Newsnight Fails Again….Cooking The Books


The BBC made a huge fuss over its claim that the government was hiding a report that undermined a previous one upon which the government was basing its immigration policies.

Newsnight generated a massive amount of headlines that were damaging for the government and suggested that the government’s policies were wrong….the BBC got what it wanted regardless of the fact that their story was completely baseless.


The Newsnight story was hocum…..telling us that:

Downing Street has withheld publication of a cross-governmental report that suggests one potential impact of immigration is smaller than claimed.

This was considered potentially incendiary, BBC Newsnight has learned.


The BBC makes this claim about the figures in the new report:

The BBC understands the report suggests the number of UK workers unemployed due to non-EU immigration is well below the figure previously cited by ministers.


Problem with that?  There is no figure state in the new report….so the BBC made that up.


Newsnight continues to polish the turd that is their ‘scoop’…..

The report has now been published and here is Cook’s second stab at it:


Chris Cook Newsnight policy editor 

[The new report which]  Newsnight revealed was being suppressed by Downing Street, showing a weaker link between immigration and unemployment than the government had claimed.

  •  The new report, now published, says that there is “relatively little evidence that migration has caused significant displacement of UK natives… when the economy is strong.”
  • While it does find “evidence of some labour market displacement, particularly by non-EU migrants in recent years when the economy was in recession“, it adds this is a short-term effect – one that is “likely to dissipate”.



Spot the difference with what the 2012 report said.….


  • We find no association between working age migrants and native employment:    (i) in buoyant economic times; (ii) for EU migrants; (iii) for the period         1975-1994.
  • By contrast, we find a negative association between working-age migrants and native employment:(i) in depressed economic times; (ii) for non-EU migrants;  (iii) for the period 1995-2010.
  • We found a tentative negative association between working-age migrants and native  employment when the economy is below full capacity, for non-EU migrants and for the period 1995-2010.
  • A ballpark estimate is that an extra 100 non-EU working-age migrants are initially associated with 23 fewer native people employed.
  • We estimate that EU migration had little or no impact on the native employment rate, even when testing the relationship over the periods 1975 to 1994 and 1995 to 2010 separately.

The report in 2012 states that there is a definite short term negative impact of immigration on employment…but, in theory, long term, the economy may adjust to improve things….but that is just, as yet, a theory.

The only difference is that the 2012 report states an actual number, tentatively, and the new one doesn’t.

And yet the BBC manages to claim that the non-existent figure is somehow less that the previous 2012 one.


The BBC has some explaining to do.

Making false claims about the contents of a report in order to bolster their own pro-immigration narrative.

Making false claims that the government actively hid the report because of its ‘incendiary’ contents….even today when the report’s innocuousness is apparent Cook is still claiming the government ‘suppressed’ it.

As you can see the contents are not at all incendiary and make the very same claims the 2012 report makes.


So the BBC has exaggerated, lied and slandered its way to an ‘exclusive’ scoop.

Tony Hall should start asking questions before people start asking questions of him.


And remember in 2012  the BBC said this about the MAC report:

‘The Mac report is arguably the most persuasive because it draws on in-depth analysis and research – and it just makes sense.


And here the BBC is fact checking itself yesterday and backstabbing Newsnight:

So the new report, when it comes out, may not disagree that dramatically with the original one from MAC.

Anthony Reuben Head of statistics, BBC News



‘But truth speaks with one voice’





It’s perhaps a shame that so many BBC journalists just take the BBC’s shilling, keep their head down and hope to survive in a well paid, pretty secure job until they can rest easy on an ample pension…..and all the time conforming to the consensus, going native in the land of the Guardianistas…..

Daily Mail editor Paul Dacre,  has called it  ‘a closed thought-system, operating a kind of Orwellian newspeak … perverting political discourse, and disenfranchising countless millions, who don’t subscribe to the BBC’s world view.’
And Georgina Born wrote [of a BBC advert for itself]: The implication is clear and the message emotional and powerful; the BBC’s global services – and BBC World – speak truth, and it’s a truth that all can understand, whatever their colour, age or ethnicity. The BBC avows for itself a global role of truth-speaking. The ad is electrifying; I am utterly slain. But perhaps the message is too powerful, too propagandistic. Should the BBC use such Orwellian language? Should it dare to propose for itself such a universal role?



