Nick Robinson Is An Arse


Sorry about the title but I think I can’t really take much more of his low brow, lightweight,  twaddle….considering the job he is supposed to do.

Thanks to Dave S who pointed out this from Robinson:

UKIP immigration policy – the wife test

On a day when Nigel Farage launched a nationwide poster campaign warning that millions of Europeans were waiting to take your job, I asked him why he employed a German as his secretary….to my amazement the UKIP leader told me “nobody else could do that job”.


But is that because she is German?


Robinson take a cheap shot at Farage:

NR: No British person could work for you as your secretary?

NF: Not at the moment.

NR: You don’t think anyone’s capable of doing that job?

NF: What, of marrying me?

NR: No. Of doing the job of your secretary.

NF: I don’t know anyone who would work those hours, no.

NR: So that’s it. It’s clear – UKIP do not believe that any British person is capable of being the secretary of their leader?

NF: That’s nonsense and you know it.

NR: You just said it!



The problem with Robinson’s line of questioning and his conclusion, that Farage says no British person could be his secretary, is its complete facetiousness.

What Farage is saying is that no one but his wife could do the job because of the hours worked….his wife just happens to be German…married to that well known xenophobe Nigel Farage.

What Farage  is not saying is that no British person could do that job….so when Robinson concludes….

NR: So that’s it. It’s clear – UKIP do not believe that any British person is capable of being the secretary of their leader?

NF: That’s nonsense and you know it.

NR: You just said it!


…he is, the BBC’s top political journo mind you, making shit up.


When asking Farage how many immigrants could be a fair number to let in Robinson reports this:

So, what numbers would be acceptable? Mr Farage was reluctant to say but eventually suggested that between 30,000 and 50,000 immigrants a year might be the right figure (compared with well over 100,000 net migration now).


Another little trick….’net’ migration or not?  Is Farage saying 50,000 net or gross?  Big difference.  Sure the BBC’s top political journo isn’t trying to pull the wool over our eyes…again?


Robinson states that ‘As for immigration – the key issue of his election campaign – Mr Farage is calling for a “sensible, open immigration policy” in which Britain would “re-claim control of her borders”.’


In other words Farage is not demanding zero immigration but ‘a sensible, managed immigration system’.

In other words Robinson is trying to use the fact he employs his ‘German’ wife against him and claim it is evidence of hypocrisy is highly misleading by Robinson.


Here Robinson tries to write off Farage as someone not to be taken seriously (though the intensive attempts to malign and undermine him might indicate he is a serious threat to ‘their’ world):

His point, apparently, was that only his wife Kirsten – who as he often reminds us is German – would be prepared to work unsociable hours, seven days a week, helping him at “midnight, one o’clock, two o’clock”.

As so often, the UKIP leader was trying to make me and all those listening smile along with him. He’s an amusing and likeable guy and often I’ve done just that, but on this occasion I was determined to press on.


Farage explained exactly why he employs his wife and why it would be difficult for anyone else to do the job other than his wife…Robinson decides that’s a joke….but being the professional, hardnosed reporter that he is he determines to press on and get the real story.


Thank God for BBC investigative journalism  at  its best bringing us the dirt they don’t want us to see!


Robinson’s conclusion is that:

Mr Farage’s decision to employ his wife at public expense highlights two important questions he and his party now face – about what their immigration policy means in practice and their attitude to public money.


Really?  In what way does employing his German wife highlight anything about his immigration policy except in Robinson’s own little concoction of a story trying to nail Farage for something, anything…’ll be passive smoking from Farage’s cigarettes poisoning next door’s ‘immigrant’ children next.

And what does this mean?

You employ a German woman to work in your office. She happens to be your wife. She happens to spend many hundreds of thousands of British taxpayers’ money. How do you justify that?


Perhaps Robinson might like to explain that fabrication.



We’ve also had Robinson’s sycophantic interview with Miliband.

We’ve had Robinson’s less than informative report on the Farage-Clegg debate….Farage v Clegg – the verdict.


Is there any point to Nick Robinson?    I suppose we learn a lot from the BBC’s decision to employ him at public expense which highlights two important questions he and the BBC must now face – what do any of Robinson’s reports actually tell us in practice, if anything, about the world of politics, and the BBC’s attitude to public money as they squander it on him.












