from 2 September 2013 (Katz’s first episode) to 30 April 2014, compared with 623,300 (4.05%) over the same period in 2012/13.




The BBC’s defence and its proudest moments?:

“Since Ian Katz took over last year the programme has produced a string of much talked TV moments including Jeremy Paxman’s encounter with Russell Brand, which has now been viewed over 10m times on YouTube, and an interview with Harriet Harman where she talks exclusively about the Paedophile Information Exchange.”


So….Newsnight’s glorious peaks were a farcial interview with an intellectually incoherent comedian and an interview with Harman about PIE…..on the very revelations in the Mail that the BBC had been stubbornly ignoring for weeks.


All brought to us by the ‘BBC2’s flagship current affairs brand’.’current affairs’?….so current it was weeks behind the times…and decades behind the times in bringing to us Brand’s revolutionary ideas…news in 1917.








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11 Responses to Goodnight Newsnight

  1. Doublethinker says:

    Newsnight is so biased to the left that I have to with the tele propped up on the LHS by War and Peace to try and retain some balance. The whole show is just comically biased. In between LOL, I spend my time wondering if they really believe that the drivel they put out is true, or whether they are consciously suppressing , distorting and lying in the best tradition of the BBC.


  2. George R says:

    ‘Newsnight’ is a blatant mouthpiece of BBC-NUJ propaganda for: –
    Labour Party,
    mass immigration and colonisation of U.K,
    global warming.

    Who is Father of the Chapel of NUJ ‘Newsnight’ branch now that Comrade Mason has left?


  3. Rtd Colonel says:

    A vision of the future when the much loved. respected, market value talent goes pay to view, Get the skinny birds in now so the drop off in revenues will be less obvious. Only one way to go possibly – Japanese model, I am advised , on specialist websites. Oh god – just pictured Kirsty in scene – won’t be able to sleep tonight


  4. Wessexman says:

    By the way, it isn’t sexist to notice a woman is attractive. It isn’t even sexist to often take too much of an interest in women based on their appearance, although it can be quite sad and lecherous. It would only be sexist if you treated men, in general, better than women you are not attracted to. This is clear because homosexuals can act in the same way, to men they find attractive, but you wouldn’t call them sexist because of it. It can be a failing, but it isn’t necessarily sexist.

    I think this is a point worth making, because of the ever growing power of the isms in modern life.


  5. starfish says:

    As the saying goes:

    “When a tree falls in a forest does anyone hear?”

    Newsnight has fallen in a forest of alternative news sources – most of which do not pretend to be independent, objective and unbiased like the BBC does

    Just another way in which the BBC becomes more irrelevant

    Which calls into question why it has to be supported by a poll tax


  6. Amounderness Lad says:

    Do get up to speed, folks, it’s no longer about quality or ability at the BBC it’s all about Diversity, Diversity, Diversity and the B-BBC are determined to rub our noses in it.


  7. lojolondon says:

    That is the Biased BBC all over – politically correct, until the viewers go away, then they fall back on the old T&A solution. And the viewers keep going away. Now we will see the quality of Katz, here is his chance to show his quality and save the programme. Of course he will fail because he hasn’t a clue, so will he get fired / demoted to the level of his true capabilities? Nope, in B-BBC style he will be promoted – I hear they are looking for a new DG, Katz is just about thick and PC enough.


  8. Leonard says:

    Viewing figures are usually down on a Thursday night as QT is on at the same time. Besides, Newsnight shouldn’t really be about the viewing figures should it?

    Or maybe it is when it suits Alan.


    • Alec Coole says:

      Well it if the BBC consider it a flagship programme – and I assume they do – then viewing figures are rather important.


  9. joeb says:

    I haven’t watched Newsnight in god knows how long. And now they have an Afghan-aus presenter? Sounds like I bailed at the right time. Why don’t they just get Anjem Choudhary to do it, go the full ‘inclusive’?


  10. AAB says:

    The crazy thing is that these programmes are put together by people with degree and doctorates from Ox-Bridge universities. They can’t find a cogent presenter, or find any decent content to broadcast. That’s tax-payer funded broadcasting and tax-payer funded education for ya!