Da Da That’s Putin, Lover Of The Russian Queens


The BBC seem quite relaxed about Putin’s little invasion….can’t remember them asking this about any of Israel’s little incursions:

Ukraine crisis: Does Russia have a case?


The BBC makes a lot of the status of ‘ethnic Russians’ inside the Ukraine….wouldn’t they be Ukrainian then?

The BBC always reassures us that Muslims are even more British than the of course are all immigrants to this country who can’t wait to wrap themselves in the Union Flag.

How is that different for these ‘Russians’ then?  Do the same rules not apply?

Or can we expect the BBC to also justify it if Pakistan decides to fly in a couple of battalions and to cordon off Leeds Bradford airport if the EDL starts marching up there and they have to protect ‘Pakistani citizens’?



The Russian propaganda machine is pumping out material suggesting that the uprising in the Ukraine is a right wing coup….strangely this is also something that the BBC has been propagating as well despite many Ukrainians denying this.




Ukraine: Far-right armed with bats patrol Kiev


Undoubtedly the Far Right are in the mix….along with numerous other groups….but why does the BBC choose just to highlight the Far Right and do Putin’s job for him….the excuse he used to ‘protect’ those ‘ethnic Russians’?



How soon the BBC forgets:

Putin’s youth movement provides a sinister backdrop to Russia’s protests

Huge investment in Nashi by the Kremlin looks like money well spent as thousands of state-backed vigilantes stifle dissent


Russian youths ‘hound UK envoy’



Russia has a new sense of national pride.

Anyone who questions or challenges the value of that may get a visit from Nashi.

Madhouse Economics?



Ex BBC journo Nick Jones.


If you want to exercise your eyeballs by giving them a good roll around their sockets listen to this from Jones on 5Live (23 mins)


The coal miner’s strike……It was the biggest story of his career and he’s never got over it.

He tells us that broadcasters were in danger of being the cheerleaders for the return to work…..Scargill , in the eyes of the government, had made it a political strike.

Hmmm….no mention that Scargill was at war with the government…and that the miners voted by a large majority not to strike.


He says…..Reporting should have been more in favour of the miners and their ‘plight’….the police and Mrs Thatcher couldn’t have won the war if we’d had Twitter and Youtube in the 80’s….the public would have been shocked by the way the police operated.

In other words we wouldn’t have got the real truth just highly selective, up close videos the truth of which you could never be certain…..

Home Secretary Leon Brittan, said that if there were no violent mass picketing and no intimidation, there ”would be no need for the police to be present.”

Makes sense no?


If only, Jones muses..there had been a negotiated settlement…we might have a coal industry today…who knows, we could be at the forefront of the coal industry now.

Yeah right dream on.  Has he never heard of massively cheap coal being imported…and Shale gas in the US has led to even cheaper coal and gas.


The National Union of Miner’s own website says:
Throughout the 1960s, with a Labour Government in office from 1964, the pit closure programme accelerated; it decimated the industry.

During this period, nearly 300 more pits were closed, and the total workforce slumped from over 750,000 in the late 1950s down to 320,000 by 1968. In many parts of Britain, miners now became known as industrial gypsies as pit closures forced them to move from coalfield to coalfield in search of secure jobs.

They were victims of madhouse economics.





Jones makes a career out of these ruminations……

‘If only…’ Some soul-searching over the 1984–5 miners’ strike

Nicholas Jones reflects on the government misinformation and media manipulation that provided the backdrop to Britain’s longest and most violent industrial dispute. Much of the newspaper and television coverage of the 1984-5 1984-5 miners’ strike, especially over the Battle of Orgreave and the pit-head clashes in mining villages, was in wide shot. Press photographers and television camera crews were not welcomed either by the pickets or the police and there were very few close-up images.

