Room 101 For the Sikhs, Hindus and Christians but not…..



It was fine, the BBC believed, to fling the Bible into the rubbish bin but not the Koran.


It seems that type of thinking is not just for Christians….the BBC is quite ready to report ‘concerns’ about certain communities, Buddhists in Burma were denounced as religiously inspired killers not long ago whilstthe BBC was claiming Islamic terrorists are ‘perverting the religion’, and now it seems elections in India have raised more concerns at the BBC…. about Hindus…

Prominent Indian artists and academics have written an open letter warning against the possible election of Hindu nationalist politician Narendra Modi.

So you can be a ‘Hindu nationalist’….can you be a Muslim supremacist in the BBC’s world?


….and Sikh Politicians being people with suspect views.

 Indian media criticise Mulayam Singh Yadav’s ‘anti-women’ remarks



Quite justified concerns you may admit….but why does the BBC not exhibit such openness and concern about other politician’s words?…….


‘The Socialist Party’s Maharashtra unit chief, Abu Azmi, who said that women who have sex outside marriage should be punished by death, even if they are raped.

“If rape happens with or without consent, it should be punished as prescribed in Islam”, Mr Azmi told the Mid-Day website.

“The solution is this: any woman, whether married or unmarried, who goes along with a man, with or without her consent, should be hanged. Both should be hanged. It shouldn’t be allowed even if a woman goes by consent.”


Difficult to report that without the qualification about Islam…I’m sure the BBC will come up with a suitably reworked wording that manages to convey the ‘fact’ that this is not in fact Islamic.

No doubt the BBC are even as you read this looking for a community spokesman who will be more than happy to make that claim for the BBC….for the good of communtiy cohesion.



Something of interest:

Sixty-six years after the country witnessed a bloody partition on religious lines and freedom from foreign rule, religion continues to play a dominant role in shaping its political destiny.

At a time when the nation is on the threshold of the next general election, leaders of different political parties seek to artificially raise heat and dust over a religious issue that has in the past provoked terrible communal discord across the length and breadth of the country.


In the BBC’s words…‘A Warning from History’


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13 Responses to Room 101 For the Sikhs, Hindus and Christians but not…..

  1. Phil Ford says:

    ‘Community cohesion’ – a phrase straight out of the Totalitarian Handbook, along with ‘multiculturalism’. When we analyse what these hateful words and phrases amount to we see very quickly that they are, in practice, the complete opposite of what their liberal progressive cheerleaders claim they are: ‘multiculturalism’, far from integrating other cultures into our society, acts instead to build divisions and ultimately ghettos – likewise, ‘community cohesion’.

    But ‘integration’ itself has become a hate word for the liberal left; ‘integration’ of other cultures into our own is now seen as a racist aspiration – whereas ‘multiculturalism’ and ‘community cohesion’ exist solely to preserve the divisions between cultures, because…you know, we should ‘respect’ Islamic religious laws in our country (however repugnant and medieval they may strike us as being next to our own enlightened laws) because anything less (and most definetly any call for ‘racial integration’) is now considered a race-hate crime.


  2. Alex says:

    Multiculturalism, diversity and community cohesion are all a load of old left-wing crap… garbage made up in order to force the English to be silent over all the turd-worlders the liberal left have dumped on us.


  3. George R says:

    For Islam Not BBC (INBBC), Islam is beyond criticism.

    Such a political stance discredits its reports on all religions.

    The INBBC’s misnamed, ‘College of Journalism’ perpetuates such propaganda, giving preferential treatment to Islam.


  4. George R says:

    INBBC’s position on Islam is very close to that of the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC), which I have never seen INBBC criticise, which demands a global ban on the criticism of Islam


    • George R says:

      “Obama’s Internet Surrender: a “fate worse than death” for the Internet.”


