A Biased BBC reader brings this to our attention;

“Charlie Bloom, the man who ranted at Nigel Farage ‘as a nazi’ on BBC Question Time on 9th May, is not a member of the public as required by BBCQT rules, but has been outed as a planted LibDem activist from Eastleigh.

1. Blooms former partner is Louse Bloom (LibDem councillor Eastleigh); her new Partner is also a LibDem Councillor Keith House
Bloom’s two daughters are Libdems;
Daughter Caitlin Bloom is former LibDem councillor for Eastleigh Grange Park East. Now Deputy President at De Montfort Students Union

2. Bloom’s ‘attack’ on Nigel Farage was pre planned with the collusion the BBC at least 24 hours in advance.

a) It was clear he had no question to ask. Statements are not permitted as the audience is supposed to as a question to the whole panel; it was clear Dimbleby knew this from his introduction.

b) Blooms rant was too polished to be off the cuff, and had clearly been professionally rehearsed with production staff.

c) Both Bloom’s daughters were tweeting about it, 24 hours before recording of QT

Caitlin Bloom @CaitlinBloomDMU · May 8

So tonight dad will be on #bbcqt to grill @Nigel_Farage let’s see what he has to say…

d) Eastleigh LibDems face losing their MPs seat to UKIP’s Diane James in 2015; who us now ahead in the polls; and mist of their council seats

The BBC/Dimbleby clearly knew Bloom was not going to ask a question; but go off on a ‘UKIP are Nazis’ rant. It was clearly pre planned with producers to try and damage Farage,. As Both Blooms daughters were tweeting he was going to ‘get farage’ the day before.

Dimbleby clearly didn’t pick him by accident!

Yet another clear example of a breach of BBCs obligation to be unbiased!.

Not the first time either. This is a rerun of the Amy Rutland incident of 2013, a previous attempt at BBC/ Leftist Party collusion.

Once is careless, twice is deliberate!”

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  1. Rob says:

    They are caught red handed, but will anything happen? Can we trust an arrogant left wing state funded body to police itself? Answers on the world’s tiniest postcard please.


  2. Reed says:

    More from ‘The Rise of UKIP’ Facebook page…



  3. Ophelia Gently says:

    “Once is careless, twice is deliberate!”

    A third time is ‘Enemy Action’……..


    • Arthur Penney says:


      Once is Happenstance
      Twice is Coincidence
      Third Time is enemy Action (Goldfinger Ian Fleming)


  4. Charlatans says:

    Repeat from Weekend thread – lots more on this Lib Dem QT plant on that thread as well.
    Charlatans says:
    May 10, 2014 at 4:15 pm
    Daughter of Charlie Bloom enhances my long held suspicion that possibly what I suspected is true:

    Is this confirmation of BBC collusion with Question Time audience plants:


    • Arthur Penney says:

      Caitlin is trying to say that she heard from her Dad after the programme was recorded but before it went out.

      The problem is that her e-mail is date-stamped at 2.24pm.

      Advice to Caitlin – when in a hole – stop digging.


      • Teddy Bear says:

        Not only 2:24pm, but the day before the programme is recorded. The comment following hers picks up on it and infers her lie but she doesn’t respond.


        • Stewart says:

          Didnt the BBC calim that the messages exposing rutter the nutter’s colusion with QT had the incorrect time stamp?
          Any more coincidences and they’ll be building a 747 from scrap.


          • Buggy says:

            Yup, oh yes yes yes. Unfortunately for them, ‘Where’s My Deposit Gone?’ Amy had also been busily posting pictures and details of her happy day with various Labour figures which somewhat undermined her pose as ‘concerned but surprisingly well briefed Josephine Public’.


  5. bogtrott says:

    nothing will be done.unless DC grows some balls but i doubt he will.Hope UKIP put the telly tax on their hit list.


  6. ROBERT JONES says:

    This is only the beginning.

    The BBC will have some nasty tactics under their sleeve which we have yet to see.


  7. Reed says:

    ‘Rutter The Nutter’…lest we forget. How could we?!



    • Dazed & Confused says:

      Whoops…I was one minute too late…


    • Buggy says:

      I hadn’t noticed it before through my tears of helpless mirth, but it looks like Rutter actually increased the Labour vote there. Makes me wonder just what sort of pondlife the reds had previousy inflicted on the good folk of Thanet that she’d be seen as an improvement.


  8. Dazed & Confused says:

    Perhaps they should learn from history, although obviously you can’t teach a Socialist anything…

    Here’s the last BBC plant from the Labour party, and what happened to her later in the subsequent council by-election..