Thirty years later social media including Facebook, You Tube and Twitter  have transformed the coverage of public order events and Nicholas Jones suggests that the Police forces of today know that instant reporting on social media has become a great restraining influence on their conduct. He also offers some insights into both his reporting of the strike for the BBC and his own soul searching about the media’s role in the dispute.

Nicholas Jones was a BBC industrial and political correspondent for thirty years. He reported the big industrial disputes of the Thatcher decade for BBC Radio and was named industrial journalist of the year for his coverage of the 1984-5 miners’ strike. But the news media’s role in the conflict, which prompted his first book, Strikes and the Media (1986), troubles him to this day.


Shame the BBC takes him seriously…and it’s not the first time:

Did The BBC Help Thatcher Crush The Miners In ’84?





“It Just Makes Sense”



“I do not see a need for low skilled migration from outside Europe”

Labour’s Liam Byrne




Odd how the BBC absolutely refused to report Andrew Neather’s ‘incendiary’ revelations about Labour’s immigration policy where they implemented a policy that would deliberately aim to ‘ethnically cleanse’ Britain of its white and British DNA and put British workers on the scrap heap, sacrificed for Labour’s own social and political ends.  Odd how they leap upon a report that hasn’t been published yet and relies upon anonymous ‘officials’ or unseen emails to cobble together a story.


Odd how they never make the connection between Labour’s importation of massive numbers of cheap labourers and the low wages now contributing to the  ‘living standards crisis’….one which began in 2003… coincidence that was when immigration really took off…..

“in general terms, the employment of migrants is a deliberate policy choice to employ a workforce at a lower cost”


The Migration Advisory Committee has always been a reliable source of information for the BBC when discussing immigration figures.

That seems to have changed….is there an election coming?

Apparently the MAC’s 2012 report on immigration has got it wrong. and its figures are not to be relied upon now.


Curious really as this is what the BBC said in 2012 of that very report:

‘The Mac report is arguably the most persuasive because it draws on in-depth analysis and research – and it just makes sense.
Danny Shaw Home affairs correspondent, BBC News


So…..It just makes sense….drawing on in-depth analysis and research.

Hmmm…they’re now reporting that ….’According to emails seen by Newsnight, the old research cited by Mrs May was not considered sufficiently “robust” by either the Treasury or the Department for Business.’

So ‘in-depth analysis and research’ isn’t robust enough for the treacherous backstabber Vince Cable?

So just who did leak those emails?  No coincidence that Cable recently said he was quite happy with untold numbers of immigrants swamping the UK.


This is the Newsnight report….highly political and lacking in-depth research.



It tells us that immigration is one of the government’s ‘flagship policies’….which is why the BBC is currently flooding the airwaves with programmes about the ‘benefits’ of immigrants….apparently we’d have no entrepreneurs in this country if it weren’t for immigration….curious as always how the BBC doesn’t dwell on the downsides…say if you want a job, or a house, or a school place.


The language used in the film was no doubt meant to be ‘street’ and accessible….but was instead childish and came across as biased.

We are told that the MAC research was ‘pretty handy’ for a Home Secretary looking to cut immigration…..or it might just have been perfectly reliable and accurate.


We are told ‘It’s hard to make the case for cutting immigration on purely economic grounds.’

Really?  Most research says there is very little if any benefit from immigration economically….but that doesn’t stop the BBC from making the economic case for immigration.

Newsnight went on to say ‘a lot of people oppose immigration restrictions’……but failed to mention that far more support restrictions.


Newsnight told us that the government really ‘treasured’ the research that indicated mass immigration put Brits out of work….

..the problem is, Newsnight went on….‘it’s wrong’.


