Shameful Silence Of The BBC


Lennart Bengtsson: "I do not believe it makes sense for our generation to believe or pretend that we can solve the problems of the future."

Lennart Bengtsson




A scientist who joined the board of the GWPF has been intimidated and hounded out by the climate lobby:

Shameless Climate McCarthyism on full display – scientist forced to resign


But the BBC has remained resolutely silent about this.

This is the same BBC that is more than ready to claim scientists are silenced by climate sceptic’s ‘vitriolic attacks‘, as Evan Davis put it…

Is there a Green hush?


We looked at the BBC’s habit of attacking Sceptics whilst ignoring the violent rhetoric and intimidation from the climate lobby in  Climate of Fear   and Strangle The Climate Sceptics In Their Beds!!

The attacks on the GWPF are all part of a campaign by Bob Ward (and Harrabin) to silence anyone who dares to suggest that people like him aren’t telling the whole truth about the climate.

Ward has relentlessly been attacking the GWPF:

The Global Warming Policy Foundation (GWPF), set up by the former chancellor Lord Lawson, a Conservative, was accused of publishing “inaccurate and misleading” information about climate science in a formal complaint to the Charity Commission in June last year.

In his submission to the commissioners, Bob Ward, policy director at the Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment, said the “continual activity has damaged the public interest” and was a breach of the rules governing charities.


“Nothing more important than oil”

Ward isn’t a scientist, least of all a climate scientist, he’s a PR man, he’s here to sell a story….and the story is one bought and paid for by his boss Jeremy Grantham:

This is what Jeremy Grantham, Bob‘s ultimate boss and paymaster, said about how he makes money:
Jeremy Grantham on how to feed the world and why he invests in oil
On whether there’s any conflict in him (via GMO and/or his foundation) investing in oil and gas companies?

The first point is that each fund we have at GMO – maybe 80 or so – is run by its own team. I don’t think that money management can easily have too many rules coming down from the top. Our first responsibility is to make money for our clients….and nothing is more important than oil.


Interesting phrase and attitude from an ‘environmentalist’….follow the money!


So a non-scientist PR stooge in the pay of Big Oil is running around telling the Media not to interview people like Nigel Lawson because they are not scientists and therefore cannot possibly have any understanding of the climate and cannot talk authoritatively about it…unlike himself oddly enough….and his colleague Lord Stern, also paid for by ‘Big Oil’ Jeremy Grantham, is an economist.


Here  Ward complains that Lawson ‘infamously compared environmentalists to Islamic fundamentalists, stating: “the new priests are scientists (well rewarded with research grants for their pains) rather than clerics of the established religions, and the new religion is eco-fundamentalism” ‘


When you see what has happened to Lennart Bengtsson who was forced to resign from the GWPF you realise Lawson was right….the ‘religious’ fanatics and extremists are as effective at cowing the Media as any AK47 wielding Islamist.


And the BBC, no doubt guided by Roger Harrabin, has decided not to reveal this very unpleasant characteristic of the green movement, once again….or that another well qualified scientist has doubts about the approach being taken by the climate lobby….got to keep up the pretence that there is a consensus about the lies.


Ironically Der Spiegel ran this two days ago:

Climate Change Debate: A Famous Scientist Becomes a Skeptic

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Mr. Bengtsson, why did you decide to join the Global Warming Policy Foundation, an organization known for its skepticism about climate change?

Bengtsson: It is important to allow a broad debate on energy and climate. We must urgently explore realistic ways to address the different scientific, technical and economic challenges in solving the world’s energy problems and the associated environmental issues.

SPIEGEL ONLINE: Why do you think the GWPF is particularly suitable for that goal?

Bengtsson: Most of the members of GWPF are economists and this is an opportunity for me to learn from some of these highly qualified members who are active in areas outside my own expertise. At the same time, it will allow me to contribute by my own meteorological knowledge, to broaden the debate.



Harrabin keeps saying he just can’t find any sceptical scientists…is there any wonder they are so relatively rare when it is career suicide to go against the orthodoxy?

It must surely be the BBC’s job to provide a platform for such people to hold a reasoned debate instead it helps those who wish to silence by intimidation and bullying anyone who might have vaild questions to ask….the BBC’s failure to expose this bullying is a result of its own decision to accept that the ‘science is settled’,  one result of which is that it is reluctant to engage sceptics in debate itself and is also reluctant to allow anything to be aired that might bring the ‘Science’ into question.

