Here’s an interesting instance of clear BBC editorial bias. Hat tip to George R..

“This decision is good for Martin McGuinness, peace and for Sinn Féin.” says BBC Political Editor Martina Purdy
-from –
“Martin McGuinness to attend banquet with Queen when President Higgins visits UK”
‘Daily Mail’ has:-
“Ex-IRA commander Martin McGuinness WILL be a guest of the Queen at Windsor Castle banquet”

Why is it as if Martina is a cheerleader for Butcher Boy McGuinness….


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  1. Lobster says:

    What a pity Himmler is dead. He could have been guest of honour during Merkel’s next visit. It would have been good for Heinrich Himmler, peace and the NSDAP.


  2. George R says:

    Martina ♥ Martin.


  3. George R says:

    “Queen meets Martin McGuinness”



    • Flexdream says:

      Iain Hislop has many good qualities and was never fooled about the nature of Sinn Fein.


  4. Dave says:

    What’s biased about it? You don’t say.

    Her comments begin: ‘As a youth, Martin McGuinness wore the uniform of an IRA volunteer – secretly, illegally and defiantly’

    You missed that bit out.


    • CCE says:

      “this decision is good for Martin McGuinness, peace and for Sinn Féin.”

      That is opinion, and in my opinion a biased one.


  5. Milverton says:

    It’s a little distasteful, of course it is, but far less so than paramilitaries of both sides knocking on doors at midnight to shoot poor souls through the head.

    As Churchill famously said “Yum yum is better than gun gun.”


  6. chrisH says:

    Political Editor?…Martina Purdy?
    What a name-and who the hell is she?
    In any impartial news outlet, she`d be fired…let her bang Provo saucepans for her am dram posturings for the SWP at her own expense.
    Why the hell are we allowing this treacherous ignoramette to give us an “editorial” on what McGuinness means to the rest of us.
    I lived through those times-this privileged empty headed poppet could not have done.
    I lived though it, but far better women than her did not…Mrs McConville for one, but she`ll not be asking McGuinness about THAT now will she?
    I was in Ireland when RTE blasted Gerry Adams out of the water re his terrorist past, and lies around the McConville case-he`s dirt there now.
    But here?…the BBC continue to fart in our faces and say its the oxygen of publicity.


    • Gerry says:

      Martina has been around longer than you chris ie out of nappies;


      She’s a very experienced political journalists,whereas….you’re not.

      And it was a BBC NI programme that recently interviewed and provided new evidence about Adams’ role in Jean McConville’s disappearance.

      As with just about every other subject….you don’t know what you’re talking about. Banging at the keyboard must be good for your anger issues though.


  7. dez says:

    Yes Vance, Martin McGuinness won and you lost.
    Your stubborn inability to understand why you lost has resulted in him shaking hands with the Queen whilst you’re sat at home, hanging on the phone, desperate for thirty seconds on the Nolan Show.


  8. Gerry says:

    Great reply Dez, you know it cuts him deep.


    • Alec Coole says:

      Oh another “new name” for “Troll”, “Are David and Alan the Same Person”, “DV Never Elected”, “Tootle”, “Dim David”, “Demon seed”, etc etc


    • Mat says:

      cuts him deep. ? what is it with you pro BBC fools and violent references?


  9. stuart says:

    you just could not make it up could you,former ira commanders supping wine and champayne with david cameron and having a good old laugh on us tax payers,cant blame the queen for this,it is the politacaly correct foreign office that set this vile farce up while spitting in the faces of the victims of terrorism from all sides of the conflict over the border in northern ireland and england,what next,anjem choudary invited as a special guest to buckingham palace to hold a halal banquet guesting former al qaeda terrorists released from guantanamo bay who were granted asylum in england.