“We are Muslims and proud to vote Marine Le Pen”



The BBC still  seem reluctant to report this:


France’s Muslims drawn to far right anti-immigration party

Elections at the weekend revealed a remarkable phenomenon: Muslims voting with the far right, anti-immigration Front National (FN).

“The main left and right parties have failed them. But for many Muslims, the moves towards legalising gay marriage would be enough by itself to vote for a party like the FN that opposes it too.”


And this definitely is a no no for the BBC….an immigrant’s son compaining about immigrants:

In the north-eastern town of Forbach, where the FN fell short of another dramatic victory, a former miner identified as Ahmed, 53, described his attraction to Ms Le Pen’s politics.

“It might seem bizarre for an Algerian’s son,” he told the daily newspaper Aujourd’hui en France.

“But my vote is a sanction. We give far too many handouts [to foreigners] in France and not enough to the French.”

Farid Smahi, whose father fought with the French army in World War II but later against them as Algeria battled for freedom, told the channel a million people of Arab background voted for Ms Le Pen in the 2012 presidential elections.


Though the BBC is keen to report this ‘phenomenom’ of the election:

The Socialists retained control of Paris, with their candidate Anne Hidalgo due to become the capital’s first female mayor.

“I am the first woman to be mayor of Paris,” she said.


How shocking a woman Mayor….not so shocking though that Muslims vote for the Far Right….and oppose immigration?


Bizarre world of the BBC.




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10 Responses to “We are Muslims and proud to vote Marine Le Pen”

  1. Alan Larocka says:

    lefty top trumps


  2. Arthur Penney says:

    Since the other candidate for the mayoralty in Paris was also a woman, this state of affairs was probably predicatable – even by the Met Office or IPCC.


  3. chrisH says:

    Oh it`s the BBC-what else would we expect of them?
    Hollande is the dream for we on the right…if we can`t get a poster of him soaked at his “triumphant motorcade” into the Elysee in 2012-and send it to every school a la Gore-then we`re not doing our job.
    Him and Obama are a dream-the Left in person…yet we don`t call them out to scorn…if the Right can`t cement these two to Labours charabanc, and ensure we never see the Left alive in this nation again-we deserve Miliband…yet another gift to the Right…but where is the savage mockery of this milksop?


  4. Chris says:

    I’m with the Muslims on this one. Gay marriage was/ is an attack on religion – Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddism. The whole lot. Gay people had equality of relationships with civil partnerships which where the same level in law. Marriage is a religious institution specifically for the man and woman – same sex marriage has no place there. The only logic behind the gay marriage implementation by the EU is to humiliate religion, which when you consider the whole Gender mainstreaming process was designed by feminist and Marxist socialist, is not that surprising.
    It’s basically a bunch of Marxist forcing their enemy (religion) to do it’s biding by using the state to enforce it.
    I am begining to come to the conclusion that it is religious persecution.


  5. Ian Rushlow says:

    The Left sees the family as the biggest threat. Family bonds and loyalties are far stronger than any allegiance to an artificial creation such as the Party or the State, which is why so much emphasis is placed on trying to destroy the family. In reality, people are not so much “anti-Gay marriage” as they are “pro-traditional marriage”. Traditional marriage is a near universal custom across ages and cultures and is between a man and a woman, who are adult, not too closely related, and is primarily for the bearing and raising of children (I appreciate not everyone marries for this, that not all marriages result in children, that many children are successfully raised outside of marriage, but none of that changes the basic purpose of marriage). It doesn’t matter whether it is a man and a little girl, two women, a brother and sister, a man and four women or three men and a dog – it simply isn’t and cannot be traditional marriage and that is what is at stake.


    • Philip says:

      Well said Ian. That is the case precisely. It is nature aligned to Darwin. Not nurture aligned to Trotsky behind a BBC facade. A marraige that serves no purpose or has any meaning other than to furnish power to a political elite and of mocking religious dissent.


  6. stuart says:

    far right muslim groups have been on the rise in europe and the uk for the past 20 years,anjem choudary is just the brown version of nick griffin.no surpise to me that muslims have formed an alliance with the nf in france,no surprise at all.what are the left and the uaf types going to do now that the islamists have deserted there fake anti racism and anti fascism cause and have joined up with the nf lot in france.imagine that heh,the uaf protesting against anjem choudary in brick lane when he calls for homosexuals to be stoned and jews to be driven out of europe,now that would be a first for these fake anti racists and anti fascists who are hated as much by the muslim fascist and racist far right types like anjem choudary and co.