‘Wrong’ is it?  Where’s the proof of that?   Ah…this new report….why is that so much more accurate then?  And who produced that….was it by the very same MAC that the BBC is denouncing?….as this from the MAC in September 2013 might indicate:

Call for Evidence

Review of migrant employment in low-skilled work

In May 2013, the Minister for Immigration asked the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) to advise on the issue of low-skilled work migration, the factors driving it and the resulting economic and social impacts. Specifically the Minister asked the MAC:“…to consider the labour market, economic and social impacts on the UK and specifically on British workers, drawing on and updating earlier work in this area. In particular, the MAC is asked to research the growth of migrant labour, distinguishing where possible between EEA and non-EEA migrants, in low skilled sectors of the UK economy and the factors driving this

Newsnight tells us that Downing Street has refused to let anyone see the new research as it is ‘simply much too embarrassingCameron’s team wants it to be hidden’.


Really?  Where did the BBC hear that then?  Any proof?  No..thought not.  It’s a lie then.

A highly political lie.


The BBC tells us this:

The BBC’s Newsnight programme, which first reported the story, said it had been told by officials that No 10 had prevented publication of the report to avoid igniting controversy.


Again really? Who are these ‘officials’?  What axes do they have to grind?

Just a rumour until confirmed and credited to someone……a rumour to ‘treasure’…a ‘pretty handy’ rumour that serves to damage the government.

Or another political lie by the BBC to be more blunt.


All in all the Newsnight report was a half baked piece of Labour friendly polemic…..who produced the new research?  What are the new figures?  What did other reports say?


Here is what Nick Robinson tells us after Newsnight….

Although the estimated figure for the so-called “displacement” of British workers has not been disclosed, our political editor Nick Robinson said he understood it was “virtually negligible”.


So essentially exactly what the National Institute for Economic and Social Research said in 2012….. immigration had had little or no impact on the number of jobless benefit claimants….as reported by the BBC.


What did the House of Lords report say in 2008?:

In the short term, immigration may put pressure on the employment opportunities of young people. In the long run, the economic impacts of immigration on the resident population are likely to be fairly small.

What else did the House of Lords report say?…..

Immigration keeps labour costs lower than they would be without immigrants. These lower labour costs also benefit consumers, who then pay less than they otherwise would for products and services (including public services) produced or provided by immigrants.

Ms Irwin of the Royal College of Nursing suggested in her evidence on the employment of foreign nurses in the UK that “in general terms, the employment of migrants is a deliberate policy choice to employ a workforce at a lower cost”



The BBC of course don’t like the House of Lords report because it reveals there is no economic benefit from immigration:

Immigration has become highly significant to the UK economy: immigrants comprise 12% of the total workforce—and a much higher proportion in London. However, we have found no evidence for the argument, made by the Government, business and many others, that net immigration—immigration minus emigration—generates significant economic benefits for the existing UK population.


Not only that but arguments that claim immigration will solve the pension’s crisis are false……

Arguments in favour of high immigration to defuse the “pensions time bomb” do not stand up to scrutiny as they are based on the unreasonable assumption of a static retirement age as people live longer and ignore the fact that, in time, immigrants too will grow old and draw pensions. Increasing the retirement age, as the Government has done, is the only viable approach to resolving this issue.


The BBC today quotes from Jonathan Portes…without telling us he was working for Labour in the DWP when they were in government …..but in 2008 he said:

 “There clearly is a risk here that too much migration in some of the wrong sectors would indeed reduce the incentives [for training].” Mr Portes said that the Migration Advisory Committee will take this risk into account when “advising on which sectors migrants might help to fill in terms of labour market shortages”


What did Labour’s Liam Byrne say in 2008?…..

‘…he told us that there was a danger of immigration discouraging British employers from investing in training of local workers, particularly at “the low end” of the labour market.……

.……I do not see a need for low skilled migration from outside Europe”



And that’s the point…low skilled immigration especially from outside Europe….Theresa May was using research that was talking about the effects of non European immigration…here’s here speech:

Home Secretary speech on ‘An immigration system that works in the national interest’

‘…..a clear association between non-European immigration and employment in the UK…..Between 1995 and 2010, the committee found an associated displacement of 160,000 British workers. For every additional one hundred immigrants, they estimated that 23 British workers would not be employed.’


