Poison Pill



It’s small and short but poisonous:

Adie and Ruth – Adventure in the Blood


Ruth tells of her travels and then how her son follows in her footsteps…going on a journey they hadn’t realised the dangers of….going to Gaza.

The dangers of course being in a land infested with murderous terrorists and religious fanatics….or not.

The danger was the Jews.

Travelling in his boat to Gaza across the water, like Jesus, to bring salvation to the Palestinians Adie was suddenly surrounded by 8 Israeli gunships and then attacked….thrown to the ground by Israeli soldiers in full military attire (what no beach shorts and sandals?), they beat him up, dragged him in and imprisoned him for a week


Just another poison pill from the BBC about the awfully awful Israelis.




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10 Responses to Poison Pill

  1. john in cheshire says:

    So, she knows he’s safe and well. Quite unlike all the Christians who have been kidnapped, tortured and killed by muslims, then.


  2. Ian Rushlow says:

    What, this Gaza (http://www.barenakedislam.com/2012/04/15/oh-boo-hoo-those-poor-starving-oppressed-no-longer-occupied-arabs-of-gaza/) or is it some other Gaza from a parallel universe?


  3. stuart says:

    notice how the pro palestinian academic anti semites in the media including the bbc are quiet clever at hiding there antii semitism by claiming there are just expressing there anti zionist views against the isreali state,nobody falls for that old chesnut anymore,the anti semites always out themselves in the end as proved last night on bbc 3s my brother the terrorist,did you watch that last night.my god what trouble this country is in with these braindead zombie muslim extremists who came across as devil worshipers and satanists,the most interesting thing about that documentary is that inteview with anjem choudary.he did not relise that he outed himself as a holocaust denier in the same mode as david irving but his comments on the holocaust was caught on tape for everybody to hear,he even called hope not hate communists,funny thing is today is that the bbc and radio 5 live vicky and co have not picked up on anjem choudarys holocaust denying comments last night,i wonder why that is.


  4. Ralph says:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that if I tried to illegally enter any country the local authorities might be a trifle irritated.


  5. uncle bup says:

    Ha – they may reduce Judea as an almond broken with hammers, and devour Jerusalem, which is the oil and sweetness thereof; yet the glory of the men of Israel will remain a light in the heavens overhead out of reach: for their history is the history of God.

    So, droids, put that in yer pipes and smoke it.


  6. John Anderson says:

    I tried Google to find a bit more about young Adie.

    Young ? He is in his 30s, a dedicated supporter of the Palestinians, Tunisian father, bitterly critical of Israel – he describes himself as a “human rights” advisor and University lecturer in Gaza. Sounds like he has never had a proper job – just look at the photo.

    What an utter creep. What a parasite – no doubt living on the aid funds Europe is stupid enough to flood into Gaza.

    I then found on Google that Craig, formerly of this parish, had also posted an article on the BBC slush piece featuring young Adie. Craig has done some digging too :


    The incident Ruth and Adie describe – Israel intercepting a hostile boat – happened years ago. Boring or what ? Yet the BBC spends our money letting some Palestine supporter on BBC Leicester set up this ridiculous interview, milking for sympathy on a non-story – and having a good swipe at Israel.

    The BBC is infested with anti-Israel staff. No way was this programme justified, its cost or its slant.

    Maybe the BBC could show some balance – for instance a cosy slot for an Israeli soldier badly injured by the Gaza flotilla, chatting away with his Mum. Fat chance.


    • Ralph says:

      Odd that they didn’t mention all of that about Adie. It might make people think they’re giving only half the story in a biased way and the BBC would never do that.


  7. deegee says:

    Didn’t realise the danger – of going to Gaza? Breaking into the world’s biggest gaol</SARC> and they thought it would be like a trip on the channel ferry?
    Pull the other leg.


  8. Arnold says:

    He is Adie Mormech, a member of the Free Gaza Movement. I suppose the BBC didn’t know this?