The BBC is utterly failing the ‘Science’, failing the scientists who want a real debate, failing the politicians who have to make decisions based upon the science and most of all failing the Public who has to pay through the nose for the resulting policies and for the BBC licence fee that funds all this failure and betrayal….and ultimately it is failing people like Lennart Bengtsson who fall victim to a witch hunt and mob rule in a febrile, extremist atmosphere generated to a great extent by the BBC itself….a trail that goes all the way back to Roger Harrabin and the CMEP.




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12 Responses to Shameful Silence Of The BBC

  1. Old Timer says:

    The BBC do an excellent job of bullying.
    Anyone and everyone, the high and the low,
    They are omnipotent, they are invincible.

    Do not follow an independent path,
    Do not disagree with the collective.
    Do not disagree with the whim of the day.

    They believe they are witch hunters.
    That can burn minds at the stake.
    The broadcasting inquisition of the age.

    The self-appointed lords of the media,
    That dire delinquent old hag of an Aunty.
    Well past its sell by date, stinking of decay.

    Pay your teletax and submit to their will.
    To complete the task of Britain’s destruction
    To teach our innocents that wrong is right.

    Or start the fight back now.
    At the ballot box and beyond.
    Be angry, be determined.
    You know for who.


    • Merched Becca says:

      All funded by an unjust tax – The TV Licence
      Where are the trustees & Where is the Government ?


      • Richard Pinder says:

        Where is the Government ?

        Well, there are two Parliamentarians who are also scientists, the Labour MP Graham Stringer and the Tory MP Peter Lilly. They would love to appear on the BBC, to talk about the science.

        But I am afraid that they would appear far more sceptical of the carbon dioxide scam than even Lord Lawson, so the only way that they can get around the BBC’s censorship policy, is by posing awkward questions on BBC Parliament.

        But sadly, the morons in Parliament have more power than the scientists on at least two of these Government Committees, but there are indications that the BBC is about to face a fatal dilemma about its policy of censorship of scientists, science and scientific debate, especially around the strange 28 Gate incident, where the BBC has lied to scientifically qualified complainants, that its environmental activist advisors where the best scientific experts, when not one of them where causational Climate Scientists.

        Apart from people in Mensa, the brains of people in the Media have not yet realised that the BBC has fatally violated its Charter on this point.


  2. ManchesterLad says:

    These are interesting times we live in. The parallels between the present fascist left in the UK now and the rising national socialist fascists in Germany in the 1930s are worryingly coming into focus.

    The left do not seem to have any moderating moral compass – the ‘end always justifies the means’ – so they see no need to justify themselves and regard any dissent as treasonous and worthy of nothing but contempt.

    The propaganda wing of the left, championed by the BBC, are at the vanguard of this political and moral degeneration. No doubt, when their endeavours come to fruition they will simple blame ‘Thatcher’ for it, seeing no need for introspection.


  3. Richard Pinder says:

    The BBC censors those scientists who want an honest debate about the science such as Corbyn, but most scientists in Britain do not want the trouble that honest debate would cause with the left-wing Environmental thugs, so they prefer to keep silent.

    Anyway, Ian Wilson’s work on Planetary harmonics was reported by the GWPF, and that is far more important, because it means we have a more accurate way of predicting the speed of plasma in the Sun (independent of Solar Cycles or Sun spot numbers) which generates the Suns magnetic field.

    This correlation with climate change and the calibration of carbon dioxide with the Unified Theory of Climate is all you need to know, with Svensmark’s low cloud albedo changes.

    Solar cycles are still important for weather trends, with Corbyn’s correlations with the Hale magnetic cycle.

    Corbyn calls the morons at the BBC deluded mentally defective charlatans, while I think Mensa members just think the BBC is dominated by people who are genuinely just innocent morons with arts qualifications.

    I and Corbyn know how the thermodynamics in the Unified Theory of Climate, explain why Carbon Dioxide is a total irrelevance for any debate about Climate Change, but apart from the Newsletter of the Space Special interest group of Mensa, I haven’t seen the scientific explanation of this in the media.

    The simplest possible explanation for what appears to be the Greenhouse effect would be to say that as the increase in air pressure reduces the speed of transfer of heat, the increase in heat maintains the equilibrium with the input of heat from the Sun, as more heat is transferred but at a slower rate, maintaining the equilibrium.