But that was only a very small point in a very long speech, a speech which laid out very many more reasons why immigration should be controlled…..the BBC trying to suggest that this new research undermines the whole case for lowering immigration is clearly the BBC manipulating the news…..even Newsnight admits that saying at the end that….

Much of the concern about immigration is about culture not arithmetic.’


The trouble is the BBC refuses to talk about those other costs of immigration…the ones that effect culture and society…because the BBC values multi-culturalism and thinks, along with Labour, that Britain is too hideously white and British.

What the Newsnight doesn’t admit is that the numbers do count…but not merely in their effect upon indigenous workers…housing, schools, roads, welfare, the NHS all suffer from vastly too many people tryihg to use them…..but the BBC likes to hide that if possible… many times did you hear immigration being blamed for the pressure on housing and the need to build ion flood plains recently?  Never?  Probably.


You just can’t trust the BBC.


How the BBC’s silence on immigration damaged the country


Can we still trust the BBC?



The ‘Truth about immigration’…even that was a lie from the BBC and Nick Robinson.













You have to admire the BBC. Even a HINT of some “good news” about immigration into the UK and the comrades are to the fore in pushing it down our throats. Even better if it shows the Conservatives in a bad light!

Downing Street has withheld publication of a cross-governmental report that suggests one potential impact of immigration is smaller than claimed. It suggests “displacement” – the number of UK workers unemployed as a consequence of immigration – is well below the figure used by ministers of 23 for every 100 additional immigrants. This was considered potentially incendiary, BBC Newsnight has learned.

The BBC report is full of weasel words and plays fast and loose with the concept of immigration. It is implying that the report relates to ALL immigration whilst in fact it concerns non EU immigration. So the elephant in the Immigration room gets a de facto pass. Meanwhile, when it comes to sources of NON EU immigration, Pakistan and Bangladesh feature right up there and I was curious to know what economic benefits individuals from those countries bring to the UK?


I heard the BBC give a very sympathetic hearing to this latest manipulated nonsense from the EU;

About a third of all women in the EU have experienced either physical or sexual violence since the age of 15, according to a survey by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights. That corresponds to 62 million women, the survey says. It is said to be the biggest survey conducted on the subject, and is based on interviews with 42,000 women. The report calls on EU countries to treat domestic violence as a public, not a private issue.

I wonder if the BBC comrades might explore which ..ahem..communities within this apocalyptic zone of rape and abuse contribute most towards such violence?


Wondered what your thoughts are on the BBC coverage of the Ukraine/Russia crisis? I get the distinct impression that the BBC favours those in Ukraine who are seduced by the entreaties of the EU. Lots of interviews with young Ukrainians in Kiev – a pro EU audience. I noticed that in the Commons yesterday, Conservative MP Peter Tapsell pointed out that the EU carried a degree of culpability for this situation given its endless expansionism “to the borders of Mongolia” That didn’t fly well with the BBC. Thoughts? Is it the case that like Nick Clegg, the BBC will always rally to the cause of the EUSSR?


I reckon the BBC must be getting anxious that once more their hero, Obama, is being utterly outflanked by Putin. I heard an American “expert” pundit on the Today programme just after 7.15am (Joe Klein, I think) bleating how Obama was running rings around the Russian President. He also was allowed to disparage the Republican Party when he was at it. The bias is so easy, they never even see it,

Fatal Squeamishness


Wonder what the BBC will make of this…if anything…..Boris Johnson in the Telegraph….

The children taught at home about murder and bombings

Radicalisation is a form of child abuse, and the authorities must have the power to intervene

There is that fatal squeamishness about intervening in the behaviour of a “protected group” – in this case ethnic minorities, often but by no means always from the Horn of Africa. There are still Left-wing academics protesting that the war on FGM is a form of imperialism, and that we are wrong to impose our Western norms.

I say that is utter rubbish, and a monstrous inversion of what I mean by liberalism. On the contrary: we need to be stronger and clearer in asserting our understanding of British values. That is nowhere more apparent in the daily job of those who protect us all from terror – and who are engaged in tackling the spread of extremist and radical Islam.