  9. jeff says:

    There was a similar plant on Any Questions. Some silly woman asking why UKIP attract so many awful people. She could very easily have asked the same thing about the Lib-Dems. When it comes to perversion, corruption and crime they take the biscuit. They expect the gullible and gormless to believe that none of them knew a thing about the grotesque perversions of Cyril Smith. This vile paedo spent decades abusing the most vulnerable of boys whilst pretending to take care of them. And what about Mark Oaten? One minute he’s a family man whose only vice, according to a nice cosy interview on Radio 4, was sneakily eating Rollos in his greenhouse. Later we discovered his penchant for three in a bed romps with young rent boys in a sleazy bedsit. And of course we shouldn’t forget that honest broker, Simon Hughes, who encouraged his south London constituents to vote for the “straight candidate,” when he stood against Peter Tatchell. Well, we all know a lot more about Simon now, don’t we? Then there’s pompous and self important, Chris Huhne, who has been exposed as a fraud, a liar and a criminal.
    Well, he is a member of the Lib-Dems…


    • chrisH says:

      Heard this and was angry at the presumptions.
      Worksop is a sensible place-and I wonder how 1/3 of the people are probably voting UKIP soon-whereas panel and audience seem to include none of them, apart from the sacrificial straw man from UKIP.
      Note how we was abused, topped and tailed with nasty comments; and not allowed to defend the charges against his “racist party” by the chair…more like Savile beanbag with a turbine up his fundament.
      These techniques are now clear throughout the BBC-shout, abuse, deflect, play the man, ensure the nasties get both first and final words.
      Yet “Something Inside So Strong” hums in my heart…and I`m voting UKIP…”I predict a riot” otherwise.
      Your Truly, Angry Mob was one of Shamis Desert Island Discs…an example of the Fascist herd on the rise to do evil…think she thought it a call againsy UKIP-turns out that Shami and the BBC types like her are the TRUE Angry Brigade…and we should be scared of them and be ready to stuff them.
      They`ve not fought in their lives-but have money, the liberal media, and State apparatus now since 1990…but they`ll lose!


    • Stewart says:

      The disgusting party , isnt thatwhat that unkown american comedian called UKIP on QT
      Its all relative I guess


  10. Roland Deschain says:

    Have UKIP got anything to say about this? Or are they as craven as the Tories when it comes to the BBC?


    • Merched Becca says:

      In case they did not get it last time ?
      A message to the Trustees, the Producers and the Researchers at the BBC, who must be aware of and read this site “You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”.
      The British public are now more enlightened


  11. Ember2014 says:

    Plants like Amy Rutland should be given life-long bans from appearing on QT. I consider such corruption of the nation’s foremost debate programme as equally bad as when someone uses the “N” word in public. Thus, we should spend weeks demonising them and treating their actions like something that’s come out the back end of a cow.


  12. Dave s says:

    It just means more votes for UKIP. The liberal elite is desperate and has not got a clue what to do.
    Cowards at heart they look to be scared of this EU election. But be warned they ,like all cowards, are vicious when they feel they can get away with it.
    The QT backfired on them but there will be more smear attempts and probably much worse.


  13. Dave says:

    Just shows how low these Lib dems will stoop to , action must be taken.


  14. Annette says:

    Often thought David Dimbleby was biased, now I know this, I regard him as lower than low! As for the BBC………. hope Nigel scraps the telly licence when he gets in power!


  15. ROBERT JONES says:

    Does the discovery of this obvious plant go beyond this forum?


  16. Steve Pearl says:

    This is surely a huge story, and one that goes way beyond a few anti BBC rants on this website.

    I do not watch Question Time and have no idea about the circumstances this article describes. But if this is true, then it goes to the very heart of the BBC’s integrity and surely warrants a full scale investigation.

    Is there any way of following this up and getting such an investigation. I repeat, this is a very serious accusation, far far more serious than the usual Biased BBC stories.


  17. TheHighlandRebel says:

    Dimbleby – will someone from Arseholes Anonymous please go to Al Beeb mosque and take him away.


  18. Judge says:

    Having watched this particular edition of Question Time, if I remember correctly, Bloom was strategically placed, right at the back, alone, in a position where Dimbleby could easily locate him. I thought at the time he was a ‘plant’.


  19. Alex says:

    The left really are disgusting! The most intolerant scum!


  20. tommy-lee atkins says:

    Proof of the pre-planning of Bloom’s intervention and collusion by the QT production team:

    I felt very uneasy about the treatment of Mr Bloom when I watched live on Thursday. Its only re-watching it several times on iplayer that gives the BBC’s game away:- the shadow of the boom mike on the wall to the right of Bloom. IT DOESN’T MOVE AWAY!

    Now I myself have participated in a QT, and asked a question. What you notice live (and on TV) is the sound crew with their boom mikes. When an audience member is selected, the sound crew quickly move the microphone to be overhead of the audience member and just as quickly they move it away when he has finished talking.

    In Mr Bloom’s case you can clearly see from its shadow that the microphone is left in place for his follow ups. This is clear evidence that the sound crew and the production crew had pre-knowledge that Bloom was a “special” member of the audience and should be treated differently. He was quite literally given the microphone for his rant.

    Normally follow-ups have to be shouted and are barely heard at home with non-studio quality sound. This poor technical sound quality when it happens lessons the authority of the “shouted” rant if it is heard at all.

    All of Bloom’s statements had excellent technical quality sound which could only have been achieved with the pre-planned collusion of the sound crew and the whole production crew.


  21. Geoff says:

    One has to ask could it not be a possibility that callers on radio phone ins could also be ‘plants’ designed to sway opinion?

    I often listen and think to myself are these people for real? Many callers on the Vine show sound familiar, yet names and locations are different, maybe its just me ….


  22. Aunty Estab says:

    This needs the widest publicity, everyone should know what goes on at the BBC and the way their money is being spent on left wing propaganda.