Mired In Delusion


A piece by Janet Daley in the Telegraph regarding that thing that the BBC doesn’t hold dear but rather holds in contempt…’values and the continuity of the country’s historic national identity: about what Britain stands for’...the BBC preferring instead open borders, cheap imported servants and a lovely diverse, cosmopolitan feel to London….or rather those parts of  London they don’t actually live in, retreating to their expensive and exclusive liberal ghettos when darkness comes:


The political class is mired in delusion

This is a turning point in post-war national life. Politics is now about an argument that arises from the EU membership question but is really much, much bigger. It is about values and the continuity of the country’s historic national identity: about what Britain stands for, and about the trust that the electorate has traditionally had in the robustness of its institutions. Bizarrely, Ukip, which is often seen as a divisive presence, is helping to undermine one of the most genuinely divisive forces in British political life.

The argument it is propelling to the forefront of national consciousness cuts across class lines and the traditional social divides, because it is about the polity as a whole: the integrity of the nation as an actor on the world stage. An understanding of the importance of this, quite miraculously, seems to exist in almost every section of society and region of the country, with the possible exception of Westminster.

The one thing that has emerged with startling clarity, to a degree that is almost beyond argument, is that what I (and now Nigel Farage, bless him) have described as the present political class – meaning the incestuous, self-referring universe of Westminster professionals – is living in a state of clinical delusion.

The Ukip case is that there is a conspiracy between Big Politics, Big Business and Big Bureaucracy to put all of these fundamental principles at risk. That may or may not be true, but at the moment – with the unintentional help of the Westminster stage army – it is looking very plausible.



Of course that doesn’t just apply to politicians….it is just as relevant to those in the BBC who have a world view at odds with the general population.


And speaking of ‘liberal ghettos’ the BBC’s favourite blacktivist, Spike Lee, has come a cropper with his racist views…..he’s been attacking the gentrification by white interlopers into Brooklyn……’ripping into white privilege and ignorant intellectuals (?)‘ with a barrage of insults and hostile rhetoric aimed at the ‘motherf*****g Christopher Columbus syndrome’ where those ‘white interlopers’ discover a new neighbourhood and kick out the black ‘natives’.


Trouble is Lee has himself been part of that very process profiting hugely from buying and selling property in the area….presumably to those very same ‘white interlopers’.

Any bets that Evan Davis or Justin Webb find this tale interesting and irresistible? It has everything for them….a famous black activist, black people the victims of white dominance and supremacy and all intellectually and morally conflicted and embarrassed by the fact that those ‘whites’ are of a breed that Davis and Webb belong to….rich, white, liberal intellectuals who love that cosmopolitan, gentrified look and feel to a neighbourhood….something to feel guilty about as all good liberals have a need to be….pandering to the ‘ethnic’ whilst self-flagellating in an orgy of post-colonial guilt….gotta love it.


Wonder if the BBC will refer to this should Spike peak their interest:


In 1995, a black Pentecostal Church, the United House of Prayer, which owned a retail property on 125th Street, asked Fred Harari, a Jewish tenant who operated Freddie’s Fashion Mart, to evict his longtime subtenant, a black-owned record store called The Record Shack. Sharpton led a protest in Harlem against the planned eviction of The Record Shack.

Sharpton told the protesters, “We will not stand by and allow them to move this brother so that some white interloper can expand his business.”



“Burn the Jew Store Down”




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13 Responses to Mired In Delusion

  1. John Doran says:

    The BBC is the most traitorous organisation in our UK today, followed by Common Purpose, & our three largest established political parties.

    None of these organisations is working for the betterment of this Nation. All are working towards One World Govt, with the UK bankrupted & subsumed under the EU, as part of that Totalitarian Govt, with nice little earners for all the Westminster cronies, of course.

    They’ve all promised us a referendum on EU membership. All have lied. All have reneged. They’re “All in it Together”.


  2. John Doran says:

    The instances of BBC perfidy are legion, as this site knows.
    Prime amongst these is the relentless promotion of the Global Warming/Climate Change/Weather Weirding claptrap.
    There’s been no warming now for 17.5 years, as even our MET office, & the UN IPCC head, Pachauri, have been reluctantly forced to admit.
    See: http://www.wattsupwiththat.com
    Or: http://www.stevengoddard.wordpress.com
    The BBC will not admit this simple scientific fact, even with the US under a thick blanket of snow & ice, because it would undermine their New World Order, One World Govt Project.

    “Environmentalism” has been hijacked by the hard left, as one of the original founders, Patrick Moore has recently said, & they are totally complicit with this agenda.