Question is just what is ‘radical’?  A book that teaches you to think all non-believers are filthy, immoral and ignorant?  A book that tells you to kill the unbeliever?  A book that tells you to beat your wife? A book that teaches you to kill gay people?

A book that is used up and down the country and is held up as a book of peace and tolerance.


Curious what is considered radical, or not, these days…especially if you are on the Left.






Trojan Horse



Events in Syria, or the Ukraine or even China should highlight the dangers of ‘multi-culturalism’, importing many different peoples, religions and cultures.


The BBC is an ardent supporter of multi-culturalism.

Which is why it doesn’t report stories like this which might undermine the multi-culturalism narrative and ‘damage social cohesion’….via Harry’s Place and the Sunday Times….

Religion in schools:  Operation Trojan Horse

The Sunday Times (£) is reporting that an alleged conspiracy to destabilize some state schools in England, enabling them to be taken over by fundamentalist Salafists, is being investigated by both council officials and the police.

The documents suggest that the strategy, called Operation Trojan Horse, should be used in Bradford and Manchester as well as Birmingham. “We have an obligation to our children to fulfil our roles and ensure these schools are run on Islamic principles,” they argue.

The papers say the first step is to identify poor-performing state schools in Muslim areas; then Salafist parents in each school are encouraged to complain that teachers are “corrupting children with sex education, teaching about homosexuals, making their children say Christian prayers and mixed swimming and sports”.

The next steps are to “parachute in” Muslim governors “to drip-feed our ideal for a Muslim school” and stir up staff to urge the council to investigate. The strategy stresses the importance of having an “English face among the staff group to make it more believable”.

Allegedly, the schools targeted included Regents Park, Adderley Primary School and Saltley School, all in Birmingham.

Assuming the allegations are accurate, this is a shockingly calculating and underhand attempt to subvert the system.


Not shocking enough for the BBC to report though.

Allegedly, the schools targeted included Regents Park, Adderley Primary School and Saltley School, all in Birmingham.

Assuming the allegations are accurate, this is a shockingly calculating and underhand attempt to subvert the system.

Huff’N Puff


Occasionally we have something off topic to amuse or amaze…hopefully.

Here is something, that despite being narrated by the Guardian’s resident Green guru, George Monbiot, is worth a looksee……


How wolves have the power to move rivers

The story of how a few wolves in Yellowstone Park transformed the ecosystem and even changed the course of rivers shows the impact that even small changes to an environment can have









Milipedia: n  Condition of a BBC journalist being unaccountably attracted to the person and policies of Ed Miliband





John Pienaar….what to say?  He just can’t seem to find a harsh word to say about young Eddy….or can he?



Today on ‘Pienaar’s Politics’  he had Ed Miliband on the rack for half an hour, he took no prisoners and cracked the whip…Miliband was given a proper roughing up over serious issues of State…the union take over of his party, Syria and the Russian invasion of the Ukraine and PIE.

Actually…no…I made that all up.  This is Pienaar photographed preparing for the interview….



Miliband was given the softest of interviews, not even an interview really just a series of soft questions designed to allow Miliband as much time as possible to sell us his pitch.

Paxman’s interview with Russell Brand by comparison had something of the Spanish Inquisition about it….and we all know how laughable that was as a serious bit of journalism.




Nobody should expect any such ‘inquisition’ from Pienaar for his favourite adopted ‘nephew’.



Perhaps this gives us a clue as to why Pienaar is so mellow…….




The programme started promisingly with the Sun’s political editor, Tom Newton Dunn, nailing it on the head saying….

‘What can they say, Obama, Cameron and Miliband, to Putin who is totally satisfied that he has called the West’s bluff on Syria.  The West blinked over chemical weapons, arguably a defeat inflicted upon the government by Ed Miliband and now Putin can do what he wants across the world without anyone caring.’


