Well, hasn’t the BBC been swooning at the visits by Sinn Fein leader Martin McGuinness to a few events with Her Majesty this past week? And the BBC now even comes out with the line that McGuinness WAS indeed  a “former IRA commander”. The curious bit is this; these world class journalists NEVER think to ask just what did he command when he was in a senior position with this terror group. How odd. Almost as if….

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12 Responses to LOVING MARTY…

  1. bogtrott says:

    Of course he ticks all the BBC boxes,peace loving,uk hater etc…..


  2. George R says:

    “The Queen and the IRA commander: Historic handshake with Martin McGuinness, the former terrorist at Windsor Castle… just two hours before Republican dissident is charged with 29 counts of murder over the Omagh atrocity”

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2601823/Former-IRA-commander-Martin-McGuinness-shakes-hands-Queen-Windsor-Castle.html#ixzz2yZKuZLRX


  3. Mark II says:

    I always assumed that the IRA was like the CIA, Mafia and the masons – you can never become a former member.
    Once you are their creature you have a job for life.


  4. Arthur Penney says:

    Actually you can resign from freemasonry in general – or be kicked out (metaphorically) if you don’t pay your annual dues.

    (You can also be kicked out for showing moral turpitude and bringing the good name of Freemasonry into disrepute).


    • Mark II says:

      My father stopped paying his dues in order to withdraw from them as he wasn’t capable of moral turpitude – but there is no method of explicitly resigning.


      • JohnB says:

        There is a way. You request, and are granted, a ‘demit’. This is a form which says that you are a member in good standing and are welcome to return at any time.


  5. ROBERT BROWN says:

    As a Brigade commander, McG would have ordered people killed, security forces, informers etc…..and as such is guilty of murder as much as the thugs assigned the deeds. He should have been killed decades ago, and why was he not? How hard could it have been? I smell a rat, a big one……..


    • Mice Height says:

      He may well be a murderer, but he’s never done anything really evil, such as preventing coloured folk from joining his Party, unlike Nick Griffin, who was banned from attending Buckingham Palace as an MEP.


  6. Hellwig says:

    No, the BBC hasn’t been ‘swooning’, any evidence of that? Nope, thought not.

    I have noticed they covered the controversey and the protests though.

    That McGuinness was an ‘IRA commander” isn’t a new line, I think its quite well known actually. Where have you been?

    Of course, he did trounce you at the ballot box didn’t he? Alomst as if….you’re a sore loser?


    • Alec Coole says:

      “Swooning” – It is an opinion or judgment. Just like your comment about “sore loser”. See?

      And so what if “IRA commander” isn’t “new”. It is a fact.

      You are just the latest name for the pathetic troll that comes on this site with nothing but abuse.


    • Flexdream says:

      This BBC report is typical. Headline “Irish President Michael D Higgins hails UK friendship” (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-26932969)
      You’d think it was about the thoroughly decent Irish President, you might remember his election where McGuiness got trounced.
      Guess which Northern Irish politician also gets a mention in the article because he was at the Queen’s banquet? Just the one. The BBC has helped the issue of Sinn Fein attending overshadow that this is a State visit by the friendly head of a friendly foreign country who has never had any truck with the IRA or it’s ilk. Either all the NI politicians should be mentioned, including the First Minister – you know the one who heads the devolved NI administration, or none of them should be mentioned. McGuiness has already met the Queen so him eating at her banquet is not historic.


  7. Smell the glove says:

    The thing is that our Queen has over the years had to break bread with numerous murderers despots and outright psychopaths . Never complaining always with grace, and with so match style that even a murderous terrorist with a heart of stone was bewitched and joined the Court .