    • A Scientist says:

      Manabe and Strickler demonstrated back in the 1960s why the sort of model advanced by the “Unified Theory of Climate” doesn’t really work. The greenhouse effect explains very effectively why surface temperatures are different to what you’d expect when considering only solar heating at the surface. To put it another way, advancing a theory that’s widely dismissed by actual scientists doesn’t make you sound very smart. Even for a Mensa member.


      • Richard Pinder says:

        “Manabe and Strickler demonstrated back in the 1960s why the sort of model advanced by the “Unified Theory of Climate” doesn’t really work”

        I think Nikolov & Zeller took into account a fifty year old scientific paper, as you must be talking about the “Laps rate”, but then somehow Carl Sagan used the Laps rate to correctly guess the surface temperature of Venus, did he know what the grey body temperature was, or about pressure, and the fact that the temperature on Venus at the altitude that has identical pressure to that on the Earths surface is 1.176 times the Earths average surface temperature and the radiating temperature of Venus is 1.176 times that of the Earth?

        “The greenhouse effect explains very effectively why surface temperatures are different to what you’d expect when considering only solar heating at the surface”

        You must be talking about the IPCC consensus for the Arrhenius method of calculating the Greenhouse effect for the surface of the Earth. But then, try to use the Black body temperature and the Arrhenius method to calculate the Greenhouse effect for Venus.

        I feel embarrassed to admit that I wasted so much time on a group that was trying to fit the Arrhenius method of calculating the Greenhouse effect to Mars. With that, and the failure of Miskolczi’s method to explain any other planet other than Mars, is experience enough, to realise that the “Unified Theory of Climate” which solves the problem of explaining the temperatures in all parts of the atmospheres of all the planets in the Solar System, including the Earth and the carbon dioxide atmospheres of Venus and Mars, is BINGO, as regards the Greenhouse effect.

        The Arrhenius method of calculating the Greenhouse effect is Victorian age science, constructed before the age of thermodynamics, to fit observations for the Earth, but does not work for any other Planetary atmosphere.


  4. johnnythefish says:

    This got a passing mention on Today in the round-up of what’s in today’s newspapers.

    This should be a major news item. Not only that, the censorial activities of the ‘scientists’ who are bullying Bengtsson back into line should be top of The Royal Society’s agenda: their motto Nullius In Verba roughly translates as ‘take nobody’s word’ – in other words, all science should be open to question and challengeable by anyone within the scientific fold. The fact this crucial modus operandi is being so openly flouted should be causing a major hiatus across the scientific community. Instead we have…….tumbleweed. That situation won’t change – at least as far as the Royal Society is concerned – as it has an arch-warmist for its president.

    The principles of democracy and free speech have been trashed even in the world of science. Like Climategate and 28gate, this will either be ignored by the BBC until it fades into mist or, even worse, they will bring on their AGW eco-fascists to do an ad hominem on Bengtsson and his co-authors.


    • John Anderson says:

      The good news is that it was top story in the Times – at least someone is noticing the vile behavior of the Warmists


  5. Guest Who says:

    The twitterati are NOT happy.

    BBC fave Graham Linehan has been ramping up his often ather selective libertarian outrage this morning.

    I notice he’s using a favoured line at the moment, avoiding the actual point but suggesting the Times’ journos should be professionally ashamed, presumably for running a story with views he does not like.

    Was he in the 28Gate secret audience too?
    Heaven help us if he moves on to UKIP, or decides the Obama administration were always right on Boko.
    Such a shame as I really like many of his creations, almost all of which avoided partisan easy scores.
    Now he’s a joke, which may explain the regular HIGNFY gig, even if he’s not a laydee.


    • Richard Pinder says:

      I had not heard of Bengtsson before it was mentioned that he joined and then left the GWPF, he is not known for adding anything relevant to the latest censored science information.

      But the reaction towards the Times, shows the need for scientists to start to do more of their own Journalism.

      In the USA, scientist have the assistance of the Heartland Institute, but in Britain, you would have to publish your own Book.


  6. Big Dick says:

    Chris Evans played the lastest Wurzal`s tune this morning , it was an anti windmill song , about their blight on the West Country . I bet this is the first & last time we hear this tune on al bbc .