Miliband Visits Palestine



Ed Miliband has been visiting Israel.


Does Nick Robinson ask Miliband any difficult questions or any about his attitude towards ‘Israel’?

No.  What Robinson does do is give Miliband an open platform to say what he likes without challenge, in other words a cosy little ‘fireside’ chat revealing to us just how wonderful Ed really is…not just wonderful but wise and thoughtful, statesmanlike….in essence a bit of free pro-Miliband publicity in the run up to an election…..ala Desert Island Discs style when he was again allowed to ‘polish’ his, and his father’s,  public image courtesy of the BBC.




Robinson blows smoke up Miliband’s backside as he ends by raising the ridiculous comparison that Miliband is the new Thatcher:

NR: “You know what I am asking you. Are you going to be Labour’s Margaret Thatcher?”


EM: “Well no you don’t make those comparisons. I want big change in the country, people yearn for big change.”


NR: “If a commentator called you Labour’s Margaret Thatcher then you wouldn’t much mind?”


EM: “Well you can call me a radical. That’s what I want to be. That is the kind of prime minister that I want to be.”



Radical?  An opportunist coward springs to mind. The man who backed Unite’s little election rigging scam until it was made public at which time Miliband decided he had to reform Labour’s Union connections….a ‘brave move’ trumpeted loudly…which  er….made the unions more powerful…..and Syria?  He ran for cover when he thought he would lose the vote having previously backed the threat of military action.


As for the Thatcher comparison…is that an ex-Young Conservative mocking Miliband or a now BBC reporter gone native trying to make a favourable comparison and make Miliband look more acceptable to some who like a bit of ‘conviction politician’ in these days when they all look and sound alike?


What does Miliband think about Israel?…….Robinson doesn’t delve too far but tells us that…..

Ed Miliband now talks often of his Jewish heritage (though not faith because he is an atheist) but he has never been a cheer leader for Israel.

He’s reluctant to call himself a Zionist.


‘Never been a cheerleader for Israel’?

Curious…the Independent has a far more explicit and revealing write up of his views:

“We want to encourage the two-state solution that we in the Labour party believe in.”

“I come here conscious of my family history and with a deep sense of gratitude to Israel for what it did for my grandmother, who spent 30 years living here. Israel was sanctuary for her from the most indescribable grief.”

Mr Miliband told the students his family history “makes me aware of the challenges Israel faces, the dangers of anti-Semitism and of people who question its right to exist”.

“I don’t think boycotts are the solution to the complex problems Israeli and Palestinian people grapple with.”

A year ago, Mr Miliband was asked at an event of British Jewish leaders whether he was a Zionist, or Jewish nationalist. He replied: ‘’Yes, I am a supporter of Israel.’’


Or from the Jewish Chronicle:

Israel is the Jewish Homeland

Mr Miliband described Israel as “the homeland for the Jewish people” during a meeting with Hebrew University of Jerusalem students on Thursday.

“No one should be under any illusions about the Iranian regime, and we are not. Everybody is absolutely clear and understands the deep concern there is in Israel about what the Iranian government has said about Israel and about its intentions. It isn’t just Israel’s concern; it isn’t just a regional concern; it’s a very significant global concern.”


Yep…guess Robinson is right…Milband does not support Israel at all.


So…two state solution, Iran a threat to Israel, no boycotts, the right to exist, increasing anti-Semitism and Israel as the Jewish homeland….a sanctuary.


All ‘controversial’ and  rather difficult for the BBC.  Best not to mention it.


But do mention   ‘Just how broken the Middle East is, Mr Miliband saw on the top of a hill just above the Gaza Strip.’


So that’ll be Israel’s fault then that the Middle East is ‘broken’?










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12 Responses to Miliband Visits Palestine

  1. Guest Who says:

    “Are you going to be Labour’s Margaret Thatcher?”
    He really asked that?
    ‘The lad’s not for missing a single bandwagon…. as soon as it’s clear it is worth trying to catch’
    And even if it proves a problem, he has plenty of other values to change to.
    Don’t know what Ed & the other ShadCab vegetables are having, but the BBC sure is chugging the Kool-Aid trying to spin that comparison.


  2. chrisH says:

    Doubt if Miliband could ever draw the true conclusions from his familys history.
    That his dad was able to become a Marxist, despite what Stalins Marxist-Leninist cabal were doing to his fellow Jews only shows the disconnect of the Left.
    The personal is the political-and who`s going to argue with Germaine Greer these days at the BBC?
    Yet Miliband is a tourist…not a pilgrim.
    And to quote Tony Benn-a weathervane and not a signpost.
    As for the BBC….you could leave the likes of Robinson in Yad Vashem for a month and they`d see, hear and learn nothing.
    Except how to get the expenses back on buying the family a matching set of fetching retro pyjamas perhaps.
    Utter scum.
    God Bless Israel, now and for ever.


  3. chrisH says:

    Am reading Thatchers “Statecraft”…written in 2002.
    She predicts Ukraine and Crimea very well-frighteningly so.
    She has Putin accurately portrayed and predicts his potential force in foreign affairs, especially if NATO get a weak US and a mission creeping EU.
    All this BEFORE we got that liberal disaster of Obama 665.5.
    Quite brilliant-and she left us this book on leaving office and having a hell of a team of historians and economists, political insiders and academics to give her the “science of politics”.
    My point?…Thatcher gave us THIS…whereas Blair gave us “My Journey” and Benn gave us his “diaries of a privileged nobody”.
    So when anybody-let alone this nasal pipe cleaner called Miliband-is “compared to Thatcher”…just look at “Statecraft”.
    And I`m only on Chapter 3!
    Can`t imagine this would ever have been Book of the Week for the BBC(not when Blunkett, Prescott, Mandelson, Blair, Benn and Campbell have so much to tell us)…but it`s already a Book for a Decade that is soon to hit us, on first impressions.
    Miliband?…same breath as Thatcher?….only the BBC could hope for that!
    Steve Nallon is as near as the BBC and Socialists can get to imagining her being “theirs”.
    Now-what are we going to do with it?
    Scrap the BBC-and make Media City into Thatcher Towers with a Heritage Foundation for her inside it!
    Or else a flophouse for all BBC/Guardian and union nasties once we`ve ripped up their contracts, and served notice on their pads…until they find proper work.


    • Bungee says:

      ….Blair gave us “My Journey” and Benn gave us his “diaries of a privileged nobody”….good comment.


  4. Shabbos goy. says:

    Ask Ed what his mother thinks of Israel. A true kapo. Member of “Jews for justice for palestinians”. useful idiot.


  5. Fred Sage says:

    I just hate it when politicians say they want change and don’t say what the change is going to be. No one knows what Labour has to offer neither do they.


  6. Sinniberg says:

    The fact that Nick Robinson even asked Ed Miliband if he is “Labour’s Margaret Thatcher” is an insult to her. What planet is he on to think that they can even be compared?.

    Margaret Thatcher was a lion and tower of political force(The Iron Lady) whereas Ed Miliband is like(and has the political strength of) an oportunistic little goldfish stranded and flapping on the sand.

    Margaret Thatcher vs Ed Miliband?.

    She’d eat him for breakfast and then tell him to “run away home little boy”.


  7. deegee says:

    The real question is what he says when faced with an anti Israel audience.


  8. deegee says:

    BTW shouldn’t the Biased-BBC headline be Milliband visits ISRAEL?