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41 Responses to Nick Robinson Is An Arse

  1. Guest Who says:

    “Sorry about the title”

    Bit late now, but when you know who clock on you know which bit of the highest horse in the land they’ll be mounting.
    What you should have done is said that BBBC sources have said that he is a gutter-dwelling tribal political stooge masquerading as an objective political editor.
    Given that is precisely how he and the BBC operate their hatchet jobs they would struggle to explain the difference.
    However, in this case, as Mr. Robinson has decided to give up any pretence of professional integrity, maybe taking the gloves off is justified.
    His efforts will have made no difference to those whose approval he enjoys basking in, but may well have pushed any getting increasingly uncomfortable with old school establishment strategic alliance tactics in unexpected directions.


  2. John Doran says:

    Nick Robinson is not just an arse.
    He is not working for the interests of this country, while being paid out of funds extorted out of the populace under force of law, illegally IMHO.
    Indeed, he is not working for the best interests of his own family, or the World at large, as he follows the BBC agenda for EU slave membership, as a step to One World Govt.
    He is thus an arse, a traitor & a fool.


  3. Guest Who says:

    He’s also not doing well on twitter, when a period of reflective silence may not have been brave after this massive professional credibility excavation, but wise.
    He’s actually been reduced to wailing ‘but he started it’ as the consequences of his dubious line of attack rumble on.


    • Guest Who says:

      Speaking of not doing well with the non-bubble public, here’s a taste of more to come from an evident ideological soulmate to Mr. Robinson (possibly setting aside different takes on Mr. Miliband’s abilities):
      I’ll credit the Telegraph for leaving it open to a point where the comments have also most reached 6,000.
      Especially when they are not going well for the cause being espoused, or objective journalism in general.
      The BBC would have pulled that plug at 50.
      No wonder they want control of the off switch to the internet, too.


  4. DICK R says:

    The BBC forget that we now are beginning to look forward to a little racism , we want our country back, every time they try to associate UKIP with waythithm it stacks up their votes ,long may they continue!


    • Flexdream says:

      I don’t think racism has traction with the British (unless that itself is a racist idea!)
      But UKIP is the least racist major party anyway. They want to leave the mostly white EU, they want to treat all foreigners who want to come here equally with no pro-EU bias, and they want to revive links with the mostly non-white Commonwealth. They are the only major party who would prefer to see skilled, honest, hard working Africans, Indians, Chinese, Russians, Americans, Brazilians etc. come here instead of unskilled, benefit seeking Europeans. None of the other parties can say the same.
      Farage swatted Robinson with transparent honesty and made Robinson look like a novice student politico, all sound and fury signifying nothing.


  5. DJ says:

    This hits on one of the most annoying things about the BBC: their constant shifting of the goalposts. Up until two minutes ago, UKIP was the party for retired majors stuck in 1940 and obsessed with the idea that the Hun was just about to storm ashore at Southend. Now it turns out that Farage is not only not anti-German, he’s actually married to one, that proves he’s a hypocrite for not living up to a deranged caricature that only the BBC believed in the first place.

    (for evidence of this, consider the Now Show, which ran a godawful sketch in which a time traveling Nigel Farage objects to Queen Victoria marrying Prince Albert)


  6. PhilO'TheWisp says:

    I’d love to see Robinson’s expenses and pay slips.


  7. Stewart says:

    It doesn’t seem to be working
    But then again perhaps if there had been no organised Anti UKIP campaign Labour would allready be in second place


  8. Edited Highligts says:

    As cheap as cheap shots get. The BBC at its most biased, one sided, trying to smear UKIP as usual.

    When for example is Nick Robinson going to shout down the pro EU left wing politicians over mass EU unemployment, the euro financial crisis, and the fact that we can’t elect directly the President of the EU nor it’s foreign minister?

    Horrible left wing bias of the BBC on show for all to see. I think it will back fire and they’re making votes for Nigel!