A pretty damning statement about Miliband’s influence….Putin does what he wishes because Miliband ducked not the actual use of force but merely the threat to use it in Syria…leading to Assad remaining comfortably in place with no intent, or need, to negotiate and Putin doing as he pleases knowing no one will lift a finger.

Pienaar has always claimed that Miliband is leading the way….over energy price freezes and Syria.  But Miliband’s ‘influence’ has terrible consequences…in Syria….











and as for an energy price freeze…that has consequences too…..via Bishop Hill…..


Deepening Energy Crisis: Britain Has Become ‘Uninvestable’, Analyst Warns


The loss arises from pollution taxes that are forcing the closure of old coal-fired plants. Big subsidies for renewable energy, meanwhile, have made even gas-burning plants, which are much cleaner than coal stations, loss-making.

The hit will alarm Whitehall, which is increasingly worried about the lights going out. Companies have stopped building new power stations amid a political and regulatory backlash, sparked last year by Ed Miliband’s pledge to freeze energy prices.

“I can think of a dozen very good reasons not to invest in the UK, and not one good one to invest here this side of the election.”




OK I’ve had a few jokes at Pienaar’s expense but the issues are serious…..and yet Miliband was nowhere near breaking into a sweat at anytime…except when he was shown up by a much more articulate and personable Jermain Jackman.


Pienaar was supposedly getting to the bottom of the union’s influence…but instead declared that the newly approved rules would mean that no one could call Miliband a ‘creature of the unions’…and the Tories couldn’t call him Red Ed any more.

Miliband is allowed to get away with calling his new rules ‘an incredibly brave step’…and then he says that ‘I’m not factional’.


Pienaar says nothing…Miliband not factional?  The leader of a Party that bases its politics on generating class warfare and ‘them and us’ name calling? The Leader of a Party that is controlled by Unite, whose leader wants to end democracy and impose Communism ala Ralph Miliband?

Pienaar does suggest Miliband owes his leadership to Union power but doesn’t follow up and challenge Miliband’s answer…a pattern followed throughout the interview with a soft question and Miliband allowed to answer without fear of contradiction.

Again another pertinent question…this time about Miliband’s ‘One Nation’…Pienaar taking his cue from Labour MP’s who have disagreed with Miliband’s approach…..Pienaar asks what does it mean, what are the policies?…it’s an old argument that people are turning away from.

But there is no rigorous questioning of Miliband’s reply.


Embedded image permalink

We then had Jermain Jackman, singer on the BBC’s ‘The Voice’ and Labour activist pop in.

He gave a good account of himself, managing to sound more plausible than Miliband himself….but had to be silenced when he said we should be using songs, poetry, scripts and dance to push the politics….probably all too close to the truth for the BBC which inserts subliminal politics into all its programming and loves to bring on a celebrity to give anti-Tory rhetoric a bit of street cred…or so they think….ala Labour’s ‘Cool Britannia’ no doubt.



Pienaar tells Jermain he’s great and he’ll have his pick of Labour safe seats.

It all turned into a bit of a Labour love-in with no real answers wrung out of Miliband….there was no mention of the big scandal of the week that has dominated the headlines….Labour’s connection to the NCCL and PIE in the 70’s and 80’s…an extraordinary omission.

Tim Newton Dunn’s opening accusation was also completely ignored despite it being an extremely serious one that utterly undermines Miliband’s credibility as a serious politician who can be trusted to take difficult and complex decisions.



Note that Miliband spoke ‘outside the BBC’…….because he wasn’t asked about it inside the BBC.


Playing it safe whilst thousands die and millions suffer.



Miliband’s stance on the Union’s, Syria and his populist energy price freeze him to be someone without a stomach for the fight, someone without the necessary grit and judgement to be the leader of a nation, someone who will duck from those hard decisions but still try to take the credit for being ‘reasonable and moderate’ as people die or are forced to flee their homes and country in their millions because someone like Miliband didn’t dare take that decision that could change things….and the BBC is there to watch his back telling us what a fine job he is doing…..


Yarmouk refugee camp