    The “Environmentalist” movement is being hyped to create & to promote the idea of One World Problem, which will require One World Govt to solve it.

    It is insane nonsense, of course, & it is failing. Recent polls put Global Warming/Climate Change/Weather Weirding at or near the bottom of the man in the street’s concerns. Good.


  3. John Doran says:

    The deepest treachery of the BBC relates to it’s treatment of children. I will return to this theme.


  4. John Doran says:

    Janet Daley is a voice of sanity in our bought & paid for Main Stream Media.
    More power to her pen.


    • chrisH says:

      Yes, she`s great isn`t she?
      Like Peter H and Melanie P, she too was a useful idiot of the lefts way back-so resonates with me 100%.
      Sadly, we`re losing our content from those days-were you to try and find anything about how lefty oafs become prophets for today, you`ll find nothing on the BBC.
      Just Stuart Maconie and Roland Rivron acting out Grosvenor Square or Orgreave to a Redskins backdrop of noise.
      Cherish these siren voices whilst they`re still free to say these things!
      I wrote on this disconnect between what Clegg/Farage “represented” to the elites-and what the real workers in thi country saw.
      The difference will s[lit this nation in real violence in our lifetimes, if we don`t heed all the warnings…Lee Rigby was as near the tipping point as we`re safe to examine.


  5. chrisH says:

    Yes, the hidden agenda of black multimillionaire supremacists gets an airing via the likes of Jesse, Lee, Spike, Al and Shaun here.
    But they`ll get away with it-especially if Louis and his Islam chums get into the mix Stateside.
    I`m no conspiracy theorist a la Icke-but this pendant of Mr Beyonce looks quite the Illuminati sign…or is he just thick?
    I doubt that!


    • jeff says:

      “…or is he just thick?” Yep! He’s certainly thick, he’s a rapper, after all. Most people of normal intelligence would need a brain transplant with a baboon to listen to that pointless, puerile racket, let alone create such God awful crap! In a nutshell he’s an inarticulate, talentless, racist thug.


  6. JimS says:

    The recent Clegg/Farage debates have highlighted the disconnect between the media/political class and the people.

    I was amused to hear a similar disconnect – albeit on a smaller scale- during Radio 4’s Any Questions?.

    A questioner raised the issue of bilingual road signs and forcing Welsh onto school children, was it worth it? The panel fell over themselves to try and be the most culturally ‘aware’ and praised the imposition of Welsh on the people.
    Dimbleby put the question to the audience and duly noted a near 100% disconnect between the politicians and the people! To be fair Chepstow isn’t exactly in the heartland of Wales but that makes their opinion no less valid.


  7. Dave s says:

    Been a long time coming ( the counter revolution) but it had to in the end. Two reasons
    1. Reality cannot be denied for ever and liberalism is the politics of the unreal.
    2. An ancient people do not just roll over and give up. It just does not happen that way in this world.
    So fXXX the political class and their media stooges.
    I hope to live long enough to see this country restored to sanity and to hand it on, in my very small way, to my grandsons .
    We are English from way way back. So far back it is lost in time. Quite ordinary. Ancestors fought and died for this land and we have never gone much on being told what to say or think.
    Comes down the generations. Being English and we know what it is. These bastards governing know nothing of us.
    There are millions of us and we are not going away or giving up. So stuff the BBC and Easton/Cameron and the rest of the liberal elite. Your day is coming to an end. Just get out of the road.


  8. Philip says:

    In a book by Murray N. Rothbard ebook (1926-1995) ‘Egalitarianism as a Revolt Against Nature’ he describes the tendency of the left and liberal elite to creating an artificial universe upon which nature is but a servant of human rights entitlements (page 17-18) he describes the future of the BBC liberal fantasists as such…

    In the socialist future of Charles Fourier, (according to Ludwig von Mises): ‘ all harmful beasts will have disappeared, and in their places will be animals which will assist man in his labors—or even do his work for him. An antibeaver will see to the fishing; an antiwhale will move sailing ships in a calm; an antihippopotamus will tow the river boats. Instead of the lion there will be an antilion, a steed of wonderful swiftness, upon whose back the rider will sit as comfortably as in a well-sprung carriage. “It will be a pleasure to live in a world with such servants.” Furthermore, according to Fourier, the very oceans would contain lemonade rather than salt water.’…

    Yup, It is nurture (as they see it) versus nasty nature (as they see it). If only the world could be more like THEM at the BBC i.e, Chaos corner, global clap trap, gender bender, money on trees, masters of the single human race, a License for your appliance to hear the messages. Mad.

    Free (354 page) ebook to contemplate if the BBC liberal or trots are mad or just at odds with nature or both.