      “The Obama administration has now endangered that hallmark of Internet freedom.Obama’s next offensive in his war on freedom.Global governance of the internet. ‘Global governance?’ As in the UN? And who and what drives the UN? The largest world body drives the UN. Bat Ye’or describes the OIC this way, ‘The OIC is one of the largest intergovernmental organizations in the world. It encompasses 56 Muslim states plus the Palestinian Authority. Spread over four continents, it claims to speak in the name of the ummah (the universal Muslim community), which numbers about 1.3 billion. The OIC’s mission is to unite all Muslims worldwide by rooting them in the Koran and the Sunnah — the core of traditional Islamic civilization and values. It aims at strengthening solidarity and cooperation among all its members, in order to protect the interests of Muslims everywhere and to galvanize the ummah into a unified body.’
      “The Organization of the Islamic Conference will undoubtedly demand the suppression of websites that ‘insult Islam’ or ‘encourage hatred,’ and they won’t be referring to jihad forums that foment and incites to slaughter.Atlas readers are well aware of the goals of the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation. The OIC has already gotten passed a proposal in the UN, backed by Muslim nations, urging the passage of laws around the world protecting religion from criticism. Islam is the only religion specifically named as deserving protection.”
      – See more at:

      – See more at:


  5. stuart says:

    you are going to hear quiet alot in the next 18 months or so of this new catchprhase from nick clegg and other politicians of this word called modern britian,what does modern britian mean to clegg milliband and cameron and co = mass the recent farage v clegg debates nick clegg used this word modern britian 32 times,that was his codeword for mass immigration without saying the is the problem with modern britian,did anybody ask us if we wanted this and the problems is has brought with it like foreign criminals, terrorism,islamism etc,be in no doubt about what this word called modern britian means when these politicains use it,dont let them fool you.


    • The General says:

      Quite right Clegg used the term and defended immegration and he LOST spectacularly. Why does David Cameron not see that Nigel Farage tells it like it is and WON the debate. However what even Farage won’t address is that most people see the threat to our heritage and way of life coming from other parts of the world rather than Europe.


  6. phil says:

    Salman Rushdie.


  7. George R says:

    Reporting: The Islamic Republic of Pakistan.

    INBBC manages to report the following without using the key word: ‘Islam’!:-

    “Pakistan court withdraws attempted murder case against baby”

    BUT, INBBC does NOT relate that surreal story about Islam, to the following, as it should:-

    “Pakistan Appeals Court may uphold Christian woman’s blasphemy death sentence”

    By Robert Spencer


    “The case of the nine-month-old baby who was accused of murder got international publicity as an indication of how utterly mad Pakistan’s justice system is. But the case of Asia Bibi illustrates that madness just as well, and gets scant attention. Would reporting on a Christian woman unjustly condemned to death for blasphemy be ‘Islamophobic’?”

    Beeboids campaign for:-

    Islamic Al Jazeera,
    for Muslim Binyam Mohamed,
    for Muslim Shaker Aamer,
    but NOT for Christian Asia Bibi, condemned to death in an Islamic country, Pakistan.


    • thoughtful says:

      Most people appear surprised that court cases in Pakistan are conducted in English. Perhaps a throw back to the Raj, but in Pakistan the state does not pay for interpreters.
      How strange it must be for them to come to this country to find that all their demands are met in a way which they are not in their own culture.


      • Arthur Penney says:

        If that baby is 9 months old I’ll eat my hat. Compare him with young Prince George. – 9 months old on the 22nd April.


  8. George R says:

    Birmingham, and ‘Trojan horse’ Islamic schools.

    Two reports.
    Note INBBC’s biased ‘impartial’ reporting at 2.), below-

    1.)’Birmingham Mail’-

    “15 Birmingham schools being inspected in Trojan Horse inquiry”

    By Ben Hurst.


    “More Birmingham ‘Islam plot’ schools inspected”


  9. Andy Gill says:

    The Beeb are terrified of offending Muslims and for good reason. ‘Behead those who insult Islam’ is not an empty threat, as thousands of people around the world will testify.

    But we need to take a united stand and cut Islam in this country down to size.