  9. chrisH says:

    Clegg…Robinson….if that`s the level of opposition to UKIP then we`re in privileged territory.
    The more the lefty elite shine laser pens into each others eyes whilst hoping to light a fellow-Beebers farts…and the consequent comedy caper of them trying to get out of the bouncy castle in an ordered way is laughable.
    Thankfully real people long ago left the BBCs sphere of influence…their kids mentioned something about Brand, Savile and some others…and like John Paul 2-their daily mortification in the death process would be sad, were he not a great man, and them the liberal scum unfit to be a toilet brush for his Polish nephew.
    The BBC reckon that bouncy castle is the Hindenburg…hell of a lot of analogue cultural refill to dump in Salford sometime soon.
    Tell your kids…and Scott`s lucky enough to get the news here first.


  10. Pounce says:

    To the bBC Nick Farages wife is German because she is married to…Nick Farage. Correct me if I am wrong but anybody who has lived in the Uk since the 90s has 2 children is married to a Brit can only be British according to the bBC mantra.

    I mean according to the bBC, Binyan Mohamed, that Saudi bloke in Gitmo, the uncle of that twat who died in Syria and many more non British born Islamic terrorists are all British and they all received a £1 million payout from the Government for being…terrorists.


    • Dave s says:

      This is the crux of it and why Robinson was so stupid. British when the BBC says so. Is that the new reality?
      What a bunch of jerks.


  11. Roland Deschain says:

    Calm down Alan. It’s clear to anyone except those who would never vote UKIP anyway that Robinson was making a cheap shot. And more likely to convince waverers to vote UKIP in sympathy.

    Probably worth a complaint, though, just to take up their time.


    • Guest Who says:

      Now you’ve done it.
      If that doesn’t convene a full high dudgeon meeting of CECUTT grand wizards to solemnly intone they are tasked only to seek best value (well, other than Pollard, and Rose. Then there’s the DMI thing. Apart from those. Well, Byford too. Hugs of course. Lucy. Oh, Salford too. Other than…) for the licence fee payer, I don’t know what will.


  12. Bangernofski says:

    For me it was the vox pop section post interview when Robinson spoke to a chap who said UKIP had good policies and his voice jumped an incredulous octave. It may have been the fact that the chap wasn’t hideously white that shocked old Nick. BBC are disgraceful.


    • Flexdream says:

      Robbo used racial profiling to select someone he was sure would attack UKIP. See what happens when your racial stereotyping leads you astray eh?


  13. Umbongo says:

    But Alan, Robinson is always cited by the flokkers and commenters in the Guardian as one of the (many?) “right wing” front-line employees of – or is it contractors to – the BBC. This is on the basis that at Cambridge he was chairman of the Young Conservatives. Well, even if he was, the YC’s at the time were hardly political; more an upmarket dating outfit. Anyway, why is it that we are constantly led to understand that Robinson’s political leanings in his early 20s is proof of his current mindset (which presumably influences his reportage) while cradle lefties are all as “impartial” as Solomon?


    • Flexdream says:

      Right wing or left wing. That breakdown passes for political analysis does it? There are left wingers against the EU, as was Tony Benn, and right wingers for it. UKIP cannot simply be defined as ‘right wing’. Robbo at least gets that bit right.


  14. starfish says:

    Looks like Nick is so caught up in the Establishment bubble that he doesn’t realise just how out of touch he (and his mates in the Labour/Conservative/LibDen parties) is

    Look at the comments….not many supportive


    • ROBERT BROWN says:

      And they’ve blocked any more comments…..


    • Guest Who says:

      “Mr Farage’s decision to employ his German wife as his secretary at public expense highlights two important questions he and his party now face – about what their immigration policy means in practice and their attitude to public money.”

      Actually the two questions highlighted were by Mr. Robinson, and their potential importance in policy terms near obliterated by the clusterFubar his daft trash attempt created.
      So perhaps no surprise the comments needing a special BBC plug pull, and censoring for good measure on the last.
      Now, what are the stats on the BBC Rig-o-meter, Jeremy?:
      First – marklv
      22ND APRIL 2014 – 16:57
      Last – Comment number 1280. ScottieBoy
      22ND APRIL 2014 – 21:02
      This comment was removed because the moderators found it broke the house rules
      Well, it stayed open into the evening, but closing at the usual four in the afternoon would have looked dodgy even for the BBC. So five hours to get to 1280 and not going well for Nick at all.

      Comment number 16. Jettison the Jinxed UK Junta
      22ND APRIL 2014 – 17:04
      Oh Dear, usual Lefty slant from the BBC…..

      Comment number 18. Billy Gerant
      22ND APRIL 2014 – 17:04
      I think this line of questioning misses the point deliberately! The cynical approach taken does nothing but harden anti-immigration views because it doesn’t address the immigration issues at all. All it does is seek to unashamedly attack the man. Looks like the BBC are desperate to pin anything on him.

      Comment number 72. Biggles
      22ND APRIL 2014 – 17:18
      It did make Nick Robinson look even more of a twerp than usual. He seemed intent on missing the point completely and even went through the whole charade twice, presumably in the hope that some revelation would miraculously emerge from it. It didn’t.
      Not a lot of people agreeing, or even with much time for Nick.


      • Merched Becca says:

        Me thinks his tutor is Mr Clegg ?


      • John Anderson says:

        It is like the Panorama prog on benefit claimants. Designed to elicit sympathy for them, most people have said they were outraged by all those creeps sponging off the rest of us.

        If you set out to write a script for Robinson that would make him look stupid and biased, a pathetic parody of a political interview, you could not have done better.

        It’s backfiring on you, BBC. The more you lefties rant on about UKIP, the more votes they will win.


    • I cant find any that are supportive. The highest rated downwards are critical of the BBC’s report. People are cottoning on to BBC’s partisan approach. The BBC are so stupid. Once people get a whiff of bias they won’t trust the BBC again AND the people in this country will side with the underdog which is Farage and UKIP.


  15. Sinniberg says:

    The simple truth of what we’re seeing is the commencment of the BBC’s all out war on UKIP in the lead up to the European Elections.

    Sadly, this is probably what we’ll see filling the BBC news for the next 4-5 weeks.


  16. +James says:

    Nick Robinson a man who works for the paedophile BBC.


  17. alf stone says:

    The Beeb had Robinson on PM yesterday commenting on the Man U debacle. Perhaps he missed his vocation and should have been a sports reporter.


  18. Andy S. says:

    What else would you expect from the BBC? Don’t forget this is an organisation taking money from Brussels and has a Trust Chairman also taking Rumpy-Pumpy’s shilling (or is that “Euro”?)
    Any BBC news item on the EU is bound to be biased in its favour. There’s definitely a conflict of interest problem with the Beeb’s reporting on all things EU.


  19. stuart says:

    i bet nick nick got a phone call of ed miilband today praising him for his obvious well thought out but quiet pathetic attack on nigel farage in sheffield yesterday,but it is not working for nick nick and the bbc,all this smear mongering is backfiring,the thing about english people is that we like a underdog,that the bbc and the leftist presenters dont seem to understand,i ask this question,will anybody who watched nick nicks schoolboy socalist workers party type attack on nigel farage yesterday be suddenly swayed into not voting for ukip,i say the exact opposite will happem.ukips vote will go up,nice try nick nick but a spectacular failure on behalf of the bbc and your mates in the labour party.


  20. Guest Who says:

    Just watched HIGNFY.
    Oh, dear.
    For a start they had some Farage material left over that was too… well, they didn’t want to waste.
    And Mr. Hislop really has got on board with what’s expected.
    Comes to something when he ends up playing straight man to the token German ( as it seems they couldn’t find a lady to meet quota).
    Actually Mr. Farage’s and Ukip’s careless accounting with public money is worthy of satire, but I am surprised a well-informed chap like Mr. H not seeing potential with questions on missing thousands being asked by a multi-billion state outfit whose accounts have yet to be signed off.


    • Stewart says:

      Thought hislop was pretty fair about ‘Farage alegations’
      Could hear self selected audience wrigerling in their seats and Merton looked like he was chewing wasp.
      For once HIGNFY almost watchable again.


  21. Star Trek Voyager says:

    “I am the BBC Emergency News Hologram– state the nature of the hit piece you wish me to do…”


  22. Robert JONES says:

    It was Gordon Brown as Prime Minister who often said, ‘British People for British Jobs’.

    He was never accused by the BBC as being racist. Why?